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  1. Mon July 15th, 2019
  2. NewsBTC

    The big Bitcoin correction has not been unexpected. The mess it has left the rest of the crypto world in, however, is still being questioned. The altcoin

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  3. Sun July 14th, 2019
  4. NewsBTC + 1 more

    Crypto currency markets have slumped almost $20 billion as bitcoin and its brethren continue to slide this weekend. The digital avalanche picked up pace ...

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  5. Sat July 13th, 2019
  6. CoinSpeaker

    Across ten chapters, the report covers key metrics like average rate, volatility, transaction volume, and other stats any serious cryptocurrency investor will want to familiarize themselves with.

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    This week, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume, Binance, launched margin trading. In doing so, it made the elite group of exchanges that offer This week, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume, Binance, launched margin trading. In doing so, it made the elite group of exchanges that offer...

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  8. Fri July 12th, 2019
  9. CryptoDaily

    What CryptoDaily and Blockchance have in common is a vision of a possible world of tomorrow and the resulting common mission. The mission to cover and empower the Blockchain Economy

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  10. Thu July 11th, 2019
  11. Switcheo

    Uranus (URAC) is now available on Switcheo Exchange! Uranus is a ubiquitous sharing platform that aims to be the Airbnb and Uber for…

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  12. Wed July 10th, 2019
  13. eToro

    Hi Everyone, Never before has a strong economy ever presented such a serious problem for a central bank. The US jobs report published last week was clear evidence that despite whatever warning signs there might be, on the surface the economy is quite strong. Yes, investors are nervous about the...

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  14. Switcheo

    We are delighted to announce that pEOS (PEOS) is now listed on Switcheo Exchange. The listing will allow Switcheo users to buy and sell…

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  15. NewsBTC

    Another big move by Bitcoin has seen the king of crypto break a crucial level of resistance which could result in greater gains this week. There is no

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  16. Tue July 9th, 2019
  17. CryptoDaily

    EOS and made major announcements in June, celebrated one year from the mainnet launch, defended a bunch of controversies - you can get a quick recap in our previous digest.

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  18. NEO

    On Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:30 PST, Erik Zhang participated in an AMA hosted by Hacker Noon, a media platform known for its coverage of…

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  19. Mon July 8th, 2019
  20. ZyCrypto

    Although NEO has not been making major headlines recently, the digital asset has been doing great with its centralized approach as designed by

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  21. Wimplo

    AvaTrade announced on 03 July the addition of three new digital currency pairs bringing the total number of crypto asset support to 18. AvaTrade introduced itself as a leading forex cum Contract fo…

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  22. NewsBTC

    Public Blockchain CMC Ranking Program Language Consensus Algorithm Official Released TPS Tested Avg. TPS Tested Peak TPS EOS 6 C++ DPoS 3000 2200 2400 NEO

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  23. CoinSpeaker

    Many crypto firms are biting at Ethereum’s heels, but it really may only take a sudden kick to knock them all off again. Binance, however doesn't seem to have anything popular dApp.

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  24. Coingape

    Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, CEO of Binance exchange shouts at the media report, claiming that Binance is the Ethereum Killer. He yells over media and noted “Bad bad article. So many wrong facts”.

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  25. NewsBTC

    Clearly, IOTA fundamentals are bullish. From Coordicide, Azimuth and the rollout of Trinity, bulls are in perfect condition to print higher.

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  26. Sat July 6th, 2019
  27. TomoChain

    TomoChainとDapp.comがパートナーシップを締結しました!Dapp.comは、世界最大のDapps(分散型アプリケーション)ストア・市場分析サイトです。Tomochainエコシステム上に構築されたDappsは、独自のランク付けアルゴリズム、ユーザー数、取引量などを含むDapp.comの測定基準によりランク付けされ、Dapp.comに表示されます。TomoChainは、イーサリアムを中心とする現在のブロックチェーンプラットフォームが抱えるスケーラビリティ問題に対する最先端のソリューションを提供するプロジェクトです。ネットワークを拡大し、マスアダプションを実現するために、TomoChainはあらゆる側面からTomoChainネットワークへの参加を歓迎しています。TomoChainプラットフォームは、低取引手数料、迅速な承認認時間、高度なセキュリティ等の利点を持ち、開発者は自由にTomoChainの技術を採用してDappを作成することができます。Dapp.com上のTomoChain DappsDapp.comは、Dapp向けの世界最大のApp Storeを構築しています。Dapp.comの使命は、人々がいつでもどこでもDappを使用できるようにすることで、ブロックチェーン技術のマスアダプションを促すことです。現在では、Ethereum、EOS、Steem、NEO、TRON、およびTomoChainが対応しており、ランク付けされた何千ものブロックチェーンゲーム、ソーシャルネットワーク、ツールなどを検索して利用することができます。TomoChainのDappsの現状①TomoMasterTomoChainのマスターノードガバナンスDappであるTomoMasterは非常に大きな成長を遂げており、スマートコントラクトにより3000万以上のTOMOがロックされています。②Axie InfinityAxie Infinityは、Axieと呼ばれる架空のモンスターを収集・育成する5つ星評価を得ているDappゲームで、大規模なコミュニティを持ち、ます。近日中にTomoWalletでAxieをプレイすることができるようになる予定です。③TOMO3DTomo3Dは、TOMOコインによりT3Dトークンを購入することで、他のユーザーが内部取引機能を用いてT3Dトークンを購入・販売するたびに配当を得ることができるというDappです。④TomoBuildingTomoBuildingは、TomoChainのまったく新しいブランドのDappで、プレイヤーはアパートやビルを購入することで配当を得ることができます。⑤MaxBetMaxBetはTomoChain上に構築された新たなダイスゲームDappです。⑥McashDiceMcahsDiceは、公正透明透明なオープンソースコントラクトに裏付けられた、ギャンブルDappです。⑦TomoDiceTomoDiceは、Midas Protocolと共同でTomoChain上に構築された最初のDappで、6つのギャンブルゲームで構成されています。⑧TomoDomeTomoDomeは、チェーンストレージを用いてNon Fungible Tokenである土地を自身のブランドとして保有し、その売買を行うことができるDappです。2019年4月2日にDapp.comにより公開されたTomoChainのDappsに関するデータCEOのコメント今回のパートナーシップについて、TomoChainのCEOであるLong Vuong氏は、以下のようにコメントしています。「私は、優れたインターフェースとDappに関する総合的なデータを特徴とするDapp.comと共に行動できることを非常に楽しみにしています。Dapp経済圏が成長するにつれて、Dapp.comは、ユーザーがホットなアプリを探し、新たなエアドロップを見つけ、エコシステムについての情報を探すための重要な場所になるでしょう。Dapp.comにTomoChainが対応することで、TomoChainのDappがより広範なコミュニティに露出することが期待されます。」また、Dapp.comのCEOであるKyle氏は、以下のようにコメントしています。「ユーザーベースの数が限られていることに起因して、多くのブロックチェーンが彼らのdappエコシステムの拡張に苦労するのを見てきました。TomoChainは、イーサリアムに続く、450万を超えるメインネットアカウントを持つ第2位のDappエコシステムとなる可能性があり、もっと注目されるべきです。私達はTomoChainで開始された素晴らしい新しいプロジェクトを見ることができるのを楽しみにしています。」免責事項パブリックブロックチェーンプロジェクトとして、TomoChainチームは主にプロダクトとインフラストラクチャの研究に焦点を当てています。TomoChainを基盤としたサードパーティおよびエコシステムのプロジェクトを歓迎しますが、これは投資アドバイスではありません。トークン保有者とユーザーは、プロジェクトの使用・投資前に必ず調査を行う必要があります。コンタクト・ウェブサイト:・日本公式テレグラム:・アナウンスチャンネル(英語):・日本公式Twitter:・Facebook:https : //・LinkedIn:https : //・Reddit:https : //・GitHub:https : //・Gitter(技術サポート):とのパートナーシップ was originally published in TomoChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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  28. Coingape

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is not backing down on its blockchain data policies. As many of the world’s governments and politicians focus [...]

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  29. Benzinga

    HONG KONG, July 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The emerging crypto exchange CoinAll ( has announced to list Zeux, the first mobile crypto payment and investment service...

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  30. Coinall + 1 more

    The emerging crypto exchange CoinAll ( has announced to list Zeux, the first mobile crypto payment and investment service…

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  31. CoinSpeaker + 1 more

    CORindex releases its latest monthly report detailing the most significant changes in the crypto game in June comprised of data derived from 98,45% of crypto exchange operations processed.

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  32. Fri July 5th, 2019
  33. CoinSpeaker

    CEO of investment advisory firm Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff said that the news of a massive 16 Psyche asteroid that contain abundant amounts of gold is ‘just nonsense’ propagated by the Bitcoin community.

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  34. NewsBTC

    Its epic performance has eaten into the crypto markets to such an extent that altcoins are still largely on the floor.

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  35. NewsBTC

    Cryptocurrency markets are cooling off during the morning’s Asian trading session. The July fourth parties maybe coming to a close but Bitcoin is beating a retreat.

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  36. Thu July 4th, 2019
  37. BTCWires

    Blockchain based startup Cere Network has raised a considerable amount of venture capital funding to develop the world's first blockchain customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) ecosystem. The funding has come from NEO Global Capital, Arrington XRP Capital and Binance Labs. It came right after the company…

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  38. Wed July 3rd, 2019
  39. CryptoDaily

    On 26 June, NEO Global Development (NGD) officially launched the first phase of the much-awaited EcoBoost Program. NGD first announced plans for the development

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  40. Bitcoinist

    The altcoin season might never come again to repeat a 2017-ish rally at the expense of Bitcoin, according to Jeff Dorman, chief investment officer at

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  41. KuCoin Updates and Further Information Blog

    The uses cases of blockchain and AI technology have a lot of potential to improve lives. Here are a few promising AI developments that utilize blockchain.

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  42. Switcheo

    Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Atomic Swap between the EOS and ETH blockchains!

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  43. NEO Smart Economy

    This report tells the NEL latest development in the second half of June

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  44. Tue July 2nd, 2019
  45. Benzinga

    SINGAPORE, July 3, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Infinito has partnered with Belgian fintech leader Sofitto to offer its Sugi NFC Wallet Card as a crypto payment solution for Infinito...

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  46. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Mid-Cap Cryptocurrency Index powered higher to 46.98 on Tuesday from 45.58 on Monday, a 3.07% advance.

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  47. CryptoVibes

    NEO Price Analysis – July 2 The NEO market has gained approximately 10.81% in the last 24-hours of trading, subjecting

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  48. Mon July 1st, 2019
  49. TomoChain

    Vừa qua, anh Vương Quang Long-CEO TomoChain đã có buổi chia sẻ và hỏi đáp cùng cộng đồng sàn giao dịch KuCoin tại Việt Nam. Đã có tới hơn…

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  50. CoinMarketCap

    Turnkey solutions offer a number of advantages for businesses who want to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange quickly, without substantial capital outlay. Since cryptocurrencies emerged over a decade ago, the industry has observed and anticipated how this new segment in …

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  51. NewsBTC

    Crypto markets made 27% in June, largely from Bitcoin. Ethereum, Litecoin, Link and NEO performed well, XRP, BCH, XLM, EOS, and IOTA Dumped.

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    Governments and central banking regulatory bodies continue to express concern about crypto being used for criminal purposes and terror. The terror

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  53. Sun June 30th, 2019
  54. CoinTelegraph

    Will Bitcoin remain range bound while the altcoins play catch up?

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  55. Blocknet

    Please Vote For The Latest Community Superblock: Blocknet is building a decentralized internet of blockchains

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