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  1. Tue January 8th, 2019
  2. Hacked

    Tech-savvy investors have kept their eyes on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for several years now. The most prolific form of cryptocurrency has brought backers on a rollercoaster of highs and lows over the past two years. While this culminated with an all-time high of more than $19,000 in 2017, Bitcoin, in...

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  3. Mon January 7th, 2019
  4. Hacked

    Tokenized precious metals create the potential for fractional ownership of gold and greater transparency. Indeed, the world’s largest bank, JPMorgan, is prepared to use its proprietary blockchain to tokenize gold, and the Royal Mint has pursued technologies to achieve the same. As CCN reported, some venture capitalists believe Bitcoin will...

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  5. Thu November 15th, 2018
  6. Crypto Economy

    One of the recent attacks that has been giving what to speak is the infringed to AurumCoin cryptocurrency in the Cryptopia exchange

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  7. Wed November 14th, 2018
  8. Chepicap

    On Chepi Today, Chepicap's new YouTube feature presented by Will Heasman, we discuss the latest update on the Bitcoin Cash 'civil war', the 51% attack on Aurumcoin and the story behind a Reddit user who retrieved more than 75 BTC from an old wallet after finding his lost password. 

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  9. Tue November 13th, 2018
  10. CCN

    Small-cap cryptocurrency AurumCoin claims to have suffered a 51 percent attack that resulted in one crypto exchange losing more than $500,000 in tokens.

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  11. Chepicap

    AurumCoin, the gold-backed cryptocurrency, has allegedly been hit with a 515 attack which saw $15752 (AUD) taken from a wallet on the crypto exchange, Cryptopia.

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    Gold-backed AurumCoin is the latest cryptocurrency project to fall victim to 51 percent attack, resulting in the loss of AUD$ 15752.26, per a report by Finder on November 12, 2018. Hack Attack Results in Blame Game Shortly after the hack attack, AurumCoin’s twitter handle subtly sparked the blame game stating…

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  13. Sun November 11th, 2018
  14. NullTX

    There are some serious allegations in the cryptocurrency world. Dirt slinging has, unfortunately become all too common. Even so, every single bit of potentially disastrous news needs to be taken into account at all times. The AurumCoin team claims the Cryptopia exchange will not confirm a 51% attack against the...

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  15. Fri September 28th, 2018
  16. Benzinga

    The cryptocurrency market finished a difficult week on a low note on Friday, with most major currencies trading down on the day. Here’s a look at some of the headlines that...

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  17. Sat September 1st, 2018
  18. TrustNodes

    Dogecoin has finally mooned, rising some 70% today to take 21st position by market cap with the meme currency jumping in the past two days from $0.002 to $0.006 on...

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  19. The Crypto Globalist

    Aurumcoin (AU) pulled a surprise today, gaining by over 6000%. That a crazy move that has seen one Aurumcoin now trade at over $1000. So what is it about? According to their website, they are a cry…

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  20. AMBCrypto + 1 more

    AurumCoin has recently seen a hike of 5749% on CoinMarketCap after there was inflated trading on an exchange known as Crypto Hub Online. The price on that exchange alone went up to around $1780 when prices elsewhere were in the $30 and $40 range. The coin’s trading volume was close...

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  21. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Markets recovering slowly; Dogecoin, EOS, Dash and Monero doing well. Things are looking brighter as we enter the weekend in crypto land. Things are looking brighter as we enter the weekend in crypto land. Green is across the board as markets head back over $230 billion and are...

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  22. Chepicap

    Aurumcoin has seen some huge gains over the past few hours, according to CoinMarketCap. The project's AU token is currently up 5,750% for the 24h period, after crossing the 6000 percent mark not so long ago.

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  23. Fri August 10th, 2018
  24. Benzinga

    The cryptocurrency market finished another difficult week on a low note on Friday, with most major currencies trading down more than 2 percent on the day. Here’s a look at...

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  25. Wed May 2nd, 2018

    The month of April saw bitcoin gain around 30 percent, but some smaller altcoins outperformed the king of cryptocurrencies by a wide margin. Here, we detail the best performers of April 2018, give a bit of background to these coins and possible reasons for their performance. GPU Coin Rebrands to…

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  27. Fri February 9th, 2018

    Here is everything investors need to know about gold-backed cryptocurrencies, including a how to buy, Working and comprehensive list of previous and upcoming ICOs.

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