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  1. Wed January 22nd, 2020
  2. CryptoSlate

    Bitcoin and Ethereum have been highly correlated over the past few years showing the lack of diversification opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.  

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  3. NewsBTC

    Out of more than 5,000 high and small-cap crypto assets, only three have displayed close to zero correlation with bitcoin. A Binance Research report

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  4. Tue January 21st, 2020
  5. CryptoDaily

    Conflux, a blockchain system available to the public that makes use of the latest bells and whistles has just announced that it is entering a strategic relationship with no less an entity than ChainLink.

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  6. Fri January 17th, 2020
  7. BTCWires

    The market value of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has gone up by 30% over the course of 24-hours to arrive at its present value of $11.73, at the time of writing this article. This is a growth spurt of 280% from its depressed spot of $3.50 in December last year. However,…

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  8. NewsBTC

    ChainLink (LINK), the 17th most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, surpassed the $2.8 level for the first time since November 2019 after a  65 percent

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  9. Thu January 16th, 2020
  10. NewsBTC

    The taxation of crypto assets may well be hindering their adoption in the United States. Deemed a commodity by the CFTC and property by the IRS, each time

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  11. NewsBTC

    Binance's addition of margin capabilities for Chainlink may suggest that LINK will soon see a massive extension of its recent volatility.

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  12. Wed January 15th, 2020
  13. AMBCrypto + 1 more

    Bitcoin aside, the cryptocurrency market is quite fickle. Volatility is not simply a mainstay of the cryptocurrency’s price, but also their position among the list of elite coins. In 2019, however, the list of elite cryptocurrencies remained largely unchanged. According to the yearly report released by cryptocurrency analytics firm CoinGecko,...

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  14. Tue January 14th, 2020
  15. NewsBTC

    The crypto market, including both Bitcoin and the entire slate of various altcoins, has been in a bear market for two full years now. After a brief rally

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  16. NewsBTC

    The altcoin known as Chainlink had a stellar year last year in 2019, outperforming the rest of the entire crypto market by a wide margin, while many other

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  17. Mon January 13th, 2020
  18. NewsBTC

    Chainlink's volume growth may translate into bullish price action, as one analyst is noting that LINK could be primed for a massive rally against Bitcoin.

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  19. CoinSlice

    Bitcoin, for the most part, has been rather bullish during the start of the new year, but there’s one cryptocurrency – Chain Link – that some sources say is doing much better. Chain Link Is Doing Quite Well Bitcoin initially began the year...

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  20. Coingape

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending rose 2.1X in 2019 but the value of secured by DeFi applications could surge to $100 billion by the end of the year.

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  21. Sun January 12th, 2020
  22. LiveBitcoinNews + 1 more

    Chainlink, one of the industry's top 20 cryptocurrencies, is doing quite well at press time, having jumped by 1800% since early 2019.

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  23. Sat January 11th, 2020
  24. BeInCrypto

    The burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) side of blockchain and cryptocurrency had a foundational year in 2019. Will this growth continue? 

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  25. Wed January 8th, 2020
  26. BTCWires

    Coinbase has finally expanded compatibility for its popular trading platform, Coinbase Pro. The exchange's platform, after unveiling its Pro app for iPhone users in October lastyear, has unveiled its latest Android application which is available across the globe with about 50 trading pairs. As indicated by the company's blog post,…

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  27. CryptoSlate

    Chainlink is showing signs of being in the early stages of another parabolic rally that allows LINK to post some significant and noteworthy gains

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  28. Coingape

    The rise of Bitcoin (BTC) past the $8,400 USD key resistance level has blinded the success of a number of well-performing cryptocurrencies as the altcoin [...]

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  29. U.Today

    Chainlink demonstrates a 17-percent price rise after the recent partnership, while traders are making bullish predictions on the coin’s price

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  30. Tue January 7th, 2020
  31. BeInCrypto + 1 more

    2019 was anything but smooth sailing for many blockchain projects. But here are five that look promising going into the new year.

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  32. Coingape

    A critical analysis of the crypto market reveals that Chainlink (LINK) is the top performer in the top 30, not Ripple (XRP). 

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  33. Mon January 6th, 2020

    Memes are the fuel that powers the cryptoconomy. Exploitable image macros, shareable acronyms, and obscure in-jokes are the stuff that crypto is made of.

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  35. CryptoDaily

    In this 15-minute chart of Chainlink/ Ethereum (LINK/ ETH), there is a depreciating range from 0.01418 to 0.01352.

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  36. Fri January 3rd, 2020
  37. NewsBTC

    While most crypto assets suffered throughout 2019, Bitcoin, and a handful of other altcoins – almost entirely comprised of exchange-related tokens –

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  38. Tue December 31st, 2019
  39. ZyCrypto

    2019, didn’t quite go as well as many crypto experts thought it would. Enduring one of the shameful crypto performance and volatility in the

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    The last five years have been a test phase for bitcoin derivatives, which began tentatively when Bitmex eased into life in 2014. Now, as the cryptoconomy

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  41. Sun December 29th, 2019
  42. NewsBTC

    The past year has been an extension of last year’s bear market for most altcoins. All bar a few are set to end the year lower than they began it and there

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  43. Sat December 28th, 2019
  44. Coingape

    While the cryptocurrency total market capitalization has retraced from yearly highs recorded in late June at $372 billion USD to $193 billion, as at time [...]

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  45. Thu December 26th, 2019
  46. BeInCrypto

    Out of the top 100 coins ranked by market capitalization, the one altcoin that has increased the most is Synthetic Network Token (SNX)

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  47. TheCryptoUpdates

    The crypto derivative platforms have unarguably played a huge role in the dramatic growth of crypto investment market, with two platforms in particular Bitmex and Deribit playing an anchoring role. These two platforms left no stone unturned in capitalizing on their early entry into the derivative industry and eventually became...

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  48. Tue December 24th, 2019
  49. U.Today

    One of the most successful cryptocurrencies of 2019 could soon witness a major price correction

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  50. Mon December 23rd, 2019
  51. NewsBTC

    2019 was the year of Bitcoin, which stole the spotlight from the rest of the crypto industry, including altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

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  52. Sat December 21st, 2019
  53. BeInCrypto

    The LINK price has likely reached its high for 2019 and should correct until LINK begins a new upward move at a more gradual rate.

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  54. NewsBTC

    2020 will be the start to a new phase in crypto, bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain following ten years of development and speculation says VC.

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  55. Thu December 19th, 2019

    Sergey Nazarov is the CEO at Chainlink where he is spear-heading the smart contract oracle revolution. Sergey believes that blockchain technology has the ability to change the way societies distribute wealth, enforce contracts, and share, monetize, and utilize critical information. Relentlessly focused and logical, Sergey is single-minded in his approach...

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  57. CryptoDaily

    In this 5-minute chart of Chainlink/ United States dollar (LINK/ USD), there is an appreciating range from 1.63363 to 1.8525.

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  58. Wed December 18th, 2019
  59. CryptoSlate

    We’re at the forefront of a new financial system built on public blockchains with over $685M (USD)​ already locked up in decentralized finance (DeFi). These solutions are built on smart contracts, which are simple programs designed to automatically execute once a specified criterion is satisfied. However, the data that decides...

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  60. Tue December 17th, 2019
  61. CryptoDaily

    Bitcoin (BTC) declined quite aggressively yesterday as a result of an Ethereum (ETH) led decline. This has now been more than a 4% decline in BTC/USD but a much more aggressive decline in the case of Ethereum

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  62. CoinSpeaker

    High open interest in Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures proves strong trading activity on the platform and good liquidity within the Bitcoin futures market in general. The new record is $7.02 million.

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  63. Mon December 16th, 2019
  64. NewsBTC

    CoinMarketCap is suddenly showing a little-known cryptocurrency as the 17th largest by market capitalisation. Mindol (MIN) is an obscure project

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