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  1. Thu July 19th, 2018
  2. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Crypto land is correcting this morning; top altcoins are Stellar, Cardano, Dogecoin, Bytom and Kin. The bull run has slowed down and a The bull run has slowed down and a pullback has occurred in crypto land. Markets hit a six week high of a shade below $300 billion before retreating back to around $290 billion as short term traders took profits.

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  3. Wed July 18th, 2018
  4. CoinTelegraph

    Following a $100 million ICO, mobile chat Kik App has revealed its beta product Kinit related to the company’s Kin token.

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  5. Tue July 17th, 2018
  6. Kin Blog

    It’s been a busy month. On June 27, we added new Kin experiences into Kik, and more Kik users are earning and spending Kin everyday. And…

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  7. Sun July 15th, 2018

    The Kin Foundation on July 11, 2018, began accepting applications for the Kin Developer Program, which will pay up to 25 developers a total of $3 million

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  9. Fri July 13th, 2018
  10. BitcoinMagazine

    Using nonviolent principles to resolve conflicts, the Iroquois made the Great Law of Peace, a model of governance based on a rule of consensus.

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  11. Blokt

    Recent reports suggested that the Kin foundation announced the launch of an incentive program and baptized the Kin Developer program.

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  12. Thu July 12th, 2018

    Kin Foundation to Spend $3m on KIN Token Marketplaces

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  14. Kin Blog

    Ted’s most recent AMA took place on July 10. He covered some of the community’s most talked about topics including the Kin Rewards Engine…

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  15. Crypto Disrupt

    The team behind the KIK Messenger is launching a new developer's cryptocurrency fund to help create apps to move their business forward,

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  16. CoinSpeaker

    The Kin Foundation and kik creators have made a multi-million dollar bet. They will pay to 25 developers $3 million to create and maintain independent “kin economies” over a six-month period.

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  17. FinanceMagnates

    Up to 25 applicants will receive financial incentives for launching and running successful products.

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  18. Wed July 11th, 2018
  19. Kin Blog

    The Nearly $3M Program Arms Developers With Tools and Incentives for Building Kin-powered Experiences

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  20. Benzinga

    Kin Commits Nearly $3M USD to Kin Developer Program Both Fiat Currency and Kin Awarded to Up to 25 Qualified Projects Integrating the Token PR Newswire WATERLOO, Ontario, July 11...

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  21. CoinDesk

    Kik CEO Ted Livingston created the kin token so people could easily buy and sell digital stuff online. Now he's paying devs to make the stuff.

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  22. Fri July 6th, 2018
  23. Kin Blog

    Kin is well underway in the race to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world. In Q2, we saw exciting progress on all fronts…

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  24. Thu July 5th, 2018
  25. Tanner Philp

    Coinbase’s recent acquisition of adds to the important dialogue of cryptocurrency’s application as a transactional currency — not just a speculative investment vehicle. This is something…

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  26. Kin Blog

    Coinbase’s recent acquisition of adds to the important dialogue of cryptocurrency’s application as a transactional currency — not…

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  27. Fri June 29th, 2018
  28. BitcoinMagazine

    Last year, growing problems of Bitcoin mining centralization came to light with the controversy of an AsicBoost scandal. As a largely centralized hash rate began to threaten the software’s magical property, concerns were raised that incentives at the crux of Bitcoin’s game theory had broken away. Now, the power of ...

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  29. Thu June 28th, 2018
  30. TrustNodes

    The ethereum based token Kin saw a spike in price today, even while much else is somewhat flat, following an announcement that integration with Kik has begun. The token overall,...

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  31. Crypto-News India

    Kin, the cryptocurrency launched by Kik messenger which raised over $100 Million through an Initial Coin Offering is finally alive on the app for a limited group of 1000 beta testers. Right now, the functionality is very limited for the beta testers. They’ll not be able to deposit or withdraw Kin into the platform. Instead, …

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  32. Wed June 27th, 2018
  33. Laura Newton

    A few months ago, two other Kik team members and myself spoke at the Kin Ambassador Event where we gave a sneak peek into Kik’s plans for integrating the Kin SDK. We believe that establishing Kin as…

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  34. Kin Blog

    A few months ago, two other Kik team members and myself spoke at the Kin Ambassador Event where we gave a sneak peek into Kik’s plans for…

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  35. CoinDesk

    Messaging app Kik's users can now begin earning and spending its kin token with the launch of its "crypto-economy," the company said Wednesday.

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  36. Benzinga

    Kik Launches New Ways to Earn and Spend Kin Popular Chat Platform Becomes the First Consumer App to Use Kin Blockchain PR Newswire WATERLOO, Ontario, June 27, 2018 WATERLOO,...

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  37. Tue June 26th, 2018
  38. BusinessInsider

    Even established companies are moving to blockchain-based technology rather than go to traditional investors. Here's why companies like Kik are turning to the reverse ICO.

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  39. Mon June 25th, 2018
  40. Kin Blog

    Almost all cryptocurrencies are held for speculation. How do we get people to spending them in their daily lives?

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  41. Fri June 15th, 2018
  42. Kin Blog

    In my last post, I talked about the current problems with money and value in the digital world, and how we are out to create a new model…

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  43. Wed June 13th, 2018
  44. Kin Blog

    Ted’s most recent AMA took place on June 12, and it covered a wide variety of topics including Apple regulations, scalability and fees on…

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  45. Tue June 12th, 2018
  46. Kin Blog

    Kin’s mission to make the world more fair by creating a decentralized cryptocurrency for digital services would be a hard sell without…

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  47. Kin Blog

    I want to begin this post with a boring story.

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  48. Crypto-News India

    Former Basketball star Dennis Rodman was in talks with Cannabis cryptocurrency PotCoin for sponsorship to make it to the historic Trump-Kim summit happening in Singapore today. Rodman, a longtime friend of North Korean dictator Kin Jong Un and American President Donald Trump was not invited to the summit. However, PotCoin flew him over to Singapore …

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  49. Fri June 8th, 2018
  50. Kin Blog

    The world’s largest avatar-based social network integrates token to give users the ability to transact in the Kin Ecosystem

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  51. Thu June 7th, 2018
  52. ZyCrypto

    There have been several cases of people losing access to their crypto wallets just because they forgot their passwords or misplaced the book

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  53. Wed May 30th, 2018
  54. AMBCrypto

    Stellar Lumens is well-known for its stability in the crypto world. They have managed to grab some headline-worthy deals to uplift themselves and improve the society on a whole. The biggest of the partnerships include the revolutionary vision between Stellar and IBM, Stellar and Kin Foundation and the latest being the backup by Nasdaq to […]

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  55. Fri May 18th, 2018
  56. Kin Blog

    “The internet is going to have a native currency so let’s not wait for it to happen, let’s help it happen.”–Jack Dorsey

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  57. Thu May 17th, 2018

    Exclusive: Philippines Warns Against Crypto Scam Using President’s Kin, Politicians to Lure Victims

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  59. Tue May 15th, 2018
  60. Kin Blog

    Thursday marked an exciting step forward for Kin’s developer relations efforts. Although we’ve already done numerous Blockchain Academy…

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  61. Mon May 14th, 2018

    KIN Goes The Way of Ripple? Token Aims to Become Most Used Cryptocurrency

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  63. Wed May 9th, 2018
  64. Kin Blog

    Ted‘s latest Kin AMA took place the same day we announced the launch of our own blockchain based on Stellar. He took the opportunity to…

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    KIN and Stellar Plan Fork for New, Scalable Network

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