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  1. Tue April 9th, 2019
  2. Blog

    BitCore BTX Community! BTX is excited to connect with you through our quarterly newsletter. We’re constantly growing our ecosystem, in order to make BTX more accessible for both institutional and retail users. On that front, 2018 was an incredible year, and 2019 started with new integrations of BitCore. We forged...

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  3. Sun April 7th, 2019
  4. Blog

    Many cryptocurrency traders have been using TradingView for chart analysis and as a convenient tool which allows them to monitor their investments closely. BitCore is now officially supported on TradingView. That gives traders a quick overview of what’s happening in the BTX. Meet the Mini Chart Widget at! Mini...

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  5. Thu April 4th, 2019
  6. Blog

    The Bitcore Whitepaper describes the unique value and key innovations in BTX from an academic and theoretical perspective. The original version was released on July 20, 2018. Our aim were making Bitcore’s white paper accessible to regions that are cradles of innovation and growth, and we have started a translation...

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  7. Wed March 27th, 2019
  8. TheBlocknet

    Official token announcements are continuing! Each of these tokens are fully supported on the Blocknet protocol, making them ready for…

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  9. Blocknet + 6 more
  10. Tue March 26th, 2019
  11. Blog

    Mallorca Blockchain Days brought the BITCORE and blockchain community in Palma de Mallorca together. Mallorca Blockchain Days is a conference for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, which aims to bring those at the forefront of blockchain technologies altogether. The ground-breaking blockchain conference was set on March 23, 2019, in Mallorca, and...

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  12. Thu March 21st, 2019
  13. Blog is a blockchain-based review platform with a goal to bring back people’s trust in online reviews. It's a new generation feedback platform that doesn't allow changing or deleting reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it. Revain also uses AI technology, IBM Watson, to filter out poor...

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  14. Fri March 15th, 2019
  15. Blocknet

    Blocknet is a decentralized Blockchain protocol and Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoin and other Cryprocurrencies. Blocknet is the Internet of Blockchains.

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  16. Word on the BLOCK

    Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Blocknet newsletter! This newsletter is released twice per month to keep the community…

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  17. Mon March 4th, 2019
  18. Blog

    @Bitcore BTX will be in MallorcaBlockchainDays even and we want you to be there with us. Bitcore BTX is giving away 3 Tickets (3 Tickets will be given to the winners on Twitter and 3 Tickets to the winners on Instagram, worth us$280 each) for free. Mallorca Blockchain Days will...

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  19. Wed February 27th, 2019
  20. Blog

    The number of businesses that accept payment by crypto currencies is growing by the day. As such, it has become necessary that there be software to help people with online currency transactions. Cointopay is one such software for which people who use electronic currencies are grateful. After BTCPay, PayByte, AtomicPay,...

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  21. Tue February 26th, 2019
  22. Blog

    CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the BITCORE’s contest on Twitter, the winners are: @IfixTchen_Tchen @AlertaTachira @KlydeKesler Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Bitcointalk English | German Telegram English | German | Spanish | News | Venezuela Discord English Facebook Fanpage | Group YouTube English | German | Español Twitter Official REDDIT...

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  23. Thu February 21st, 2019
  24. Blog

    Equicex Visa Plastic and Virtual prepaid cards are available for Bitcore BTX. Link to your Equicex visa payment card to convert and spend your BTXs. Moreover, Equicex exchange listed Bitcore for trade to over 300 cryptcurrencies. Website: Equicex prepaid card works online and offline, clients are able to deposit...

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  25. Sat February 16th, 2019
  26. Blog

    BITCORE BTX is now available on UAE based ecxhange, Trade BITCORE with MyLocalCoin againist #BTC, #Eth and #USDT Happy Trading – MyLocalCoin Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Bitcointalk English | German Telegram English | German | Spanish | News | Venezuela Discord English Facebook Fanpage | Group YouTube English...

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  27. Wed February 13th, 2019
  28. Blog

    We are happy to announce that HitBTC increased the decimals from 6 to 9 for Bitcore BTX trading pairs. This will have a positive impact on trading and prevent the walls move quickly and possibly disappear. Because, the trading of Bitcore at HitBTC was happening only in 1000 satoshi increments:...

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  29. Mon February 11th, 2019
  30. Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

    Large-scale micropayment subsystem based on the Emercoin cryptocurrency

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  31. Sun January 27th, 2019
  32. Blog

    Livenet is an optical blockchain visualization page where you can see the Bitcore Blockchain with 3D animation live. Livenet displays any block and any transaction (TXID) in different sizes. The idea is to visually show the Bitcore blockchain for educational purpose. Let’s have a look at a few important items...

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  33. Mon January 21st, 2019
  34. Blog

    Bitcore designed for Reliable Payment Solutions. Like, RT #BitcoreGame and tag 3 people in comments. 300 BTX to win. Official Twitter Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Bitcointalk English | German Telegram English | German | Spanish | News | Venezuela Discord English Facebook Fanpage | Group YouTube English | German...

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  35. Thu January 17th, 2019
  36. Blokt

    2018 was a record year for BitPay as the firm generated its highest revenues till date, handling over $1 billion in transactions.

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    Popular cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay has released figures showing that the company maintained strong performance during 2018, despite the Popular cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay has released figures showing that the company maintained strong performance during 2018, despite the downturn in the market. For example, while other ventures had to downsize...

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  38. Tue January 15th, 2019
  39. Blog

    We are happy to announce that Bitcore has been integrated into the Magnum Wallet, where you can store your BITCORE BTX coins. Here we leave you the official Magnum site for you to visit and enjoy the benefits of this great Wallet. Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Bitcointalk English |...

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  40. Mon January 14th, 2019
  41. Blog

    Order @ellipalwallet #hardware #wallet with this link:, and get 25% discount. Moreover, including free customized #Bitcore $BTX logo on backside in January. It is completely connection free, mobile supported and fast! Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Telegram English | German | Spanish | News | Venezuela Discord English Facebook...

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  42. Mon January 7th, 2019
  43. Blog

    Dear Bitcore BTX community, merchant processors and other services, Electrum-BTX 3.2.3 with BIP32_PRIME fix has now been released. Release notes are here: Fixed URI Handler for Setup.exe. While using Payment processors (AtomicPay & BTCPay), if your wallet is on the device you’re using to view the invoice, you can open...

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  44. Sun January 6th, 2019
  45. Blog

    The decentralized cryptocurrency payment processor AtomicPay, which functions on the WooCommerce, OpenCart and PrestaShop modules/plugins, now supports Bitcore to expedite real life adoption of BTX globally. AtomicPay’s integration into these plugins (other stores are coming) enables merchants to easily and securely accept Bitcore payments through their website! Thus, over 300,000...

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  46. Blog is a cryptocurrency gambling/bettings website platform featuring unique games among other cryptocurrency players. Bitcore BTX was just added on CryptoCrowns. At this moment the player has the option to choose between Bitcore (BTX) and other coins. CryptoCrowns is a popular coinflipping platform which allows you to play thrilling player...

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  47. Sat January 5th, 2019
  48. Blog

    Bitcore BTX Community! While 2018 was a year characterized by many as the year of one of the harshest bear markets for cryptocurrency to date, the Bitcore network experienced record growth over the course of the year in developments and adoption. By every metric other than price, 2018 was a...

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  49. Blog

    We are very excited to announce Bitcore BTX integration with the Archos Safe-T mini hardware wallet. Latest version of the Electrum-BTX wallet supports Safe-T mini. For Bitcore community, we have now 3rd hardware wallets for Bitcore after Trezor and ELLIPAL. Now, your Bitcore has become even safer and more secure....

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  50. Fri January 4th, 2019
  51. Blog

    We’re thrilled to introduce our! Because we want to show you how easy it is to spend and accept Bitcore. As you know, we have finished the Bitcore BTX integration for BTCPay, meaning that merchants from all over the world can start accepting Bitcore as a payment method (to...

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  52. vergecurrency

    To kick off the year, on a good note, I have some very exciting things to tell you! I believe many of you have been waiting for this moment, for quite some time: Today we start the Verge iOS wallet public beta!iOS wallet public beta 📱Yes, that’s right, starting today! After months...

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  53. Thu January 3rd, 2019
  54. Blog

    And this time re-powered, we released EasyRabBit Widget on our website and will have 0 fees for a week, this is great news from our great EasyRabBit friends. HAPPY TRADING! Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Telegram English | German | Spanish | News | Venezuela Discord English WECHAT Chinesse LINE...

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  55. Wed January 2nd, 2019
  56. Blog

    Dear Community, Making Bitcore easier to use in real life is an important goal for the Bitcore team, and this new integration moves Bitcore ever closer to this goal. Bitcore seems to gain popularity and some services start integrating BTX, for instance, Paytomat and PayByte launched Bitcore on the platform,...

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  57. Mon December 31st, 2018
  58. Blog

    Receive all our best wishes for this new year coming… Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019 Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: Telegram English | German | Spanish | News | Venezuela Discord English WECHAT Chinesse LINE English QQ group (Chinese) No. 680492670 Facebook Fanpage | Group YouTube English | German...

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  59. Sun December 30th, 2018
  60. Blog

    EN: BitBase is an exchange of cryptocurrency located in Spain. In BitBase you can buy / sell your cryptocurrencies physically in their stores or on their website BitBase and BITCORE BTX join forces in Spain to make what seems complicated easy, now buying BitCore is much easier thanks to...

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  61. Blog

    Everyday, we hear about exchanges getting hacked and users losing their holdings. That is why a hardware wallet is always the solution. For Bitcore community, we have now second hardware wallets for Bitcore after Trezor. ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet and app (version 1.7) now support Bitcore. In this way, BTX users...

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  62. Fri December 28th, 2018
  63. Blog

    Cryptocurrency payments have many benefits. Some of these benefits include simplicity, lower overall cost, security, privacy and a greater level of control over one’s funds. Merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world is already growing at a rapid rate, and Bitcore has been a part of that trend. Paytomat launched...

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  64. Tue December 25th, 2018
  65. Blog

    #PayCml allows you to earn #Bitcore from your $BTX sell orders which is not exceeding three times the current price. Thus, while waiting for the sell orders to take place, the daily mining revenue will be transferred to your account. Bitcore daily 0.10%, monthly 3% HAPPY TRADING/MINING Author: LIMXTEC Team...

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  66. Sun December 23rd, 2018
  67. Blog + 1 more

    We wish you a merry Christmas 2018 has been a great year for Bitcore thanks to our thousands of community members. Without our community, Bitcore would be nothing. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our community, contributors, partners and every one of our readers a very...

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  68. Sat December 22nd, 2018
  69. AMBCrypto

    Keeping the holiday spirits up, the market has been merciful to all cryptocurrencies, as most of them have seen double-digit growth. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has emerged as the biggest gainer as at the time of press, the coin’s growth over the past seven days was 133.93%. Bitcoin SV, on the other...

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  70. Thu December 20th, 2018
  71. AMBCrypto

    The cryptocurrency market has been favoring the bulls for the past two days, with considerable growth seen by all top-10 coins. Bitcoin SV [BSV] is one of the coins which emerged as a strong contender in the green market. At press time, the coin registered a growth of 19.71% over...

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  72. Tue December 18th, 2018
  73. Blog

    Dear BITCORE Community, The Bitcore BTX team is pleased to announce a new version of the Electrum-BTX wallet designed to work with TREZOR. To make Bitcore easier to use is an important goal for the Bitcore team, and this new version of Electrum-BTX moves Bitcore even closer to this goal....

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