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  1. Tue July 10th, 2018

    AirSwap (AST) Price Booms After Widget Added to Augur (REP) Prediction Tool

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  3. Mon July 9th, 2018
  4. The AdEx Blog

    We have added the AirSwap solution to the AdEx DApp for enhanced payment options and user experience

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  5. Thu June 21st, 2018
  6. AirSwap Blog

    The term “consumer web” was coined to make a distinction between consumer and business applications on the web.

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  7. Wed June 20th, 2018
  8. AirSwap Blog

    It was an exciting month for the team after the AirSwap marketplace release and the Fluidity Summit. We’re always on the move throughout…

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  9. Tue June 19th, 2018
  10. AirSwap Team

    It was an exciting month for the team after the AirSwap marketplace release and the Fluidity Summit. We’re always on the move throughout…

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  11. Fri June 1st, 2018
  12. Digix

    DGX, the gold backed token on Ethereum, where 1 DGX represents 1 gram of Gold, is currently live for trading on AirSwap, the…

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  13. Fri May 18th, 2018
  14. AirSwap Team

    We’re excited to announce a working partnership with MakerDAO. Market makers are now trading the Dai stablecoin on AirSwap, creating a…

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  15. Forbes

    AirSwap – the leading cryptocurrency marketplace that launched last month and has already handled more than $1 million in transactions - has partnered with MakerDAO to bring the “Dai” stablecoin onto its platform. The Dai stablecoin is paired with the US dollar.

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  16. Sat April 28th, 2018

    AirSwap, a decentralized Ethereum-based cryptocurrency exchange, managed more than $1 million in transactions on its first day of operations. It’s a stellar debut for a crypto upstart with a novel approach to trading. AirSwap may be the new kid on the block(chain), but the people behind it have serious crypto st ...

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  18. Fri April 27th, 2018
  19. AirSwap Blog

    Decentralized token trading, available on any device, embeddable on any website, with 24 tokens and in 8 languages. Make trades today at…

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  20. Thu April 26th, 2018
  21. AMBCrypto

    Michael Oved, the CEO of Airswap, in an interview with Joe Weisenthal on Bloomberg TV, said that Airswap makes a difference in its protocols regarding the custody and transparency of transactions. Crypto-users have been complaining about market manipulation by whales. Unlike the stock market trade, digitalized currencies offer a decentralized trade. Airswap is currently dealing […]

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    Launching today, AirSwap is a decentralised exchange network designed to drive engagement and adoption of participants into many crypto…

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  23. Thu April 19th, 2018
  24. NewsBTC

    AirSwap, a New York and Hong Kong-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its platform is going live on April 25, 2018.

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  25. Wed April 18th, 2018
  26. AirSwap Team

    AirSwap is going live on April 25, 2018.

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  27. Thu April 5th, 2018
  28. AirSwap Team

    We’ve been busy around the globe spreading the good word of decentralization in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris. Since our last…

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  29. Thu March 22nd, 2018
  30. AirSwap Blog

    Join visionaries Mike Novogratz, Joe Lubin, Nouriel Roubini, Ryan Selkis, Laura Shin, and Bill Tai supported by the new foundations of…

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  31. Fri March 16th, 2018
  32. AirSwap Blog

    AirSwap is a global token marketplace powered by search, now in private beta on the Rinkeby test network. This release is in its minimum…

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  33. Wed February 28th, 2018
  34. AirSwap Blog

    Today we emerge as a network, powered by an engine that drives both market makers and takers into many markets. We are also announcing…

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  35. Wed February 21st, 2018
  36. AirSwap Team

    We’re in the news, around the world, our team and community are growing. Welcoming four new team members, completing our Asia tour, and…

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  37. Fri February 16th, 2018
  38. BitcoinMagazine

    The cryptocurrency ecosystem has continued to take some major hits lately, causing many investors and holders to rethink the way they trade their crypto ...

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  39. Fri February 9th, 2018
  40. AirSwap Blog

    Inspired by a similar post from SpringRole, who shared their process to deploy production code, I wanted to share the result of AirSwap’s…

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  41. Thu February 1st, 2018
  42. AirSwap Blog

    Token Trader, the ShapeShift of Ethereum, is open for for peer-to-peer token trades using both Ledger hardware and MetaMask. Check it out…

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  43. Fri January 26th, 2018
  44. AirSwap Team

    Token Trader going live on Feb. 1 with Ledger support, presenting at the Berlin DEX meetup, top 10 at Extreme Tech Challenge at CES…

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  45. Fri January 5th, 2018
  46. AirSwap Team

    Announcing the Token Trader private release on January 16th, competing in the Extreme Tech Challenge at CES, welcoming our new team…

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  47. Thu December 21st, 2017
  48. AirSwap Team

    Token Trader is now in open beta, the team wraps up its community tour through Asia, Sam interviews on CNBC, and Link heads to Las Vegas…

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  49. Mon December 4th, 2017
  50. AirSwap Team

    Token Trader beta starts tomorrow

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  51. Thu October 26th, 2017
  52. AirSwap Team

    The AirSwap Token (AST) is a fundamental part of the AirSwap Platform. Having sold 150M tokens in our recent token launch, we reported…

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  53. Fri October 20th, 2017
  54. NewsBTC

    Binance - - the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange has announced that AirSwap (AST), the native token of AirSwap is now tradable on the platform.

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  55. LiveBitcoinNews

    Binance -- the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange has announced the inclusion of support for AirSwap (AST) tokens,

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  56. Tue October 17th, 2017
  57. AirSwap Team

    Mike Novogratz (aka Novo), former macro hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group, has joined the AirSwap advisory board.

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  58. Mon October 16th, 2017
  59. NewsBTC

    Mike Novogratz, former hedge-fund manager at Fortress, will advise on new token-exchange platform AirSwap. Based on the Ethereum network, the project aims to provide users a digital coin swapping service. The idea to is to match buyers and sellers in a model similar to CraigsList, or GumTree in the UK. Novogratz told CNBC that he … Continue reading Ethereum-Based Trading Platform Airswap Working with Mike Novogratz

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  60. Tue October 3rd, 2017

    After the Chinese crackdown on ICO's and exchanges, investors are embracing decentralized platforms for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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