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  1. Mon September 24th, 2018
  2. Kin Blog

    Forty teams are building Kin-powered experiences in new and existing apps that span nine categories. We’ve already covered the gaming and…

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  3. Thu September 20th, 2018
  4. Kin Blog

    First, THANK YOU to all developers in the program for all the hard work you’ve put into your apps.

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  5. Mon September 17th, 2018
  6. Kin Blog

    Last month, we announced the 40 teams participating in the Kin Developer Program. These teams are currently building Kin-powered…

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  7. Thu September 13th, 2018
  8. Kin Blog

    We read the The Next Web article and want to provide an official response to the issues it raised. The app in question, BlastChat, was…

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  9. Wed September 12th, 2018
  10. Kin Blog

    As he does every month, Ted sat down to answer thoughtful questions from our community members and provide progress updates on some of our…

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  11. Thu September 6th, 2018
  12. Kin Blog

    We recently announced the 40 participants selected to the Kin Developer Program, a nearly $5 million initiative that harnesses the…

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  13. Wed September 5th, 2018
  14. Kin Blog

    Ever since we started the Kin journey, we’ve focused on native mobile apps. Since our state of mind is to build only what we need, web and…

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  15. Fri August 31st, 2018
  16. Kin Blog

    It’s been almost a month since our ecosystem partner Kik rolled out its first Kin-powered experience, chat themes. As the first live…

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  17. Thu August 30th, 2018
  18. Kin Blog

    Last week we held our 7th Blockchain Academy event, where Ory Band, Senior Backend and Distributed Systems Engineer at Kin, shared his…

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  19. Wed August 29th, 2018
  20. Kin Blog

    In July we announced the launch of the Kin Developer Program, an initiative that offers developers financial incentives of up to 400M KIN…

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  21. Wed August 22nd, 2018
  22. Kin Blog

    Today, we’re taking a major step forward and releasing Kinit, the first publicly available app dedicated to Kin, in the iOS App Store.

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  23. Thu August 16th, 2018
  24. Kin Blog

    Ted’s most recent AMA took place on August 14. This month, Ted addressed some fundamental topics brought forth by our community.

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  25. Wed August 15th, 2018
  26. Kin Blog

    On July 11, we announced the Kin Developer Program, an initiative that will empower developers to successfully create Kin-powered apps, or…

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  27. Mon August 6th, 2018
  28. Kin Blog

    Community voting for South By Southwest (SXSW)is officially open, and we need your help! In case you’re not familiar with it, SXSW is an…

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  29. Kin Blog

    The positive reception to the Kinit Beta app has been amazing.

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  30. Mon July 30th, 2018
  31. Kin Blog

    I’ve recently had the chance to work with the Kin platform to build a chat themes feature inside Kik and have been thinking about how Kin…

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  32. Tue July 24th, 2018
  33. Kin Blog

    As you all know, Kin has a three-step plan:

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  34. Mon July 23rd, 2018
  35. Kin Blog

    While anyone who has suffered through a high school literature class is familiar with the question “To be or not to be,” the question “to…

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  36. Tue July 17th, 2018
  37. Kin Blog

    It’s been a busy month. On June 27, we added new Kin experiences into Kik, and more Kik users are earning and spending Kin everyday. And…

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  38. Thu July 12th, 2018
  39. Kin Blog

    Ted’s most recent AMA took place on July 10. He covered some of the community’s most talked about topics including the Kin Rewards Engine…

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  40. Wed July 11th, 2018
  41. Kin Blog

    The Nearly $3M Program Arms Developers With Tools and Incentives for Building Kin-powered Experiences

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  42. Fri July 6th, 2018
  43. Kin Blog

    Kin is well underway in the race to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world. In Q2, we saw exciting progress on all fronts…

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  44. Thu July 5th, 2018
  45. Kin Blog

    Coinbase’s recent acquisition of adds to the important dialogue of cryptocurrency’s application as a transactional currency — not…

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  46. Wed June 27th, 2018
  47. Kin Blog

    A few months ago, two other Kik team members and myself spoke at the Kin Ambassador Event where we gave a sneak peek into Kik’s plans for…

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  48. Mon June 25th, 2018
  49. Kin Blog

    Almost all cryptocurrencies are held for speculation. How do we get people to spending them in their daily lives?

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  50. Fri June 15th, 2018
  51. Kin Blog

    In my last post, I talked about the current problems with money and value in the digital world, and how we are out to create a new model…

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  52. Wed June 13th, 2018
  53. Kin Blog

    Ted’s most recent AMA took place on June 12, and it covered a wide variety of topics including Apple regulations, scalability and fees on…

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  54. Tue June 12th, 2018
  55. Kin Blog

    Kin’s mission to make the world more fair by creating a decentralized cryptocurrency for digital services would be a hard sell without…

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  56. Kin Blog

    I want to begin this post with a boring story.

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  57. Fri June 8th, 2018
  58. Kin Blog

    The world’s largest avatar-based social network integrates token to give users the ability to transact in the Kin Ecosystem

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  59. Fri May 18th, 2018
  60. Kin Blog

    “The internet is going to have a native currency so let’s not wait for it to happen, let’s help it happen.”–Jack Dorsey

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  61. Tue May 15th, 2018
  62. Kin Blog

    Thursday marked an exciting step forward for Kin’s developer relations efforts. Although we’ve already done numerous Blockchain Academy…

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  63. Wed May 9th, 2018
  64. Kin Blog

    Ted‘s latest Kin AMA took place the same day we announced the launch of our own blockchain based on Stellar. He took the opportunity to…

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  65. Tue May 8th, 2018
  66. Kin Blog

    Kin’s mission is not simply to make the digital world better, but to actually make it good. What would this look like? It would be a place…

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  67. Mon May 7th, 2018
  68. Kin Blog

    “We have a really creative, diverse set of users in Kik, and what we want to do is build tools to empower them. We want to create a…

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  69. Fri May 4th, 2018
  70. Kin Blog

    Kin and Unity Technologies have partnered to give Unity game developers access to the Kin Gaming SDK through the Unity Asset Store. But…

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  71. Wed May 2nd, 2018
  72. Kin Blog

    “Product is not about sitting in a room and trying to figure out which cool features we should build. It’s about building something people…

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  73. Tue May 1st, 2018
  74. Kin Blog

    Kik Points was a centralized digital economy that lived within Kik for about 2.5 years, and was highlighted in the Kin Whitepaper (page…

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  75. Thu April 26th, 2018
  76. Kin Blog

    “Kin’s mission is to try to get you paid as much as possible for your contributions.

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  77. Tue April 24th, 2018
  78. Kin Blog

    A lot of people ask us about exchange rate stability and how it would affect the usability of Kin.

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