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  1. Sat February 23rd, 2019

    In this edition of The Daily, crypto exchange Upbit is preparing to delist four tokens, while several projects have accused Kucoin of suggesting market In this edition of The Daily, crypto exchange Upbit is preparing to delist four tokens, while several projects have accused Kucoin of suggesting market making services...

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  3. Fri February 22nd, 2019
  4. Blockspoint

    Four cryptocurrency startups claimed that the Hong Kong-based exchange KuCoin demanded tens of thousands of dollars to increase trading volumes

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  5. Thu January 3rd, 2019
  6. Bitcoinist

    Islamic finance is increasingly experimenting with blockchain technology for complex financing contracts and Shariah-compliant transactions.

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  7. Wed December 26th, 2018
  8. Chepicap

    KuCoin have announced that they have delisted 10 projects from their exchange following them being added to the special treatment area. KuCoin announced the addition of their special treatment area for projects that did not meet KuCoins specifications. The specifications include lack of activity from projects, not following of roadmaps, projects...

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  9. Tue December 25th, 2018
  10. Altcoinera

    KuCoin, the Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange is delisting 10 crypto projects under its Special Treatment Rule. Recently the cryptocurrency exchange announced on its website about the delisting of crypto projects.

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  11. CCN + 6 more
  12. Wed November 28th, 2018
  13. KryptoMoney

    Blockchain News: Abu Dhabi-headquartered Al Hilal Bank settled a blockchain-based transaction for an Islamic bond worth $500 million.  Jibrel Network, a UAE-based fintech startup, assisted the tech side deal by providing necessary blockchain tools and infrastructure to facilitate the transaction.

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  14. LiveBitcoinNews

    Blockchain technology again paves the way for a "world first" in the form of the execution of a Sharia-compliant Islamic bond in Abu Dhabi.

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  15. Tue November 27th, 2018
  16. BCFocus

    CryptoDaily; Vitalik Buterin, Bitcoin, Binance; November 27, 2018

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  17. BCFocus

    Abu Dhabi Global Market said it partnered with Al Hilal Bank and Jibrel Network to develop and test blockchain-based sukuk transactions.

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  18. Crypto-News India

    A state-owned financial institution in the United Arab Emirates, based in Abu Dhabi - Al Hilal Bank has announced that it has completed “the world’s first

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  19. BTCWires + 3 more

    The Al Hilal Bank has eventually used the blockchain technology for selling and settling a part of its $500 million five-year Sukuk that's issued in two months ago. The transaction that was about $1 million and the Sukuk was sold to a private investor, confirmed by a spokesperson to Reuters.…

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  20. CoinDesk

    Abu Dhabi-based Al Hilal Bank has carried out a blockchain-based transaction for an Islamic bond worth $500 million.

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  21. Mon November 26th, 2018
  22. BitcoinNews

    UAE, Abu Dhabi based Al Hilal Bank has successfully executed “the world’s first sukuk transaction” using blockchain technology.

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  23. Mon July 16th, 2018
  24. + 2 more

    South Korean exchange Coinrail has resumed service after it was hacked last month. The exchange has offered users some options to recover their cryptocurrencies. Eleven cryptos were stolen, some of which have been fully recovered and are now available for trading and withdrawals. However, some coins were not recovered.

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  25. Mon June 11th, 2018
  26. Coindoo

    Coinrail, a South Korea based cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Sunday that its platform was attacked by hackers, with some sources saying that it lost cryptocurrencies as much as $40 million in the hack.

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  27. The Next Web

    Another day, another cryptocurrency heist. The latest to fall victim is the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinrail. The company suffered a breach on Sunday, losing 30 percent of its cryptocurrency reserves.

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  28. CoinDesk + 6 more
  29. Fri December 22nd, 2017
  30. CoinDesk

    The future of tokenized monies calls for a tokenized investment fund. The road there is being paved, but it's not so cut and dry.

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  31. Sun December 3rd, 2017
  32. Bitcoinist + 2 more

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