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  1. Sun April 14th, 2019

    Bitswift Community Update — April 2019Hello everyone,Welcome back to the another Bitswift monthly community update, the place where you can read all the latest updates regarding Bitswift ecosystem. We have been quite busy with business as usual and we appreciate your interest in learning what we have been up to with this Aprils

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  3. Wed March 27th, 2019
  4. Coingape

    The entire cryptocurrency market gained $5.1 billion in 24 hours on 27th March 2019. The market gained 3.7% on the daily scale. The fears of [...]

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  5. Mon March 25th, 2019
  6. ProBit Exchange

    ProBit Exchange Lists Ignis (IGNIS) 200,000 IGNIS Coins For ProBit UsersProBit Exchange ( is glad to announce the listing of Ignis (IGNIS).⯈ Listing ScheduleDeposit Date: 27 Mar 2019Listing Date: 29 Mar 2019Trading Pairs: IGNIS/BTC, IGNIS/USDT⯈ IGNIS Listing EventsDuration: 29 Mar — 11 Apr 2019Total Amount: 200,000 IGNISBuy/Deposit IGNIS, Earn IGNISA total of 100,000 IGNIS will be distributed to users in proportion...

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  7. Wed March 20th, 2019

    Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve got the details in this installment of The Daily. This edition Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve included the details in The Daily. This edition also features Coincheck’s announcement that...

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  9. Mon March 18th, 2019
  10. Bitcoinist

    ICE Data Services recently tweeted out a lengthy list of cryptocurrencies to be included in its Cryptocurrency Data Feed.

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  11. Coingape + 3 more
  12. Fri March 15th, 2019

    Hello everyone,Welcome back for another community update regarding all things happening over at Bitswift & Co. We are glad you can join us here to read about all the progress and recent developments happening over in the Bitswift updatesIn last months update we discussed the ongoing development of

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  14. Tue March 12th, 2019
  15. Coingape

    Jelurida, the developing team behind NXT and Ardor cryptocurrency based Dapps platforms, has recently released its Road Map for 2019. The USP of the Ardor [...]

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  16. Wed February 20th, 2019
  17. CryptoNewsZ

    Introduction to Ardor Platform What is Ardor? Ardor is cryptographic money dependent on the open source NXT blockchain that intends to compete with existing enterprise solutions, for example, Microsoft Azure. Its native token is the ARDR token. The blockchain empowers simple liaising, account control; secure messaging, Plug-in support, commercial center...

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  18. Fri February 15th, 2019

    Bitswift Community Update — February 2019Hello everyone,Welcome back to the another Bitswift monthly community update, the place where you can read all the newest updates regarding Bitswift. We will discuss many important topics in this update so lets stop wasting time on this paragraph and get at it ;) — Stress test finishedThe stress test that...

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  20. Mon January 21st, 2019
  21. Hacked

    GBP/USD bulls pick up momentum to the upside, following generally positive tone to Theresa May’s Plan B statement. Next upside targets for the bulls should they firmly breakdown 1.2900 again, will be the psychological 1.3000 mark. GBP/USD throughout the session on Monday remained very much elevated. This came as market...

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  22. Hacked

    Tron (TRX) attempted to push through Monday’s market dip with a 7% price hike in the early morning (UTC), as TRX trade volume began its ascent once more. The coin’s trade volume had sunk to $99 million just ten days after peaking at over $1 billion – an eight-month high...

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  23. Hacked

    BCH/USD bulls attempted moving above vital descending trend line capping upside; however , they were dealt another rejection. A recent study suggest Bitcoin Cash is not using anywhere near its full block capacity.  Bitcoin Cash Bulls Fails to Break Big Resistance Bitcoin Cash price on Monday is trading in minor...

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  24. Tue January 15th, 2019

    Bitswift Community Update — January 15th , 2018Hello everyone,Happy New Years and welcome back! We are back at it again with another community update, the place to be to keep up to date with all things going down at Bitswift. We have been busy working as usual, and there are some updates for you,...

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  26. Fri January 11th, 2019
  27. CryptoDaily

    Rotterdam 10th January 2019 – In 2017, amid the peak of the blockchain frenzy, property investment company, Max Property Group, decided to create a global property platform built on blockchain technology, and launch an Initial Token Offering (ITO) for its utility token.

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  28. Thu January 10th, 2019
  29. PR Newswire

    LUGANO, Switzerland, January 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Business - Meet the Blockchain You've Been Waiting For Jelurida today unleashed the potential for...

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  30. Tue January 8th, 2019

    Lets just make it clear here that the real Ignis belongs to ARDOR. It is a fully functional Proof of Stake child chain that is well ahead of ETH and the pseudo plasma ignis stated here. Everyone…

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  32. Sat December 15th, 2018

    Bitswift Community Update — December 15th , 2018Hello everyone,Welcome back to the Bitswift monthly community update. Nice to catch you here just before the Christmas holidays and thank you in advance for your interest in Bitswift developments.It has been a cold bear time of year for Crypto currency industry but that has not slowed...

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  34. Thu December 13th, 2018
  35. U.Today

    Leveraging NEXT’s expertise in fingerprint scanning technology could be a huge step forward for IOTA

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  36. Mon December 10th, 2018
  37. U.Today

    Tron price had a step decline during the past month, with losses of 42%

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  38. Wed December 5th, 2018
  39. CryptoBlockWire

    Waves (WAVES) traded up 14.78% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on December 05, 2018.

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  40. Mon November 26th, 2018
  41. CryptoBlockWire

    SIRIN LABS Token (SRN) is currently up 51.69% compared to USD over the last 24 hours, ending at 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on November 26, 2018.

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  42. Sat November 24th, 2018
  43. CryptoBlockWire

    The top performing cryptocurrency of the day is Bitcoin Diamond. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) traded up 20.42% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour

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  44. Thu November 15th, 2018

    We are back at it again for the November monthly update. As always, our development team has been very active and we want to share our…

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  46. Mon November 12th, 2018
  47. CryptoBlockWire

    Over the past 24 hour period, MOAC (MOAC) is the biggest running cryptocurrency out of the top 100 by market cap. Learn more about MOAC righ now.

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  48. Mon November 5th, 2018
  49. U.Today

    The top-10 coins, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc., have risen by over 5 percent over the past day

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  50. Sat November 3rd, 2018
  51. CryptoBlockWire

    Dominium is launching the first property bond which interested parties will access over blockchain technology. Read More!

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  52. Tue October 23rd, 2018
  53. KomodoPlatform

    I noticed many people refer Assetchains as Sidechains in public discussions and sometimes in public articles/posts/videos. Let’s clear a…

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  54. Fri October 12th, 2018
  55. The Bitcoin News - Leading Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency News

    A recent update to Ardor is introducing several new features, the most notable of which is the platform’s new transaction vouchers. Version 2.1.2 of Ardor went live this week and added the feature to the blockchain’s mainnet. This unique tool will make the lives of many users much easier. What...

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    A recent update to Ardor is introducing several new features, the most notable of which is the platform’s new transaction vouchers. Version 2.1.2 of Ardor went live this week and added the feature to the blockchain’s mainnet. This unique tool will make the lives of many users much easier. What...

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  57. Wed October 10th, 2018
  58. Ibinex News

    Swiss software company Jelurida has detailed its game plan to make the Ardor platform’s end-to-end services stand out from the IBM Hyperledger.

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  59. Sun September 30th, 2018

    As many crypto-enthusiasts are aware, scalability, transaction speed, and security are the three main challenges that blockchain technology must master. And developers are seeking to master all three....

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  61. Fri September 28th, 2018
  62. U.Today

    Huobi is adding another altcoin outside the top 20 list. ARDR is currently sitting in 54th place, at $0.126281. Trading against BTC and ETH will start off on Saturday

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  63. Sat September 15th, 2018

    We are back at it again for the September monthly update. As always, our development team is very active and we have some exciting news…

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  65. Wed September 12th, 2018
  66. CryptoDemetrius

    Welcome back to the Blockchain Ardor — Medium Series! This article provides instructions for creating and accessing Ardor accounts through…

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  67. CryptoDemetrius

    Welcome to Blockchain Ardor — Medium Series! This is the first in a series of articles providing introductory tours and tutorials of the…

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  68. Wed August 29th, 2018

    With Menno Peter PietersenIn the second interview of our new DAA Strategy Insights series, Menno Peter Pietersen of CARUS-AR explains why he removed his TrueUSD hedge, the reasoning behind his latest rebalancing, and more.Why did you decide to rebalance your DAA? Do you think we’ve seen the bottom?I removed my hedge for...

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  70. Sat August 18th, 2018

    Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed by market capitalization, only 36 are actually what the authors term “working products” in a study recently published online.

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  72. Wed August 15th, 2018

    Hello fellow Bitswifters, we meet again and it just happens to be time for our monthly community update. So rather than sit here dragging…

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  74. Thu July 26th, 2018
  75. Crypto Briefing

    Blockchain as a Service is an inevitable solution presented by blockchain technology. Ardor has the pedigree to build it.

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