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  1. Sat February 15th, 2020

    A number of other digital assets have seen much larger gains and BTC dominance has been sliding downwards consecutively for the last 14 days.

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  3. Mon January 20th, 2020
  4. CoinDesk

    With only 52 votes, the DigixDAO treasury will dissolve, returning DGD holders their staked $ETH.

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  5. Fri December 13th, 2019
  6. CoinTelegraph

    Digix announces ‘Project Ragnarok’ integration of dissolution mechanism for its DigixDAO platform.

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  7. CoinDesk

    Should DigixDAO completely dissolve its treasury or keep making grants to enhance the ecosystem? That's the question for token holders to decide.

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  8. Wed December 11th, 2019
  9. Omgfin Exchange

    It has been another day of declines on crypto markets with total capitalization slipping below $200 billion again. There are very few…

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  10. Tue December 10th, 2019
  11. NewsBTC

    It has been another day of declines on crypto markets with total capitalization slipping below $200 billion again. There are very few survivors that are

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  12. Tue November 19th, 2019
  13. BitcoinNews

    MakerDAO is transititioning to a multi-collateral model, where select ERC-20 tokens will be accepted as collateral for taking out Dai loans

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  14. Mon November 18th, 2019
  15. CryptoSlate

    MakerDAO announced the release of Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD). Despite the announcement, Maker (MKR) price remains stagnant. 

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  16. Fri November 15th, 2019
  17. BeInCrypto

    MakerDAO is upgrading its Maker (MKR) protocol, wherein Multi-Collateral DAI (MCD) will be implemented. But, the transition might be smooth.

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  18. Mon November 4th, 2019
  19. KryptoMoney

    The Maker Foundation CEO Rune Christensen, has confirmed Maker is prepared to launch its Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) system on Nov

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  20. Sun November 3rd, 2019
  21. + 2 more
  22. Thu October 24th, 2019
  23. NewsBTC

    There are a number of known cryptocurrency and Bitcoin detractors so when one makes a bullish statement it is time to pay attention. Gold investor Peter

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  24. Thu September 26th, 2019
  25. CryptoDaily

    Monolith is an Ethereum-based banking alternative for the world of decentralised finance. Users can now exchange KNC and other Ethereum-based tokens to fiat and load them onto their cards.

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  26. Fri August 16th, 2019
  27. Official Changelly Blog

    What is the history of stablecoins in 2019? Read our stablecoin comparison and find out what are the best stablecoins in 2019: Tether, DAI, TrueUSD or something else?

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  28. Tue July 16th, 2019
  29. HolyTransaction's Blog

    As of today, you can instantly purchase MKR on HolyTransaction, transfer them to any HolyTransaction’s customer for free, and do crypto-to-crypto swaps between your Wallet MKR and more than other 30 cryptocurrencies. MakerDAO it’s a prime example of Ethereum’s smart contract platform. Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization on which the MKR token...

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  30. Fri July 12th, 2019
  31. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index recovered to 32.52 on Friday from 31.92 on Thursday, a 1.88% increase. The Large-Cap Index is down 5.77% over the past 7 days and is up 4.33% over the past 30 days.

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  32. Sun June 30th, 2019
  33. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index improved to 54.06 on Saturday from 52.24 on Friday, a 3.48% improvement.

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  34. Fri June 21st, 2019
  35. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index improved to 50.36 from 49.58 the previous day, a 1.57% gain. The 21 Leaders Index is up 5.06% over the past 7 days and 11.68% over the past 30 days.

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  36. Thu June 20th, 2019
  37. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index improved to 33.59 on Wednesday from 33.16 on Tuesday, a +1.30% climb.

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  38. Wed April 24th, 2019
  39. Kyber Network

    On 8th March, we held the first of a series of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) experiments that will help us develop our own…

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  40. Mon April 22nd, 2019
  41. Hacked

    DigixDAO trading exploded on Binance on Monday, as the Malta based exchange processed more DGD trades than the coin had recorded in the entirety of the previous …

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  42. Thu April 4th, 2019
  43. HolyTransaction's Blog

    We are excited to announce our new Wallet Cardano. Cardano is a cryptocurrency with a different infrastructure-level design than Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition it benefits from having (IOHK), a fully-funded development team led by Charles Hoskinson. The organization behind the project is the Cardano Foundation that selected a well-known think-tank...

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  44. Tue March 26th, 2019
  45. TrustNodes

    One of the first ICO-ing project which promised transaction fees and demurrage fees to DGD holders, has now excluded Americans from that promise, but not Chinese holders or Russian holders....

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  46. Mon March 25th, 2019
  47. Digix

    With the current specifications, the only token holders that can be moderators in the first quarter are those that have redeemed their…

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  48. Fri March 22nd, 2019
  49. Digix

    We are happy to announce that our Medium Publication Account is finally launched, we will move all of our future updates on Medium to our…

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  50. Sun March 10th, 2019
  51. Digix

    Digix Dev Update — Mar 8 2019DAO UpdateDigix Event/InterviewDGX Listing on ProBit ExchangeWin UNLIMITED Raffles to celebrate DGX listing in Coinhako WalletDigix Media ReleaseDAO UpdateWe are at our final sprint for DigixDAO platform development. On our Kovan demo environment, a user could already do KYC, submit a project and take it through the whole life cycle...

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  52. Tue March 5th, 2019
  53. Digix

    Singapore. 28th February 2019 — Digix, the platform that makes gold bars easily divisible and transferable using blockchain technology…

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  54. Mon February 25th, 2019
  55. Digix

    glrkmgkrnglrkmrlkmtlrk was originally published in Digix on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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  56. Fri February 22nd, 2019
  57. Digix

    Digix Medium Publication AccountETA for DigixDAO Governance PlatformDigix Event/Interview/PodcastPartnership with BluconDigix storing gold in CanadaDigix Twitter Chinese New Year CampaignDigix Town-hall MeetingDigix Media Release1.Digix Medium Publication AccountWe are happy to announce that our Medium Publication Account is finally launched, we will move all of our future updates on Medium to our Publication Account, please...

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  58. Fri February 1st, 2019
  59. Digix

    Building upon our successful partnership with SilverGoldBull (SGB), Canada’s largest precious metal retailer, we are pleased to announce…

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  60. Thu January 24th, 2019
  61. NewsBTC + 1 more

    Market Wrap Crypto markets falling back again, Tron staying put but Ethereum , BCH and Iota sliding again. The tedium continues as crypto markets pull Crypto markets falling back again, Tron staying put but Ethereum , BCH and Iota sliding again. 

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  62. Wed January 23rd, 2019
  63. Digix

    ress on DigixDAO Governance Platform

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  64. Digix

    Progress on DigixDAO Governance Platform

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  65. Sun January 20th, 2019
  66. Hacked

    The cryptocurrency market lost $5 billion worth of value in fifty-five minutes on Sunday, as Bitcoin once again dipped into the high $3,500 range. The entire stack of cryptocurrencies appears to be on dangerous footing, and despite miraculous growth recorded by various altcoins in recent weeks, one gets the feeling...

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  67. Hacked

    DASH/USDT price action is moving within a narrowing range formation, subject to further downside risks. Trust Wallet, Binance-owed crypto wallet provider, announces support of DASH. Price Behavior DASH/USDT has been trading within a $6 range for the tenth session in a row, at the time of writing. The upper part of...

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  68. Hacked + 8 more
  69. Sat January 19th, 2019
  70. Hacked

    Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with a value pegged to a currency or to exchange traded commodities. Many projects today are researching and developing such technology. Issuers distribute stablecoins to customers in exchange for fiat currency such as USD at a 1:1 fixed exchange rate. USD is a desirable medium of exchange...

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  71. Tue January 8th, 2019
  72. Digix

    Demo Testing of the DigixDAO Governance Platform — V 0.1 link : is a basic guide to interacting with the DigixDAO platform that we have deployed onto Kovan.Please note that this is a very rudimentary version of the platform. The objective of this demo platform is to demonstrate our vision of the UI (All...

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  73. Mon January 7th, 2019
  74. Hacked

    Tech-savvy investors have kept their eyes on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for several years now. The most prolific form of cryptocurrency has brought backers on a rollercoaster of highs and lows over the past two years. While this culminated with an all-time high of more than $19,000 in 2017, Bitcoin, in...

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  75. Hacked

    Tokenized precious metals create the potential for fractional ownership of gold and greater transparency. Indeed, the world’s largest bank, JPMorgan, is prepared to use its proprietary blockchain to tokenize gold, and the Royal Mint has pursued technologies to achieve the same. As CCN reported, some venture capitalists believe Bitcoin will...

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