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Bitcoin Diamond

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  1. Fri January 17th, 2020
  2. U.Today

    Amid the splendid rally of Bitcoin (BTC) forks, namely Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), the discussion about a new fork has started.

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  3. Tue December 24th, 2019
  4. LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets

    LATOKEN, #1 IEO Launchpad, and a Top-10 cryptocurrency exchange lists Bitcoin Diamond, the popular fork of Bitcoin that seeks to add more…

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  5. Sun November 3rd, 2019
  6. Official Changelly Blog

    How to create your own cryptocurrency? This step-by-step guide will help you develop your own crypto and choose the right platform and tools

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  7. Wed October 23rd, 2019
  8. Official Changelly Blog

    Is Bitcoin dead? Let’s face the arguments and check statistics to find out whether the world’s major cryptocurrency is doomed.

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  9. Sun September 15th, 2019
  10. OracleTimes

    Ripple and the digital asset XRP have been surrounded by a lot of controversies. A while ago, we reported that a crypto influencer created a petition asking Ripple to stop selling XRP. Now the same person has just taken the very first step towards forking XRP. Ripple has been put...

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  11. Fri September 13th, 2019
  12. ZyCrypto

    Clearly, patience is wearing thin for the XRP community. Crypto Bitlord, the crypto influencer who started a petition last month to demand

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  13. Wed July 31st, 2019
  14. Crypto-News India

    So finally here we’re in the greens once again! After losses of 4 days the cryptocurrency market has finally turned green, which brings a much needed sigh

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  15. Wed July 24th, 2019
  16. Omgfin Exchange

    Last week, Bitcoin (BTC) was legally recognized by a Chinese court, whereby it was concluded that the cryptocurrency should now be…

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  17. Sun July 21st, 2019
  18. Coingape

    Key highlights Its less than a week for Sun- Buffet Lunch 5 Top Cryptos are now dead Grin executed first hard fork ZCash conducts “friendly [...]

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  19. Mon June 24th, 2019
  20. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index pared recent gains and receded to 54.72 on Monday from 55.46 on Sunday, a 1.33% decline. The 21 Leaders Index is up 9.30% over the past 7 days and is up 22.80% over the past 30 days.

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  21. Thu June 20th, 2019
  22. Wimplo

    Big-four auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has announced the launch of a software solution for auditing cryptocurrency transactions. PwC shared the news of the software in a blog post date…

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  23. Wed June 19th, 2019
  24. NewsBTC + 5 more
  25. BTCWires

    One of the biggest auditing firms of the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), announced on Wednesday that it has incorporated a cryptocurrency-based software in its existing “Halo” suite of auditing tools. The firm can now provide audit and other assurance services to clients that both hold or transact in nine digital assets…

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  26. Mon June 10th, 2019
  27. LiveBitcoinNews

    Mahone's Commercial Wallpaper is the latest company to state that it will accept crypto as a means of payment for goods and services.

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  28. Thu May 30th, 2019
  29. CryptoSlate

    Despite the wild price action that the cryptocurrency market went through today the charts could help determine where some of the highest market cap altcoins are heading.

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  30. Wed May 22nd, 2019
  31. AMBCrypto + 3 more

    From Cash to Satoshi’s Vision, to Private, to Gold, to Atom and to Adult, the prefix Bitcoin has been used to depict and more commercially, sell and market a host of cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are 38 among the 2186 coins listed on CoinMarketCap, that sport the name “Bitcoin” as their...

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  32. Fri April 5th, 2019
  33. Luno Publication

    Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash: Is the Bitcoin community still divided?

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  34. Mon March 18th, 2019
  35. CryptoSlate

    Ethereum is strongly leading in the total number of active developers working on both its core protocol and in total development; Bitcoin boasts a strong developer ecosystem 10 years after launch, while Litecoin and Dogecoin are “being abandoned,” according to an analysis by one crypto venture capital firm.

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  36. Wed March 13th, 2019
  37. Chepicap

    The last 24 hours have been relatively quiet for the top 10. Further down the rankings, there have been some big gains and losses, with Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) leading the way.

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  38. Tue March 12th, 2019
  39. + 1 more

    A report published by Electric Capital has estimated that the number of developers working on public cryptocurrencies has doubled since Jan. 2018. The research finds that Ethereum has the largest development team of currently crypto assets, with 216 developers contributing to Ethereum’s code each month on average.

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  40. Fri March 8th, 2019
  41. BeInCrypto

    A recently-released report on developer activity reveals interesting patterns about cryptocurrency networks’ environments.

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  42. Thu March 7th, 2019
  43. NewsBTC

    An increase in crypto development activities - in particular, bitcoin - is the most vital fundamental factor to consider. Look how.

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  44. Thu February 28th, 2019
  45. BTCWires

    Bitcoin was introduced to the world back in 2009 as a concept of a cashless peer-to-peer economy. In these past 10 years, a lot has changed in the Bitcoin network depending upon the needs and demands of the ever-increasing user base. When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin white paper, it…

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  46. Mon February 18th, 2019
  47. Benzinga + 1 more

    MERIDIAN, Idaho, Feb. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Automotive specialist ATPTrucks has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency, powered by e-commerce project Chimpion...

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  48. PR Newswire

    MERIDIAN, Idaho, Feb. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Automotive specialist ATPTrucks has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency, powered by...

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  49. Sat February 16th, 2019

    Last November the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community witnessed a hash war that resulted in a bifurcation of the main chain. The spat saw one of the first A new type of organization revealed itself on Feb. 15 called Orca Pool which seeks to protect altcoins, and forks from being attacked...

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  51. Thu February 14th, 2019
  52. PR Newswire + 2 more

    TALLINN, Estonia, Feb. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Following Chimpion's January announcement that it would offer automatic stablecoin conversion for merchants,...

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  53. Wed February 13th, 2019
  54. Blockspoint + 1 more

    The US-based H&M Distributors, which sells lamps and lighting products, announced its intention to accept payment in cryptocurrency

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  55. Mon February 11th, 2019
  56. Benzinga

    HENDERSON, Nev., Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Online lighting supplier Semperlite has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency, powered by e-commerce project...

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  57. CryptoDaily

    The mass adoption of Bitcoin is something that all of us in the crypto industry are eagerly awaiting. And in this slow but steady process of mainstream adoption, Bitcoin will now be accepted by the American H&M Distributors.

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    In this edition of The Daily we feature the first yearly anniversary of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) charity Eatbch, a move by American lighting wholesaler H&M

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  59. KryptoMoney

     Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M, a famous retail brand enters the cryptocurrency space. According to a recent press release, some of the brand's distributors will start accepting cryptocurrency as payments. 

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  60. Sun February 10th, 2019
  61. BTCWires + 2 more

    Some distributors of high profile Swedish retail brand Hennes & Mauritz or better known as H&M will now start accepting cryptocurrency as payments. These distributors will use the cryptocurrency e-commerce platform Chimpion in order to accept the cryptocurrency payments. These particular H&M distributors trade in cost- effective lighting, which includes…

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  62. TheCryptoUpdates

    Hennes & Mauritz, H&M distributors will now use cryptocurrency e-commerce platform Chimpion for cryptocurrency payments.

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  63. Fri February 8th, 2019
  64. Benzinga

    HENDERSON, Nev., Feb. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- American wholesaler H&M Distributors, Inc. has announced that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency. Since its inception in...

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  65. Thu February 7th, 2019
  66. Benzinga

    PHOENIX, Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Online automotive retailer RPM Outlet is eager to announce that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency as part of the Chimpion network in...

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  67. PR Newswire + 3 more
  68. Benzinga

    TALLINN, Estonia, Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Chimpion today announced that its platform will support Binance Coin (BNB) as a payment currency and that it will be launching BNB...

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  69. Tue February 5th, 2019
  70. BTCWires

    MoneroV is a Hard-Fork of the well-known privacy coin Monero. The hard-forked cryptocurrency promises to be completely private, untraceable, with finite reserve and completely secure. The Hard-Fork has become a norm in the crypto ecosystem, where when the coin gets enough attention and adoption, the community behind it gets divided…

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  71. Tue January 15th, 2019
  72. U.Today

    How to earn money with the help of Bitcoin and grow your cryptocurrency riches? Here are all possible options Contents What is Bitcoin? Why does Bitcoin have value? 1000 and 1 model of making money with Bitcoin cryptocurrency Tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck Bottom Line In...

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