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  1. Thu October 11th, 2018
  2. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin [BTC] saw a sharp price drop today, erasing over 4% of its value in just a few hours as it saw a waterfall drop earlier today. However, this strangely coincided with the announcement of Liquid, a sidechain of the Bitcoin blockchain, by Blockstream. The project has been in the...

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  3. - das Blog für Bitcoin und andere virtuelle Währungen

    Nach langer Entwicklung ist es nun soweit: Die Liquid-Sidechain von Blockstream ist online. Sie soll einen Kanal bilden, durch den Bitcoins schnell und privat offchain überwiesen werden. Eine Reihe…

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  4. Bitcoinist

    Blockstream on Wednesday announced that Liquid Network — its first Bitcoin sidechain — is now online. Will it make alcoins obsolete?

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  5. Wed October 10th, 2018
  6. BCFocus

    Sidechains have been the most anticipated technological improvement to Bitcoin since its inception. This stems from the fact that a sidechain provides limitless opportunities to users once it’s deployed. The term came into being in 2014 and since then developers have been working at it diligently. But now the San...

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  7. BitcoinMagazine

    Blockstream’s COO Samson Mow explains how “Liquid is designed to facilitate fast and reliable high value transfers” of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies -- eventually.)

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  8. Benzinga

    Blockstream Launches the Liquid Network New sidechain technology enables fast and secure inter-exchange settlement of digital assets PR Newswire VICTORIA, British Columbia, Oct....

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  9. Tue October 2nd, 2018
  10. Crypto-News India

    On Oct 1st, Ripple announced that its most awaited real-time cross-border payment platform xRapid is commercially launched and will be used by three financial institutions including MercuryFX, Cuallix, and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.

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  11. BTCWires

    The fintech giant Ripple has announced that xRapid is now commercially available and soon it will be moved into production with multiple customers including Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, MercuryFX, and Cuallix. Ripple is a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions for payments. Its newly launched product xRapid is a…

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  12. Crypto-News India

    After many months of speculation, Ripple's product, XRapid has finally launched on Tuesday. For those who are uninitiated, XRapid aims to cut down the time

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  13. Mon October 1st, 2018
  14. Bitcoinist

    Ripple announced that three financial institutions are scheduled to begin using Ripple’s xRapid product to handle international transactions.

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  15. DEX

    Blockchain interoperability is a big issue that needs to be tackled urgently. Here are several projects aiming to connect blockchains together.

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  16. Wed September 26th, 2018
  17. BitcoinMagazine

    “Using blockchain and other technologies, Medici Land Governance (MLG) will create systems to collect and easily secure property ownership information,” a press release had stated.

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  18. Coindoo

    It appears that the number of companies partnering with Ripple (XRP) to use its revolutionary product keeps on increasing. The blockchain startup has come up with xRapid – a technology that allows …

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  19. Mon September 24th, 2018
  20. BitBounce Blog

    Telegram raised over $1.7 billion with the promise of providing a blockchain that supports smart contracts, micropayments, distributed file storage, and more. Filecoin wanted to develop a blockchain-based data storage platform and  raised $250+ million. Tezos planned to create a new blockchain that is more efficient than that of both...

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  21. Sun September 16th, 2018
  22. IOP Project

    The activities of the Internet of People,   Libertaria Project and the University of Nayarit are continuing, with more and more activities and involving new people who want to collaborate with this project, as well as other educational institutions interested in knowing and replicating this experience. To close the month of...

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  23. Mon September 10th, 2018
  24. InvestInBlockchain

    Sphereon, a Factom project partner that delivers Blockchain-as-a-Service products, revealed last week that their first live customer is being…

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  25. Fri September 7th, 2018

    Bittrex explains the new exchange will offer customers in Latin America and the Caribbean accessibility to over 200 digital assets.

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  27. BitcoinNews

    China‘s Supreme Court set an international precedent Friday by adjudicating that blockchain evidence can be seen as legally binding in court, effective immediately. The decision comes with the minor caveat of courts requiring both parties in each case to provide evidence that blockchain technology was legitimately used in the manner they...

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  28. Wed August 29th, 2018
  29. Coingape

    Whale movement is seen in XRP making many believe that the founders of the cryptocurrency are preparing for something big. Over past few days, there has been a lot of large movement of cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another signifying movement around founders and whale pools. Usually, such moves are...

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  30. Fri August 24th, 2018
  31. Bitso

    ¿Cuántos mexicanos conocemos sobre Bitcoin? ¿Cuántos creemos en la tecnología y hemos comprado o utilizado alguna criptomoneda?

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  32. Blokt

    The global market for automotive blockchain could swell up to $1.6 billion by 2026 at the rate of 65.80% CAGR, reveals a new report by BIS Research.

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  33. Tue August 21st, 2018
  34. Blokt

    Ripple announced its partnership with three exchanges for XRP-based transactions in Philippine peso, Mexican peso and US dollars through xRapid.

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  35. Sun August 19th, 2018
  36. LiveBitcoinNews

    Ripple announces that it has signed partnerships with 3 cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex,, and Bitso.

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  37. Fri August 17th, 2018
  38. AMBCrypto

    Ripple has begun making moves towards creating a global payments network using its products, as 3 more exchanges have signed up to be a part of the xRapid ecosystem. These exchanges are Bittrex, for xRapid transactions involving USD, Bitso and for Mexican Pesos and Philippine Pesos respectively. The purpose...

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  39. Crypto-News India

    Ripple’s cross border payment system, XRapid is partnering with three cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate easy transfer of digital assets. The company announced this development through a press release on Thursday. The three exchanges include, Bittrex, Bitso and, will be used to carry out transactions in the United States of America, Mexico...

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  40. Thu August 16th, 2018
  41. CoinTelegraph

    Ripple has announced a partnership with three crypto exchanges as part of its payments settlement solution XRapid.

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  42. Tue August 14th, 2018
  43. Crypto Disrupt

    Crypto Disrupt recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Yeoman Capital founder and Factom co-founder David Johnston about smartdrops.

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  44. Thu July 12th, 2018
  45. Bitso

    Nuestro compromiso es siempre trabajar para tí y ser transparentes contigo en todo momento.

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  46. Fri June 29th, 2018
  47. Speaking of Crypto Podcast

    “This is a technology (Bitcoin blockchain tech) that is going to make the world a better place. I do have a world view that making the world a better place is something to live for.” ~Paul Snow Paul Snow, didn’t imagine that his part in making the world a better...

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  48. Fri June 22nd, 2018
  49. Benzinga

    An Innovative New Way to Make Payments FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary PR Newswire LONDON, June 22, 2018 LONDON, June 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Though...

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    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provided Factom, a startup using blockchain technology to secure Internet of things (IoT) data, on June 15,

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  51. Wed June 20th, 2018
  52. Bitso

    Hemos visto un aumento en intentos de phishing a nuestros usuarios. Un ataque de phishing es un tipo de fraude de internet que intenta…

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  53. Mon June 18th, 2018
  54. ZyCrypto

    A blockchain project that will be dedicated to securing data from US Border Patrol cameras and sensors have received a grant worth

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  55. Coindoo

    The distributed protocol that stores the “world’s data on a decentralized system” Factom received a grant of $ 192,380 to secure the beta testing within a Border Patrol project. The announcement was made on Friday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). “The early phases of Factom’s work has...

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  56. CoinDesk

    The Department of Homeland Security has awarded a grant to blockchain project Factom for testing of a platform aimed to secure camera and sensor data.

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  57. Fri June 15th, 2018
  58. Bitso

    ¡Ya puedes intercambiar $TUSD en Bitso!

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  59. Thu June 14th, 2018
  60. InvestInBlockchain

    Price analysis of Factom in June 2018: FCT/USD long-term, FCT/USD short-term, and FCT/BTC long-term.

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  61. Thu June 7th, 2018
  62. Bitso

    Todos los días trabajamos para ofrecer un servicio seguro, confiable, justo y transparente. Tenemos grandes planes para nuestros usuarios…

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  63. Sun June 3rd, 2018
  64. ZyCrypto

    Factom, the distributed record keeping system, has experienced a difficult time this year in terms of value against the USD. The cryptocurrency is currently down around 80% from the highs set out in January, but has recently shown some signs of a potential price reversal. Factom, at the time of...

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  65. Thu May 24th, 2018
  66. BitcoinMagazine

    As part of New York Blockchain Week, Distributed Business Accelerator (DBA) publicly launched their global blockchain accelerator community designed to cultivate an ecosystem of blockchain startups.The CEO of the project is Tom Tao, formerly of IBM and Chainbase Accelerator. In opening remarks, Tao gave his outlook ...

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