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Basic Attention Token

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  1. Thu March 21st, 2019
  2. CryptoSlate

    CryptoSlate conducted an interview with Patrick Larsen, CEO and co-founder of—a cryptocurrency tax software company. He describes his outlook on web 3.0, data privacy, crypto-economics, and the Fortune 50’s outlook blockchain. Background on Patrick Larsen Patrick Larsen studied material science chemistry at the United States Air Force Academy and...

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  3. Wed March 20th, 2019
  4. U.Today

    ⏩Litecoin, arguably a better faster version of Bitcoin, has been among this year’s big winners🏆

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  5. AMBCrypto

    Cardano looks optimistic after the announcement of its 1.5 version release on the mainnet. The Cardano 1.5 update marks the many improvisations, like Ouroboros BFT consensus protocol, from its precursor Ouroboros Classic. The founder of Cardano and CEO at Input Output HK [IOHK] tweeted, A blog post by the Cardano community, which...

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    Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve got the details in this installment of The Daily. This edition Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve included the details in The Daily. This edition also features Coincheck’s announcement that...

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  7. Tue March 19th, 2019
  8. AMBCrypto + 1 more

    The progress in the world of cryptocurrencies, according to many users, has been measured by the charts and the prices of individual coins. In the recently concluded Token 2049 conference, many proponents of the space gave their perspectives on where the cryptosphere will go in the future and about the...

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  9. Mon March 18th, 2019
  10. Chepicap

    Brave, a free, open source browser developed by the same company which is behind the Basic Attention Token (BAT), is now paying back users for the add revenue they generate, according to their latest update.

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  11. Coingape + 3 more
  12. Sun March 17th, 2019
  13. AMBCrypto

    The concept of privacy and fungibility was a key area of focus for cryptocurrencies as well as crypto-based applications. Setting aside privacy-oriented coins like Monero [XMR], there have been certain privacy-focused applications that have made their way into the mainstream realm. A key example of the same is the Brave...

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  14. Thu March 14th, 2019
  15. CoinSpeaker

    Coinbase’s professional exchange Coinbase Pro has added support for Stellar's native token XLM. The launch will be conducted in four stages. Full trading will only become available at 1 p.m. PST. after all the stages are completed.

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  16. KryptoMoney

    Coinbase's professional offering, Coinbase Pro announces support for Stellar Lumens (XLM). The blog post on March 13 further elaborated that the platform will accept deposits of XLM for around 12 hours before enabling full trading.

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  17. Tue March 12th, 2019
  18. CoinSpeaker

    Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview advances from phase one to phase two. Phase two provides token rewards to users for their attention, and introduces Brave’s anonymous-but-accountable campaign reporting for brands.

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  19. Mon March 11th, 2019
  20. Bancor

    Bancor has officially unified its Ethereum and EOS liquidity networks into a single interface — Bancor’s new Unified Wallet. As of today…

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  21. Wimplo

    Brave, the company behind cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser announced that its Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview has entered phase two on 08 March. Brave headlined that its ‘opt-in private ad …

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  22. ZyCrypto

    Last week, after the back and forth with the bulls and the bears, the cryptocurrency market saw a decent correction, one that affected the

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  23. Sun March 10th, 2019
  24. Hacked

    Cosmo Coin hit 163% growth over the last two days as investors piled in following confirmation of Cosmo Coin’s integrated support on the Samsung Galaxy S10. The addition of Cosmo Coin to the Galaxy S10 was just as unexpected as the additions of Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Basic Attention Token...

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  25. CryptoSlate

    Brave Browser’s ads rewards program is now live, allowing users to voluntarily view ads and earn 70 percent of revenues generated in Basic Attention Token.

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  26. Sat March 9th, 2019
  27. AMBCrypto

    Brave Browser, an open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser, announced the transition of Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview from phase one to phase two, in an official blog post. Phase one of the project was about creating a public opportunity for brands, marketers, developers, and the community to test...

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  28. BeInCrypto

    The Brave browser is entering phase two of development which will allow earning BAT for viewing ads and the ability to tip content creators.

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  29. Chepicap

    Brave, the company behind Basic Attention Token (BAT) and the Brave browser, has connected its browser ad technology to your wallet so you can get paid 70% of its ad revenue.

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  30. Coingape

    BRAVE new browser and Basic Attention Token have introduced a revolutionary application of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Together they have launched the test version of their [...]

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  31. Fri March 8th, 2019
  32. AMBCrypto + 5 more
  33. Wed March 6th, 2019
  34. NewsBTC

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t officially drop for two more days, but unboxing videos reveal that the crypto wallet only supports Ethereum, and not Bitcoin.

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  35. InvestInBlockchain

    Brave, the team behind the Brave browser and popular advertising-focused crypto Basic Attention Token (BAT), has hit a significant…

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  36. Mon March 4th, 2019

    Tribeos aims to launch during Q3 of 2019 and the project has ambitious plans to leverage the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

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  38. CoinSpeaker

    Tim Draper-backed exchange Coinhako annouced support for XRP. It has also mentioned the XRP pairings that will act as a new gateway. These pairings are with SGD, IDR, and VND. 

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  39. Sat March 2nd, 2019
  40. AMBCrypto

    The cryptocurrency market appeared to stagnate over the past few days, and the minimal rise and fall in the token’s price caused big shifts in the market. Tron [TRX,] which gained the ninth position fell and went back to the tenth position, while Binance Coin [BNB] rested on the ninth...

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  41. Fri March 1st, 2019
  42. The Coinbase Blog

    As part of Coinbase’s commitment to prioritizing customer feedback and helping bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto, our…

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  43. CryptoSlate

    XRP is now available to retail investors on and the Coinbase iOS and Android mobile apps. The move comes shortly after the exchange listed XRP on Coinbase Pro, its trading platform designed for more sophisticated users.

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  44. Thu February 28th, 2019
  45. UseTheBitcoin

    It is now possible for Brave users to redeem their Basic Attention Token (BAT) for rewards in over 250,000 brands around the world.

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  46. Chepicap

    Chepicap's David Borman takes a look at some of the coins confirmed or rumored to be supported by the recently announced crypto wallet on the upcoming Samsung S10, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Enjin, Basic Attention Token and ICON.

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    On February 26, 2019, Brave Software announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with TAP Network. The partnership announced at Mobile World Congress will enable users of Brave internet browser to redeem Basic Attention Token (BAT) for rewards offered by more than 250,000 brands in the TAP Network....

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  48. OracleTimes

    Another day, another move in the crypto space which supports the huge goal of crypto mainstream adoption. Brave teams up with TAP Network Brave Software revealed that they are teaming up with TAP Network during the Mobile World Congress a couple of days ago. Brave is a privacy-focused browser that...

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  49. CryptoSlate

    Recent data shows that Bitcoin adoption has increased by over 700 percent over the past 6 years worldwide, according to Bitcoin directory service provider Coinma. In contrast, an older survey shows that online shoppers are still reluctant to pay using cryptocurrency, but trends indicate that this could be changing. On...

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  50. Wed February 27th, 2019
  51. BeInCrypto

    We thoroughly analyzed the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange in our unbiased Coinbase review. Here are the results.

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  52. CryptoSlate + 4 more
  53. AMBCrypto + 2 more

    Brave Browser, an open source website browser based on Chrome web browser, announced a partnership with TAP Network, a blockchain-based advertising and data platform, at the Mobile World Congress. The partnership marks an important milestone for Brave and its token, Basic Attention Token [BAT], as it allows users to redeem...

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  54. AMBCrypto

    The inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream market has been given a boost by Samsung, with the South Korean technology giant’s latest Galaxy S10 boasting of a cryptocurrency wallet screen. Since the launch of the phone, rumors have flooded the market that the phone might be shipped with the Enjin...

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  55. Tue February 26th, 2019
  56. BeInCrypto

    On Mar 7, 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be unveiled with blockchain features. It will allegedly support BTC, ETH, ENJ, and COSM.

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  57. Chepicap

    Brave, the company behind Basic Attention Token (BAT) and the Brave browser, has partnered with advertising and data company TAP Network. This will allow BAT users to directly redeem their tokens for real-world rewards.

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  58. Hacked

    Basic Attention Token (BAT) spiked on Tuesday amid rumors that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship with the Enjin cryptocurrency wallet preinstalled. Leaked images of the new Samsung Blockchain keystore reportedly show the BAT logo embedded within the Enjin Wallet, raising the prospect of a potential partnership between Basic...

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