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  1. Tue July 17th, 2018
  2. FLASH Blog

      7/17/18 FLASH COIN’S  FlashCon 2018 Announcements Vancouver, Canada July 29th and 30th marked the first official FlashCon 2018 event held in Vancouver, Canada at the Trump International Hotel, sponsored by Binary Financial.   With more than 50+ community members in attendance and hundreds on the live stream, this event was a huge success.  Community members from all around the world tuned in to hear from other Community experts and team leads on topics that included exciting new updates from our Development team that include new wallet features, the...

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  3. Mon July 16th, 2018
  4. FLASH Blog

    Vancouver, Canada July 29th and 30th marked the first official FlashCon 2018 event held in Vancouver, Canada at the Trump International Hotel, sponsored by Binary Financial. With more than 50+ community members in attendance and hundreds on the live stream, this event was a huge success. Community members from all around the world tuned in to hear from other Community experts and team leads on topics that included exciting new updates from our Development team that include new wallet features, the Community’s role in Community, the current regulatory...

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  5. Sat June 30th, 2018
  6. Vimeo

    FLASH is pleased to announce that FLASHCON 2018 will be held on June 29th and 30th at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada.…

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  7. Fri June 29th, 2018
  8. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin is continuously breaking its lowest points of 2018. The coin was trading at the price of $5850 on 24th June. when it was declared to be at the lowest point this year, and today, Bitcoin broke its own record by falling to $5815. The market cap also fell below the $100 billion margin during […]

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  9. Wed June 27th, 2018
  10. Entrepreneur

    T-shirts. Flash drives. Pens. Chocolates. What giveaway items will help customers remember your product more than SEO will?

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  11. Sat June 23rd, 2018
  12. Bitcoinist

    Is contagion from India’s Zebpay flash crash to $5,700 responsible for the pullback or something else in the works affecting bitcoin price?

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  13. Thu June 21st, 2018
  14. AMBCrypto

    Zebpay’s recent notice to Indian users, titled, ‘Prohibition on dealing in Virtual Currencies’ warned that Zebpay will not be able to process the INR withdrawals or deposits if it does not have a supporting bank. Within hours of this announcement, everything from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other assets crashed by more than 10% in some cases. […]

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  15. Tue June 19th, 2018
  16. AMBCrypto

    With just 5 days left for the token migration, Tron is getting some good news from the rise in price. The token migration is scheduled to take place from June 21st to June 25th. As this date approaches, Tron today, experienced a great recoil as prices rose to 14.66% over the past 24 hours, as […]

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  17. Thu June 14th, 2018
  18. Mashable

    Both bitcoin and ether rallied on the news.

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  19. Wed June 13th, 2018
  20. AMBCrypto

    Cryptocurrency scams will now be examined as per the new agenda released by the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] in Chicago. A workshop will be held on the 25th of June in the city of Chicago. The Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Andrew Smith will talk about this during the introduction at the […]

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  21. Tue June 12th, 2018
  22. AMBCrypto

    Ran Neu Ner, CNBC Africa’s Cryptotrader host and Founder of Onchain Capital, spoke about the recent Bitcoin flash crash. He says that he expects the currency to become stable at around $6500, but it might even go as low as high 5000’s if the price slide continues past $6500. This might spell a very different game […]

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  23. AMBCrypto

    It is not a surprise to see a cryptocurrency’s price shoot up when one of the exchange adds a trading pair or lists the coin itself on its platform. It is true the other way too at times, when an exchange is hacked or delists a currency, the prices have been observed to dip tremendously. […]

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  24. Mon June 11th, 2018
  25. AMBCrypto

    The CEO of Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao compared the current movement of the Bitcoin market to that of 2014’s with his recent tweet. He provided a side-by-side analysis of these time frames. The tweet in question said: “Many people seems to think BTC price was flat before this year, as they appear to be on […]

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  26. Bitcoinist

    On June 10th Bitcoin unexpectedly dropped 10% in less than 4 hours, leaving investors and analysts scratching their heads in search for the reasons behind the slaughter.

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  27. Bitcoinist

    In an effort to pin Bitcoin's price drop on anything other than sellers overpowering buyers, mainstream and cryptocurrency-focused media have been eager to blame Coinrail. However, the hack of Coinrail is not to blame for the flash crash.

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  28. Sat June 9th, 2018
  29. NewsBTC

    That ongoing sideways ranging market has finally ended a few hours ago when a flash crash wiped $15 billion out of crypto in a couple of hours. The markets have slid over 6% over the past day and the bears are selling with a fury.

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  30. AMBCrypto

    An undramatic Saturday night where Bitcoin was happily trading at $7600 turned into a bloodshed when BTC dropped by almost $400 in under 2 hours. Almost all other virtual currencies faced the same bear pressure dropping by ~5% in the past 24 hours. IOTA and BCH were the biggest losers, losing ~10% and 7% in […]

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    Research by a leading firm revealed supposed 'hodlers' acted very different from their stated principles as they relate to bitcoin core (BTC). In less than half a year, a huge wealth transfer of $30 billion was dumped on the market.

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  32. Fri June 8th, 2018
  33. AMBCrypto

    Talking at Computex in Taipei, Asia’s largest trade show, Edward Greve, the Head Engineer at IOTA, outlines the concept of IOTA and how it will address the problems that blockchain poses, using its Tangle. Tangle MAM promises integrity, security and privacy, and IOTA Token Flash Channels will be zero fees, real-time and ‘machine ready’. Qubic, […]

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  34. Wed June 6th, 2018

    TRX made a hit as the first cryptocurrency whose value exceeded a hundred times of its issuance price in 2018 when the New Year had been only a few days away. In a flash, it squeezed itself into the Top 20 list of cryptos with highest market capitalization. Since then, TRON has recruited a mighty tech team and released a series of iterations. Albeit good news now and then, TRON is never short of controversaries and even rumors.

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  36. Mon May 28th, 2018
  37. AMBCrypto

    Unlike the click-baity title, Tron [TRX] didn’t drop because of Taihao Fu who joined Tron’s technical staff from IBM. The entire market has been bearish since the past week until today when the markets flash dropped with ETH especially getting dumped and experiencing a drop of more than 5% in under an hour. Many from […]

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  38. AMBCrypto

    The markets are bearish but in the past one hour, everything from Bitcoin to Bytecoin had a dramatic sell-off. Bitcoin is now trading at $7100, EOS has dropped by 5.24% in the past one hour to trade at $11.9 to a token. TRON [TRX] which held a strong ground so far has also crashed by […]

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  39. Thu May 24th, 2018
  40. AMBCrypto

    The United States Justice Department has launched a criminal probe into manipulation in cryptocurrency markets. The probe in question will determine whether traders are manipulating the price of Bitcoin. The information comes from sources close to the matter, as reported by Bloomberg. This comes after Bitcoin’s flash drop in price yesterday, where it dropped down […]

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  41. Wed May 23rd, 2018
  42. AMBCrypto

    In a span of 20 minutes Bitcoin [BTC] flash dropped from happily trading at $7900 down to $7625 at press time, losing nearly 3.2% in under an hour. Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ripple [XRP] and virtually the entire market got pulled down with Bitcoin with the biggest loser being Bitcoin Cash [BCH] which has […]

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  43. Tue May 22nd, 2018
  44. Substratum

    Get a quick update on where SubstratumNode is and the minor update coming and the major milestone path forward!

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  45. Thu May 17th, 2018
  46. CNBC

    Investors have sent $1 billion into digital coin projects that flash warning signs for fraud, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing its own analysis.

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  47. Mon May 14th, 2018
  48. FLASH Blog

    All ~ Please see the attached for the latest version of our Whitepaper! #gofaster FLASH_2018_Whitepaper_v1001

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  49. Sun May 13th, 2018
  50. FLASH Blog

    It is our pleasure to release the FLASH Whitepaper that details our next-generation Blockchain technology.  #gofaster FLASH_Whitepaper_2018_FINAL

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  51. BusinessInsider

    BI PRIME: Crypto-exchanges, which helped shepherd the nascent market for digital currencies through 2017's boom, have been adding customers and making money han

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  52. Mon May 7th, 2018
  53. FLASH
  54. Tue May 1st, 2018
  55. FLASH

    FLASH web wallet support for additional cryptocurrencies

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  56. Mon April 30th, 2018
  57. Binanceexchange

    (4/23 — 4/29)

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  58. Sun April 22nd, 2018
  59. Bitcoinist

    Bitcoin is up roughly 8% - landing at a respectable $8957.95, up from its 7-day low of $8286.88. As to the altcoins? Let’s take a look…

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  60. Thu April 19th, 2018
  61. FLASH

    We are ending the FLASH Giveaway. We will announce the day 6 winner and the 100k FLASH winner later today. We have decided to end this…

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  62. Wed April 18th, 2018
  63. FLASH

    Day 6 — Win up to 10k FLASH — Reddit

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  64. Tue April 17th, 2018
  65. FLASH

    Day 5 — Win up to 10k FLASH — YouTube

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  66. Mon April 16th, 2018
  67. FLASH

    Day 4 — Win up to 10k FLASH — Twitter

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  68. Fri April 13th, 2018
  69. FLASH

    Over the last few weeks FLASH has undergone a major aesthetic re-brand and we are pleased to publicly reveal our new website.

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  70. FLASH

    Moments in life come and go — Facebook not only loves those moments, they profit off them. Prominent people throughout all facets of…

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  71. FLASH

    3/4/2018 General Bytes adds support for FLASH on their ATMs

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