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  1. Tue April 16th, 2019
  2. Gnosis

    Lock GNO between April 16th to May 22nd to get OWL, your community coupon token

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  3. Tue April 9th, 2019
  4. Gnosis

    Fairdex is a trading platform for ERC20 tokens built on the DutchX, Gnosis’ fully decentralized trading protocol.

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  5. Thu April 4th, 2019
  6. Gnosis

    We’ve updated our website to better reflect all we’re working on.

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  7. Wed April 3rd, 2019
  8. Gnosis

    The Gnosis Lightwallet will be deprecated, but you can still move your funds.

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  9. Gnosis

    From August 21st to 23rd, it’s dappening again! (Sorry, had to.)

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  10. IOTA

    Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Director-General Roberto Viola to Host Digital Signing; IOTA’s Director of Social Impact and Public…

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  11. Gnosis

    After a successful audit, a second round of bug bounties on the dxDAO is live

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  12. Tue April 2nd, 2019
  13. Gnosis

    An overview of how you can use $OWL tokens on our platforms

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  14. Tue March 26th, 2019
  15. Ethfinex

    Today we reveal the 12 tokens to choose from in our new token voting process. Earlier this month we announced the return of the Ethfinex token vote, with a new process that increases fairness and transparency, and we believe will result in the best quality tokens being available to trade

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  16. Fri March 22nd, 2019
  17. DAOstack

    Seeding an EcosystemFeeling DAO FOMO? Join the DAO ecosystem. “The first principle of designing the DAO stack was not to build a specific protocol or a specific application, but rather to build the soil, the ground from which a whole ecosystem can grow and thrive.” — Matan Field, Founder From the start, the...

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  18. Thu March 21st, 2019
  19. DAOstack

    Hello, Genesis Alpha community and DAOstack pollinators! This post is the result of some deep thought on the part of the DAOstack team…

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  20. Thu March 14th, 2019
  21. Gnosis

    An overview of how you can use $OWL on our platforms

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  22. Thu March 7th, 2019
  23. BTCWires

    The rise in global blockchain adoption saw another milestone today when a total of 105 blockchain founders joined hands to create the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) at the European Commission's Brussels headquarters. The formation of INATBA would help the case of blockchain adoption as the founders include…

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  24. Fri March 1st, 2019
  25. Raiden Network Blog

    Welcome back to the fourth episode of Raiden Pulse, this time covering all things Raiden that happened since the beginning of this year.

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  26. Fri February 22nd, 2019
  27. + 1 more

    The Zcash Company becomes the Electric Coin Company, the Flyingcarpet Network is being built on top of Gnosis, and Maker’s Dai Stability Fee may increase.

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  28. Tue February 19th, 2019
  29. Gnosis

    Announcing the first GECO funded projects!

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  30. Gnosis

    Here to stayWe have deployed the DutchX 2.0 smart contracts to Mainnet — those that govern the DutchX open protocol.In the first version of the DutchX smart contracts, we relinquished our “auctioneer powers.” This meant that neither Gnosis nor anyone else, had the ability to alter the contracts parameters or logic. We did...

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  31. Wed February 13th, 2019
  32. Gnosis + 1 more

    Due to a bug in the test dxDAO codebase reported during the bounty program, we are delaying its launch for another audit of the codebase.

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  33. Mon February 11th, 2019
  34. RCN_news

    We are thrilled to announce that RCN has been recently listed on the transparency-focused distributed crypto data library Messari.

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  35. Gnosis

    We have recently deployed a revised set of smart contracts governing the DutchX to the Ethereum Mainnet. Both the 1.0 smart contracts as…

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  36. Fri February 8th, 2019
  37. DAOstack

    Community Bug Bounties WorkIn this short article, we explain the recent vulnerability that resulted in approximately ~$15k being drained from the Genesis Alpha DAO on the sixth of February.Genesis Alpha is an ongoing internal experiment by DAOstack in collaboration with its Pollinators community. Genesis Alpha is the first part of a...

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  38. Thu February 7th, 2019
  39. BeInCrypto

    Whether it is the ICO spring or crypto winter, whales keep on accumulating at the expense of inexperienced cryptocurrency investors.

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  40. Mon February 4th, 2019

    A vulnerability with certain Parity Ethereum nodes was discovered and addressed, the Groundhog crypto subscription toolset was soft-launched on Groundhog Day, and Gnosis announced there will be a bug bounty program for dxDAO.

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  42. Gnosis

    Before the dxDAO vote staking period launches on February 18th, take part in the open bug bounties

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  43. Thu January 31st, 2019
  44. Wimplo

    Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is now launched on Ethereum as an ERC20 token according to a press release published on January 31. It is fully supported by Bitcoin and is now accessible for trading on vari…

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  45. BTCWires

    The wrapped Bitcoin project is a combined effort of various developers who have created a token called Wrapped Bitcoin, based on the Bitcoin core. The token was launched on the Ethereum network on January 30 and it has already been listed on various exchanges. The collaborated effort of Bitgo, Kyber…

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  46. Wed January 30th, 2019

    On Jan. 30, a group of cryptocurrency developers and organizations officially launched a project called Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on the Ethereum network.On Jan. 30, a group of cryptocurrency developers and organizations officially launched a project called Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on the Ethereum network.

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  48. Benzinga

    Bitcoin users can now leverage the Ethereum ecosystem with the launch of WBTC WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) has officially launched on Ethereum as an ERC20...

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  49. Blokt

    Wrapped Bitcoin, an ERC20 token that offers cross-chain trading capabilities has just launched, aiming to create a robust ecosystem by enhancing the Ethereum blockchain with Bitcoin’s liquidity.

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  50. Kyber Network + 1 more

    We’re pleased to share that WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) is now live on Ethereum. For those who are not familiar with the initiative, WBTC is an…

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  51. BCFocus + 12 more
  52. Mon January 28th, 2019
  53. Gnosis

    The next-generation of decentralized governance is coming

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  54. Mon January 21st, 2019
  55. BTCWires

    Enterprise Ethereum Company ConsenSys, which was founded by Joseph Lublin, and is an organization which aims to solve real-world problems with Ethereum blockchain solutions for organizations of all sizes, recently listed 12 decentralized applications (DApps) and platforms on the Ethereum network that can be used to money. The list consists of DApps for bounties…

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    TurboTax offers support for cryptocurrency reporting, Gnosis issues an arbitrage challenge for the DutchX trading protocol, and Haven Protocol is still kicking.

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  57. Blokt

    Enterprise Ethereum Company ConsenSys recently listed 12 decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum network that could make users money.

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  58. Sun January 20th, 2019
  59. BTCWires

    Bitcoin may be the world’s first applied use case of Blockchain Technology, but Ethereum is the second generation Blockchain that is making waves in the tech ecosystem. The Ethereum Blockchain facilitates the coding of Smart Contracts in a way that is not possible with the Bitcoin Blockchain. This article gives…

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  60. Sat January 19th, 2019
  61. CoinDesk

    We are way too early for “mainstream adoption” to be a sensible success metric for dapps, says Coleman Maher.

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  62. Fri January 18th, 2019

    In today’s core devs call, Vitalik Buterin and Danny Ryan discussed how the coming proof-of-stake beacon can be used to finalize the existing proof-of-work chain.

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  64. Gnosis

    The DutchX — Take Part in the Arbitrage OpportunityIt’s free money, basicallyTL;DR:* There is currently an ongoing arbitrage opportunity on the DutchX* Gnosis will in addition place $1,000,000 in DAI/ETH orders to attract market makers and demonstrate the systemThe Economics of the DutchXLike any two-sided market, the DutchX faces an inherent chicken-and-egg problem: what...

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  65. Tue January 15th, 2019

    MakerDAO rebuilds its Oasis system, the Ethereum Name Service releases a new manager app, and The Brooklyn Project and TruSet launch a community crypto-compliance initiative.

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