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  1. Fri September 20th, 2019
  2. ZyCrypto

    The creation and adoption of the internet, e-commerce, and online banking has revolutionized our daily lives. Vastly changing the way we access and spend our money, it would be incredibly difficult to imagine a world where we couldn’t transact online.  However, alongside these huge benefits is an online world fraught...

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  3. Fri July 26th, 2019
  4. CoinSpeaker

    While US politicians debate introducing backdoors into encryption software, a number of Web3 companies are kicking back against the move to weaken data standards.

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  5. Mon April 22nd, 2019
  6. Blokt

    Blokt reached out to Tor Bair, Head of Growth and Marketing at Enigma, to discuss the project and how its protocol is enabling better privacy for the decentralized web.

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  7. Tue November 13th, 2018
  8. Enigma Project

    Enigma’s recent trips to Berlin and Prague brought us closer together with builders, partners, and our global community. Here’s a summary…

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  9. Thu October 4th, 2018
  10. UseTheBitcoin

    ShareTweetRedditIn August, Enigma announced a partnership with Datawallet, a decentralized consumer to business exchange. The partnership would see Datawallet use Enigma’s secret contract to create a tool for Sybil prevention. Datawallet was aiming at…

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  11. Thu September 27th, 2018
  12. Enigma Project

    Learn how staked ENG nodes — both for computations and consensus — help secure the Enigma network and our privacy-preserving “secret”…

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  13. Wed September 26th, 2018
  14. Enigma Project

    Bootstrapping digital identity for the decentralized web

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  15. CoinDesk

    Datawallet and Enigma have partnered to create an alternative to all those annoying captchas – and hopefully reduce the prevalence of bot nets.

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  16. Thu August 30th, 2018
  17. Enigma Project

    Meet eight of the forward-thinking projects collaborating with Enigma and using secret contracts to create an ecosystem of solutions for a…

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  18. CoinDesk

    Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Enigma's "secret contracts" privacy protocol has eight partners gearing up for its launch later this year.

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  19. Sat July 28th, 2018
  20. Chepicap

    Jeffery Wernick has been an angel investor in multiple start-up ventures, including Uber and Airbnb, as well as an early Bitcoin investor and on the advisory boards of both Qtum and DataWallet. In an interview with business insider, the investor speaks of misconceptions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

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  21. Thu July 26th, 2018
  22. BusinessInsider

    Jeffrey Wernick is an independent investor whose portfolio includes early holdings in Uber and Airbnb. Wernick started buying bitcoin in 2009, the year it was created. Wernick says that people misunderstand bitcoin because it is often explained as a payment mechanism instead of as a store of value.

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  23. Sun July 15th, 2018

    At a time when central banks and other heavyweights in the traditional finance sector are busily stating reasons why bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem can't function as fiat money, highly reputable serial entrepreneur Jeffrey Wernick has come up with ideas why he thinks the world’s legacy finance system is…

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  25. Thu July 12th, 2018
  26. BusinessInsider

    Jeffrey Wernick is a hard money advocate and an independent investor. His angel investment portfolio includes early holdings in Uber and Airbnb. Wernick started buying bitcoin in 2009. He believes that people aren't spending their bitcoin because they value it more than the dollars it can be traded

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  27. Wed July 11th, 2018
  28. BusinessInsider + 1 more

    Jeffrey Wernick is an angel investor whose portfolio includes Uber and Airbnb. Wernick was also an early investor in bitcoin. He started buying it the year it was created. Wernick believes the value bitcoin comes from its ability to solve the biggest problems with fiat money.

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  29. Fri March 30th, 2018
  30. CoinTelegraph

    New European data protection regulation is hardly compatible with Blockchain

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  31. Mon January 15th, 2018
  32. CoinDesk

    Enterprises may have gone quiet toward the end of 2017, but that doesn't mean they won't be players in the year ahead, Accenture's Valiente argues.

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  33. Wed December 6th, 2017
  34. CoinTelegraph

    Much to-do has been made about privacy and data security, but consumers might actually allow companies to track their browsing in return for payment.

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  35. Sat October 14th, 2017
  36. CoinTelegraph

    Numerous experts weigh in on whether Bitcoin will hit $6K, and why.

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