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  1. Fri January 17th, 2020
  2. BitcoinNews

    CEO of Feleman Limited talks about decentralized governance and its ability to achieve a transformed economy in Africa and other parts of the world.

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  3. Thu January 16th, 2020
  4. CoinDesk

    Blockchain-based governance could lead the way towards better business and political practices around the world, says investor Akin Sawyerr.

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  5. Mon January 13th, 2020
  6. Decred

    Running a full node is one of the strongest actions of support you can do for a peer-to-peer distributed protocol. Every single node that…

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  7. Sat January 11th, 2020
  8. Decred

    Abstract: This paper covers two major themes: The first half covers the potential use of blockchain timestamping to battle disinformation…

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  9. Thu January 9th, 2020
  10. Decred

    Happy New Year! Decred highlights for December:

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  11. Mon December 16th, 2019

    On-chain activity, aside from transactions per day, has begun rising over the past few months, which may be due to a combination of DEX, privacy, and staking initiatives coming to DCR.

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  13. Sat December 14th, 2019
  14. OracleTimes

    2019 has been an interesting and exciting year for crypto. Despite the really fluctuating prices in the crypto market, the interest in Bitcoin and digital assets has been on the rise this year. Also, the projects behind the cryptos have been moving further with various developments and innovations. More than…

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  15. Sun December 8th, 2019
  16. Decred + 1 more

    Updates on DEX development, v1.5.0, approval of Latam marketing, blog posts about LN ticket splitting, and packed Media & External.

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  17. Fri December 6th, 2019
  18. BeInCrypto + 1 more

    Jared Tate, the founder of Digibyte, had some harsh words for cryptocurrency exchanges recently. He claims they are counter to

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  19. Wed December 4th, 2019
  20. Dash News

    Dash Core Group’s CEO Ryan Taylor believes Dash’s governance system is relatively rigid and can be improved with a few adjustments to allow a broader range of decisions. During a recent podcast with Michael Nye, Taylor was asked what he would improve with the current system in place, to which...

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  21. OKEx Blog

    Best of OKExOKEx PerspectivesSocial Influence: A Unique Part of Crypto Market StructureCrypto Asset DiversificationA Comparison of Public vs. Private BlockchainDigital Euro: A Threat to Dollar?OKEx TechnicalsBitcoin Prices Rebounded, So What’s Next?Crypto November Selloff: Pure Technical or Something Else Behind?OKEx QuantHigh Volatility, Chance for Profit or Loss?Turnkeys, Two Tokens at Bullish TimeOKEx: How Do We Empower Blockchain...

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  22. Tue December 3rd, 2019
  23. NewsBTC + 1 more

    As prices slowly recover following a rough November, metrics for bitcoin and Ethereum illustrate positive industry sentiment moving forward. These metrics

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  24. Thu November 28th, 2019
  25. Decred

    A history of contention with PoW, issues with PoS, and what Decred might have to offer in the realm of crypto governance.

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  26. Wed November 13th, 2019
  27. KomodoPlatform

    Nearly everyone in the blockchain space agrees that decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency trading. That’s because, in…

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  28. Tue November 12th, 2019
  29. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter Your daily newsletter for 12 November, 2019 Thankful “Man only likes to count his troubles, but he does not count his joys.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky D-day! CoinMarketCap's first ever conference, 'The Capital', is now on! Check out the Day 1 …

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  30. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin price has declined even further in optimism, with the daily high only at USD 8,784 and price right now closer to the daily low of USD 8,670.

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  31. Sun November 10th, 2019
  32. Decred

    Highlights for October: v1.5 release candidates, Politeia redesign & birthday, lots of events and publications.

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  33. Thu November 7th, 2019
  34. Coingape + 2 more

    Leading market analyst and Adaptive Fund partner, Willy Woo, in a recent analysis has compared Altcoins to radioactive substances alleging that they have limited and [...]

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  35. Wed November 6th, 2019
  36. BitcoinNews

    The strict USD 9,275 and USD 9,439 range of the past 24 hours (CoinDesk) suggests that Bitcoin has once again entered a consolidation phase.

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  37. Mon November 4th, 2019
  38. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin staved off yet another threat to give up $9,000 in a rather rare Monday for Asian traders who took profits above that key support level.

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  39. CryptoDaily

    Decred (DCR), the autonomous cryptocurrency is all of a sudden seeing huge gains after its community welcomed in new developments surrounding Politeia, its own censorship-resistant blockchain-anchored public proposal system for funding projects, with open arms.

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  40. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter Your daily newsletter for 1 November, 2019 Bravery “Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.” – William Shakespeare November is here! Wow, down to the last 2 months of …

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  41. The Ubiq Report

    Welcome to the Ubiq report for October 2019. The Ubiq network has reached an important milestone this month, with our 1,000,000 block…

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    It was mixed bag of performances last week in crypto markets with 6 out of 10 assets in the Brave New Coin Market Cap table trading red. Stand out performers that realized Alpha profits last week include Decred, BNB and Stellar.

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  43. Fri November 1st, 2019
  44. CryptoDaily

    Bitcoin (BTC) has broken past the key descending triangle as we discussed. This is nothing extraordinary as it has happened before. However, it is important to highlight such moves

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  45. NewsBTC

    Decred (DCR) and Stellar (XLM) were moving higher on Friday as traders shifted focus from sideways-biased bitcoin. The thirty fifth-largest blockchain

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  46. Tue October 22nd, 2019
  47. Decred

    Politeia has been live for one year now, this post offers reflections on what we have learned about the stakeholders and Politeia’s place.

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  48. Mon October 21st, 2019
  49. Official Changelly Blog

    Want to mine BTC with your peers? Check out our list of best Bitcoin mining pools 2019: we compare their hash rates, payment methods, and coins available

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  50. Fri October 18th, 2019
  51. Official Changelly Blog

    The list of the best Bitcoin and altcoins mining software: GPU, CPU, ASIC miners, their pros and cons. Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin in 2019?

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  52. Thu October 17th, 2019
  53. CryptoSlate

    Decred, a progressive cryptocurrency focused on governance, seems to have a natural connection to Bitcoin, as everything from its coin supply to price has followed Bitcoin’s ups and downs since 2014. Decred has a deep relationship with Bitcoin Bitcoin, the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency, has inspired thousands of digital...

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  54. Mon October 14th, 2019

    On-chain activity has begun rising over the past few months, which may be due to a combination of DEX, privacy, and staking initiatives. Unlike other coins, DCR has returned to the previous December lows over the past few weeks.

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  56. Thu October 10th, 2019
  57. Decred

    Highlights are new PoW mining pool software and a major update to PoS dcrstakepool released, many integrations and some quality articles.

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    The humble DEX has come a long way since the days of Etherdelta. While not all of those steps have been forward – such as the enforcement of KYC on IDEX –

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  59. Sun October 6th, 2019

    Decred is a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake store of value asset for the digital age. It has strong governance, good security, privacy features, and an innovative incentive alignment. If Bitcoin is about being your own bank, Decred is about being your own bank and getting to have a say in bank policy....

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  61. Mon September 9th, 2019
  62. Decred

    Privacy released, DEX Development approved and started, Market Makers assessed, and more!

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  63. Decred

    “Intelligent design.” It’s invariably my response when people ask why Decred is different or better than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies…

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  64. Thu September 5th, 2019
  65. Lisk

    Find out what our development teams have been up to in the last month.

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  66. CryptoVibes

    The biggest concern on the internet today is privacy. From banking systems to tech giants, no company has been able

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  67. Wed September 4th, 2019
  68. + 2 more

    What you do with your digital currency ought to be nobody else’s business. Unfortunately, law enforcement, regulators, blockchain forensics firms and

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  69. Mon September 2nd, 2019
  70. Kraken Blog + 2 more

    Check out the biggest happenings in crypto this past week, brought to you by the experts at Kraken.

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