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  1. Tue July 23rd, 2019
  2. CryptoDaily

    A double danger looms over the Blockchain revolution: First is that it continues to be eclipsed by Bitcoin, owing to its pioneering role, by the unduly overemphasized speculative attitude towards crypto-currencies

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  3. Bitcoinist

    Newly released data from Coin Metrics shows that the number of un-moved Bitcoin has risen to a new high. Does this mean Bitcoin is a better store of value

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    North Queensland and Japan have shown significant growth and continue to dominate as some of the densest territories of BCH merchant adoption worldwide.

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  5. AMBCrypto

    The Bitcoin Cash network recently launched its first stablecoin, Honestcoin (USDH), created by the Honestnode team using the simple ledger protocol (SLP). The stablecoin is backed by the U.S. Dollar with a ratio of 1:1, and the Honestnode team is reportedly working on improving the stablecoin’s use-cases. In an interview...

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    Union Bank of the Philippines has joined forces with OCBC Bank of Singapore to facilitate a cross-border transfer from Singapore to the Philippines using the Ethereum-powered Adhara liquidity management, and international payments platform its (Unionbank) proprietary i21 platform, reports local news source Fintech Singapore on July 23, 2019.  Union Bank…

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  7. NewsBTC

    The founder of one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges is noting that a “worst case” scenario is that the US outlaws Bitcoin and crypto ownership.

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  8. Bitcoinist

    People are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of using Bitcoin. Now, developer Sylvain Saurel identifies several compelling reasons for

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  9. Bitcoinist

    Bitcoin price may be losing ground, but its network is now more competitive - and secure - than ever before, new data shows. 

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  10. NewsBTC

    According to a report by US blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace, crypto asset exchange platforms have already lost $1.2 billion in the first three

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  11. CryptoDaily

    In its latest funding round, Robinhood has raised a huge amount of $323 million which makes the millennial-focused stock and crypto trading app worth around $7.6 billion.

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  12. Bitcoinist

    Popular crypto-analyst Willy Woo wonders if institutional investment will negatively impact Bitcoin price action.  Willy Woo Wonders... On Tuesday,

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    Changpeng Zhao (CZ) doesn’t believe Trump’s recent anti-crypto rhetoric will have an adverse effect on the industry as a whole, reports CNBC, July 23, 2019. The Binance CEO says the industry has sufficient maturity and censorship resistance to survive any government-led crackdown. Meanwhile, restrictive U.S. laws are forcing more exchanges…

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  14. NewsBTC

    Bitcoin price is struggling to mainain support above $10,000 and is at risk of putting its entire bullish rally in jeapordy if it falls below.

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  15. AMBCrypto

    In the world of crypto-assets, there is an undeniable difference between Bitcoin and the rest of the altcoin market. While Bitcoin was the initiator and biggest benefactor of the bull run that began in April, altcoins trailed as well. Even when the king coin’s valuation and market cap fell however,...

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  16. Bitcoinist

    Over the last 3 Days, Bitcoin has dropped around $1,000 forming a tight descending channel. Bears are struggling to gain any momentum as price levels toy

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  17. BTCWires

    Climate change is all the range now, and at the rate we humans are jeopardizing our planet, it requires our paramount attention at the moment. A new report released by the International Energy Agency Bitcoin (BTC) on July 23, has shed some much important light on BTC's contribution to global…

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  18. CryptoSlate

    Strix Leviathan designs and operates algorithmic trading software for the cryptocurrency markets. The global nature and uncertainty surrounding the nascent cryptocurrency asset class leads to a market that is entirely defined by the behavioral patterns of market participants. Separating fact from fiction and noise from a signal is no easy...

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  19. LiveBitcoinNews

    A multi-million dollar lawsuit against cell phone provider AT&T regarding SIM-swapping is getting the official "go ahead."

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  20. CryptoDaily

    Not long after the TRON Foundation announced that its founder and CEO, Justin Sun couldn’t make the highly anticipated charity lunch with Warren Buffett due to fallen ill with kidney stones

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  21. CryptoSlate

    Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S., has on-boarded 5 million new users in the past 10 months and now claims to have over 30 million users. However, many users questioned the legitimacy of this data, alleging the exchange could be misleading the public. A significant increase...

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  22. AMBCrypto

    It has been an exciting year for Bitcoin. Until a few weeks ago, when Bitcoin was breaking the shackles of the crypto-winter and surging by over 250 percent in three months, many would have said that Bitcoin is on its way to breaking the ATH. However, ask them the question...

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  23. Bitcoinist + 1 more

    There has been a lot of speculation recently as to whether US president Donald Trump’s recent tweets on bitcoin and crypto were good or bad for the

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    Bitfinex and the New York State Attorney General have embroiled in an aggressive game of ping pong, continuously hitting back at each other's remarks. In the latest episode, the NYAG claimed Bitfinex serviced New York State customers as early as January 2019. Bitfinex as now hit back saying they were…

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  25. Blokt

    Cryptocurrencies are as popular as Forex with TradingView users, with 30% of its total audience working with cryptos each day.

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  26. Dash News

    BlockchainIntel has partnered with Dash to aid in regulatory compliance for exchanges and other businesses, increasing Dash’s prospects for integrations. A provider of transaction monitoring solutions for blockchains, BlockchainIntel analyzes cryptocurrency transactions and addresses and risk scores them based on evidence of possible nefarious activity, giving businesses a clearer picture...

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  27. NewsBTC

    Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao is of the view that Bitcoin (BTC) now has the backing of the masses following President Trump comments.

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  28. LiveBitcoinNews

    It appears crypto analysis website Coin Market Cap has been reporting fake volume information for some time, now.

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  29. Coindoo

    Bibox revealed today that it has officially opened its European exchange which allows users to buy bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) with Euro.

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  30. BeInCrypto

    Are you looking to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies with maximum multipliers? Here is our list of the best trading platforms.

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  31. KryptoMoney

    Circle launches a new subsidiary in Bermuda so as to enable non-American customer privy of its trading platform Poloniex.

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  32. Blokt

    In a Venture Coinist interview, Sam Bankmanfried from Alameda Research claimed that the report from Bitwise on fake Bitcoin trading volume is inaccurate.

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  33. Bitcoinist

    Bitcoin Cash spin-off Bitcoin SV (BSV) is preparing to stage its own hard fork for giant blocks of transactions weighing in at 2 gigabytes.

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    Over the last few months, the interest surrounding bitcoin futures and cryptocurrency derivatives products has been growing fast.

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    Grayscale Investments, the largest conglomerate in the crypto industry, recently released its Digital Asset Investment Report for the second quarter of 2019. Report data shows how the crypto market is maturing as inflows nearly doubled quarter-over-quarter, from $42.7 to $84.8 million. This demonstrates that the recent rally in digital asset…

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  36. CryptoDaily

    Ethereum (ETH) has declined below the 21 week EMA at last and is now struggling to defend the 200 Week EMA. If ETH/USD ends up declining below the 200 Week EMA, we are not likely

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  37. Coindoo + 1 more

    The central government was first in favor of regulating crypto but was forced to propose the ban due to pressures from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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  38. BusinessInsider

    Facebook is trying to convince lawmakers it can keep its cryptocurrency secure but scammers are already trying to trick people into buying fake coins.

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  39. ZyCrypto

    Based on data culled from, an on-chain data and analytics platform on July 23, 2019, EOS and TRON blockchains are significantly

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  40. CryptoDaily

    Originally meant to take place on 25th July, the lunch with Buffett was Justin Sun’s prize after bidding $4.5 million earlier in the year for the charity meal. 

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  41. Coingape

    The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has just slipped down from $10K figure by showing the declining percentage of over 5 percent, major Altcoins followed suit of breakdown.

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