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  1. Wed January 22nd, 2020
  2. Coingape

    Tron, the Justin Sun-led smart contracting platform, has the most active users ahead of both EOS and Ethereum.

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    PHI, a Japanese distributed ledger technology (DLT) project that is part of the IOST (IOST) developer community, is co-hosting a blockchain summit with IOST in Switzerland, as part of plans to promote the GUILD project, an IOST-powered decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), according to a blog post on January 20, 2020.…

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  4. Sat December 14th, 2019
  5. OracleTimes

    2019 has been an interesting and exciting year for crypto. Despite the really fluctuating prices in the crypto market, the interest in Bitcoin and digital assets has been on the rise this year. Also, the projects behind the cryptos have been moving further with various developments and innovations. More than…

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  6. Wed December 11th, 2019
  7. ZyCrypto

    Months ago, Binance announced its Binance US and began to accept deposits from US citizens on September 18, starting with Bitcoin (BTC),

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  8. Fri December 6th, 2019

    BTCMANAGER recently spoke to Terrence Wang, co-founder of IOST, an ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm, Proof of Believability (PoB). Wang summarized IOST’s key milestones & achievements for the year of 2019 & discussed the company’s focus in 2020. Mainnet Launch The IOST mainnet was officially…

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  10. Fri November 15th, 2019
  11. OKEx Blog

    Revisit the live chat with 5,500+ fans about our plans and development

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  12. Mon November 11th, 2019

    Jimmy Zhong is a young & aspiring serial entrepreneur, who founded tech startups in both the U.S. and in China His passion for startups has been cultivated and growing since 2009 when he co-founded the largest student union & student travel agent in Beijing. Leaving his hometown to pursue higher…

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  14. Wed November 6th, 2019
  15. Cindicator

    An experiment by Cindicator Lab found that cryptocurrency forecasts formed through debates in small groups are more accurate and valuable.

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  16. Aion

    As we approach the launch of Unity in the next few weeks, we are thrilled to announce our validator launch partners! It has been a great…

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  17. Wed October 30th, 2019
  18. CoinSpeaker

    FXT exchange announced that it has launched Futures platform tracking an Index of 8 China cryptocurrencies after the blockchain endorsement by China’s President Xi Jinping.

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  19. OKEx Blog

    Our user-centric principle drives the growth of the blockchain community and ecosystem

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  20. Mon October 28th, 2019
  21. ZyCrypto

    Over the last three days, cryptocurrencies have registered one of the biggest price jumps and crypto enthusiasts are more optimistic than

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  22. Sat October 12th, 2019
  23. Coingape

    While the second quarter of Ethereum application users was not such an active one, the wave of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has brought in more than [...]

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  24. Thu October 10th, 2019
  25. CryptoSlate

    The transaction volume of dapps built on 6 main blockchains went down 40 percent in Q3 2019, while just 148 new dapps launched in the whole quarter. According to the report from Dapp Market, crypto gambling apps and DeFi accounted for the majority of the transaction volume, leaving many to...

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  26. Wed October 9th, 2019
  27. ZyCrypto

    Tron (TRX) is now the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency with a $1.13 billion market cap. After swimming in a blood bath for quite some time,

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  28. Tue October 8th, 2019
  29. ZyCrypto

    Justin Sun, Tron's lead, today shared a report by, which showed that the platform added 500,000 users in quarter 3 of 2019 alone —

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  30. Fri September 20th, 2019
  31. Coingape

    Blockchain project incubator, Huobi Labs has announced its winter intake and is inviting blockchain projects to forward their applications for consideration ahead of its Silicon [...]

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  32. Thu September 19th, 2019
  33. OKEx Blog

    Will it be a game-changer to the existing financial system?

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  34. Wed September 18th, 2019
  35. Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

    As part of our institutional pivot, we are reducing the trading pairs that are currently listed on the GBX-DAX. We intend to focus on a core group of digital assets, which include the more established, high profile cryptocurrencies, as well as a range of tokens brought over from the GBX-GRID...

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  36. Tue September 17th, 2019

    According to an official announcement made by the IOST Foundation on September 17, IOST is partnering with JustCo, Asia's leading coworking space provider in order to launch the IOST Launchpad, an initiative to boost the IOST decentralized ecosystem. JustCo Becomes an IOST Node The IOST Foundation revealed the IOST Launchpad…

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  38. Sun September 15th, 2019
  39. Official Changelly Blog

    Price prediction of IOST for 2019-2020. We analyzed IOST price history, important news and fundamental reasons for the asset to grow or fall.

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  40. OracleTimes

    Tron was recently in the news when its founder, Justin Sun, said that he’s expecting to launch the next phase of the company’s $20 million buyback plan soon. He is also reportedly planning to reschedule his lunch with Warren Buffet which was canceled a while ago. Tron enthusiasts already know...

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  41. Fri September 13th, 2019

    In a blog post on September 13, 2019, IOST Foundation, the team behind the IOST ultra-high TPS blockchain platform announced its partnership with INFUN, a blockchain game publisher. The collaboration will enable INFUN to use its products & resources to foster the growth of the IOST ecosystem and launch a…

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  43. OKEx Blog

    Here’s everything you shouldn’t miss about OKEx this week

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  44. Fri September 6th, 2019
  45. OKEx Blog

    Here’s everything you shouldn’t miss about OKEx this week

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  46. Wed September 4th, 2019

    Crypto Sanguo stragedy MMO crypto game on the IOST blockchain. By playing the game players mine SGT tokens and earn IOST dividends.

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  48. Mon September 2nd, 2019
  49. kucoinexchange

    KuCoin NewsIntroducing Pool-X: The Next Generation PoS Mining Pool Launches Indonesia Community Launches Arabic Community Meetup Delhi to be held on September 8 KCS and Get Lucky Tickets Team Completes 500,000 KCS Burn Team Completes Extra KCS Burn for the Eighth Week & PromosHarmony (ONE) Listing Campaign: 2,820,000 ONE to Give...

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  50. Thu August 29th, 2019
  51. ZyCrypto ( has announced a strategic partnership with Infinito, a leading provider of in blockchain-based products, solutions, and

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  52. Mon August 26th, 2019
  53. OracleTimes

    Tron is under the spotlight these days again. The Tron community grows larger with each passing day, and more developers and startups are now migrating to the Tron network. Just recently, the Tron Foundation made an announcement and said that they added eight new Dapps on the Tron network. Tron...

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  54. Fri August 16th, 2019
  55. OKEx Blog

    This tool helps you balance the risk vs. reward of your portfolio

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  56. Wed August 14th, 2019
  57. CryptoDaily

    The blockchain industry is developing and there is no stopping it. What started out more than 10 years ago as an obscure and highly criticized technology burdened down

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  58. Mon August 12th, 2019
  59. Dcoin Exchange

    1 minute to learn about blockchain & digital currency news

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  60. Fri August 2nd, 2019
  61. Huobi Global

    Tutorial: Lock HT On Huobi Pool & Get HPT Rewards!STEP-BY-STEPA. How to Lock HT via HBG website :1. After login on <>, click ‘Balances’ sub-menu option and select ‘Exchange Account’ option. (Alternatively, directly access this page via <>.A.2 Click the ‘HT locking and mining’ button in the top right-hand corner of the...

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  62. Thu August 1st, 2019
  63. Blokt

    Huobi Wallet tweeted that it will soon become a Tezos baker and support XTZ. We also look at other significant recent developments for Huobi and Tezos.

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  64. Wed July 24th, 2019
  65. KuCoin Updates and Further Information Blog

    Soft Staking is KuCoin's latest program that allows users to stake tokens directly on the Exchange. Learn how it works and the benefits this can bring you.

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  66. Wed July 17th, 2019
  67. CoinSpeaker

    From the Foundation they said they hope that the partnership with Boomstarter will provide cryptocurrency channels for international backers to support indie creators, makers and developers by accepting crowdfunds in IOST.

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  68. Mon July 8th, 2019
  69. NewsBTC

    Public Blockchain CMC Ranking Program Language Consensus Algorithm Official Released TPS Tested Avg. TPS Tested Peak TPS EOS 6 C++ DPoS 3000 2200 2400 NEO

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  70. Sat July 6th, 2019
  71. Crypto Maniaks

    Do you remember Myspace? The first social networking platform to ever exist. It boasted millions of users and employed hundreds of developers. Then Facebook came along -- stole all the users. Developers soon followed. Could the same be happening to Ethereum?

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  72. Fri July 5th, 2019
  73. OracleTimes

    It was recently reported that June 25 was the day when Tron celebrated its first year of independence. The community was expecting to hear more from Justin Sun, and it did not take him long to come with new and exciting announcements. The next months are indeed very important, and...

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  74. Thu July 4th, 2019
  75. NewsBTC

    In their path to perfection, a new dApp research report reveals that Ethereum is preferred by developers. It also links ETH prices with activity.

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