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  1. Fri September 14th, 2018
  2. iXledger

    As we’re getting closer to releasing our marketplace, our focus has moved from theoretical cases into creating practical applications…

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  3. Fri August 31st, 2018
  4. iXledger

    This is the first in a series introducing key members of the iXledger team and their department’s role in driving the project forward.

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  5. Wed August 15th, 2018
  6. iXledger

    Moving forwardiXledger has achieved a great deal in its first year!We’re working to develop our products with our various partners. At the same time, we’re taking strides on our core Marketplace, which will truly set us apart in the field.Commercial DevelopmentThe Engineering team has been hard at work. Their development of a...

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  7. Mon July 30th, 2018
  8. iXledger

    iXledger Weekly UpdateCommercial DevelopmentWe made it!iXledger reached a major turning point in its development with the release of a live product, the first of its kind on the market, already pulling in clients. Blockchain Insurance provides blockchain companies an assessment tool with connections to London brokers, making insurance tailored to the risks...

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  9. Fri July 20th, 2018
  10. iXledger

    Inaugural Product Live on the iXledger Blockchain Marketplace

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  11. Mon July 16th, 2018
  12. BCFocus

    iXledger company based in London, U.K., released a platform called Blockchain Insurance in the initial phase of 2017. This platform facilitated blockchain based companies to attain business insurance on the basis of risk assessment. According to a report by BCFocus, blockchain technology may also be used by American Express to...

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  13. Crypto Disrupt

    iXledger is partnering with a London-based broker operating in the international specialty insurance markets to launch a blockchain insurance solution.

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  14. Wed June 20th, 2018
  15. iXledger

    Commercial DevelopmentGreat news, we have obtained our Appointed Representative status and FCA regulatory approval which will allow us to operate on a completely different level. This puts us in a very unique position amongst insurtech companies.We have always believed that due to the regulatory focused environment of insurance it is...

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  16. Mon June 11th, 2018
  17. iXledger
  18. Wed May 30th, 2018
  19. iXledger
  20. Fri May 18th, 2018
  21. iXledger

    Major Milestone Achieved — iXledger is Ready to Launch!

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  22. iXledger

    We are very excited to get so close to launching our first product. Not only will it provide an innovative insurance product, but we will…

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  23. iXledger

    Featured in Finnovating Blockchain Insurtech Ecosystem and US InsurTech Rising

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  24. Thu April 26th, 2018
  25. iXledger

    Dominic Higham from Self Insurance Market arrives at iXledger today! / Ciaran Sainty, an Underwriting Specialist comes on board this week

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  26. Thu April 19th, 2018
  27. iXledger

    This week’s blog is mainly focused on the exciting news of iXledger’s joint venture with

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  28. Thu April 12th, 2018
  29. iXledger
  30. Fri March 30th, 2018
  31. iXledger

    We at iXledger wish our community and readers a very happy Easter!

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  32. Fri March 23rd, 2018
  33. iXledger

    Quarterly Management & Leaders Meeting / Development Progress / Security

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  34. Tue August 29th, 2017
  35. LiveBitcoinNews

    The objective of this collaboration is to develop new use cases for iXledger technology. The initial projects will focus on the UK market primarily.

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