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  1. Tue October 15th, 2019
  2. BitcoinMagazine

    Grayscale Investments, one of the world’s leading digital asset management companies, has reported a new milestone. According to a quarterly report, the New York–based firm announced inflows of $254.9 million in net investments, a new record for a single quarter that tripled the $85 million it accrued in the preceding...

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  3. Sun October 13th, 2019
  4. CryptoSlate

    Analysis of LocalBitcoins data shows that Bitcoin has exceptionally high rates of usage in countries with low economic freedom, supporting the argument that BTC is sound, unstoppable money. Understanding LocalBitcoins Established in 2012, LocalBitcoins is the world’s most popular and longest-standing peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. The service facilitates cash-to-BTC trades in...

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  5. Thu September 26th, 2019
  6. BeInCrypto

    Data suggests that Bitcoin interest is growing in Africa. South Africa and Nigeria lead in Google searches for the cryptocurrency.

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  7. Sat September 21st, 2019
  8. Bitcoinist

    Baidu search trends in 2019 show Chinese bitcoin interest largely driven by price action news. ‘BTC’ is more popular a search term on Google.

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  9. Fri September 13th, 2019
  10. Coinnounce

    North Korea is holding its second crypto-blockchain conference in February 2020. This shows the countries increasing interest in usage of cryptocurrencies.

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  11. Tue September 10th, 2019
  12. BitcoinNews

    After such a promising weekend and Monday, Bitcoin price has stopped sliding and now remains in consolidation around USD 10,200.

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  13. Fri September 6th, 2019
  14. ZyCrypto

    The market is on the move. In the last few hours, the market has recorded substantial gains that will soon see some cryptocurrencies test key

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  15. Fri August 30th, 2019
  16. BeInCrypto

    Despite Bitcoin's search interest on Google being only a fraction what it was in late 2017, subscribers the r/Bitcoin subreddit are rising.

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  17. Wed August 21st, 2019

    While investors agree that the current monetary policies from central banks will spell doom for the market, there is no consensus on which asset takes primacy as a hedge against the coming uncertainties. Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital Partners recently told Bloomberg, that rising bitcoin interest will only fuel the…

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  19. Mon August 19th, 2019
  20. BitcoinNews

    As Bitcoin price looks to attempt yet another scaling of peaks beyond USD 10,000, it can be difficult to determine who is more disappointed in the market

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  21. BeInCrypto

    According to one of Hong Kong's leading OTC Bitcoin trading companies, there hasn't been an upsurge of interest in Bitcoin there at all.

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  22. Sat July 20th, 2019
  23. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin is now more popular than stocks. It is no surprise that the cryptocurrency industry is sensitive to public sentiment. Hence, how and what the public perception of the industry is, matters. Add to the mix, the raging success of the stock market in terms of public perception, and digital...

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  24. Sat July 13th, 2019
  25. AMBCrypto

    The influence of Asian countries on Bitcoin and other virtual assets has been widely recognized this year. The geopolitical unrest between the United States and China during the ongoing trade war has precipitated an increase in Bitcoin interest across the world. It was also recently reported that a new weekly high...

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  26. Wed July 10th, 2019
  27. CryptoDaily

    The co-founder of Bitmain Technologies Ltd., Wu Jihan has garnered a team of former employees of the mining firm in order to launch a new cryptocurrency financial services startup

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  28. Tue July 9th, 2019
  29. BitcoinNews

    A climb for Bitcoin past USD 12,000 has taken place over the last 24 hours, beginning with an intense surge that saw a late North American rally take place.

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  30. Mon June 24th, 2019
  31. UseTheBitcoin

    Bitcoin (BTC) has been operating very positively during the last few weeks and it was able to reach $11,100, the highest price in over a year. The whole …

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  32. Sun June 23rd, 2019
  33. BitcoinNews + 1 more

    With Bitcoin peaking to hit consecutive new heights this year, Google Trends data is suggesting that a new phase of "Bitcoin to the moon" could be in the sights.

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  34. Fri June 21st, 2019
  35. LiveBitcoinNews

    Bitcoin is nearing $10,000 after surging past the $9,000 mark, a position that has presented plenty of resistance for the currency.

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  36. Thu June 20th, 2019
  37. eToro

    Hi Everyone,   Of course the stock market rose while Jerome Powell delivered his speech yesterday. A big part of his job is making sure investors are happy. What wasn’t expected though was the impact his words may have had on bitcoin. In this graph, the purple rectangle is the precise time...

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  38. Wed June 5th, 2019
  39. Bitcoinist

    China has always been a major driver of bitcoin price action and the latest figures from Baidu (China's version of Google) back this up.

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  40. Tue May 28th, 2019
  41. Bitcoinist

    Even with Bitcoin gaining 130 percent in 2019, global interest still appears to be tepid compared to 2017 levels, according to Google.

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  42. Independent

    The last time online searches were this high, bitcoin was on a record run to $20,000

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  43. Mon May 27th, 2019
  44. Bitcoinist

    South Koreans exchanged almost 220 million won ($186,000) worth of Bitcoin on P2P trading platform Localbitcoins the week ending May 25.

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  45. Wed May 22nd, 2019
  46. AMBCrypto + 3 more

    From Cash to Satoshi’s Vision, to Private, to Gold, to Atom and to Adult, the prefix Bitcoin has been used to depict and more commercially, sell and market a host of cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are 38 among the 2186 coins listed on CoinMarketCap, that sport the name “Bitcoin” as their...

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  47. Mon May 20th, 2019
  48. Coingape + 1 more

    Although Bitcoin has been largely successful in this second quarter of the year, the journey has not been without hurdles. Several critics in the space [...]

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  49. Sun May 19th, 2019
  50. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin’s unexpected rally in 2019, after over a year of bearish sentiment, has got people moving into “fear of mission out” (FOMO) mode, apparently, and Google seems to agree. Recent data from Google Trends, published on Crypto Globe, shows that search interest for Bitcoin has hit its highest level since...

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  51. Sat May 18th, 2019
  52. CryptoSlate

    Cryptocurrencies have grown from a niche market to a huge industry with a $230 billion market cap in less than a decade, but are yet to become a financial norm in a large part of the world. However, there has been a steady increase in the amount of recognition the...

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  53. Fri April 19th, 2019
  54. CryptoSlate

    Search interest for bitcoin jumped following its surge to $5,000. However, search interest and Twitter hashtags continue to slump month-after-month.

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  55. Wed April 10th, 2019
  56. AMBCrypto

    Daily Crypto News – 10 April – PewDiePie enters cryptospace, Antonopoulos on Bitcoin and more Don’t forget to follow us for the daily video#bitcoin @aantonop @MagicalTux @pewdiepie #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews @OfficialDLive #PewDiePie #cryptocurrencies — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) 10 April 2019 Venezuela’s suffering citizens receive helping hand: Keeping in mind the issues within...

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  57. AMBCrypto

    The first picture that comes to anyone’s mind when you say ‘Venezuela’ is not of lush greenery or its abundant cultural diversity, but that of thousands of Bolivar notes strewn on the streets of Caracas, the capital city of the Nicolas Maduro-led country. Keeping in mind the issues within the...

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  58. Mon April 8th, 2019
  59. Chepicap

    Crypto analyst and investor, Joseph Young, took to Twitter to point out that Google trends data shows that the excitement for Bitcoin is finding its way back to the broader markets.

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  60. Blokt

    Interest in Bitcoin in the United States on Google has doubled over the past month, and it is closing in on a level last seen in December 2018.

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  61. BTCWires

    A platform that monitors and tracks volumes on Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin exchanges like Bisq, Paxful and Localbitcoins, a considerable amount of fiat currency to crypto trade took place in South America last week, according to the data report from Coin Dance. Venezuela Leading the Race Of all the South American nations…

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  62. Bitcoinist

    Bitcoin price highs last week had serious knock-on effects for some markets, with traders worldwide setting several new records. South America's Record Bitcoin price highs last week had serious knock-on effects for some markets, with traders worldwide setting several new records.

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  63. Tue March 19th, 2019
  64. Coingape + 1 more

    As Bitcoin hovers over $4000, crypto enthusiasts across the world staring at the new bull market. While BTC starting to pick the long-awaited figure, one [...]

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  65. Mon March 18th, 2019
  66. CryptoDaily

    Although the price of Bitcoin has remained flat for a long time now, it seems that activity and interest in Bitcoin continues to rise, suggesting that despite the current low prices, people are still interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technologies.

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  67. Wed March 6th, 2019
  68. Bitcoinist

    Two high-interest Gemini-backed cryptocurrency accounts just came out — is this the beginning of the end for banks? 

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  69. Sat February 16th, 2019

    Last November the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community witnessed a hash war that resulted in a bifurcation of the main chain. The spat saw one of the first A new type of organization revealed itself on Feb. 15 called Orca Pool which seeks to protect altcoins, and forks from being attacked...

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  71. Mon February 4th, 2019
  72. NewsBTC

    Mentions of Bitcoin and crypto have apparently begun to wane. One industry researcher/analyst believes that this should be a cause for concern.

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  73. Fri January 4th, 2019

    Crypto lending businesses are prospering from bitcoin’s collapse, as both borrowers and investors aided in bringing in higher revenues. There has been a reportedly lower risk for lenders due to collateral and margin calls. Some lenders reported ten-fold customer growth and increased hiring as per a Bloomberg report on January…

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