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  1. Mon July 9th, 2018

    Electroneum (ETN) Returns to ASIC Mining, iOS App in Beta Testing

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  3. Mon June 4th, 2018

    Electroneum (ETN) Frozen: Network Drags Along with High Difficulty

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  5. Fri May 4th, 2018

    Electroneum (ETN) Finally Sees Price Move, But Is the Project Going Anywhere?

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  7. Tue April 17th, 2018

    Electroneum Joins The Cryptojacking Party: Hackers Exploit IIS 6.0

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  9. Tue April 10th, 2018
  10. FinanceMagnates

    The news emerged around the same time that the Electroneum network was hit by a 51% attack.

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  11. Thu April 5th, 2018

    While the blockchain is the said to be theoretically immutable, there exists the possibility, albeit a slim one, that an entity can manipulate the blockchain by controlling 51 percent of its hashing power. Following Electroneum, Verge is the latest crypto to be affected. The situation, known as a 51 percent attac ...

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  13. Mashable

    Electroneum Network Sees Abnormal Mining Activity, 51% Attack Suggested

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  15. FinanceMagnates

    Reddit users discovered evidence of suspicious activity on both networks. Are hard forks the only way out?

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  16. Wed April 4th, 2018

    An odd occurrence happened within the Electroneum (ETN) community this past April Fool’s day, though it was definitely not a prank. Empty blocks began getting mined by an unknown party, which should only be possible if someone is controlling the chain. The reasoning behind this is unclear, besides just to stir un ...

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  18. Mon April 2nd, 2018

    Electroneum (ETN): Never Failing to Disappoint

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  20. Sat March 10th, 2018
  21. AMBCrypto

    On March 8th more than half a million PCs in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey came under attack from a new strain of malware attacking their Windows systems. This was an attack carried out by a cryptocurrency miner using the malware that spread rapidly to over 500,000 computers in a span of 12 hours. The aim […]

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  22. Mon March 5th, 2018
  23. Bitcoinist

    After a successful week exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Electroneum has launched its groundbreaking mobile miner, which will open the world of cryptocurrency up to billions of smartphone owners around the world.

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    After a successful week exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Electroneum has launched its groundbreaking mobile miner, which will open the world of cryptocurrency up to billions of smartphone owners around the world. Currently, cryptocurrency is largely too difficult to obtain and spend for most people, especially in the developing world. The Electroneum project’s core aim is to achieve global mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and one of its main mechanisms to do this is the long awaited mobile miner.

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  25. Sun March 4th, 2018
  26. AMBCrypto

    As the user base of Ditch-it ICO escalates past 1 million active users, investors and entrepreneurs continue to be thrilled over the ICO. Ditch-it is an ‘OfferUp’ app for the cryptocurrency community where users can buy and sell any second-hand products available in the local market and accepts Electroneum (ENT) as payment. Global communications predict […]

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  27. Tue February 27th, 2018
  28. BitcoinMagazine

    Researchers from the cyber security firm Imperva say they have found the source of 90 percent of remote code execution attacks in December 2017: cryptomining malware.

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  29. Mon February 26th, 2018
  30. FinanceMagnates

    Richard Ells speaks on how Electroneum hopes to position itself as a new industry standard.

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  31. Fri February 23rd, 2018
  32. FinanceMagnates

    Richard Ells speaks on the future of Electroneum in the developing world.

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  33. Wed February 14th, 2018
  34. Bitcoinist

    Electroneum, the exciting new mobile-based cryptocurrency, is set to be listed on KuCoin, one of the top exchanges in Asia.

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  35. Mon February 12th, 2018
  36. Electroneum

    Electroneum will be listed on the QRYPTOS exchange and will be working with QUOINE to be accepted onto QUOINEX, the fully regulated Japanese exchange. We are pleased to announce that we have agreed a strategic partnership with Japanese crypto platform QUOINE. QUOINE was the first exchange platform to achieve full regulatory approval from the Japanese […]

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  37. Fri February 9th, 2018
  38. Electroneum

    The Second in a series of talking heads with Richard Ells,CEO of Electroneum. Richard sat down with Graham Jarvis to discuss Electroneum, blockchain and the future of cryptocurrency. In this second part he outlines the difference in Electroneum’s strategy and what we hope to achieve.

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  39. Fri February 2nd, 2018
  40. Electroneum

    We have been invited to exhibit at the highly prestigious event in Barcelona from 26th February to 1st March 2018. Our CEO Richard Ells has also been invited to speak at the conference, which will be attended by some of the world’s biggest names in mobile technology. The invitation comes as a result of Electroneum’s now confirmed […]

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  41. Electroneum

    The first in a series of talking heads with Richard Ells,CEO of Electroneum. Richard sat down with Graham Jarvis to discuss Electroneum, blockchain and the future of cryptocurrency. In this first part he outlines the concept behind the mobile miner and what impact it could have.

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  42. Thu January 25th, 2018
  43. BitcoinMagazine

    Weiss Ratings released their cryptocurrency ratings yesterday. In response, they received a lot of criticism on social media. And rightly so.

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  44. Fri January 19th, 2018
  45. Bitcoinist

    HitBTC has announced that in the coming weeks it will begin listing the mobile-friendly cryptocurrency Electroneum.

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  46. Fri January 12th, 2018
  47. Electroneum

    Hi Everyone, I have an important update to share regarding the mining pools being run by Electroneum. You may recall that, at launch, we released 3 mining pools (EU, US and Asia) to allow users to run mining pool software from their PCs’ while the community developed their own. These proved very popular but now […]

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  48. Fri January 5th, 2018
  49. Electroneum

    Press Release MOU Announcement January 2018    ELECTRONEUM SIGNS AGREEMENT WITH TELECOMMUNICATIONS & PAYMENTS GIANT XIUS   The mobile-friendly cryptocurrency has formed a groundbreaking relationship with the mobile and payments technology provider, which has an active subscriber base of over 65 million people.   XIUS is the telecoms operating brand of Megasoft. A market leader […]

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  50. Fri December 29th, 2017
  51. Electroneum

    I hope, like us, you’re looking forward to the New Year!   As we fast approach the end of 2017, I have a few things to reflect on and share… so I apologise for the slightly lengthy message, but I hope you’ll welcome the info.   First off, I want to say a big thank […]

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  52. Fri December 22nd, 2017
  53. Electroneum

    Just a quick update for you all! We’re still going through fixing a few of the issues that some of you may have experienced after the launch. Our support ticket system is extremely busy but we’re doing our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, your patience during this time is much appreciated! […]

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  54. Tue December 19th, 2017
  55. Electroneum

    Morning everyone! Crypto Rich has just uploaded a new interview with Richard Ells to address some of the concerns regarding the relaunch. Hopefully it will answer many of your questions. It also includes some exciting news regarding our latest MOU. So what is the future of Electroneum looking like for 2018 and beyond? Our […]

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  56. Mon December 18th, 2017
  57. Electroneum

    Hi all! A quick update on our routes to market for growing the Electroneum Brand into 2018. For mobile operators Electroneum delivers great potential to create substantial viral growth across global networks, creating new, revenue streams to boost ARPU and market growth. At the time of writing this we have at least 4 MOUs (MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING) […]

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  58. Fri October 13th, 2017
  59. TheGuardian

    Ex-football boss is ‘proper excited’ about something dismissed by IMF, bankers and economists

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  60. Thu October 12th, 2017
  61. TheGuardian

    Former Tottenham Hotspur manager urges people to get involved with Electroneum in rare tweet firm says he was not paid for

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