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  1. Fri January 18th, 2019
  2. BTCWires + 1 more

    Enjin, the Blockchain-based games development ecosystem, has been selected by VREX Lab as the host platform of the Blockchain marketplace dApp, Dyverse. VREX Lab develops augmented reality (AR) apps. The Dyverse dApp enables users to collect, breed, and play with crypto-collectables. These collectables are three-dimensional monsters called Kydys. They can…

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  3. Wed January 16th, 2019
  4. Bitcoinist

    Binance and Kraken CEOs weighed in on industry best practices for storing cryptocurrency in the wake of Cryptopia getting hacked. The question remains, Binance and Kraken CEOs weighed in on industry best practices for storing cryptocurrency following the hack of Cryptopia.

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  5. BeInCrypto

    Between Jan 17-18, 2019, TRON will host niTROn-2019 — the first international Summit hosted by the popular altcoin project.

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  6. Wed January 9th, 2019
  7. The Verge

    The 51 percent attack is real, and it’s easier than ever

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  8. BTCWires

    NEO cryptocurrency took everyone by surprise by its massive growth during the period of January to December, showing a rise of 49,000 % growth. Yup that's the exact number and not a typo.  The massive rise of NEO has attracted many crypto enthusiasts making it one of the better investment…

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  9. Sat January 5th, 2019
  10. MyBit

    Tokens were the hype of 2017 into 2018. Now everyone is skeptical and beginning to question their value.

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  11. Sat December 29th, 2018
  12. NEO Smart Economy

    NELNEL developer incentive program winner :i359 was rewarded with 50 NNC for providing 1 suggestion to NEL explorer.Neo-cli-nel transformationReplace the NEO-CLI level-db database with the lightdb database and try to construct a high-performance NEO node. (still in beta, not yet released)The NeoRay online one-stop contract debugging platformHttps://neoray.nel.groupThe debug module debug cursor...

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  13. Wed December 26th, 2018
  14. Coingape

    Over past one-year crypto, the industry has been successful in pulling a lot of talent. But recent downfall in prices has forced certain verticals of [...]

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  15. LiveBitcoinNews

    The apprehension of the crypto industry over impending regulatory protocols has forced companies to look at a novel, more compliant process of fundraising – STOs, or Security Token Offerings.

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  16. Mon December 24th, 2018
  17. MyBit

    It’s been a crazy year.

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  18. Thu December 20th, 2018
  19. CryptoDaily

    Based on the market caps of ERC-20 tokens — with several in the hundreds of millions of dollars range — it would be expected that these dApps would have a tremendous amount of users.

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  20. Blockspoint

    David Weild IV (NASDAQ) and Alex Mashinsky (Celsius Network) have delivered meaningful keynote speeches on blockchain and crypto trends of 2019.

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  21. Wed December 19th, 2018
  22. CoinSpeaker

    On December 12th, 2018, in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, a premier blockchain event NEXT BLOCK Conference 'From Chaos to Clarity: 2019 Trends' was held by Krypton Events, supported by Krypton Capital and Israeli Ukrainian Alliance.

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  23. CoinSpeaker

    To celebrate the 18-month anniversary since the second-largest fundraising campaign in the blockchain industry, digital marketing specialists at Cyberius created an infographic, which visually represents all the major goals achieved by Bancor Protocol since it managed to raise $153 million worth of Ether in less than 3 hours on June 17,...

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  24. Crypto-News India

    This is a press release. Crypto-News India urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in

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  25. Tue December 18th, 2018
  26. NEO Smart Economy

    NELNEL developer incentive program winners :treasureDouDou was rewarded with 100 NNC for providing 2 suggestions to NEL web wallet.i359 was rewarded with 50 NNC for providing 2 suggestions to NEL web wallet.Infrastructure upgradeIn order to better serve the community, NEL completed the upgrade and replacement of the server cluster, doubling the performance of...

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  27. Sun December 16th, 2018
  28. Blokt

    Tron celebrated the launch of two decentralized exchange while the 24-hour transaction volume for Dapps increased by 48 percent from the previous week.

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  29. Sat December 15th, 2018
  30. AMBCrypto

    The CEO and Founder of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun posted on Twitter that the fee of the transaction of the Tron Market has dropped to 0.1% at 7:00 [UTC] on 14th December. Furthermore, the good news got amplified when the next line of the post stated that the ecosystem...

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  31. Thu December 13th, 2018
  32. Kyber Network

    What an exciting weekend at ETHSingapore! Over the course of 36 hours, roughly 250 hackers came together to TheBridge to work on 44…

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  33. CoinScribble

    Use this quick quiz to test your knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. So...How well do you know crypto?

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  34. Fri December 7th, 2018
  35. Expanse blog

    Decentralized internet protocol TRON CEO Justin Sun has said the company will build a fund to “rescue” Ethereum (ETH) and EOS developers from “the collapse” of their platforms, in a tweet, Dec. 6. Sun made his offer with the precondition that the developers “migrate” their decentralized applications (dApps) to the...

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  36. Wed December 5th, 2018
  37. CryptoDaily

    They also noted that Buterin “makes [a] ground-breaking contribution to promoting decentralisation and equal participation in the digital revolution.

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  38. Tue December 4th, 2018
  39. Substratum

    There are few evangelists more vocal in the crypto landscape than the decentralized exchange (DEX) advocates, and this group includes...

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  40. Mon December 3rd, 2018
  41. NEO Smart Economy

    NELNEL developer incentive program winner :treasureDouDou was rewarded 150 NNC for submitting 2 proposals to was rewarded with 150 NNC for submitting 3 proposals to C# SDK releaseNewEconoLab/NNS_SDK_CSharpAll methods of NNS contracts (with domain name center, auction registrar, parser, and fixed price selling) are packaged in C#. Both .net framework 4.6.1+ and .net core...

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  42. Sat December 1st, 2018
  43. CoinScribble

    IntroductionAs progressive as it sounds, Blockchain really is a system to convey everybody to the most noteworthy level of responsibility. Not any more missed e

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  44. Fri November 30th, 2018
  45. Kyber Network

    Hi everyone, Kyber is one of the sponsors for the ETH Singapore hackathon, ASEAN’s first Ethereum hackathon, happening from December 7th —…

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  46. BTCWires

    Initial Coin Offering became the main source of raising funds in 2017 for the new entrants in the crypto world. But, just like any other form of crowdfunding, most of the ICO funded projects never saw the day of light. Many have turned out to be a scam and fled…

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  47. Thu November 29th, 2018
  48. NewsBTC + 3 more
  49. Wed November 28th, 2018
  50. Streamr

    Welcome to November’s Dev Update!

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  51. Tue November 27th, 2018
  52. CryptoDaily

    SV Insight Research analysed data from State of the dApps from 12th September - 18th October 2018 and it found that gambling dApps account for the majority of the dApps.

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  53. Sun November 25th, 2018
  54. Blokt

    The increasing demand for enterprise blockchain has driven the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to appoint a new head of business development.

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  55. Fri November 23rd, 2018
  56. æternity Ventures

    We as a team are super proud to have 50:50 gender split and have 3 strong, intelligent women working and sharing knowledge. However, this…

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  57. Tue November 20th, 2018
  58. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    20 November 2018, Amsterdam. An all-star team of nonprofit, blockchain, and crowdfunding veterans, including Roel Wolfert (Bancor, VISA)…

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  59. NewsBTC

    Whirl is a consumer crowdfunding solution aiming to finance dreams and obligations while introducing a revolutionary incentive system to encourage giving.

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  60. Bitcoinist

    Bitcoinist recently caught up with Roel Wolfert, co-founder of WHIRL, a socially driven crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain.

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  61. Mon November 19th, 2018
  62. CryptoNinjas

    An all-star team of nonprofit, blockchain, and crowdfunding veterans, including Roel Wolfert (Bancor, VISA) and Martijn Hekman (World Vision...

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  63. Sun November 18th, 2018
  64. BitMEX Blog – The official blog of BitMEX, the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange.

    Abstract: The EOS system presents a platform for smart contract development and decentralized storage in attempt to address the common scalability issues found in popular blockchain systems such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Through its implementation of delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) consensus and an architectural design focused on parallel processing and full-duplex communication,...

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  65. Fri November 16th, 2018
  66. Blockmason Announcements

    Welcome to the Blockmason Weekly Update! Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it's time for another Weekly Update. In this edition of the Weekly Update, Announcing Lndr v1.5: DAI Stablecoin Settlement, Better Wallet Management, New Server Architecture and a Launch Contest! Are you ready? Let's

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  67. NEO Smart Economy

    NELNEL developer incentive program winner :Yanmou was rewarded with 100NN for his proposal to the Web Wallet.Tool developmentThe new version of NEL explorer is live explorer developed by ReactBeautiful and up-to-date interface designMobile friendlyOnline contract debugging platformMigration platform login pageModified the navigation bar and page structureGas claiming function, high inquiryContract deployment page, writing code online, code...

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  68. Crypto-News India

    There's a lot of talk about decentralized exchanges, but not many of them have been able to be successful in the market. That's largely because of the larg

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