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  1. Thu May 16th, 2019
  2. ProBit Exchange

    In response to the Korean cryptocurrency community’s requests, ProBit Exchange will begin a large-scale listing effort of coins to provide…

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  3. Tue May 14th, 2019
  4. ProBit Exchange

    Amidst the recent allegations and controversies surrounding Cashierest, a leading exchange in Korea, Probit Exchange has decided to list…

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  5. Mon April 22nd, 2019
  6. Bitcoinist

    Not sure if Bitcoin has bottomed out yet? Check out these top 5 altcoins that show the bull run is officially up and running.

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  7. Fri April 19th, 2019
  8. Coingape

    Bitcoin broke the weekly high to trade above $5300 on 20th April 20, 2019. Most of the traders still feel that Bitcoin (BTC) is in [...]

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  9. Wed April 3rd, 2019
  10. Santiment

    We reached out to top 10 ERC-20 projects with highest dev activity for the past month. Here’s what March’s top BUIDLers have been working…

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  11. Wed March 6th, 2019

    Recently added MCO, MANA, ODE, XEM

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  13. Tue February 26th, 2019
  14. Viberate blog

    From 3 believers — Matej, Vasja, and Umek to a 50 person team, everybody breathing the same vision — to revolutionize the music industry.

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  15. Thu February 21st, 2019
  16. CryptoDaily

    Following the small gains we saw earlier in the week for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market, the choices traders are given seems to be getting harder every day.

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  17. ZyCrypto

    As the bulls continue to control the movement of trading prices and market capitalizations, trading choices can get harder with each passing

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  18. Wed February 20th, 2019
  19. TheCryptoUpdates

    Crypto Custodian Bitgo is offering an insurance cover of $100 million against the loss or theft of cryptographic keys.

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  20. Tue February 19th, 2019

    It’s all go for!

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  22. Mon February 18th, 2019
  23. Chepicap + 1 more

    Binance has announced the addition of two new trading pairs for the Holo (HOT) cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange.

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  24. Sun February 10th, 2019
  25. ZyCrypto

    A lot has happened in the industry over the week and like every other week, we have handpicked the best stories and summarised them for you

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  26. Sat February 9th, 2019
  27. CryptoDaily

    It’s time for another weekly round-up of the news that matters in the cryptosphere this week. We have seen numerous suggestions that a Bitcoin ETF may see approval in the coming months, news regarding XRP market cap manipulation, and even a massive blockchain acquisition from Facebook.

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  28. Thu February 7th, 2019
  29. U.Today

    While the cryptocurrency market remains in limbo, Bitcoin trading volumes took a nosedive this January

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  30. Wed February 6th, 2019
  31. CryptoDaily

    It seems like there is new Ripple news surfacing every day and today is no different. Similar to past transactions, Ripple has just moved more than $300 million worth of XRP from one of its several escrow accounts to an unknown place.

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  32. Tue February 5th, 2019
  33. ZyCrypto

    Like several past transactions, Ripple just moved $302 million worth of XRP from one of its several escrow accounts to an unknown destination.

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  34. Mon February 4th, 2019
  35. ZyCrypto

    Many crypto enthusiasts, analysts, and experts have predicted that 2019 will be the year of crypto. However, some cryptocurrencies will lead

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  36. Sat February 2nd, 2019
  37. U.Today

    Was Holo’s rising popularity on Twitter a major catalyst for the token’s impressive growth this January?

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  38. Fri February 1st, 2019
  39. Chepicap

    Despite most cryptos are in red over the last 24 hours, a clear winner is emerging. With gains close to 20%, Holochain (HOT) is currently the best performer from the top 100 tokens by market capitalization.

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  40. Thu January 31st, 2019
  41. U.Today

    Holo experienced a week of turbulent activity on Telegram, which contributed to a 226 perecent spike in its weekly trading volume

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  42. Mon January 28th, 2019
  43. Chepicap is the first crypto exchange to shut down in 2019, citing insufficient liquidity. Here's a summary of all you need to know about the closure of this trading platform.Why did the exchange have to shut down? The official announcement from Liqui claimed that it was "no longer able...

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  44. Chepicap was the first major exchange closure of 2019, as it announced today that it would be putting trading on hold indefinitely. Is this an isolated incident, or could it be part of a larger trend?Read more: Liqui exchange shuts down; "no longer able to provide liquidity" Based in Ukraine, Liqui...

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  45. ZyCrypto

    At this rate, it would be accurate to say that the current patterns in terms of price movement in the cryptocurrency market have left traders

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  46. Chepicap

    Following a relatively quiet period over the past week, bitcoin and the total market cap remained steady with the market cap holding $120 billion while bitcoin remained stable at $3,550. Bloody Monday appears to have arrived and things are back to looking bearish. Bitcoin saw a 3.48% decline in price, dropping...

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  47. Sun January 27th, 2019
  48. Chepicap

    Amongst a sea of moderate losses, there are only a handful of coins that remain in the green.Bitcoin has shown some slight negative movement with a 0.73% decrease, once again dipping below the $3,600 mark to $3,586.35. XRP and Ethreum are both down 2.30% to $0.31 and $114.40 respectively. EOS...

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  49. Coingape

    With over 10 percent gains, Tron is leading the prices in the crypto market while defying the bears. This surge led Tron to briefly climb [...]

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  50. Sat January 26th, 2019
  51. Coingape

    Amidst the ongoing bear market which is currently seeing greens, a few of the cryptocurrencies are performing well. With over 27 percent gains and surging [...]

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  52. Chepicap

    The market is characterized by mostly sideways movement today. However, scattered amongst the list are a few top earners bringing the total market cap to nearly $121 billion.Bitcoin has once again breached the $3,600 mark as it gains 1% in the last 24 hours now trading at $3,623.28. XRP and...

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  53. Thu January 24th, 2019
  54. Chepicap

    Today saw the market take a slight step up towards higher levels, though only a handful of coins showed real promise. No major dumps seem to be going on just now and in general, a sense of calm has overtaken the market.Coin Market Capitalization/Bitcoin Dominance Current market capitalization is at...

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  55. CCN

    The cryptocurrency market was relatively sluggish on Thursday, though the Bitcoin price saw a slight uptick toward $3,600.

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  56. Chepicap

    Despite the recent news on CBOE ETF withdrawal, the market seems to be pretty stable, although most are in red with only few exceptions.Top 10 All the top 10 are in red, except TRON (TRX) that gains by 1.97% in the past 24 hours, which might have to do with...

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  57. Sun January 20th, 2019
  58. Coingape

    After rising above $3,700 yesterday, Bitcoin is yet again down to around $3,500 as it losses over 4 percent. As the top altcoins crash harder [...]

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  59. Wed January 9th, 2019
  60. U.Today

    GSX Group’s CEO Nick Cowan claims that it was ‘an easy decision’ to list XRP given that it’s one of the major currencies

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  61. U.Today

    Regulatory divergence remains one of the major pain points in the global crypto space, but Europe could be spearheading a change

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  62. Fri January 4th, 2019
  63. CryptoBlockWire

    One of the top performing cryptocurrencies of the day is REPO. REPO (REPO) is currently up 72.75% compared to USD over the last 24 hours, ending at 07:00

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  64. Thu December 27th, 2018
  65. BTCWires

    We know that decentralization is a major characteristic of both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that should not be compromised. However, it often so happens that concerns about centralization surface, thereby posing a threat to the very precepts of the technology in question. While decentralization is a major buzzword in the…

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  66. Tue December 11th, 2018
  67. Chepicap

    A staff of Learning Paths created short descriptions for all top 100 coins that will help anyone memorize easily. If you ever feeling confused while checking the market cap of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, these short descriptions of each coin  will definitely help you to recognize what those letter combinations actually...

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  68. Tue November 20th, 2018
  69. LiveBitcoinNews

    Bitcoin's value continues to fall, dropping over 15 percent in the past 24 hours. Yet, according to John McAfee there's no need to panic.

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  70. Sat November 17th, 2018
  71. CryptoBlockWire

    Insight Chain (INB) traded up 5.78% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on November 17, 2018.

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