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  1. Mon December 9th, 2019
  2. CryptoDaily

    In this Daily chart of Golem/ USD Coin (GNT/ USDC), there is an appreciating range from 0.03209 to 0.041.

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  3. Wed November 27th, 2019
  4. Benzinga

    Traditional centralized cloud computing has become a consolidated market with heavy-weight incumbents making penetration by new market entrants difficult. As a result, the...

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  5. Tue November 26th, 2019
  6. CryptoDaily

    In this Weekly chart of Golem/ USD Coin (GNT/USDC), there is a depreciating range from 0.0556 to 0.0400.

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  7. Mon November 25th, 2019

    In part 1, we analyzed the operation of the Golem Network through the Application Registry and the Transaction Framework together with the use of the GNT token. In this second piece, we examine the progress achieved by the project and try to understand the opportunities and difficulties it might encounter…

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  9. Wed November 20th, 2019

    Golem, a project born in late 2016,  aims to combine the computing powers of several computers into a single network. It envisages the creation of a global supercomputer in which everyone can contribute by providing space and computing power in return for a reward in GNT tokens. The Global Supercomputer…

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  11. Tue November 19th, 2019
  12. BitcoinNews

    MakerDAO is transititioning to a multi-collateral model, where select ERC-20 tokens will be accepted as collateral for taking out Dai loans

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  13. Mon November 18th, 2019
  14. CryptoSlate

    MakerDAO announced the release of Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD). Despite the announcement, Maker (MKR) price remains stagnant. 

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  15. Fri November 15th, 2019
  16. BeInCrypto

    MakerDAO is upgrading its Maker (MKR) protocol, wherein Multi-Collateral DAI (MCD) will be implemented. But, the transition might be smooth.

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  17. Wed November 6th, 2019
  18. CryptoDaily

    It all began with Mastercoin, the protocol layer built on Bitcoin that pioneered the Kickstarter-style funding revolution for crypto projects way back in 2013.

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  19. Mon November 4th, 2019
  20. KryptoMoney

    The Maker Foundation CEO Rune Christensen, has confirmed Maker is prepared to launch its Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) system on Nov

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  21. Sun November 3rd, 2019
  22. + 2 more
  23. Fri November 1st, 2019
  24. DDEX

    Why people use DeFi and MakerDAO?

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  25. Fri October 11th, 2019
  26. BeInCrypto

    The man heading up the OpenLibra project has a shady past with an ICO that received a great deal of investment funds but failed to deliver.

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  27. Wed September 18th, 2019
  28. BeInCrypto

    The DefendCrypto fund to support regulatory clarity, launched by Kik Interactive in May, has so far received just $89 in public donations.

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  29. Wed September 11th, 2019
  30. UseTheBitcoin

    The cryptocurrency and blockchain network Golem announced the release of Graphene v1.0. This comes after several months in which Golem

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  31. Tue September 10th, 2019
  32. CryptoDaily

    Staying up to date, communicating, bringing together distributed teams - data distribution may be key to all these processes for 21st-century business. Unless special measures are taken

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  33. Fri September 6th, 2019
  34. PR Newswire

    HONG KONG, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, announced today that it has listed Golem's GNT to its...

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  35. Benzinga

    HONG KONG, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, announced today that it has listed Golem's GNT to its App. GNT joins...

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  36. Tue September 3rd, 2019
  37. Santiment

    We asked top 10 ERC-20 projects with the highest dev activity for the past month what they’ve been working on. Here’s what they told us.

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    Here we are with a new incremental update to our latest Golem release. While it’s still backwards-compatible with the 0.20.x line, it’s a significant improvement over the previous version.

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  39. Sun September 1st, 2019
  40. Kyber Network

    성공적이었던 ETHIndia에 이어, 카이버팀은 베를린 블록체인 주간에 참석하기 위해 8월 19일부터 25일까지 독일을 방문했습니다. 블록체인 페스티벌에 참여한 것은 이번이 두번 째 였는데요, 베를린은 역시 저희를 실망시키지 않았습니다!

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  41. Thu August 29th, 2019
  42. Kyber Network + 1 more

    Following a successful ETHIndia, the Kyber team visited Germany for Berlin Blockchain Week from 19–25 Aug. This was the 2nd year Kyber…

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  43. Wed August 28th, 2019

    Let’s dig into the activities of the CGI team, that along with the Brass team, are responsible for Golem’s first use case - Blender rendering, and researching various verticals as verification and new CGI software integrations.

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  45. Mon August 26th, 2019
  46. BeInCrypto

    With Binance banning Americans this September, investors are trading non-approved cryptocurrencies for its new US platform at a lower rate.

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  47. Tue August 20th, 2019
  48. + 1 more

    The year’s not even close to ending and Golem has plenty in stock - so here we are, touching base to let you know we have resumed our events activities and other cool news.

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  49. Fri August 16th, 2019
  50. Bitcoinist

    Altcoin fervor is definitely at a low, so much so that crypto exchange Poloniex has dropped 23 pairs citing low volume. Many of the pairs that were

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  51. Wed August 7th, 2019

    This second part comes right on time as we prepare for the release of Graphene, the LibraryOS we have been building in a working group with Intel, ITL, Chia-Che Tsai and Don Porter.

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  53. Tue August 6th, 2019
  54. NewsBTC

    Data shows that Bitcoin (BTC) has been dominating trading volume on major exchanges like Coinbase, which signals that traders are not interested in altcoins

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  55. CryptoSlate

    Trading volume on Coinbase Pro shows lackluster interest in these altcoins from investors while BTC dominates trading volume.

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  56. Mon August 5th, 2019
  57. BeInCrypto

    The StockTwits platform is the largest social network focused on stock and cryptocurrency prices as well as market sentiment.

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  58. Fri August 2nd, 2019

    We have already introduced Chia-Che Tsai, who told us how important was Mona’s role in kickstarting a more formalized workflow that paved the way for the growth of Graphene. From Chia-Che’s thesis to a full-blown project, Graphene has certainly defied expectations.

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  60. Wed July 31st, 2019
  61. Benzinga

    ZUG, Switzerland, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Bitcoin Oil GmbH today announces the official opening of its Swiss based office, located in the Crypto Valley Labs in Zug,...

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  62. Tue July 23rd, 2019

    One of our community members e-mailed Piotr some of these questions, and after some consideration, he decided to answer them - however, we believe that transparency and equal access to information are paramount for a healthy, thriving community.

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  64. Thu July 18th, 2019

    So now Golem’s ready to present its 2019 Mid Term Goals Update, also in its Kanban form

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  66. BitcoinNews

    Blockchain technology’s advantage as an immutable, encrypted, and secure distributed ledger is well known. The ability for multiple parties can write data to the blockchain or access the data, and know that the data on the blockchain is trustworthy since it cannot be modified or deleted, is one that is...

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  67. Wed July 17th, 2019

    Waiting for the test results of the release candidate First of all, thank you for welcoming gWasm! Following up on the feedback from the first few days of your usage of Brass Golem 0.20, we’re here with a small patch release, addressing the few most cumbersome issues that you have...

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  69. Tue July 16th, 2019
  70. Bitcoinist

    A weather app is generating 96 percent of total transactions on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, according to CoinMetrics. The Massachusetts-based data

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  71. Thu July 11th, 2019

    Here we are with our newest baby - the shiny new major release - Brass Golem Beta 0.20.0 which comes with a whole lot of goodies for you to play around with.

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  73. Mon July 1st, 2019

    TL;DR? gWasm is our new use-case AND a core part of the Golem API, and developers can already build their Golem integrations through it. As the Golem API/Task API development progresses, both gWasm and the API will get better.

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  75. Sun June 30th, 2019

    Distributed ledger technology (DLT) project Golem (GNT) on June 28, 2019, announced the launch of a new entity called the Golem Foundation. According to the Medium post, the Foundation will help the Golem ecosystem in developing new and innovative blockchain solutions and subsequently uplift its market stature. Top Management Shuffle…

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