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  1. Mon June 11th, 2018
  2. AMBCrypto

    John McAfee tweeted yet another buoyant statement with the ongoing price fluctuations and the market looking gloomy. His tweet focuses on the EOS launch. There are speculations surrounding the gloomy market as on this day, one such reason as written by John McAfee is the CFTC investigating Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit, and Kraken. John McAfee recent Tweet also read: […]

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  3. BusinessInsider

    Coinrail said its system was under "cyber intrusion," causing a loss for about 30% of the coins traded on the exchange. It did not quantify its value but said the hack occurred on Sunday.

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    Bitstamp, Kraken, ItBit, and Coinbase Under the CFTC Spotlight for Potential Price Manipulation

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  5. Sun June 10th, 2018
  6. FinanceMagnates

    Coinbase, Kraken, itBit and Bitstamp have received requests for trading data.

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  7. Sat June 9th, 2018
  8. Coingape

    US Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC) has sent subpoenas to bitcoin exchanges in its ongoing bitcoin manipulation probe that started at the end of last month. Reportedly, it all started due to the distorted prices in the futures market. 

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  9. AMBCrypto

    The CFTC has subpoenaed 4 cryptocurrency exchanges for their investigation into trading fraud in cryptocurrency markets. The subpoena is for the release of trading data to prevent of skewed prices in the CME Futures market. Sources close to the matter spoke to Wall Street Journal on the issue, as this seems to be a continuing […]

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  10. Tue May 22nd, 2018
  11. BusinessInsider

    Bitcoin may be down 40% year-to-date, but crypto developers are making out like bandits.

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  12. Fri May 18th, 2018
  13. BusinessInsider

    The index was created and released by the China Center for Information Industry Development, part of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing. It evaluates the technological capability, usefulness of the application, and innovativeness of the project.

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  14. Mon May 14th, 2018

    CME Group Inc is partnering with Crypto Facilities Ltd to list the price of ether in real-time dollars. Bitstamp and Kraken will be used to determine the CME CF reference rate. This could be a hint of things to come for the second most popular crypto in the world, including US futures.  

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  16. Sun May 13th, 2018
  17. BusinessInsider

    BI PRIME: Crypto-exchanges, which helped shepherd the nascent market for digital currencies through 2017's boom, have been adding customers and making money han

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  18. NewsBTC

    Blockchain intelligence platform Chainanalysis revealed in November that 20% of Bitcoin currently in circulation has been lost at a value of about $25 bill

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  19. Sat May 12th, 2018
  20. BusinessInsider

    BI PRIME: Former Jump trading CTO Steve Hunt joins bitcoin exchange Kraken as its vice president of engineering. Kraken isn't the only cryptocurrency exchange t

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  21. Fri May 11th, 2018
  22. Basic Attention Token

    Last week, Brave gave multiple presentations in a flash tour across Asia and signed a lease for new space for its London office.

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  23. Tue May 8th, 2018

    BTCManager’s Weekly Cryptocurrency Outlook highlights the price action and technical indicators on a long-term basis to identify the best opportunities in the largest cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether, and others. BTC-USD (Bitstamp) Bitcoin exhibited the fifth week of straight gains for the week ending M ...

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  25. Fri May 4th, 2018
  26. BitcoinMagazine

    RNDR is “a blockchain-based rendering platform that leverages a distributed network of idle GPUs to render graphics more quickly and efficiently."

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  27. Thu May 3rd, 2018

    The fintech startup Revolut has unexpectedly withdrawn support for cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitstamp and Kraken, BTCManager has learned on May 3. Bitcoin enthusiasts can no longer use the banking app to withdraw from exchanges and echoes similar moves made by UK banks in the past. Revolut has marketed its ...

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  29. Basic Attention Token

    SAN FRANCISCO and GREENWICH, CT, May 3rd, 2018 — Brave, which is combining an innovative privacy browser with a blockchain-based digital…

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  30. Wed May 2nd, 2018
  31. BusinessInsider

    Most cryptocurrency trading volume passes through Malta but the United Kingdom is home to the highest number of legally-registered exchanges, Morgan Stanley rep

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  32. Fri April 27th, 2018
  33. Basic Attention Token

    Brave Partners with YouTube Stars Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco

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    The price of bitcoin (BTC) briefly dropped below $9,000 on April 25 but regained the critical level on April 26. On April 27, BTC-USD reached a high of $9,387.82 on the Bitstamp exchange, rebounding from lows near $8,600 on April 26 after the CBOE experienced the largest daily volume for bitcoin futures. Two ‘R ...

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  35. CoinSpeaker

    The Korean giant of video gaming industry, Nexon Korea, has refuted the rumors that it is going to acquire the oldest crypto exchange Bistamp denying any intention to link cryptocurrencies to their business.

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  36. Thu April 26th, 2018
  37. NewsBTC

    The CEO of Nexon has denied rumours that his company intends to acquire Bitstamp. The news comes following a press conference delivered by Lee Jung-hun in Korea.

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  38. Bitcoinist

    Bitstamp — a popular Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange and the oldest bitcoin exchange still standing — is apparently close to finalizing a deal for the sale of the company to a South Korean gaming company.

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    Gaming Co. Nexon Korea Refutes Rumors It Will Buy Crypto Exchange Bitstamp

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  40. CoinTelegraph

    Nexon Korea CEO denies reports of talks to purchase crypto exchange Bitstamp

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    Rumors are rife that the world's oldest bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp, is up for grabs at a whopping $350 million price tag and $11 billion gaming giants, Nexon, are ready to ink a deal with the exchange at any moment. Bitstamp for Sale According to Finance Magnates, for several weeks rumors churned about the sale o ...

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  42. CoinSpeaker

    The sources familiar with the matter didn't confirm anything with surety and said that the deal in currently fluid.

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  43. Wed April 25th, 2018

    The rumored $350 million Bitstamp acquisition negotiations have been denied by the CEO of South Korean gaming giant Nexon.

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  45. Coindoo

    One of the Asian influential gaming companies has bought Bitstamp, the giant crypto exchange and one of the world’s first Bitcoin platforms. According to reports made public by Business Insider, the price for such an acquisition has reached about $ 350 million dollars. Nexon, an important gaming player in Asia, has decided to buy Bitstamp, […] The post South Korean Nexon Bought Bitstamp for $ 350 M appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews.

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  46. BusinessInsider

    A hack of an Ethereum wallet providing service is being blamed for halting the upward momentum in the sector.

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  47. UseTheBitcoin

    One of the most important gaming companies in Asia and the world, Nexon, has reportedly bought Bitstamp, one of the oldest virtual currency exchanges in the wor

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  48. BusinessInsider

    BI PRIME: A South Korean gaming company is in line to buy Bitstamp, according to multiple sources.

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  49. FinanceMagnates

    Media outlets cite anonymous sources, official confirmation is pending.

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  50. Tue April 24th, 2018
  51. NewsBTC

    Europes oldest cryptocurrency exchange is on the block and it looks like Nexon is going to be the buyer according to unknown sources who spoke to Business Insider. 

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  52. Wed April 18th, 2018
  53. BitcoinMagazine

    Dow Jones Media Group announced that they will experiment with blockchain technology in the realm of digital advertising and media publication.

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  54. Basic Attention Token

    SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, April 18, 2018 — Privacy web browser Brave Software and Dow Jones Media Group have announced a partnership…

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  55. Thu April 12th, 2018
  56. Basic Attention Token

    Up to $3 Million in BAT Incentive Allocated and More Planned as Brave Passes 2 Million Monthly Active Users

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    The price of bitcoin has displayed a massive surge on April 12, breaking through the $7000 barrier with ease and reaching a fresh high for the month of April at $8069.34. At the time of writing, bitcoin has been tempered to $7699.68 on the Bitstamp exchange. The 15-minute chart below shows how BTC-USD broke throu ...

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  58. Wed April 11th, 2018

    In bitcoin’s earliest days, you could count the number of cryptocurrency exchanges on two hands: Mt Gox, Bitstamp, Btc-e, Vircurex and a handful of others, as well as P2P exchange Localbitcoins. Today, the landscape has changed dramatically. There are now over 500 exchanges to choose from – and that number is growing with every passing …

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  60. Sat March 31st, 2018
  61. InvestInBlockchain

    Basic Attention Token (BAT), co-created by the founder of Mozilla Firefox and Javascript, has been picking up momentum in its bid to remedy the problems of digital advertising. Learn more about recent BAT developments here.

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