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  1. Wed March 18th, 2020
  2. BitcoinMagazine

    In Part 1 of 2, Giacomo Zucco explores the fundamental relationship between Bitcoin and privacy by going back to the beginning with the whitepaper. In Part 1 of 2, Giacomo Zucco explores the fundamental relationship between Bitcoin and privacy by going back to the beginning with the whitepaper.

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  3. Coingape

    Since November last year, the world has been fighting a global epidemic in Corona Virus, alias, COVID-19, since first being diagnosed in Wuhan, China. Over

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  4. Wed March 11th, 2020
  5. ZyCrypto + 5 more
  6. Mon February 17th, 2020
  7. Coingape

    ZCash (ZEC) soars over 10% in a day following the new proposal agreement to allocate 80% of the rewards to miners. The privacy based coin

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  8. + 1 more

    The Electric Coin Company (ECC) and the Zcash Foundation (ZF) has agreed to approve Zcash Improvement Proposal (ZIP) 1014. The team says the ZIP 1014, which aims to allocate 80 percent of Zcash (ZEC) issuance to miners, has received huge support from the entire Zcash ecosystem, according to reports on…

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  9. Thu January 30th, 2020

    The Zcash community has voted to distribute 20% of the ZEC networks’ mining rewards to infrastructure and marketing development.

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  11. KryptoMoney + 2 more

    The Zcash (ZEC) community has agreed that the Electric Coin Company (ECC) — a private Zcash developer, should receive 35 percent of the project’s development fund slice under the proposed Zcash Improvement Protocol (ZIP) 1014. ECC Accepts Results of ZCash Community Poll In a blog post published on its website…

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  13. Thu January 9th, 2020
  14. Zcash Blog

    Zaki Manian, a prolific contributor in the blockchain space, has joined the Electric Coin Co. (ECC) technical advisory board. Manian …

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  15. Decred

    Happy New Year! Decred highlights for December:

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  16. Fri January 3rd, 2020
  17. ECC – Good Audience

    Hello again ECC’ers!First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year! We hope you’ve been able to spend some quality time with your families over the holidays and we wish you all the best for 2020. Let’s get right into it!Development Update:Here are a...

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  18. Thu December 19th, 2019
  19. Komodo

    Equihash is a hashing algorithm used by a number of prominent blockchain projects, including Zcash and Komodo. Learn more about Equihash here.

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  20. Tue December 17th, 2019
  21. Zcash Blog

    Based on the polling results of Zcash community members, the Zcash Foundation published a proposal to fund another four years …

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  22. Fri December 13th, 2019
  23. Zcash Blog

    Why release a transparency report?  Electric Coin Co. (ECC) is committed to openness and transparency — as we help evolve …

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  24. Wed December 11th, 2019
  25. Coingape

    Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum doesn’t think ZCash, the privacy-centric blockchain, is a failure despite its small market cap.

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  26. Sun December 8th, 2019
  27. Decred + 1 more

    Updates on DEX development, v1.5.0, approval of Latam marketing, blog posts about LN ticket splitting, and packed Media & External.

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  28. Thu December 5th, 2019
  29. Zcash Blog

    The Zcash Community has voiced its position on the mid- to long-term funding of Zcash development and support. During November, …

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  30. Tue December 3rd, 2019
  31. Zcash Blog

    Electric Coin Co. kicked off a new tradition last month: the Fellowship of the ZEC. Our goal is to get …

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  32. Thu November 21st, 2019
  33. Zcash Blog

    During the latest Electric Coin Co. (ECC) quarterly livestream, we shared our R&D and engineering strategy to advance the future …

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  34. Wed November 20th, 2019
  35. Zcash Blog

    Links:Livestream recordingLivestream slidesPost livestream Q&A The Nov. 12 Electric Coin Co. (ECC) livestream covered a wide range of topics, including …

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  36. Fri November 8th, 2019
  37. CoinTelegraph

    After launching Zcash in 2016, Electric Coin Company gave the Zcash trademark to the Zcash Foundation.

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  38. Sat October 19th, 2019
  39. CryptoDaily

    Plans for developing a ZEC token that can function on the Ethereum blockchain are being made by the Zcash community. This would result in partaking in the network’s decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem. 

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  40. Thu October 17th, 2019
  41. CoinSpeaker

    On Thursday, October 17th, the ETH keeps declining, trading around $174.24.

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  42. Wed September 25th, 2019
  43. AMBCrypto

    Recently, popular South Korean exchange OKEx was in the news after it delisted all its privacy coins, including Monero [XMR], Zcash [ZEC], and DASH [DASH], along with several others. UpBit followed suit, delisting several privacy coins as well. Both exchanges went on to claim that the regulatory obligations arising from...

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  44. Mon September 16th, 2019
  45. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter Your daily newsletter for 16 September, 2019 Learn through guidance “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” – Robert H. Schuller  Welcome back, CMC family! We are now in the second half of September. Time really flies …

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  46. Mon September 9th, 2019
  47. Decred

    Privacy released, DEX Development approved and started, Market Makers assessed, and more!

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  48. Sat September 7th, 2019
  49. CryptoGazette

    Monero has been gaining increased popularity in the crypto space, as more investors see in it a viable choice for investing. Zcash has also been around for quite a while, and the people behind this project have been making increased efforts to make it remain relevant. Zcash Foundation is surrounded...

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  50. Thu September 5th, 2019
  51. ProBit Exchange

    While passwords were once considered a secure means of protecting one’s information, it has ironically become one of the leading causes of…

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  52. AMBCrypto

    Zcash Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the privacy-focused cryptocurrency, has been at the center of an ongoing controversy pertaining to the use of the “Zcash” trademark. As per the initial plan, both Electric Coin Company (ECC) and Zcash Foundation would have equal control over the use of the trademark. However,...

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  53. Mon September 2nd, 2019
  54. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter Your daily newsletter for 3 September, 2019 Go "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." - Henry David Thoreau Welcome back, and welcome September! 👐 We're all gonna kill it this …

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  55. Fri August 30th, 2019
  56. CoinDesk

    The Electric Coin Company (ECC) has issued its Q3 2019 transparency report saying the company had avoided layoffs throughout the bear market despite being in the red.

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  57. Thu August 29th, 2019
  58. Zcash Blog

    Why release a transparency report? Electric Coin Company (ECC) is committed to openness and transparency — as we help evolve …

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  59. Mon August 26th, 2019
  60. Zcash Blog

    Introduction The Zcash community is making a decision about whether to create a new development fund and use it to …

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  61. Tue August 20th, 2019
  62. Decred Blog

    In this article I will discuss my views on the existing privacy technology in use in the cryptocurrency space. Since several projects have a primary focus on privacy, I will explain the various privacy technologies, which will help in understanding the route Decred has taken and I will advocate we...

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  63. Thu August 15th, 2019
  64. Loopring Protocol

    IntroductionElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) was introduced in 1985 and has been one of the biggest advances in the field since then. It took 25 years of trial and testing before it was used in production by OpenSSL. Delays like this aren’t uncommon since the bridge between theoretical and practical cryptography...

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  65. Mon August 12th, 2019
  66. Decred

    Highlights include #DEX specs and proposals, podcasts, articles, lots of dcrdata, some @Checkmatey, #DecredChallenge and a TinyDecred.

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  67. Sun August 11th, 2019
  68. Zcash Blog

    TL;DR The Zcash Community is collectively deciding what to do after the current development fund sunsets in 2020 along with …

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  69. Fri August 2nd, 2019
  70. Zcash Blog

    Funding for the Electric Coin Company’s work on Zcash R&D, engineering, global adoption, audits, trademark protections and regulatory relations will …

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  71. Thu August 1st, 2019
  72. CryptoSlate

    Funds dedicated to Zcash’s ongoing development will see a drastic reduction from the ZEC block reward halving in October of 2020.

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  73. UseTheBitcoin

    Zooko Wilcox, the CEO of the Electric Coin Company (ECC), is pushing for a new developer fund to support the operations of the Zcash (ZEC) cryptocurrency.

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