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  1. Sat April 4th, 2020
  2. AMBCrypto

    Following the rest of the pack, IOTA, Ontology, and Ravencoin were among the altcoins recording corrections after a brief surge. However, these crypto-assets continued to remain bullish, with the possibility of a quick trend reversal on the charts. 24th ranked IOTA recorded a decline of 4.85 percent over the past...

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  3. Fri April 3rd, 2020
  4. CoinTelegraph

    The Crypto Rating Council brings more regulatory clarity to crypto by analyzing whether certain coins constitute securities.

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  5. AMBCrypto

    Several altcoins have been trending downwards since 7 March, with many of these alts breaching major supports post the market crash on 12 March. However, these altcoins were able to maintain stable support, at the time of writing. Although short-term downward breakouts were seen, IOTA, Qtum, and Huobi Token, among...

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    Last year, Coinbase and several other large players in the industry came together to form a ratings council for U.S. authorities to better determine if a cryptoasset was a security or not. In the Crypto Ratings Council’s latest evaluation, IOTA was given a score of two out of five, where one...

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  7. ZyCrypto

    Zilliqa is rightfully considered one of the most strategic and future-oriented cryptocurrencies now in 2020. It has a strong potential of

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  8. Thu April 2nd, 2020
  9. CoinTelegraph

    IOTA competitor Nodle Network, which has five million active nodes, is moving from Stellar to its own blockchain.

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  10. BTCWires

    Recently, IOTA Foundation published a detailed clarification of what the Coordinator, which is a centralized synchronization node in the IOTA network, will be replaced with. As per the clarification, the Coordinator centralized node is currently used to choose legitimate transactions in the Tangle DAG-based information structure. Accordingly, the Coordinator chooses…

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  11. AMBCrypto

    Monacoin and Bitcoin Diamond are leading the way with respect to their relative performance against the likes of IOTA. With over 50% in gains over the last 90 days for both MONA and BCD, IOTA doesn’t even come close since its price change was recorded to be -11%. IOTA Perhaps,...

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  12. U.Today + 1 more

    The IOTA (MIOTA) distributed ledger platform, designed to fuel IoT devices, will shed its semi-decentralized status. This sophisticated process is called Coordicide.

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  13. Wed April 1st, 2020

    Things Labs, a firm that claims to be a specific competence center for internet of things (IoT) and blockchain technology, has developed a new permanode service for IOTA (MIOTA). The firm says its IOTA Permanode service comes with ‘industry-grade’ features and preserves the transaction information for longer periods, according to...

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  15. AMBCrypto

    The cryptocurrency market has been consolidating after the market’s latest price rally. While not all coins sustained bullish trends, a few altcoins, however, were eyeing a potential move upwards in a bid to surpass previously breached resistances. Litecoin [LTC] In an effort to bolster Litecoin adoption, the Litecoin Foundation recently...

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  16. Tue March 31st, 2020
  17. AMBCrypto

    As the cryptocurrency market heals from the market’s inherent volatility to recover some gains, some altcoins are still warding off the bears in the market. EOS EOS managed to shed 12.08% of its valuation, after the drastic fall on 12 March. The coin has been trying to recover from the...

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  18. Mon March 30th, 2020
  19. AMBCrypto

    Cardano, IOTA, and ICON – all three altcoins are recovering much better than many major coins. All three coins have managed to find stable support, even though short-term breakouts have been indicated here and there. Ranked 14 on CoinMarketCap, the developers behind Cardano have been coming up unique software developments...

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  20. Sun March 29th, 2020
  21. AMBCrypto

    BTC has been maintaining $6,100-$6,500 post the heavy losses on March 12. Similarly, altcoins are also maintaining their long-time supports and trying to recover the losses. The recent fluctuations of altcoins like Ethereum Classic [ETC], Tron and IOTA, though indicate a bearish trend. Ethereum Classic [ETC] Ethereum Classic [ETC] was...

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  22. Sat March 28th, 2020
  23. CoinTelegraph

    A team based in Madrid, one of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic, has released an Iota Tango platform that helps combat the coronavirus.

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  24. Bitcoinist

    A just-released report from Bitmex shows that Bitcoin platform development continues to grow and diversify. But who's funding it? Read on.

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  25. AMBCrypto

    Privacy coin Monero and other altcoins like IOTA and NANO are among those to have suffered as a result of the market’s wild volatility. While the fortunes of all these altcoins have varied, they’ve all faced the brunt of the king coin’s price fluctuations. This has turned out to be...

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  26. Wed March 25th, 2020
  27. TheCryptoUpdates

    Cryptocurrency payment platform is introducing a new invoicing feature, that will enable merchants on the platform to generate

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  28. Cryptopolitan

    Popular cryptocurrency payments platform has launched a new cryptocurrency invoicing feature that enables merchants and retailers to generate invoices for amounts paid in cryptocurrencies, an official press release announced […]

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  29. Tue March 24th, 2020
  30. CryptoSlate + 3 more

    Cryptocurrency payment platform announced the launch of a new invoicing feature. The feature will allow Pay merchants to generate and send invoices to customers in BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, ETH and coin. Crypto invoicing feature introduced to Paying with cryptocurrencies is slowly beginning to look a...

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  31. Thu March 19th, 2020
  32. AMBCrypto

    2020 proved to be the year that reiterated the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. While most coins got off to a great start at the beginning of the year, March broke that narrative, with most of the market soon registering lackluster performances across the board. Interestingly, in the last three days,...

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  33. Wed March 18th, 2020
  34. KryptoMoney

    The IOTA price consolidates with the rest of the crypto-assets. At the beginning of the week, uncertainty returned and bleeding

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  35. Tue March 17th, 2020
  36. BitcoinNews + 1 more

    Bitcoin Press Release: With XRouter and the Blocknet Protocol, Blocknet has laid the foundation for a “decentralized Infura”,    17 March 2020, Austin, TX – Blockchain interoperability protocol Blocknet has laid the foundation for a decentralized Infura. Infura allowed developers the freedom to run a node without needing to worry about its maintenance...

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  37. CryptoGazette

    The global markets fell pretty hard during the past week, and as you probably know by now, the crypto market was affected as well. Bitcoin fell more than 50% in a couple of days, and now it seems that the most important coin is trading in the green. At the...

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  38. Sun March 15th, 2020
  39. BitcoinNews

    For just 50 cents worth of crypto internet users can now feed a sheep in real-time Twitch user Tanglesheep has launched an ingenious crypto business, where Twitch viewers can send USD 0.50 of cryptocurrency, which will then instantly dispense alfalfa pellets to a sheep in real-time, which can be watched...

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  40. Thu March 12th, 2020
  41. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin’s dramatic crash today pulled the collective market cap of the crypto market to a low of $164 billion, even as the king coin’s dominance remained intact at 65.8%. This contributed to many altcoins losing all their 2020 gains, while touching new lows for the year. IOTA IOTA sustained a...

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  42. CoinDesk

    Using his personal holdings will help protect the IOTA Foundation's 12-month runway, according to David Sonstebo.

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  43. Wed March 11th, 2020
  44. CryptoDaily

    It’s been almost a month since the huge attack on the Iota Foundation. And since then, they have brought their network back online.

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    The IOTA Foundation, the nonprofit organization in charge of the IOTA (MIOTA) network, has announced that Coordinator, a temporary security mechanism for the IOTA network has now been reinstated following the Trinity wallet hack that took place last month, according to a blog post on March 10, 2020. IOTA (MIOTA)…

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  46. KryptoMoney

    As at the time of writing, IOT/USD is changing hands at $0.1973, largely unchanged daily; although IOT/USD has lost more

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  47. Tue March 10th, 2020
  48. CoinTelegraph

    The Iota network has been down for almost a month following a $2 million theft from the platform’s Trinity Wallets.

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  49. Cryptopolitan

    IOTA network is finally back online after suffering from a sever hack that caused a loss of around two million

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  50. Bitcoinist

    The IOTA Foundation has restarted value transactions on the Tangle, marking a major step in the platform’s recovery from a major security breach. Although

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  51. U.Today + 5 more

    The past year was a pretty good one for IOTA. Until last month, when the nascent crypto asset project was impacted by a significant hack event that brought the network to its knees. Can it recover?

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  53. Mon March 9th, 2020
  54. BeInCrypto

    BeInCrypto women dished on everything from their favorite cryptocurrency to what drew them into the space and why women are vital to the market.

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  55. Sun March 8th, 2020
  56. BTCWires

    The cyber attack against the IOTA's Trinity Wallet occurred in mid-February. In those days, on February 12, IOTA had tweeted that the team was researching a suspicious circumstance with the Trinity Wallet. It was accepted to be an organized assault with the villains expecting to steal balances from 40 GI+…

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  57. UseTheBitcoin

    The founder of IOTA David Sønstebø informed that he will take the responsibility and pay the users that were affected by the IOTA hack last month. In this …

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  58. Sat March 7th, 2020
  59. CoinTelegraph

    Cointelegraph spoke with Iota’s founder David Sønstebø on his decision to repay $1.97 million in MIOTA to the victims of the recent hack.

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    In a recent Tweet, IOTA (MIOTA) co-founder David Sonstebo said that he’d be compensating the victims of the Trinity Wallet hack from his own cryptocurrency holdings. Sonstebo posted the Tweet on March 7, 2020. IOTA Co-Founder to Compensate Trinity Wallet Attack Victims In a grand goodwill gesture, German distributed ledger…

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