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Kyber Network

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  1. Mon April 6th, 2020
  2. CoinSlice

    According to the Offshore Alert report, a flood of class-action lawsuits was filed against several major crypto companies for allegedly selling crypto tokens to US investors that were, in fact, not registered with the US SEC. The class-action lawsuits were brought by Roche Cyrulnik Freedman on behalf of the plaintiffs....

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  3. Sun April 5th, 2020
  4. TheCryptoUpdates

    As per the latest reports, law firm Roche Freedman has filed 11 lawsuits against seven cryptocurrency firms. The lawsuits were filed in a New York federal court on 3rd April. Interestingly, Roche Freedman is also representing late Dave Kleiman against self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig White.  Seven Cryptocurrency companies under the...

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  5. Fri April 3rd, 2020
  6. AMBCrypto

    As the price of Bitcoin rose, many of the market’s altcoins followed suit. However, what was interesting about the market’s movement was that most alts were actually outperforming the world’s largest cryptocurrency, at press time, like Kyber Network, a token that recorded 151% in YTD returns. Zcash [ZEC] The 27th...

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  7. BeInCrypto

    BeInCrypto provides our daily cryptocurrency news roundup for the date of April 2, 2020.

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  8. Thu April 2nd, 2020
  9. BeInCrypto

    Altcoins have been decreasing significantly since February 15, at least relative to the price of Bitcoin. Here are four that look good.

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  10. Wed April 1st, 2020
  11. CryptoGazette

    The Kyber Network has seen a skyrocket in price of over 210 percent in the last month, proving strength in the market after making some major announcements. Coinbase, as an example, announced that it will be listing the Kyber Network (KNC) on its retail cryptocurrency exchange and mobile application. The...

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  12. Coingape

    The combined trading volumes from Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges (DEXes) rose 53% to an all-time high of $668 million in March 2020.

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  13. Tue March 24th, 2020
  14. CryptoSlate

    On-chain metrics reveal that demand for Kyber Network is rising expotentially amid a major protocol upgrade that is scheduled for later this year. 

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  15. Mon March 23rd, 2020
  16. BeInCrypto

    Throughout Thursday and Friday, the crypto markets have recovered a bit after tremendous losses in the previous week. However, only selected cryptocurrencies, especially those in the top-10, have made any significant gains. This small relief rally allowed Bitcoin SV (BSV) to overtake Litecoin (LTC). The now sixth-largest cryptocurrency is one...

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  17. Sun March 8th, 2020
  18. Coingape

    Amid activity and bulk movement of coins to leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance Coin (BNB), Huobi Token and OKEx coin haven’t been spared from bears. 

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  19. Cryptopolitan

    Kyber Network is touching new highs as its price has skyrocketed more than two hundred percent. The crypto realm is

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  20. Sat March 7th, 2020
  21. CryptoSlate

    Kyber Network has seen its price surge over 200 percent in the past month following a series of announcements that have proven the strength of this project.

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  22. U.Today

    Kyber Network, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on top of Ethereum, is expected to hit $1 billion in volume in 2020.

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  23. Thu March 5th, 2020
  24. CoinDesk

    Kyber Network and Bancor Network have been integrated into a new platform that provides cross-chain liquidity for decentralized finance.

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  25. Tue March 3rd, 2020
  26. BeInCrypto

    Bitcoin represented on Ethereum's own blockchain has been growing. The on-chain BTC value on ETH is close to surpassing Lightning Network. 

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  27. Sun March 1st, 2020
  28. Coingape + 1 more

    The month of February closed on a sombre mood across the cryptocurrency market as the gains made before Valentine ’s Day have been wiped off

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  29. Thu February 20th, 2020
  30. ZyCrypto

    Amidst the market drawdown that saw bitcoin drop from above $10,000 to $9,600, the price of KNC, the native token of Kyber Network, is

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  31. Bitcoinist

    Altcoins have had a good year so far but gains could go up in smoke if bitcoin fails to hold key support levels during this correction.

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  32. Wed February 19th, 2020

    The tBTC effort claims to be a noncustodial application that allows users to deposit BTC, mint tBTC, and lend it with interest.

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  34. CryptoDaily

    Price movement is the main thing that the crypto markets are focused on. The price movements of all the cryptocurrencies over the past month or two have seen many fundamental metrics go and some pretty significant changes.

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  35. Tue February 18th, 2020
  36. Bitcoinist

    Defi exchange bZx has been hit by a second flash loan exploit within a week, this time losing over $600,000 usd in ETH. This second attack in a matter of

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  37. Wed February 12th, 2020

    Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that powers decentralized applications, from exchanges and funds to lending protocols and payments wallets. In recent months Kyber has experienced tremendous growth due to the development of decentralized finance and has managed to establish itself as one of the reference protocols for this…

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  39. Fri January 31st, 2020

    The decentralized exchange landscape is evolving fast, with new liquidity aggregators and relays enhancing usability while reducing slippage. Trade

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  41. Thu January 23rd, 2020
  42. ZyCrypto tells us that there was approximately $240 million tied up in DeFi apps in January 2019. Now that we’re in January 2020, that

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  43. Thu January 2nd, 2020
  44. Coingape

    Do NOT write off Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in 2020, analyst says. The past year has seen massive growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) as lending dApps, [...]

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  45. Thu December 19th, 2019
  46. NewsBTC

    The price of bitcoin has extended its losses to below 7000 levels as the gloomy sentiment has been looming the broader cryptocurrency markets. While the

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  47. Wed December 18th, 2019
  48. CoinDesk

    Kyber Network, the ethereum-based protocol focused on aggregating liquidity and facilitating swaps for ERC-20 tokens, is about to launch a major upgrade.

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  49. OKEx Blog

    Do the right thing at the right season is a great art

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  50. Fri December 13th, 2019
  51. CryptoDaily

    In a press release published earlier this week, the firm said that this move for a new crypto fund provides access to investment strategies which will be executed on hybrid intelligence data as well as quantitative research.

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  52. Mon December 9th, 2019
  53. Official Changelly Blog

    Here is a review on best Binance Coin wallets, native crypto token of Binance Exchange. Find the best wallet for your BNB assets: hardware, desktop, etc

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  54. BeInCrypto

    Ethereum’s Istanbul hard fork has been stirring up debates since its announcement back in 2018—and now, a day after launch,

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  55. Wed November 27th, 2019
  56. BeInCrypto

    Upbit has reportedly been hacked for around $50M worth of Ethereum. Binance has said it will freeze the funds if deposited in its exchange.

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  57. Wed November 13th, 2019
  58. KomodoPlatform

    Nearly everyone in the blockchain space agrees that decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency trading. That’s because, in…

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  59. LiveBitcoinNews

    Bangalore, November 11, 2019: Genesis DevCon, India’s largest Blockchain Developer Conference will be held on Nov 24- 25, 2019 at NSSC, IISc, Bangalore, to commemorate the concluding chapter of the Genesis developer program. Hosted by IBC Media – growth and advisory firm for emerging technology companies, Genesis DevCon aims to...

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  60. Thu October 31st, 2019
  61. Coingape + 1 more

    Decentralized Finance, popularly known as DeFi, is another disruptive application of blockchain technology enabling more people across the globe to access financial services.

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  62. Switcheo

    Hi everyone,Before we dig into what’s in store for the rest of this quarter, let’s look back at what we’ve been done in the past few months!Launched 🚀 on Target 🎯UI / UX ImprovementsIn Q3, we continued to improve on the exchange’s interface to make it more welcoming for professional traders and...

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  63. Thu October 10th, 2019
  64. CoinSpeaker

    A number of prominent investors, including institutional ones, have supported neo banking platform Juno in its financing round. In total, Juno has managed to raise $3 million for the the further development.

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  65. Wed October 9th, 2019
  66. Crypto-News India

    Tron, a cryptocurrency which never existed same time last year got popular very quickly. At the time of writing this article, it is the 15th largest crypto

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  67. Thu October 3rd, 2019
  68. Bitcoinist

    InstaDApp, a startup that runs a lending portal focused on decentralized finance (DeFi), raised $2.4 million in a seed round led by Pantera Capital and

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  69. Wed October 2nd, 2019
  70. KryptoMoney

    Some major crypto investors have jointly put $2.4 million into a DeFi startup base in India.

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