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  1. Thu September 13th, 2018
  2. NewsBTC

    The Waves Project is engaged in negotiations with the Malta Government in an effort to run their operations on the island.

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  3. Crypto-News India

    The powerful Binance keeps on moving forward in the cryptocurrency industry. This time, it sealed the deal with the Malta Stock Exchange to launch a crypto trading platform for security tokens trading.  

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  4. Altcoinera

    Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, and the Malta Stock Exchange are collaborating to release a new digital exchange for trading of Security Token. This new platform enables investors to trade and exchange security tokens.

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  5. Wed September 12th, 2018
  6. Coindoo

    The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by traded volume- Binance is excited to announce it has teamed up with the Malta Stock Exchange to work at the release of a new digital asset trading pla…

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  7. Thu August 16th, 2018
  8. Crypto Disrupt

    Crypto Disrupt got the chance to chat with David Zimbeck about his introduction to the crypto industry, and what’s going on at BitBay.

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  9. Mon August 13th, 2018
  10. CoinSpeaker

    Today becomes the first fiat - crypto exchange where the global investors can purchase Neumarks tokens and therefore participate in the Neufund's Platform successful development.

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  11. Sun August 5th, 2018

    Neufund, a Berlin-based, blockchain-powered equity fundraising startup, has formed a strategic partnership with BitBay cryptocurrency exchange, to enable

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  13. Fri August 3rd, 2018
  14. Crypto Disrupt

    David Zimbeck, founder of BitBay, is a programmer who has developed the first and only decentralized peg, which could see a reduction in crypto volatility.

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    Neufund, BitBay Team Up to Offer Equity Tokens for Fiat

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  16. CoinSpeaker

    A blockchain-powered platform Neufund has teamed up with a crypto exchange BitBay to enable investors to buy and sell equity tokens with fiat currencies.

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  17. Thu August 2nd, 2018

    BitBay Partners With German Firm to Enable Equity Token Trading with Fiat Currencies

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  19. Mon July 23rd, 2018
  20. BitBay Blog
  21. Fri July 20th, 2018
  22. Crypto-News India

    This is a sponsored story. Crypto-News India urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. FuturoCoin is a young cryptocurrency which is winning cryptoinvestors’ hearts. As the best example of growing interest in FTO is the fact,...

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  23. BitBay Blog

    This week BitBay is looking at: What is a blockchain-based or decentralized marketplace?

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  24. Tue July 17th, 2018
  25. FinanceMagnates

    The currency exchange allows traders to exchange EUR, PLN and USD funds to another Fiat currency.

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  26. Mon July 16th, 2018
  27. BitBay Blog

    The blockchain economy — the rapidly evolving ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and marketplaces associated with them — is defined by…

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  28. Thu July 12th, 2018
  29. BitBay Blog

    BitBay listed on Qiex exchange

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  30. Wed July 11th, 2018
  31. BitBay Blog

    We are pleased to announce the listing of BAY on the Qiex cryptocurrency exchange! Based in Hong Kong, Qiex will offer both BTC/BAY and…

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  32. Mon July 9th, 2018
  33. BitBay Blog

    Here is a step-by-step walkthrough.

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  34. Wed July 4th, 2018
  35. BitBay Blog

    Connecting BAY to apps all around the world.

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  36. AMBCrypto

    The cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitbay, on July 3rd tweeted that two well-known coins, Monero and ZCash, are now available for trading on Bitbay. The newly listed coin-pairs are XMR/BTC, XMR/PLN, XMR/EUR, XMR/USD, ZEC/BTC, ZEC/PLN, ZEC/EUR, ZEC/USD. BitBay came into being in the year 2014 and was created to provide a professional...

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    Polish financial institutions have been doing everything within their power to shutter the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges as well as other

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  38. Mon July 2nd, 2018
  39. BitBay Blog
  40. Wed June 27th, 2018
  41. BitBay Blog
  42. Mon June 25th, 2018
  43. BitBay Blog

    BitBay prepares for user adoption with new Web Marketplace

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  44. Mon June 18th, 2018
  45. BitBay Blog

    The powerful building block behind BitBay’s ecosystem

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  46. Mon June 11th, 2018
  47. BitBay Blog
  48. Mon June 4th, 2018
  49. BitBay Blog

    (in Our Decentralized Client Marketplace)

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  50. Fri June 1st, 2018

    BitBay, the largest cryptocurrency exchange service in Poland is set to become the latest platform to move to Malta. The decision comes after a series of banking shutouts that have affected BitBay’s ability to conduct its business. The platform was founded in 2014, and it supports 11 cryptocurrencies. BitBay repo...

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  52. Thu May 31st, 2018
  53. Coindoo

    The Polish cryptocurrency trading platform BitBay is moving to Malta. The company announced about stopping carrying out its activities on the territory of the country of origin. BitBay was founded in 2014, Katowice, by Sylwester Suszek. Its goal was to “create a platform that was not available on the Polish...

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  54. Wed May 30th, 2018
  55. Bitcoinist

    BitBay, one of Europe's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has officially announced the suspension of all company activity in the country of Poland. As a result, the exchange will take its name and operations to a new supplier in the famously cryptocurrency-friendly Republic of Malta's jurisdiction. 

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    Hostile or just overly cautions countries keep losing cryptocurrency-related businesses to more attractive jurisdictions, along with the jobs and tax money that go along with them. The latest example comes from Poland, which Bitbay has been forced to leave for Malta.

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  57. NewsBTC

    BitBay, a Polish digital currency exchange, announced that it is moving its BitPay cryptocurrency exchange from Poland to Malta. The decision was taken amid increasing pressure over the cryptocurrency ecosystem in its home country. Malta, on the other hand, has been regarded as the 'Blockchain Island' for its friendly environment. 

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  58. FinanceMagnates

    BitBay has been thrown out of a Polish bank for the last time.

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  59. Mon May 28th, 2018
  60. BitBay Blog

    (with BitBays advanced Proof of Stake 3.0)

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  61. Tue May 22nd, 2018
  62. BitBay Blog

    How Does a Traditional Transaction Work?

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  63. Mon May 14th, 2018
  64. BitBay Blog

    Our lives have become connected with the digital world in many ways. Those of us that lived through the advent of personal computing, the…

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  65. Mon May 7th, 2018
  66. BitBay Blog

    There are so many new ideas and features popping up in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space every day.

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  67. Mon April 30th, 2018
  68. BitBay Blog
  69. Tue April 24th, 2018
  70. BitBay Blog

    Investors Lunchtime Summit: “The future for crypto and its impact on other assets”

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