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  1. Mon May 27th, 2019
  2. Chepicap

    Bitcoin has seen impressive gains in 2019, with over 130% growth in 2019 following a dismal 2018. However, altcoins have also seen some major gains, with 14 altcoin overthrowing Bitcoin for top gains in 2019 so far. 

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  3. UseTheBitcoin

    It seems there is no stopping Bitcoin (BTC) as the top cryptocurrency earlier today surged to its highest point this year after a 10% rally that saw it cross the $8600 mark. BTC is currently trading at $8,755 according to and now has its eyes fixed on the $9,000...

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    Blockchain-powered fan engagement startup on May 24, 2019, unveiled a new advert on LinkedIn that gives a glimpse into the real-life use case of its football app. Make Decisions for Your Favorite Football Club The rapid pace of technological advancement is gradually changing the manner in which humans interact…

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  5. Bitcoinist

    The naysayers called it dead at least 350 times, but tell that to these five countries gripped by Bitcoin FOMO right now.

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  6. Zcoin

    Sigma Feature freeze. Release candidate aim for 7 June 2019. Mints to honor coin control to review and merge Confirm to add two more denominations 0.05

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  7. Chepicap

    Bitcoin stunned everyone again this weekend when it managed to rise another 13% on Sunday. Is this the spike that can help us get to $10k, or is this a bull trap and we are headed back to $8000?

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  8. Crypto-News India

    Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that they had launched a new Visa debit card, Called Coinbase Card which allowed users to spend their cryptocurr

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  9. Chepicap

    In case you weren’t aware Bitcoin has smashed past resistance levels nearly all the way through $8k and according to some $10k seems firmly on the agenda, but is this all Bitcoin can muster for now? Can we see further gains? Or will we take a trip to lower levels?

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  10. AMBCrypto

    The cryptocurrency space is more than just the mere adoption of digital assets. The idea of digital currencies has also introduced the idea of decentralization and blockchain, the latter of which is one of the most sought-out technologies today. As the crypto ecosystem continues to develop in terms of functionality,...

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  11. Coinall

    According to the data from CoinAll exchange (, Bitcoin price surged near 9000USD, which is really positive signal in the…

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  12. OracleTimes

    In a bullish scenery in which Bitcoin (BTC) seems to have the powerful bulls back in its court, a crypto millionaire created an application that aims to provide an “easy onramp” for crypto noobies. It will help people to get involved in the world of Bitcoin investing. CoinBits lets you...

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  13. CoinDesk

    Today's bitcoin spot market is “significantly" smaller and more efficient than is generally perceived, argues a Bitwise Asset Management paper.

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  14. + 1 more

    China's Center for Information and Industry Development has released its latest rankings of 35 crypto projects that were evaluated over the past two months. While several top positions remain unchanged, Bitcoin has climbed up the overall ranking.

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  15. KryptoMoney

    Swisscom has announced plans for a distribute tokenized artwork through its Swisscom TV television network.

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  16. Benzinga

    HONG KONG, May 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, announced today that it has listed Ontology's ONT Token to its Wallet...

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  17. Chepicap

    It appears 2019 has put bitcoin back on track for mass adoption, as the total amount of wallets holding 0.1 btc has increased to its highest level ever.

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  18. LiveBitcoinNews

    Ripple price is gaining momentum above $0.4100 against the US Dollar. XRP is likely to continue higher above $0.4200 and any dips remain supported near $0.4000.

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  19. BitcoinNews

    The weekend trading session for Bitcoin proved yet again to be a source of inspiration as the bulls came back in force and smashed the stubborn USD 8,000 resistance line to trade now in the USD 8,750 range after hitting a 12-month high at USD 8,937 (CoinDesk). Bitcoin market optimists...

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  20. BTCWires

    Bitcoin after breaking the $8,000 price resistance saw another price correction which brought down its prices by 4 percent, however, the price dip was short lived as the crypto market made another considerable gain over the weekend adding $25 billion to the overall market cap. The overall market cap also…

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    The total crypto market cap is $22 billion up for the seven-day period and now stands at $269 billion. The top ten currencies are mostly in green for the same time frame with Binance Coin (BNB) and Litecoin (LTC) leading the pack with 18.1 and 19.3 percent of gains respectively.…

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  22. Chepicap

    The recent BTC price surge on Sunday, which saw bitcoin hovering around $8,000 before smashing a new 2019 high of $8,800 has left many BitMEX margin traders sitting at a loss. A loss totalling $131.4 million to be exact. 

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  23. KryptoMoney

    Robinhood, a United States-based stock and crypto trading app plans to raise a minimum of  $200 million through a new funding round.

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  24. CCN

    By CCN: In the U.S. market and on strictly regulated crypto exchanges such as Bitstamp and Coinbase, the bitcoin price surpassed $8,900 to achieve a new 2019 high at $8,939. Within merely hours, the bitcoin price

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  25. Chepicap

    With Bitcoin marching on to new 2019 highs, the crypto community is getting more and more excited about what BTC might bring this year. According to Bitcoin bull Max Keiser, we might see a new all-time high faster than most expected.

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  26. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin [BTC] broke $8,500 following yesterday’s massive surge which pushed its market cap over $150 billion for the first time in months. With the king coin sitting pretty and set to break-out over $9,000, many in the community are optimistic. However, some crypto-traders have adopted a more skeptical mindset. Peter...

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  27. OracleTimes

    Bitcoin impresses everyone once again as it’s rallying towards $9,000 after a period during which it lingered around $8,000. Crypto experts are awaiting the surpassing of the $10k level. Bitcoinist wrote that during a CNBC interview, Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital CEO said that neither Bitcoin nor the dollar is...

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  28. CCN

    BitStarz is the true home of big wins, but we’re sure you know that already. Records are being smashed every month, with the latest big winner blowing away all previous record payouts that have ever

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  29. DOBI Exchange

    DOBI Exchange will officially launch the Seven-day TAGZ project sale event at 10:00 am (Hong Kong time) on June 1 and open the ETH special…

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  30. Crypto-News India

    Franck Muller, a high-end Swiss watchmaker has partnered with investing firm, Regal Assets to introduce a new line of watches enabled with bitcoin cold sto

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  31. BitcoinNews

    What is happening in cryptocurrency circles around the world? Here we will provide all the important weekly news from Asia and Australia.

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  32. KryptoMoney

    Bitcoin cash (BCH) network experienced a hard fork on May 15, which brought some troubles for the network.

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  33. OracleTimes

    Institutional investments in the crypto market are one of the missing ingredients that could trigger the mainstream adoption of crypto. The other one is enhanced regulation, but according to the latest reports coming from the IRS, this is also on its way. In a recent tweet, a Bitcoin developer and...

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  34. U.Today

    Now, it’s time😀 👉 for the bulls to brace themselves for a major test – the psychologically ⚠important $10,000 Bitcoin price tag

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  35. Chepicap

    Bitcoin price movement at the moment is only a dead-cat bounce, it will plunge when speculators are running out of fire power, an investment writer, Kevin Godbold believes.

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  36. CryptoDaily

    Believe it or not, cryptocurrency investment does not have to be risky, it doesn’t have to be dangerous and investing in crypto doesn’t mean you need to behave like you’re navigating a minefield.

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  37. + 1 more

    Brave Browser, built over Google Chromium Project, has added a feature that allows people to donate BAT tokens to Twitter, YouTube and Twitch users for their content. This, according to The Next Web, May 24, 2019. Tip Anyone on the Web The Brave Browser is widely known in the crypto…

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  38. BTCWires

    A new crypto scam has been found offering free BTC. It is being advertised on scam websites offering Ethereum for free. The guy who found this crypto scam is an independent security researcher that goes with the name as Frost on Twitter. According to the reports, the scam offers free…

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  39. BitcoinNews

    Today the week ends, during which the activity of both sellers and buyers was rather low, in comparison with the price movement last week. After the buyers managed to break through the blue trend line, the whole week the price was moving in a consolidation triangle in the range of...

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  40. OracleTimes

    Bitcoin-related predictions keep pouring in the crypto market. Until yesterday, BTC has been hovering around $8,000, but it's not rallying towards $9,000. Currently, the most important digital asset in the market is trading in the green and it's priced at $8,718.78 on CoinMarketCap. Some crypto experts have been predicting that...

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  41. CryptoDaily

    Rewards You With Bitcoin For Rounding Up Spare Change

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