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  1. Thu March 21st, 2019
  2. The Coinbase Blog

    Learn more about the work that our dedicated reliability engineering team is doing behind the scenes to keep our systems up and running.

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  3. Mon March 18th, 2019
  4. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, Coinbase supports Stellar Lumens (XLM) at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can…

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  5. Fri March 15th, 2019
  6. The Coinbase Blog

    On Friday, March 22 @ 6:00 pm PDT, Coinbase Pro will implement a set of changes to further optimize the market health of our platform…

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  7. Thu March 14th, 2019
  8. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, you can now store your XRP directly in the Coinbase Wallet app.

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  9. Wed March 13th, 2019
  10. The Coinbase Blog

    Support for XLM will be immediately available in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions, with the exception of New York State. Additional…

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  11. The Coinbase Blog

    Easy and quick trading for offline funds

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  12. Tue March 12th, 2019
  13. The Coinbase Blog

    We’re excited to announce that you can now link your account to your Coinbase Wallet app. Once your Coinbase account is…

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  14. Fri March 8th, 2019
  15. The Coinbase Blog

    One-third of college-educated women recently surveyed by Coinbase do not believe they have equal access to the financial system in their…

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  16. Thu March 7th, 2019
  17. The Coinbase Blog

    Learn how we’re moving towards a service-oriented architecture and experimenting with AWS Lambda to run various types of workloads.

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  18. Tue March 5th, 2019
  19. The Coinbase Blog

    We recently announced the acquisition of Neutrino, a blockchain analytics company. I’d like to share a bit of the back story on this…

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  20. Sat March 2nd, 2019
  21. The Coinbase Blog

    As part of Coinbase’s commitment to prioritizing customer feedback and helping bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto, our…

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  22. Thu February 28th, 2019
  23. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, Coinbase supports XRP at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now buy, sell…

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  24. Mon February 25th, 2019
  25. The Coinbase Blog

    Support for XRP will initially be available for for Coinbase Pro users in the US (excluding NY), UK, supported European Union member…

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  26. Fri February 22nd, 2019
  27. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, you can now store your Litecoin (LTC) directly in the Coinbase Wallet app.

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  28. Wed February 20th, 2019
  29. The Coinbase Blog

    Learn how we used a technique called “dust mixing” to protect our customers’ funds from replay attacks during the recent BCH/BSV hard fork.

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  30. The Coinbase Blog + 3 more
  31. Tue February 19th, 2019
  32. The Coinbase Blog

    Today we’re announcing that Coinbase has acquired Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence platform.

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  33. Sun February 17th, 2019
  34. The Coinbase Blog

    Coinbase Blockchain Security Engineer, Peter Kacherginsky, tracks phishing campaigns on the Electrum network.

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  35. Fri February 15th, 2019
  36. The Coinbase Blog + 1 more

    We’re launching a new Coinbase Earn page where users can earn Zcash (ZEC)

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  37. Tue February 12th, 2019
  38. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, you can now backup an encrypted version of your Coinbase Wallet’s private keys to your personal cloud storage accounts…

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  39. Mon February 11th, 2019
  40. The Coinbase Blog

    Learn how our observability philosophy and frameworks have evolved over the past year.

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  41. Wed February 6th, 2019
  42. The Coinbase Blog

    We’re launching a new Coinbase Earn page where you can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

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  43. ColossusXT

    As with any cryptocurrency, the best way to ensure your coins are safe is to keep them in your own wallet. Let’s take a detailed look at…

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  44. Tue February 5th, 2019
  45. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, you can now store your Bitcoin (BTC) directly in the Coinbase Wallet app.

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  46. The Coinbase Blog

    Last year we announced support for PayPal in the U.S., and today we’re expanding that support for PayPal withdrawals to all E.U. customers…

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  47. Tue January 29th, 2019
  48. The Coinbase Blog

    Get rewarded for sharing your love of crypto

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  49. Mon January 28th, 2019
  50. The Coinbase Blog

    At Coinbase we use Retrofit and Square’s RxJava 2 Adapter as our API to the wire. Retrofit makes networking a breeze, but throughout our…

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  51. Thu January 24th, 2019
  52. The Coinbase Blog

    Disclaimer: Coinbase is not authorized to give tax advice and this blog should not be viewed as such. For questions relating to your…

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  53. Wed January 23rd, 2019
  54. Solaris XLR

    Originally posted here: was announced on 19th of January, 2018.Today, a little over a year later, we are glad to announce that will be going live on 31st of January, 2019 at 15:00 (UTC).We are extremely proud of all the work we have put in, achieving everything we have...

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  55. Tue January 22nd, 2019
  56. The Coinbase Blog

    Learn how we build and deploy reliable, ephemeral, blockchain-agnostic infrastructure on AWS.

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  57. The Coinbase Blog

    Starting today, Coinbase’s professional trading and custody platforms are now available to institutional clients and high-volume…

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  58. The Coinbase Blog

    Available immediately, high-volume Coinbase Pro and Prime customers in Asia and Europe will be able to use cross-border wire transfers to…

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  59. Wed January 16th, 2019
  60. The Coinbase Blog

    One of the primary benefits of cryptocurrencies is that they allow people to engage in online transactions without the need for an…

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  61. Mon January 14th, 2019
  62. ColossusXT

    COLX Core v1.2.0 is a non-mandatory update to address bugs and introduce minor enhancements that do not require a network change.

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  63. Mon January 7th, 2019
  64. The Coinbase Blog

    On 1/5/2019, Coinbase detected a deep reorg of the Ethereum Classic blockchain that included a double spend. In order to protect customer…

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  65. Wed January 2nd, 2019
  66. The Coinbase Blog

    Last week, I sent a note to the Coinbase team about what we accomplished in Q4. I’m sharing it here with our customers and the crypto…

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  67. Thu December 27th, 2018
  68. ColossusXT

    After a long stint of technical upgrades and testing, ColossusXT (COLX) is now integrated with PolisPay, a cryptocurrency debit card…

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  69. Fri December 21st, 2018
  70. The Coinbase Blog

    Day 12 of 12 Days of Coinbase

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  71. The Coinbase Blog

    Learn more about how we keep our platform secure with Dexter, our forensics framework developed for high-security environments.

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  72. Thu December 20th, 2018
  73. The Coinbase Blog

    Since launching in 2012, Coinbase has continually worked toward its mission of creating an open financial system for the world. Over the…

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