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  1. Wed March 20th, 2019
  2. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    What an overwhelming development ride it was the last few weeks! KICKICO team is pleased to inform on the latest KICK ECOSYSTEM progress…

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  3. Mon March 18th, 2019
  4. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear KickCoiners, KICKICO Team is pleased to announce another great listing of KickCoin on BitMart Exchange with the following pairs…

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  5. Tue March 12th, 2019
  6. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO + 3 more

    Dear Friends,KICKICO Team welcomes the very first project to deliver such a mission.According to Indigen Team, their focus is to save the dying cultures and languages, to uplift the lives of the indigenous people and protect their rights and identities, to combine traditions and technology into a fusion of empowerment for...

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  7. Tue March 5th, 2019
  8. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Time flies and after weeks of continuous effort and hard work, we are pleased to release the second issue of KICK ECOSYSTEM Recap. We are…

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  9. Fri March 1st, 2019
  10. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear Friends!The necessary changes are taking place on platform, which will hopefully encourage more users to create campaigns. Let’s take a look at one change at a time.How do I get my campaign into the Community Choice rating system?The answer is — very easy.In order to get into KICKICO Community Choice user rating system,...

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  11. Tue February 19th, 2019
  12. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    KICKICO is happy to announce another listing of our token. We have carefully evaluated the market conditions and have a reason to believe…

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  13. Mon February 18th, 2019
  14. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Our development team has been busy as a bee lately. And now that we’ve published our Roadmap we’re glad to share the recap of our latest…

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  15. Thu February 7th, 2019
  16. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear Friends!The market conditions have changed dramatically since WHIRL’s founding, therefore WHIRL TGE duration is being EXTENDED to 27.08.2019. The Token Sale will take a new finishing line due to market stagnation and a continuous bearish trend, as well as at the request of our dear participants.This means the bonus...

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  17. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear Friends,We have good news for you.We are pleased to announce a 3 in 1 collaboration between KICKICO, WHIRL and LATOKEN.This is one of the first collaborations that include both KICKICO, WHIRL, and LATOKEN. WHIRL crowdfunding platform is celebrating its Token Sale with an exclusive LATOKEN placement and an airdrop for the...

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  18. Mon January 28th, 2019
  19. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear KICK supporters,Great news for all holders! This and only January 2019, the bonus emission comprises of a whole 6% per wallet address!Bonus emission is used as an incentive for KICK Hodlers and is distributed automatically across addresses with any KICK balance at a fixed time of 9:00 GMT every last...

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  20. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Welcome Sammy Wagensveld and his biggest dream to represent his country at the Olympic Games. Sammy is a member of the Dutch Olympic…

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  21. Mon January 21st, 2019
  22. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear Friends,WHIRL platform holds a series of regular contests, and this time is an ALL WINNERS LOTTERY. Have you ever taken part in a lottery where everyone is a winner? Together with WHIRL experience a new kind of lottery with a guaranteed prize!Here it is:ANYONE who will acquire at least one...

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  23. Mon January 14th, 2019
  24. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO + 1 more

    Dear Whirlers!As you should know from previous announcements, the good news is that WHIRL platform no longer has a queuing system, hence all the winner projects are up and running! Anything close to heart you can support right now!WHIRL Team rounds up the campaign competition with outstanding results and multiple winners!...

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  25. Mon January 7th, 2019
  26. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear Friends!Hope you are enjoying the festive time of the year and long deserved holidays! In 2019, the first launched project on KICKICO board is UnA! UnA’s goal is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, uniting the whole world!How many times did you have to google these crypto technical terms to...

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  27. Sat December 29th, 2018
  28. OracleTimes

    Blockchain Cuties is a decentralized crypto collectible game, and it used to be available on only two blockchain platforms, Ethereum and EOS. Now, they recently added a third platform that’s based on Tron protocol. The game revealed that the Tron version of the game would have unique content including Cuties,...

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  29. Tue December 25th, 2018
  30. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    As you might have guessed from the heading, we will be talking about Watts, more specifically about the light bulbs. KICKICO presents a…

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  31. Fri December 14th, 2018
  32. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    The first ever international Telemedicine market-place in veterinary medicine, built on blockchain technology!

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  33. Thu December 6th, 2018
  34. U.Today

    Dash is set to perform a major update to their InstaSend feature to make all transactions instant, secure and permanent

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  35. Tue November 20th, 2018
  36. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    20 November 2018, Amsterdam. An all-star team of nonprofit, blockchain, and crowdfunding veterans, including Roel Wolfert (Bancor, VISA)…

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  37. Wed October 24th, 2018
  38. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    KICKICO welcomes WorldTRX - the platform which aims to replace the traditional supply chain processes with more transparent, trusted…

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  39. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    A secret project of our company is no longer in disguise.

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  40. Mon October 22nd, 2018
  41. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Once upon a digital time in Bangladesh, one citizen believed in the freedom of money and started researching and discovering…

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  42. Tue October 16th, 2018
  43. TheCcPress

    DocuSign announced this October 13 the integration of its transaction management service and electronic signature into the Ethereum blockchain. The

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  44. Mon October 15th, 2018
  45. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear KICK Community,Do you ever wonder what it takes to get listed on crypto exchanges? Each project is unique and there are no definitive set of criteria — that is what they all say. However, KICKICO Team will dive deeper and reveal some crypto market insights for our community.Due to the fact,...

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  46. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    KICKICO is greeting EDIFICO.The market potential of blockchain technology is now more obvious than ever. Despite September being a difficult month for new ICO projects, EDIFICO is ready to face the challenges and kick the market again!What exactly is EDIFICO?EDIFICO assert to be a web platform, through which the owners of EDI TOKENS...

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  47. Wed October 3rd, 2018
  48. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    ❗️UPDATE ON RULES❗️Activate WHIRL Contest Bot Follow the instructions and join WHIRL Official Chat Come back to the Bot chat and click ‘VERIFY’4. WHIRL Bot will provide you with a referral link5. Use it to refer as many friends as you can6. The more people your friends invite, the better chances you have!7....

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  49. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    A secret project of our company is no longer in disguise.

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  50. Mon October 1st, 2018
  51. U.Today

    The DataLight company published their new findings that show top best-performing ETH by amount of transactions. KickCoin (KICK) is in the first place with 28,203

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  52. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Dear Friends!KICKICO Medium Account has been suspended 3 times in the last month.Our blogs get caught up with the automated filters. We constantly ask the Medium team to resolve this issue, however, it might take some time to clear up all bugs.The suspension might happen again, but please do not worry! The...

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  53. Sat September 29th, 2018
  54. NewsBTC

    The closest opportunity to look at how a controlled hack of crypto project takes place is HackIT cybersecurity forum, held from October 8 to 11 in Kiev.

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  55. Mon September 24th, 2018
  56. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Blockchain Cuties is likely one of the most adorable and intriguing project in the whole crypto space.

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  57. Mon September 17th, 2018

    Write or post about KICK campaigns on COBINHOOD from 9/18–10/9

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  59. Fri September 14th, 2018
  60. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    What started of as Taiwanese startup, with a cheeky take on the Robinhood theme, COBINHOOH turned to a decentralised zero-fee…

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  61. Wed September 12th, 2018
  62. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    We are pleased to inform you that GENEXI biotech accelerator arranges a special round of GEN Token Sale for KICKICO community.

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  63. Tue September 11th, 2018
  64. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    KICKICO Team would like to present Laccoin project that has launched on our platform!

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  65. Fri September 7th, 2018
  66. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    Did you know that K Systems CEO Michael LEVY was a Digital Security Expert (once called a hacker…) before he launched K Systems?

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  67. Mon August 20th, 2018
  68. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    PingPaid was founded in November 2017. While enjoying the sunshine in Bahamas, 7 people who always encountered with difficulties that…

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  69. Tue August 14th, 2018
  70. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    You are completely right. This is NOT project of KICKICO — this is project of it’s ex-investor, Alexander Petrov. He gave money earlier to…

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  71. Wed August 8th, 2018
  72. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO
  73. Tue August 7th, 2018
  74. Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO

    We are happy to introduce Plaza — the next generation commerce tool on the blockchain has launched Pre-ICO at KICKICO.

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