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  1. Thu December 13th, 2018
  2. Gnosis

    Use OWL and tokens traded on the DutchX protocol for gas payments

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  3. Wed December 12th, 2018
  4. Kyber Network

    Hey everyone! The past few months has been an extremely busy period for us, from the numerous community events and meetups to…

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  5. Tue December 11th, 2018
  6. Gnosis

    We’ve been hard at work.

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  7. Mon December 10th, 2018
  8. Gnosis

    Smart contract vs. EOA wallets

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  9. Thu December 6th, 2018
  10. Gnosis

    This year the Ethereum community went from #hodl to #buidl, with an unwavering commitment to developing decentralized applications. With…

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  11. Wed December 5th, 2018
  12. Gnosis

    Slow by designOver the past months, has developed and tested a new user interface for our DutchX trading protocol. We’re tremendously excited to see it launch.Ready, set, slowThe application builds on top of our open, decentralized trading protocol for ERC20 tokens using auction mechanisms for a fairer valuation of tokens. Our...

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  13. Tue December 4th, 2018
  14. Gnosis

    Be sure to join soon to hear an upcoming announcement on our new initiative to support the blockchain ecosystem

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  15. Mon December 3rd, 2018
  16. Gnosis

    Gnosis sprints to the Holidays 🌲

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  17. Sat December 1st, 2018

    Hey everyone! To kick off the imminent launch of the dxDAO, we’ll be hosting a joint AMA with Martin Köppelmann (Gnosis founder) & Matan Field (DAOstack Architect) on Tuesday, December 4th at 3pm CET/9am EST. Post your questions below and let’s make this a stimulating discussion for everyone!

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  19. Fri November 30th, 2018
  20. Gnosis

    An overview of security measures we have taken for this Safe Mainnet release.

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  21. Etherisc

    With so much lost and stolen annually, is insurance the solution to crypto’s security problem?

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  22. Mon November 19th, 2018
  23. Gnosis

    The Gnosis SafeEnter the decentralized webThe Gnosis Safe is a multi-signature Ethereum wallet providing users with a convenient, secure way to manage their digital assets and interact with the decentralized web.It’s currently available on the Rinkeby Testnet for Android and iOS, in combination with a Chrome browser extension.👉 Funds on...

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  24. Wed November 14th, 2018
  25. Streamr

    Back at the start of the Autumn, Henri, myself and a few others in the Streamr team received an email from one of our most trusted…

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  26. Fri November 9th, 2018
  27. NewsBTC

    Ethereum’s Achilles heel has always been scaling. Since its inception, developers have been researching different ways to scale the blockchain in order to Ethereum’s Achilles heel has always been scaling. Since its inception, developers have been researching different ways to scale the blockchain in order to increase network capacity and...

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  28. Mon November 5th, 2018
  29. NewsBTC

    MetaMask, the most popular Ethereum wallet in the world, has just hit a major milestone of 1.3 million downloads, according to a recent announcement.

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  30. Thu November 1st, 2018
  31. Gnosis

    Or what are zkSnarks and why do they matter

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  32. Wed October 31st, 2018
  33. Blokt

    Open source wallet Multy enabled multisignature for users on both Android and iOS devices. The feature is helpful for wallets with more than one owner.

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  34. Mon October 29th, 2018
  35. - das Blog für Bitcoin und andere virtuelle Währungen

    Alle reden von Sidechains, aber BitGo und zwei Partner machen einfach: Mit den Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) wollen die Firmen Bitcoins als ERC20-Token auf die Ethereum-Blockchain bringen. Das Projekt ist…

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  36. Sat October 27th, 2018
  37. BeInCrypto

    BitGo has announced that it will be partnering with Kyber Network and Republic Protocol to produce Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). 

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  38. Fri October 26th, 2018
  39. BCFocus

    In a new development in the crypto industry, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) will be launched by three major firms – BitGo, Kyber and Republic Protocol. WBTC is a “community focussed on an initiative to launch Bitcoin ERC 20 on Ethereum,” according to a medium post. The token will be launched by January...

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  40. DDEX

    A huge portion of daily cryptocurrency trading volume currently lies in Bitcoin (BTC) based trades. As an Ethereum based exchange, there…

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  41. Kyber Network + 1 more

    At Kyber, we have been facilitating seamless exchange and liquidity flows between all parts of the decentralized ecosystem. End users can…

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  42. Thu October 25th, 2018
  43. Gnosis

    Learn how to write a zero-knowledge proof using the ZoKrates framework.

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  44. Wed October 24th, 2018
  45. Etherisc

    Etherisc gathers top insurtech experts from around the world in one place to exchange experience and ideas about the future of…

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  46. Tue October 23rd, 2018
  47. BTCWires

    If one has ever wondered how to become a blockchain developer, chances are someone or some internet post has told him or her that learning the programming language Solidity might be a good idea. What is Solidity exactly? What are its use cases? To answer these questions, here we are…

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  48. Mon October 22nd, 2018
  49. TokenCard

    Happy October! We hope its full of spooky, fun times.

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  50. Sat October 20th, 2018
  51. Aion

    This article is a snapshot of problems we’re looking to co-create, invest and partner on. If you’re already working on one of these…

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  52. Fri October 19th, 2018
  53. BTCWires

    American crypto exchange Poloniex has taken to Twitter to communicate to its users and the rest of the crypto world that it had been facing some issues and problems with its bitcoin wallet service. As per what they communicated, the users had been facing certain difficulties while trying to make…

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  54. Wed October 17th, 2018
  55. NewsBTC

    In April, a blockchain entrepreneur has surprised the space by launching a savage legal attack on his four associates, alleging that all of them committed In April, a blockchain entrepreneur has surprised the space by launching a savage legal attack on his four associates, alleging that all of them committed...

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  56. Tue October 16th, 2018
  57. TokenCard

    Severity: HighImpact: ~0.12% of all TKN (approximately 50,000) stuck in around 15 unique Smart Contracts on chainUser Action Required: It is important that people do not send any more TKN to Smart Contracts for the time beingIt should be noted that this issue only impacts tokens that are stored within certain multisig...

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  58. Fri October 12th, 2018
  59. Gnosis

    A retrospective on the Iraq war and the perils of consensus-based intelligence

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  60. Tue October 9th, 2018
  61. BCFocus

    Binance, the largest crypto exchange by market cap, has announced that they will be delisting four crypto coins from their exchange. The team has decided to delist four coins including Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG). The exchange will allow withdrawals of these cryptocurrencies until November 12. Binance team does periodic reviews of...

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  62. Sun October 7th, 2018
  63. BCFocus

    Several altcoins exchanges have analyzed the falling market trends of coins that fail to bring in big business and have delisted them from their platform. Volume, being the keyword, is simply not brought in by some coins. Cryptocurrency exchanges have often attracted coins that are widely circulated in the market...

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  64. Fri October 5th, 2018

    As part of its effort to improve and professionalize its platform, Poloniex, the 46th largest digital assets trading platform in the world, has announced it would stop offering margin trading and lending services to cryptocurrency traders in the United States. And also delist several cryptoassets on its platform, including Synereo(AMP),…

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  66. Thu October 4th, 2018
  67. BeInCrypto

    Poloniex announced it would be removing margin and lending products from its platform for customers based in the US by the end of the year.

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  68. LiveBitcoinNews

    Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announces the delisting of several assets and removal of margin and lending products for US-based customers.

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  69. AMBCrypto + 1 more

    Recently, Circle’s Poloniex exchange announced that they would be delisting several digital assets from their platform. The exchange further confirmed that by the year-end, they would be “removing margin trading for US-based customers”. Circle explained the reason for removing margin trading and lending of products for all customers from the...

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  70. Gnosis

    What we learned and what we want to change moving forward

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  71. Tue October 2nd, 2018
  72. Loopring Protocol

    From Oct 5 to Oct 7, some of the best and brightest in the Ethereum community will descend upon SF for the ETHSF Hackathon. Loopring will…

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  73. Mon October 1st, 2018
  74. Gnosis

    Decentralized exchanges are a critical piece of infrastructure for the future of dApps, and community participation is key for their…

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