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  1. Thu April 18th, 2019

    (Golem: a few months ago, Phillip, one of our longest standing community members helping out with tech support - reached us out as he had been building a web gateway for people to pay with their credit cards to submit tasks to the network. Now Phillip takes the charge and...

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  3. Thu April 11th, 2019
  4. Bitpanda

    Bitpanda has begun 2019 by gearing up for an interesting year and March 2019 has been one of the busiest months in Bitpanda’s history…

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  5. Wed April 10th, 2019

    Golem is proud to announce a new milestone in collaboration with Intel, ITL and researchers Don Porter and Chia-Che Tsai (now faculty at UNC and Texas A&M University). We are working to deliver a production-grade solution for application portability, security, and data integrity - at this stage directed towards decentralized...

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    Graphene is an open-source project, providing a general-purpose implementation of POSIX and the Linux APIs for use in a lightweight, virtualized environment. We have been working hard to launch the Graphene Workgroup and we are looking forward to building this great technology. It has incredible potential, but enough with the...

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  8. Tue April 9th, 2019
  9. + 1 more

    The Golem project is one of crypto’s most well funded - and has remained so throughout the crypto winter. Although development of the project’s decentralized supercomputer has progressed at a snail’s pace, both price and onchain activity have turned bullish in 2019.

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  10. Mon April 8th, 2019
  11. AMBCrypto + 1 more

    The Indian crypto community received some shocking news on 30 March when Coindelta, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, shut down its services abruptly. This news came after the Supreme Court of India adjourned the ‘Crypto v. RBI’ case within minutes of hearing and postponed it till July. This not only disappointed...

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  12. Thu April 4th, 2019

    Whew… It took us a bit longer than we had anticipated but here we are with the much-awaited patch release - Brass Golem Beta 0.19.1. First of all, a big, big thank you to our ever-eager group of faithful users and fans. We really appreciate all your feedback, your logs...

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  14. Tue April 2nd, 2019

    Lowering the barriers of entry for users and developers is something the decentralized ecosystem recognizes as a big pain point. Comprehensive, complete and ordered documentation is one of the elements to address towards the aforementioned goal. Our UX team has been working in close collaboration with our developers on researching...

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  16. Wed March 20th, 2019
  17. Hacked

    The price of the Golem’s GNT token gained 23% during Wednesday’s price spike, which saw the token value climb as high as $0.092 – a new quarterly …

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  18. Tue March 19th, 2019
  19. BTCWires

    If you have read our beginner's guide to dApps, you would know how effective and versatile these dApps, or decentralized applications, can be. Besides, if you have kept abreast of the blockchain scene as well, you can probably guess what one of the most popular platforms for dApps is. It…

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  20. Fri March 15th, 2019

    Last week, Marcin Benke, advisor to our R&D team, presented for the first time, at EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) in Paris -  our latest research on price models. Golem has been dedicating substantial efforts to R&D lately, as you may be able to see. Last week we published the Model...

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  22. Thu March 14th, 2019
  23. Streamr

    On the 13th March 2019 we held a LIVE Telegram AMA with Streamr CEO, Henri Pihkala. Here’s a transcript of the answers:

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  24. Coingape

    Coinbase’s professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro is supporting Stellar Lumens (XLM) which is currently the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The announcement released on [...]

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  25. Thu March 7th, 2019
  26. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin [BTC], the very first digital currency often referred to as the king of the cryptoverse, has been recognized as a revolution ever since its inception. Interestingly, along with the idea of a digitalized and decentralized economy, the coin’s underlying technology, Blockchain Technology has gained a lot of traction across...

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  27. Wed March 6th, 2019

    Civil is back, Golem proposes Model 0 for Sybil attack resistance, and prominent Ethereans introduce an Ethereum Community Code of Conduct.

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    Authors: Marcin Benke, Jakub Konka, Łukasz Gleń Thanks to María Paula Fernández With Golem, you can exchange computational power as a commodity or as a service for GNT (Golem Network Tokens): the requestors rent the providers’ computation power in order to compute their tasks, and their interactions constitute the market...

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  30. Thu February 28th, 2019
  31. Crypto-News India

    When Zebpay had decided to shut down its business in India last year, it had come as a major surprise to all of us. They were India’s largest exchange at t

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    Golem ditches Medium in favor of Ghost, 0x Extensions feature enables different exchange types, and Set Protocol introduces Strategy Enabled Tokens.

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    After more than two years on Medium, we decided to migrate to Ghost - an open-source, reliable alternative that’s been growing in adoption by other Blockchain projects.

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  34. Wed February 27th, 2019
  35. BeInCrypto

    We thoroughly analyzed the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange in our unbiased Coinbase review. Here are the results.

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  36. Tue February 26th, 2019
  37. AMBCrypto

    Hong Kong, Release: 26 February, 2019 LocalCoinSwap, the world’s first community-owned, decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency exchange, has officially launched and is taking direct aim at LocalBitcoins with a fresh new mobile-first design, no KYC and a platform that gives 100% of its profit back to the crypto...

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  38. AMBCrypto

    Hong Kong, Release: 26 February 2019, LocalCoinSwap, the world’s first community-owned, decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency exchange, has officially launched and is taking direct aim at LocalBitcoins with a fresh new mobile-first design, no KYC and a platform that gives 100% of its profit back to the community....

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  39. Wed February 20th, 2019

    Hi, Golem fans and friends — long time no see — no, we’ve not gone stealth, we were busy preparing our new major release. We’re excited…

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  41. Tue February 19th, 2019
  42. Santiment

    We take a closer look at 11 biggest segments of the crypto industry, compare their performance and analyze their relative size &…

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  43. Fri February 8th, 2019
  44. Aragon

    Gorka joins Aragon One as a Frontend Developer. He has a long background working in tech and likes to experiment with new tech and software

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  45. Thu February 7th, 2019
  46. BeInCrypto

    Whether it is the ICO spring or crypto winter, whales keep on accumulating at the expense of inexperienced cryptocurrency investors.

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  47. Mon February 4th, 2019
  48. WeTrust Blog

    In the not so distant future… you want to start a decentralized Internet company, BUT there are a lot of pieces that need to be in place…

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  49. Thu January 31st, 2019

    ICONOMI Financial Report — Q4 2018Many things change in a dynamic environment, and this is also true for the crypto industry, which in 2018 experienced another 180-degree change of sentiment. This change affected everything and everyone, but its most important impact was as a cleanser. 2017 ended with a lot of hype, luring...

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  51. Tue January 29th, 2019
  52. U.Today

    2018 has been an anniversary milestone for the network economy, the sharing economy, and blockchain. And they all come together beautifully Contents The Network Economy 1. The Law of Connection 2. The Law of Plentitude 3. The Law of Exponential Value 4. The Law of Tipping Points 5. The Law...

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  53. Mon January 28th, 2019
  54. U.Today

    Short-term Bitcoin price prediction: What should we expect in February?

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  55. U.Today

    Venezuela has defaulted on two of its US dollar-denominated sovereign bonds issued back in 2017-2018

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  56. U.Today

    A bearish turn in the cryptocurrency markets has seen the price of XRP fall below a key support of $0.30

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  57. Sat January 26th, 2019
  58. U.Today

    2018 has been an anniversary milestone for the network economy, the sharing economy, and blockchain. And they all come together beautifully

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  59. Thu January 24th, 2019
  60. Primalbase

    The early stages of blockchain’s development focused on how it could be used to create new digital currencies. The Bitcoin blockchain…

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  61. Tue January 22nd, 2019
  62. CryptoDaily

    Ethereum (ETH) is all set to break out against Bitcoin (BTC) in the weeks ahead. The weekly chart for ETH/BTC shows that the price is trading close to the 5 Week EMA.

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  63. CoinScribble

    What is the investment landscape of cryptocurrencies? For investors looking to go into the crypto market, it is sensible to know which coins have the most soli

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  64. Sat January 19th, 2019
  65. CoinDesk

    We are way too early for “mainstream adoption” to be a sensible success metric for dapps, says Coleman Maher.

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  66. Fri January 18th, 2019
  67. BTCWires

    Golem is a  decentralized supercomputer, which uses Blockchain technology to share computational power. In the Golem ecosystem, one can rent spare computational resources to others who need that extra bit of Computational power or request some computational power for completing the task at hand. Are you intrigued by the Golem’s concept,…

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  68. CoinScribble

    A high level of security and immutability from malicious attacks made the new version of decentralized applications an extremely attractive investment to any th

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  69. Thu January 17th, 2019
  70. BTCWires

    Stellar(XLM) grabbed everyone’s attention during the crypto trade market peak in late 2017. So, you have decided to join the crypto club, or you want to add Stellar to your already long list of the crypto portfolio, then you have arrived at the right place. This article would serve as…

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