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  1. Mon May 27th, 2019
  2. Coingape

    In March, when Bitcoin [BTC[] was trading around $4000, the associated volatility and sentiments wouldn’t have been able to fathom the rise that Bitcoin is [...]

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  3. Sun May 26th, 2019
  4. Coingape

    The cryptocurrency market had entered a weekend rather quietly. However, the end to it has been euphoric. Bitcoin [BTC] gained above 7.5% in a very [...]

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  5. Mon May 20th, 2019
  6. Coingape

    Dash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, aimed towards providing low-cost remittances around the world. The Dash Core team under CEO Ryan Taylor, responsible for the development [...]

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  7. Thu May 16th, 2019
  8. Coingape + 2 more

    Bitcoin broke above $8000 from $6000 in less than five days, the probability of which was lower in the current market sentiments. The recent parabolic [...]

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  9. Wed May 15th, 2019
  10. Coingape

    XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrency with a low price and seemingly high adoption with banks getting involved with it. It was the [...]

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  11. Coingape

    Bitcoin [BTC] rose from $6000 to $8000 in less than a week. The gains on Bitcoin since the beginning of the month is 52.2%. Moreover, [...]

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  12. Tue May 14th, 2019
  13. Coingape

    XRP gained 17% on a daily scale on 14th May 2019 as the price tested yearly highs above $0.3700 at $0.378. Moreover, XRP was the [...]

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  14. Mon May 13th, 2019
  15. Coingape

    Bitcoin [BTC] touched a yearly high of $7580 on Coinbase on Sunday 12th May 2019. Moreover, the correction and revival from the yearly-highs also came [...]

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  16. Sun May 12th, 2019
  17. Coingape

    Cryptocurrency gains this year have again out-performed gains from traditional assets like oil, equity, and gold. Moreover, the weekly gains during the last of a [...]

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  18. Sat May 11th, 2019
  19. Coingape

    The market indicators and targets called by traders suggest that the buyers might be exhausted at this level in Bitcoin [BTC]. However, Bitcoin continues to [...]

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  20. Coingape + 1 more

    Bitcoin [BTC] has been relentless as it continued to rise five days in a row breaking past another important level at $6500 in the same [...]

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  21. Fri May 10th, 2019
  22. Coingape

    Bitcoin records twice the price it fell two during the bear market in December 2018 as it traded above $6300 on 8th May 2019. The [...]

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  23. Mon May 6th, 2019
  24. Coingape + 2 more

    Bitcoin’s weekly run lost steam towards the end of the week as it broke below $5700. The altcoin HODLers weariness grew even larger as top [...]

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  25. Sat May 4th, 2019
  26. Coingape

    Bitcoin Cash [Cash] broke above $300 early on 4th May leading the market gains as most cryptocurrencies traded in the green. It recorded a rise [...]

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  27. Fri May 3rd, 2019
  28. Coingape

    The price of Bitcoin [BTC] at 2: 30 Hours UTC on 3rd May 2019 on Coinbase is $5433, while the price reported on Bitfinex is [...]

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  29. Tue April 9th, 2019
  30. OracleTimes

    There’s a brand new prediction involving Monero’s price. The market cap of the coin has been at around $900 million and $1 billion. April 2019 has been without a doubt an ascending period for about all the coins in the crypto space. As you probably know by now, last week...

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  31. Thu December 20th, 2018

    The Times of India reported on December 20, 2018, that the cyber crime branch of Pune police had seized 452 bitcoins worth $1.8 million from one of the ten suspects involved in a cryptocurrency related Ponzi scheme case. Fraudulent Bitcoin Scheme Tricked Almost 8000 Investors As reported by BTCManager on November…

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  33. Wed December 5th, 2018
  34. U.Today

    What was looking like a standard crypto Ponzi Scheme is turning out to be quite a big Bollywood scam Contents Tarnished reputation of crypto Casualties of Bhardwaj India has been rocked by a Bitcoin scam worth $300 mln, perpetuated by one Amit Bhardwaj. The interesting thing to note is that there...

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  35. Wed November 14th, 2018
  36. CryptoBlockWire

    Bitcoin (BTC) once again dashes the hopes of investors as the crypto market goes through a downturn phase. Some altcoins take an even worse beating.

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  37. Tue November 13th, 2018
  38. CryptoBlockWire

    For a while, Bitcoin ABC rode on the inertia of ecosystem expectations, but it seems that Bitcoin SV has much to offer ahead of the BCH hard fork.

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  39. Mon November 12th, 2018
  40. U.Today

    What was looking like a standard crypto Ponzi Scheme is turning out to be quite a big Bollywood scam Contents Tarnished reputation of crypto Casualties of Bhardwaj India has been rocked by a Bitcoin scam worth $300 mln, perpetuated by one Amit Bhardwaj. The interesting thing to note is that there...

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  41. Sun November 11th, 2018
  42. Lykke Research Hub

    Just in 10 years after Satoshi has released the bitcoin whitepaper, crypto space has developed in a diverse ecosystem.

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  43. Sat November 10th, 2018
  44. CryptoBlockWire

    According to the company’s financial reports published on its website, Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm Hut 8 has joined the list of top gainers.

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  45. Wed November 7th, 2018
  46. CryptoBlockWire

    As much as people want a privacy cryptocurrency, the governments abhor them. However, the latest Sapling update may bring Zcash above surface.

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  47. Sat October 27th, 2018
  48. CryptoBlockWire

    Edge is a California-based startup. Interestingly, the company has announced the release of its updated Edge Wallet. Read More!

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  49. Tue October 23rd, 2018
  50. AMBCrypto

    India’s famous Bitcoin [BTC] fraud has taken a new turn in the market as it has been reported that 10 more individuals have come forward claiming to have lost INR 3 crore to the scam, according to Times of India. This is the same Bitcoin scam which led to the...

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  51. Tue September 25th, 2018
  52. Syscoin Community

    This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news…

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  53. Mon September 24th, 2018
  54. Altcoinera

    The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) joined $60 million worth of benefits regarding its probe against Amit Bhardwaj in the alleged Bitcoin Ponzi fraud of $5.26 billion.

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  55. Sat September 22nd, 2018
  56. LiveBitcoinNews

    India’s economic intelligence agency, ED (Enforcement Directorate) in a swift action, has moved to attach immovable properties and bank balance worth $6 Million in the country’s biggest Bitcoin fraud case involving $278 Million.

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  57. Mon August 27th, 2018
  58. Crypto-News India

    All of a sudden, it is raining scams in India. Over the weekend, the Hyderabad police conducted a raid at a Secunderabad-based real estate firm, GRM Estate

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  59. Wed June 6th, 2018
  60. CoinTelegraph

    British businessman Raj Kundra denies involvement in the GainBitcoin ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of over $300 mln.

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  61. Wed May 9th, 2018

    Indian police have raided a cryptocurrency mining operation that's establishment was funded by a nearly $15 million USD ponzi scheme.

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  63. Sat April 7th, 2018

    The bitcoin fraudulence around the world don’t seem to cease any time soon, and this time, its struck India. Amit Bhardwaj, director and mastermind of a bitcoin mining company has been recently arrested for setting up an elaborate multi-level marketing scam to the tune of $300 million. Under this ‘scheme,’…

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  65. Fri April 6th, 2018
  66. CoinTelegraph

    Infamous Bitcoin evangelist Amit Bhardwaj and his brother were arrested by Indian authorities on charges of scamming investors of $300 mln.

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  67. Wed March 28th, 2018

    Two years into the ICO boom, researchers have studied their lifecycle, and concluded the eye-popping claim 80% of ICO’s are scams, and only 8% managed to trade on a exchange.

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