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  1. Wed September 18th, 2019
  2. Official Changelly Blog

    Mithril (MITH) Price Prediction for 2019-2020. We analyzed MITH price history, important news and fundamental reasons for the asset to grow or fall. Our Mithril price forecast is not investment advice.

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  3. Wed July 3rd, 2019
  4. GXS

    July 3, 2019 — Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), the blockchain-enabled charity platform and official philanthropic arm of the global…

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  5. Mon July 1st, 2019
  6. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index depreciated to 34.78 on Monday from 35.62 on Sunday, a 2.36% pullback.

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  7. Fri June 21st, 2019
  8. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index improved to 50.36 from 49.58 the previous day, a 1.57% gain. The 21 Leaders Index is up 5.06% over the past 7 days and 11.68% over the past 30 days.

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  9. Wed June 19th, 2019
  10. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index fell to 33.16 on Tuesday from 34.08 on Monday, a 2.7% decline from the previous day.

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  11. Sat June 8th, 2019
  12. Wimplo

    According to a report by Binance Research on 06 June, Ethereum developers constitute the vast majority of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) application (DApp) creators. Binance in its report substantiat…

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  13. Fri May 31st, 2019
  14. CryptoSlate + 1 more

    There are now at least 83 different use cases for storing, using, and spending Binance Coin. The exchange said that its #UseBNB initiative will further increase this number.

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  15. Fri May 3rd, 2019
  16. AMBCrypto

    Binance Coin is among the best performing cryptos in 2019. The token’s price surged by a massive 340% since the beginning of the year and doesn’t seem to be nearing an end. However, the coin was undergoing correction at press time, after consistently pumping by 12% over the past 24...

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  17. Sun April 28th, 2019

    You wouldn’t know to look at it, but Binance DEX could soon become the busiest exchange in the cryptosphere. At present, MITH is the only token tradable

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  19. Thu April 25th, 2019
  20. TheCryptoUpdates

    Binance, leading cryptocurrency exchange of the world is to begin the token swap officially. According to reports, the firm will move

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  21. Tue April 23rd, 2019
  22. Blokt

    Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will officially begin the token swap process for its BNB coins today, April 23.

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  23. Coingape

    One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has recently launched its own decentralized exchange (DEX) which is now run on Binance’s native chain, Binance Chain. The exchange is now inviting other community development to issue their new token on Binance chain.

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  24. Mon April 22nd, 2019
  25. Wimplo + 1 more

    Mithril, a decentralized social media platform announced on 18 April that it would be the first project to utilize Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance. Mithril highligh…

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  26. Sun April 21st, 2019
  27. KryptoMoney

    The cryptocurrency market has been finally gearing up in a way that the enthusiasts of the ecosystem have been looking forward to.

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  28. Sat April 20th, 2019
  29. AMBCrypto

    Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, launched its blockchain protocol on April 18 and announced Mithril as the first project to migrate to its Chain. Red Pulse Phoenix [PHX] and Atomic Wallet too followed the suit and migrated to Binance Chain. Red Pulse Phoenix token operated on the...

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  30. KryptoMoney

    Mithril, a decentralized social media platform will migrate to Binance Chain and the MITH token will transfer from ERC20 to Binance’s BEP2 standard.

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  31. CryptoSlate

    Could the “Binance Chain effect” be the new Coinbase effect? Binance Chain has attracted coins away from its competitor, pumping the value of those coins following their switches.

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  32. Fri April 19th, 2019
  33. CryptoSlate

    On April 19, the price of Binance Coin (BNB) surged by 10 percent against USD, becoming the first crypto asset since 2017 to achieve an all-time high.

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  34. AMBCrypto

    Binance Coin [BNB] is nothing short of becoming the best performing crypto asset of 2019, as it creates higher highs every day. In a recent surge, BNB went up by approximately 12% in 24-hours breaking out of the ‘saucer bottom’ pattern. BNB has been on a bull run since December 2018,...

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  35. Chepicap

    According to a blog post uploaded today by Red Pulse (PHX), the project will add up to Mithril (MITH) in being some of the pioneers in switching over to the newly launched Binance Chain.

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  36. AMBCrypto

    Binance launched its blockchain protocol on April 18 and it already has its first project launch on its network. Mithril, a decentralized social media platform will migrate to Binance Chain. The company’s MITH token, that ranks 121st on CoinMarketCap will transfer from ERC20 to Binance’s BEP2 standard. Binance Chain has...

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  37. CryptoSlate

    Binance Chain, a blockchain protocol developed by Binance, will see its first project launch on the network. The company announced Mithril, a decentralized social media platform, will migrate to the chain and its MITH token will transfer from ERC20 to Binance’s BEP2 standard. Since its announcement in early 2018, Binance...

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  38. Thu April 18th, 2019
  39. Chepicap + 1 more

    Mith coin surges 65% upon the news by CEO Changpeng 'CZ Zhao, who took to Twitter to announce that Mithril will be the very first project to migrate tokens onto the exchange's new native chain.

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  40. Thu April 11th, 2019

    You can purchase any single one of the 10 leading cryptocurrencies. Or, you can choose to invest in Digital Portfolios managed by our Experts.

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  42. Tue April 9th, 2019
  43. Nauticus

    If you want to figure out the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now, you’ll need to get a brief overview of each coin. Here’s our handy reference guide to every coin you can buy and sell on Nauticus Exchange.   Nauticus Coin (NTS) The Nauticus Coin was launched during...

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  44. Wed March 20th, 2019
  45. OracleTimes

    Machi X — the open marketplace for tokenized intellectual property rights — recently launched its Beta version of the platform, a critical step in building a new framework for content creators, musicians, and other creative artists to tokenize copyrights and connect directly with their supporters. The platform, based on Ethereum,...

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    Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve got the details in this installment of The Daily. This edition Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we’ve included the details in The Daily. This edition also features Coincheck’s announcement that...

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  47. Mon March 18th, 2019
  48. Coingape + 3 more
  49. Mon January 14th, 2019
  50. Benzinga

    GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- David Brierley, CEO, states: "We have launched our Beta platform on IOS, Android and desktop for testing and to...

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  51. Sun December 30th, 2018
  52. QUOINE

    by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada

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  53. Tue December 11th, 2018

    In line with providing our users the best trading experience possible, we’re pleased to announce that in addition to Dai which was…

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  55. CryptoBlockWire

    One of the top performing cryptocurrencies of the day is TenX. TenX (PAY) is currently up 19.03% compared to USD over the last 24 hours, ending at 07:00

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  56. Chepicap

    Binance have announced their latest trading competition featuring Mithril (MITH). The competition will run for one week starting tomorrow 12 December and end on the 19th December. The competition features 2 million MITH up for grabs to top traders by volume. The top 100 users will share a pool of 2...

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  57. Mon December 10th, 2018
  58. CryptoBlockWire

    The top performing cryptocurrency of the day is DEX. DEX (DEX) traded up 34.70% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00

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  59. Sat December 8th, 2018
  60. Chepicap

    Today the markets saw a modest push up into some green, though not every coin was so lucky. The growth we have seen isn't huge, but at least some stability seems to be found for now.Coin Market Capitalization/Bitcoin Dominance As of now, market cap is at $110,739,047,512, up about $4...

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  61. Blockspoint

    As the third and largest event of an unpredictable year, the huge success of this BlockShow has reinforced the importance of the global movement that has brought blockchain to prominence.

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  62. Thu December 6th, 2018
  63. Cryptology Blog

    From continued institutional support and recognition from business and government leaders, blockchain has been making traction globally. However, where it will go next and the link between political activity and its implementation, remains a huge question on everyone’s minds. Industries that blockchain’s potential is emerging as a positive spring in...

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  64. Tue December 4th, 2018
  65. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Markets recouping daily losses, Binance Coin and Nem are in the green, EOS is getting hammered. The downward motion on crypto markets has Cryptocurrency markets recoup daily losses, Binance Coin and Nem are in the green, EOS is getting hammered. 

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  66. Mon December 3rd, 2018
  67. CryptoBlockWire

    Mithril (MITH) traded up 26.20% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on December 03, 2018.

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  68. NewsBTC

    Monday is red as markets wipe out weekend gains, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, IOTA sliding, Ethereum Classic staying afloat. 

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