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Bitcoin Gold

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  1. Mon November 19th, 2018
  2. Bitcoin Gold Official

    It has been just over a year since the Bitcoin Gold project launched. Since then, we’ve been striving to carefully shepherd our young…

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  3. Tue October 16th, 2018
  4. Benzinga

    Marks Jewelers Partners With Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Bitcoin Diamond and Other Cryptocurrency Payments Fine Jewelry Retailer and Manufacturer Opens Doors to Shoppers...

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  5. Fri October 12th, 2018
  6. ZyCrypto

    Bittrex, a leading blockchain trading platform delisted many assets from its exchange earlier this year, one of which was Metal (MTL). It has

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  7. Mon October 8th, 2018
  8. AMBCrypto

    Bittrex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that they will be removing Bitcoin Gold [BTG], Bitshares [BTS], and Bitcoin Private [BTCP] from their exchange wallet. In an official blog post, they stated that wallet removal was a routine part of their ongoing platform management which would ensure better performance...

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  9. Sun October 7th, 2018
  10. Benzinga

    Mahone's Wallpaper Shop Partners With Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Bitcoin Diamond and Other Cryptocurrency Payments Wallpaper and Home Decor Retailer Opens Doors to...

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  11. Benzinga

    NewParts Partners With Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Bitcoin Diamond and Other Cryptocurrency Payments Online Automotive Retailer Opens Doors to Shoppers Worldwide PR Newswire...

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  12. OracleTimes

    The famous cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex just made an announcement that it would delist Bitshares (BTS), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Bitcoin Private (BTCP) from its platform. The wallets of the three before-mentioned digital assets would be removed on Monday, November 5th, 2018, and any amount of Bitshares (BTS), Bitcoin Golf (BTG), and...

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  13. Tue September 11th, 2018
  14. Benzinga

    Anonymous Bitcoin Hard Fork Legend H4X Is to have a Special Appearance in Blockchain Seoul 2018: First Time Ever Appearance has Bitcoin Community's Worldwide Attention PR...

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  15. Tue September 4th, 2018
  16. LiveBitcoinNews

    Bittrex has announced that it will be delisting Bitcoin Gold (BTG) from its platform. The US-based cryptocurrency exchange says the spate of hacks suffered by the Bitcoin fork is the reason for its removal from the platform’s list of tradable virtual currencies. Reasons for the Bitcoin Gold Removal Beginning from...

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    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) To Be Delisted from Bittrex after Refusing To Pay Hack Compensations

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  18. AMBCrypto

    Recently, Bittrex, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange requested Bitcoin Gold [BTG], a distributed digital currency to pay up 12,372K in BTG as a result of a double spending attack made on the BTG chain within the exchange platform. Bitcoin Gold decided not to accede to the request and as a consequence...

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    In an official announcement made by Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on September 1, 2018, the cryptocurrency is set to be delisted from Seattle-based crypto exchange Bittrex. This comes as a result of a refusal to pay 12,372 BTG to Bittrex to remain listed on the exchange. BTG Ecosystem Unscathed  Per a…

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  20. Fri August 10th, 2018
  21. Bitcoin Gold Official

    Aug 10, 2018 | Development, Technical, Updates

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  22. Wed July 25th, 2018

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Payments Become Available on Azeri Hotel Booking Platform

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  24. Mon July 16th, 2018
  25. Bitcoin Gold Official
  26. Fri July 13th, 2018
  27. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Current performing altcoins are Ontology, Dash, Bytecoin and Bitcoin Gold. As another week comes to an end in crypto land markets are down As another week comes to an end in crypto land markets are down once again on the week. After hitting a weekly low of $242...

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  28. Thu July 12th, 2018
  29. Bitcoin Gold Official

    We have a treat from our developers — a Technical Preview release of Lightning Network running on Bitcoin Gold!

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  30. AMBCrypto

    The Bitcoin Gold [BTG] blockchain has recently released a new version of their wallet ElectrumG 3.2.1. A recent hard fork changed its current proof-of-work [PoW] algorithm from Equihash to Equihash-BTG to dissuade Application Specific Integrated Circuit [ASIC] miners from gaining 51% hashpower and to prevent double spending. Following these changes...

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  31. Wed July 11th, 2018

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Releases New Version of Wallet to Meet Hard Fork Changes

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  33. Tue July 10th, 2018
  34. Bitcoin Gold Official

    Block 536200 was mined Jul 3, 2018 at 9:59:26 PM UTC

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  35. Bitcoin Gold Official

    The BTG blockchain has been performing wonderfully since the successful Network Upgrade last week. If you’re using our ElectrumG wallet…

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  36. Wed July 4th, 2018

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Hard Fork Implements New Mining Algorithm

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  38. Tue July 3rd, 2018
  39. Cryptstorm

    Today, July 3, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is expected to make a mandatory Network Upgrade. Running your upgrade requires a hard fork. So it aims to be a smooth upgrade without chain splits and without the creation of new coins.

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  40. Tue June 26th, 2018
  41. ZyCrypto

    Not minding the troubles in the market, teams are still going about their regular businesses. The Bitcoin Gold community can now be proud

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  42. Mon June 25th, 2018
  43. Lykke News

    BitcoinGold cryptocurrency (BTG) has been added to the Lykke Exchange and is now available for trading.

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  44. Sat June 23rd, 2018
  45. Bitcoin Gold Official

    BITCOINGOLD.ORG is online and all systems are green.

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  46. Fri June 22nd, 2018
  47. Bitcoin Gold Official

    Despite attacks against our websites, our Network Upgrade plans are progressing steadily, and the BTG blockchain continues to function…

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  48. Tue June 19th, 2018
  49. Bitcoin Gold Official
  50. Fri June 15th, 2018
  51. AMBCrypto

    According to the London Stock Exchange reports, Argo Blockchain, a mining service provider, announced its intention to sell shares of its common stock to raise £20 million from an Initial Public Offering [IPO]. The company is expected to be valued at £40 million by the end of the flotation. Argo...

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  52. Tue June 12th, 2018
  53. Bitcoin Gold Official
  54. Wed June 6th, 2018
  55. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin Gold [BTG] has recently been hit by 51% / double spend attacks. The attack was in the middle of May and lasted three days. One important change that addresses this issue is a change in their Proof of Work [PoW] algorithm. In addressing the topic of attacks, the BTG...

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  56. Tue June 5th, 2018
  57. Bitcoin Gold Official

    The team is hard at work preparing for a Network Upgrade to be accomplished via Hard Fork (this will not create a new coin.) We’re doing…

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  58. Sat May 26th, 2018
  59. Bitcoinist

    Murphy’s Law states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” For Bitcoin Gold (BTG), this epigram appears to be spot on as the network recently fell victim to the dreaded 51 percent attack.

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  60. Thu May 24th, 2018
  61. Bitcoin Gold Official

    We have recently sent a detailed memo to the Exchanges who carry Bitcoin Gold, but we also wanted to be transparent and share information…

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  62. Tue May 8th, 2018

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Faces Challenge of ASIC Mining, Considers Resistance

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  64. Mon May 7th, 2018
  65. Bitcoin Gold Official

    This week, we learned that the dominant specialty crypto mining hardware maker (Bitmain) has released an “ASIC” miner for Equihash, which…

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  66. Fri April 20th, 2018
  67. Bitcoin Gold Official
  68. Wed March 28th, 2018
  69. Bitcoin Gold Official

    We are releasing our Beta version of ElectrumG, our fork of the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet project for Bitcoin Gold. Electrum was first…

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  70. Sun March 25th, 2018
  71. Bitcoin Gold Official

    While this news is primarily of interest to developers, it’s good for the broader community to be aware of progress being made “behind the…

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  72. Mon March 19th, 2018
  73. Bitcoin Gold Official

    Go here: BTGPay for Merchants.

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