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  1. Tue September 3rd, 2019
  2. Edgeless

    Hey Guys, ‍ As usual here’s the monthly overview. Edgeless continues to pursue the goal of faster user growth. Let’s see what the team has…

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  3. Tue August 27th, 2019
  4. Edgeless

    his week Edgeless, the world’s first Ethereum based crypto casino, has released its 10th game. Hugely popular Hi-Lo has become Edgeless…

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  5. Mon August 19th, 2019
  6. CoinScribble

    The House Always Wins!? Not on UNTD Blockchain.Blockchain has substantially revolutionized the era of gambling. Casinos emerged in 1638 to breathe life in the p

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  7. Tue August 13th, 2019
  8. Edgeless

    It is a brilliant game version of everyone’s favourite — Slots. Enjoy your moments and stay tuned this week for special offers! Spin now

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  9. Fri August 9th, 2019
  10. Edgeless

    Hey Guys, ‍ The Edgeless team continues to work hard to achieve the main goal — faster user growth. So, let’s get straight into what…

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  11. Mon July 29th, 2019
  12. Edgeless

    The 10th staking round officially finished today. The smart contract system has automatically checked Edgeless’ bankroll. 40% of the…

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  13. Tue July 23rd, 2019
  14. Edgeless + 1 more

    Only 1 day left until the 9th staking round with 40% rewards starts. So hurry up. The round will commence on Wednesday.

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  15. Mon July 1st, 2019
  16. Edgeless

    In this blog post, Edgeless takes a look back over the new staking conditions and key dates for the 6th round. ‍

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  17. Sun June 16th, 2019
  18. Edgeless

    In this blog post, Edgeless takes a look back over the new staking conditions and key dates for the 5th round.

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  19. Mon June 3rd, 2019
  20. Edgeless

    Edgeless bankroll staking has been the goal and aspiration from the very beginning of Edgeless’ inception. Since December 2018, the team…

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  21. Thu April 25th, 2019
  22. AirWire

    Edgeless is a Casino based in Ethereum smart contracts, offering ZERO edge for its players and 100% transparency. Edgeless offers games…

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  23. Fri April 12th, 2019
  24. Edgeless

    Much like the emergence of blockchain technologies today, up to the late 80’s, the Internet, then affectionately known as ‘cyberspace’…

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  25. Thu April 11th, 2019
  26. Edgeless

    Edgeless bankroll staking had been a goal and aspiration from the very beginning of Edgeless’ inception, all partners and token holders…

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  27. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin Press Release: The third Crypto Games Conference will bring together over 1000 professionals from more than 30 countries all over the world. The conference will be held in Minsk, Belarus on April 25-26, 2019. 11th April, 2019, Minsk, Belarus: The year’s biggest crypto gaming event, the Crypto Games Conference in Belarus...

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  28. Wed April 10th, 2019
  29. Edgeless

    By introducing the most generous Welcome Pack to the market, Edgeless — the world’s pioneering crypto gambling platform — expects to…

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  30. Fri March 29th, 2019
  31. Edgeless

    Hey guys,As always, to bring you up to speed on what we’ve been working on, I’m back with this months product update. This one is a little delayed — it has been quite the hectic time here at Edgeless!So, without any further hold-ups, let’s take a look at the numbers from March,...

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  32. Thu March 28th, 2019
  33. AMBCrypto

    Pioneered in May 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Crypto Games Conference is the first conference in the world dedicated to games and gaming services with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The third Crypto Games Conference will take place in Minsk, Belarus on April 25-26, 2019 and will feature: ●...

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  34. Thu February 28th, 2019
  35. Edgeless

    Starting from today, Edgeless is launching a weekly Jackpot. For 4 weeks in a row, players will have the opportunity to win 30,000 EDG…

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  36. Tue February 19th, 2019
  37. CryptoGazette + 1 more

    When commentators speculate exactly why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have not taken off in quite the way that their originators planned, there are a number of reasons put forward.   Naturally, the first is that it’s a completely new kind of currency. It understandably takes time for the billions of...

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  38. Fri February 1st, 2019

    Though January always seems to be harsh to fall back into the workflow, for Changelly this month was fruitful on useful cooperations.

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  40. Thu January 31st, 2019
  41. Official Changelly Blog

    Though January always seems to be harsh to fall back into the workflow, for Changelly this month was fruitful on useful cooperations and updates. Please welcome our regular monthly digest where we’ve collected all Changelly rocket achievements on its way to the moon.

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  42. Sun January 27th, 2019
  43. Blockspoint + 1 more

    The third Crypto Games Conference will take place in Minsk, Belarus on April 25-26, 2019 and will feature

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  44. Fri January 25th, 2019
  45. Edgeless

    Edgeless is strengthening its partnership with Changelly — one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Edgeless…

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  46. + 2 more

    Pros in gambling can tell you from experience that casino always wins. However, when it comes to decentralization, the rules change rapidly

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  47. Thu January 10th, 2019
  48. Ethershift

    Hey! I hope you guys had a great start to the new year! Just wanted to give you an update about what we’re busy doing.

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  49. Sat December 22nd, 2018
  50. Edgeless

    Hi all,Firstly, on behalf of the Edgeless team, I want to thank you — the Edgeless community — for being with Edgeless. Your support means a lot to us!‍As 2018 is coming to an end, we reckon it’s a good time to take a look at what has happened this year and what awaits Edgeless...

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  51. Thu December 20th, 2018
  52. CryptoDaily

    Based on the market caps of ERC-20 tokens — with several in the hundreds of millions of dollars range — it would be expected that these dApps would have a tremendous amount of users.

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  53. Thu December 13th, 2018
  54. Edgeless

    A new design, an even more intuitive and user-friendly interface, faster registration and near-instant deposits — these are the changes…

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  55. Mon November 26th, 2018
  56. Bitcoinist

    As Hong Kong starts to come around to the idea of the STO and the US SEC is treating ICO token offerings as such, could STOs be the new sexy?

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  57. Fri November 2nd, 2018
  58. Edgeless

    Edgeless has some thrilling news: the company will be featured in Blockchain Superstars — the first documentary TV series that focuses on…

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  59. Tue September 4th, 2018
  60. European Gaming Industry News

    September 4, 2018 — World‘s first blockchain smart contracts casino Edgeless is expanding their platform with a new and unique multiplayer betting game, Crash. This is the fourth game Edgeless clients are offered to play using Edgeless tokens (EDG). “Crash is not a usual casino game, and we believe that its...

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  61. Tue August 28th, 2018
  62. Coindoo

    With the boom in cryptocurrencies, these virtual coins transcend across multiple industries and business sectors. What will happen to gambling?

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  63. Wed August 22nd, 2018
  64. European Gaming Industry News

    Budapest – 21 August 2018 – Over the last twelve months or so, the whole world has woken up to the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s sudden and dramatic increases or decreases in value have been in the headlines everywhere, but we must not forget that the blockchain technology behind it...

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  65. Tue April 10th, 2018
  66. Edgeless
  67. Mon March 12th, 2018
  68. Edgeless

    Edgeless will present its’ second game — Dice — just after the launch of version 1.0

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  69. Mon March 5th, 2018
  70. Edgeless
  71. Tue February 27th, 2018

    Crypto has a problem with security. What’s new, it always has, I hear you say. Yes, it’s a longstanding issue and you would be forgiven for thinking that the brilliant minds that brought blockchain technology to the world would by now have given us systems to keep the coins and…

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  73. Sat February 10th, 2018
  74. Edgeless

    Online casino gaming is having a ‘prime’ time. ICE 2018 was huge. With over 30,000 attendees from more than 150 countries, ICE Totally…

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  75. Wed January 24th, 2018
  76. Edgeless
  77. Mon January 22nd, 2018
  78. Edgeless

    EDG bankroll staking is a new feature available to EDG token holders, who can participate in Edgeless bankroll funding by staking their…

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