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  1. Thu March 12th, 2020
  2. Coingape

    The altcoin markets struck to lows as price is now testing the monthly opening levels in February. The coronavirus havoc has spread across the entire

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  3. Fri March 6th, 2020
  4. Coingape

    Ethereum [ETH] along with Tezos and Chainlink, was the top few cryptocurrencies that closed positive for the month of February. According to a report by

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  5. Thu February 27th, 2020
  6. BeInCrypto

    Digital asset markets have just had one of their largest dumps of the year as $20 billion flooded out over the past 24 hours.

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  7. Tue February 25th, 2020
  8. Coingape

    Bitcoin’s dominance rises back to 64.1% as the bears have started to return to crypto markets. It logged a swing low of around 61.9% on

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  9. Thu February 20th, 2020
  10. Coingape + 8 more
  11. Sun February 16th, 2020
  12. NewsBTC

    Analysts are noting that there are a few key factors that could lead Bitcoin (BTC) to see a significant bout of capitulation in the coming days and weeks.

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  13. Tue February 11th, 2020
  14. Coingape

    OKex Token is up over 45% as it breaches the $5.5 mark. The rise in the exchange token began after it made the announcement of [...]

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  15. Tue January 21st, 2020
  16. Coingape

    Judging from price action, small cap altcoins are well-positioned to gain against the USD, and a 10-15% pump could be on the table.

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  17. Mon January 6th, 2020
  18. Coingape

    The $200 billion market has been acting as strong area of resistance and support since the third week of November. At press time, the market [...]

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  19. Sat December 28th, 2019
  20. Coingape

    Bitcoin [BTC] price currently seems to be range bound in the $7000 range. Moreover, the past few weeks have been highly bearish for altcoins. Ethereum [...]

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  21. Mon November 25th, 2019
  22. Coingape

      The BitMEX insurance fund holds over 32,800 BTC as of November 24th, representing a total of approx. $216 million, at a current rate of [...]

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  23. Wed November 13th, 2019
  24. NewsBTC

    Throughout 2019, Bitcoin has been mostly bullish, rising as much as 350% from trough to peak, all while the altcoin market has continued to bleed out

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  25. Coingape

    Ethereum [ETH] has shown considerable growth in the past two years post the ICO bubble, according to a report from Coinmetrics Much of the growth [...]

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  26. Mon November 4th, 2019
  27. CryptoSlate

    XRP, native currency of RippleNet developed by Ripple, is the only top 10 crypto asset to record a drop against the U.S. dollar year-to-date.

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  28. Fri November 1st, 2019
  29. NewsBTC

    Earlier this month, NewsBTC reported that the market capitalization of all crypto assets, Bitcoin included, printed what is known as a death cross in the

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  30. Mon October 21st, 2019
  31. Coingape

    Crypto markets which had a largely bearish view, turned positive as it Bitcoin [BTC] broke above $8000 on Sunday. The price of BTC at 3: [...]

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  32. Fri October 18th, 2019
  33. Coingape

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) derivatives record all-time high volume of 400,000 ETH in the past 24 hours. DeFi applications contributed a record high of 3 million [...]

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  34. Sat October 5th, 2019
  35. NewsBTC

    The dreaded death cross – the name for when a short-term moving average crosses below a long-term moving average. It’s appearance on the charts of Bitcoin

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  36. Sat September 21st, 2019
  37. Coingape + 1 more

    Market Capitalization of cryptocurrencies acts as a successful parameter to rank them. Since the beginning of the crypto markets, the top rankings have witnessed massive [...]

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  38. Tue September 17th, 2019
  39. Coingape

    BitPay Adds support for Ethereum Analysts Suggest Ether [ETH] could lead the alt-season again, as it looks to break above $200. Ethereum [ETH] gained 1.81% [...]

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  40. Wed September 11th, 2019
  41. Coingape

    Chainlink [LINK], one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2019 has been alleged of “pump and dump” trading by Blockchain research firm AnChain. According to [...]

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  42. Mon September 9th, 2019
  43. Coingape

    Bitcoin [BTC] closed  6.5% higher at $10,400 on a weekly scale. The week saw another altcoin dumping as Bitcoins dominance crossed above 70%. Nevertheless, the [...]

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  44. Sat August 17th, 2019
  45. BeInCrypto

    2019 has been a bad year for most altcoins, but a few are performing exceptionally poorly. Let's look at the worst faring cryptocurrencies.

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  46. Sun August 4th, 2019
  47. Coingape

    Bitcoin [BTC] broke above $10,000 due to rising economic distress in the world has continued to strengthen the confidence of bullish traders. Correlation does not [...]

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  48. Thu July 25th, 2019
  49. ZyCrypto + 3 more
  50. Wed July 24th, 2019
  51. NewsBTC

    With so much negativity suddenly in the crypto market following increased regulatory concerns surrounding Bitcoin, Facebook Libra, and the rest of the

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  52. Coingape

    Bitcoin broke above $10,000 almost a month back on 21st June 2019. The bullish action was predictably strong as BTC continued to gain new highs [...]

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  53. Mon July 22nd, 2019
  54. Coingape + 1 more

    Bitcoin [BTC] is closed the week at $10,600, which acted as a positive indicator for traders. The price briefly broke towards $10,300, however, it closed [...]

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  55. Wed July 17th, 2019
  56. Coingape

    The exhaustion of the Bitcoin bulls came to the realization yesterday as Bitcoin [BTC] broke below the parallel channel between $10,000 and $13,000. The price [...]

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  57. Mon July 15th, 2019
  58. Coingape

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies created a colossal wave last week as the US President finally decided to speak about them. While he spoke against it, the [...]

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  59. Sun July 14th, 2019
  60. Coingape

    Cryptocurrency markets witnessed another exciting week as the Bitcoin [BTC] began the week with a robust bullish action, but failed to yield. Furthermore, the altcoin [...]

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  61. Tue July 9th, 2019
  62. Coingape

    Bitcoin’s [BTC] dominance over the cryptocurrency markets breached its yearly high to climb another percent. At press time, the dominance of bitcoin is above 64% [...]

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  63. Sun June 30th, 2019
  64. Coingape

    Bitcoin [BTC]’s bull run in the past few weeks has been staggering. The cryptocurrency reached its yearly high above $13800 on 26th June. The price [...]

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  65. Thu June 27th, 2019
  66. Coingape

    The #Coinbasedown incident again revived the debate regarding the viability and security of Exchanges as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue to become mainstream. Currently, many Exchanges [...]

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  67. Mon June 24th, 2019
  68. Coingape

    The Tron Foundation led by Justin Sun is celebrating Tron Independence Day on 25th June as their first anniversary of introducing their native Tron blockchain. [...]

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  69. Fri June 14th, 2019
  70. Coingape

    Bitcoin and Gold are making hefty moves as investments in these safe havens continue to grow. While Gold is testing its 6-year high price near [...]

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  71. Coingape

    Reportedly, Facebook Inc. has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa Inc., MastercardInc. PayPal Holdings Inc. and Uber Inc. These technology companies form a consortium which will find a similarity [...]

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  72. Fri June 7th, 2019
  73. Coingape + 1 more

    Bitcoin [BTC], bulls and bears, are have engaged themselves in a stiff competition. The price has fallen below $7500 a couple of times; however, it [...]

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  74. Thu May 30th, 2019
  75. AMBCrypto + 2 more

    From exchange hacks to propped-up ICOs to shady investor plots, Ponzi schemes in cryptocurrency markets have been layered to swindle billions of dollars from gullible investors, and in some cases, have succeeded. A recent report by Longhash highlights three such scams and their valuation with reference to the top-10 coins....

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  76. Tue May 28th, 2019
  77. Coingape

    EOS broke $8, gaining over 15% in the past 24 hours. The price of EOS at 4: 00 Hours UTC on 28th May 2019 is [...]

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