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  1. Thu December 13th, 2018
  2. UseTheBitcoin

    According to a report released on Dec. 5 by the Aion Foundation, the foundation has already liquidated almost half of its crypto holdings since managing to raise $23 million …

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  3. Wed December 12th, 2018
  4. Aion

    Now that the blockchain has officially said hello to the JVM, we thought it was time that the JVM returned the gesture. So let’s see what…

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  5. TheCryptoUpdates + 1 more

    Bitcoin Price displayed huge fluctuations in the range $3,200 to $3,600. Bitcoin has finally struggled broken it's $3,700 resistance level.

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  6. Thu December 6th, 2018
  7. Altcoinera

    Crypto market is tumbling again, the price of the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has declined by around 6 percent while other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Stellar have dropped by more than 10% in the past 48 hours. Within a short period, the price of Bitcoin has dropped from $3,913...

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  8. TheCryptoUpdates

    Within a span of 48 hours, Bitcoin Price has plummeted from $3,913 to $3,678. Altcoins have also followed the same suit

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  9. Wed December 5th, 2018
  10. Aion

    How technologies are influenced by the principles and philosophies of those who make them

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  11. Aion

    Below is a press release and a link to our first Aion Foundation Report. But before you read it, we would like to briefly explain why…

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  12. CoinDesk

    The Aion Foundation has sold off half of the bitcoin and ether raised in an October 2017 token sale, says its CEO.

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  13. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Cryptocurrency markets falling back mid-week; Bitcoin Cash is evaporating, and EOS melting while Waves rides high. Markets are continuing to Cryptocurrency markets falling back mid-week; Bitcoin Cash is evaporating while Waves rides high.

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  14. Tue December 4th, 2018
  15. Aion

    How we are inheriting the broken market designs of the past in the fundamental services of the future being built on Web 3

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  16. Mon December 3rd, 2018

    “Hello! The refund address is the AION address you indicate where your coins should be delivered to…” is published by

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  18. Fri November 30th, 2018
  19. Aion

    After 12 weeks of amazing community participation and support, we have finally reached the end of the Aion Token Swap!

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  20. Aion

    Since we first said that we were planning on basing our new Aion Virtual Machine on the JVM, there have been a lot of questions but the…

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  21. Thu November 29th, 2018
  22. Aion

    Advancing dialogue on important issues in Web3

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  23. Wed November 28th, 2018
  24. kucoinexchange

    Listed ProjectsOpacity (OPQ) was listed on KuCoin.Listed date: 2018/11/15Available Trading Pairs: OPQ/BTC, OPQ/ETHLisk (LSK) was listed on KuCoin.Listed date: 2018/11/27Available Trading Pairs: LSK/BTC, LSK/ETHGAMB (GMB) was listed on KuCoin.Listed date: 2018/11/28Available Trading Pairs: GMB/BTC, GMB/ETHCampaigns & PromosGamb (GMB) Listing Competition, Win 8,000,000 GMB + 8 BTC! DistributionSTQ Campaign Rewards DistributedSTQ Campaign Rewards DistributedFTM Campaign Rewards DistributedFTM Campaign...

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  25. Tue November 27th, 2018
  26. BCFocus

    Messari, a New York based start-up has created a free-access "disclousre database" for cryptoassets to increase transparency.

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  27. Mainframe . Official blog

    At Mainframe, we believe in personal privacy and institutional transparency.

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  28. Aion

    Messari, an open-source cryptocurrency-focused version of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database, is launching a…

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  29. Mon November 26th, 2018
  30. Aion

    Note: If you’re looking to upgrade your current v1.1.0 to v 1.2.0 head on over to our documentation.

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  31. Fri November 23rd, 2018
  32. Aion

    It’s the FINAL week of the Aion Token Swap, and we are humbled by the incredible involvement from our community members as well as our…

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  33. Thu November 22nd, 2018
  34. Aion

    As part of an ongoing request for decentralized infrastructure, Aion Network looked to companies such as BlockX Labs to build-out…

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  35. Wed November 21st, 2018
  36. Aion

    How the internet has turned into a tool that subverts freedom

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  37. Tue November 20th, 2018
  38. BTCWires

    Blockchain was designed to be a decentralized technology, where no one central authority can pull the strings, where consensus drives decisions. However, of late, centralisation concerns have begun to plague many cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain networks as a few mining pools have begun to amass a majority of mining…

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  39. Mon November 19th, 2018
  40. Aion

    The latest release of Aion Web3, version 1.1.0, is now available!

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  41. NewsBTC + 1 more

    FOMO Moments Markets getting mashed this Monday; Ethereum, Cardano, Tron and Iota dumping. Monday brings more doom and gloom to crypto land as markets Markets getting mashed this Monday; Ethereum, Cardano, Tron and Iota dumping.

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  42. Fri November 16th, 2018
  43. Binanceexchange

    On the latest monthly review (10/15–11/15 ‘18): Binance update on BCC hard fork, CZ speaks in a UN event, hello Binance Research, and more.

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  44. Wed November 14th, 2018

    A new era begins for your crypto asset: the ERC-20 token bird is about to leave the Ethereum nest and become an independent mainnet coin.

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  46. Tue November 13th, 2018
  47. Aion

    *Disclaimer: AIWA is currently in Beta. It’s available for testing and development purposes at this time. We recommend that you don’t…

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  48. Thu November 8th, 2018
  49. kucoinexchange

    Listed ProjectsPAL Network (PAL) was listed on KuCoin.Listed date: 2018/10/30Available Trading Pairs: PAL/BTC, PAL/ETHStoriqa (STQ) was listed on KuCoin.Listed date: 2018/11/05Available Trading Pairs: STQ/BTC, STQ/ETHFantom (FTM) was listed on KuCoin.Listed date: 2018/11/06Available Trading Pairs: FTM/BTC, FTM/ETHCampaigns & PromoStoriqa (STQ) Listing Competition, Win 6,000,000 STQ + 5 BTC! (FTM) Listing Competition, Win 1,500,000 FTM + 6 BTC! DistributionVNX...

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  50. Aion

    In this blog, I’ll show you step by step through using the Aion Token Transfer Bridge with Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. This will be…

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  51. Tue November 6th, 2018
  52. Aion

    KuCoin — a global cryptocurrency exchange, is supporting the Aion Token Swap. AION Tokens deposited on KuCoin will be automatically…

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  53. Chepicap

    Kucoin has announced they will be supporting the MainNet swap for AION and BOScoin as well as listing Fantom ($FTM) 

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  54. Mon November 5th, 2018
  55. Aion

    The Aion Foundation is pleased to announce that Nodesmith has just released a public beta of their hosted infrastructure service. See the…

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  56. Mainframe . Official blog

    We had a fantastic time hosting the Dapp Awards last week. It was an evening to celebrate and honor the doers, makers, creators and…

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  57. Fri November 2nd, 2018
  58. Aion

    WinMiner launches innovative mining software with Bicameral Ventures, allowing millions to mine AION Coin at a click of a button. CEO…

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  59. Mon October 29th, 2018
  60. Kyber Network

    We are pleased to announce that the Kyber reserve has added support for 2 new tokens: Maker (MKR) and Distributed Credit Chain (DCC).

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  61. Sun October 28th, 2018
  62. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Sleepy Sunday in crypto land; Veritaseum making a move, Ravencoin flapping. It is another slow Sunday in crypto land with markets still There has still been no movement for most of the major cryptocurrencies leaving markets at the same level around $210 billion.

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  63. Fri October 26th, 2018
  64. Aion

    We’re pleased to announce that CoinBene, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has listed the AION Coin. Coinbene is a trusted and secure…

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  65. Thu October 25th, 2018
  66. Blokt

    Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, its full support for the AION mainnet token swap.

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  67. Wed October 24th, 2018
  68. CryptoBlockWire

    Everyone benefits from CryptoCurve's ecosystem. Aion and ICON lend their expertise and features while CryptoCurve gives them a platform for new dApps.

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