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  1. Fri July 12th, 2019
  2. CoinSpeaker + 3 more

    Japanese licensed cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has halted all its services after unusual withdrawal from its hot wallet was noticed. In this hack, the exchange has lost $32 million in crypto assets.

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  3. Thu June 20th, 2019

    Since the significant lows in December 2018 a slew of digital currencies have captured remarkable gains over the last six months.

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  5. Tue June 11th, 2019
  6. AMBCrypto

    The fork coin has always been a point of contention for many in the community since its split with Bitcoin Cash [BCH], another Bitcoin fork coin. Bitcoin SV, the brainchild of the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, pumped by over 80%, induced by the Fake Satoshi row on 30 May. The infamous...

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  7. Sat June 8th, 2019
  8. CryptoDaily

    One of the leading crypto exchanges suffered a loss of 7,000 Bitcoins, priced at more than $40 million, last month which was a big surprise for the industry. Of course, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, you will know that exchange was Binance.

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  9. Thu June 6th, 2019
  10. CryptoVibes

    For the last 24 hours, the crypto markets have remained in strong consolidation mode. There have been no significant moves

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  11. Mon June 3rd, 2019
  12. Bitcoinist

    Every bitcoin hardware wallet increasingly needs something to stand out from the crowd. The D'CENT Biometric has a fingerprint scanner, but is that

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  13. Sun June 2nd, 2019
  14. ZyCrypto

    At the beginning of last month, May 2019, it was quite devastating to learn about a security hack that resulted in the loss of over $40

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  15. BitcoinNews

    Japanese home-grown cryptocurrency Monacoin, tagged as being the country’s first digital currency, has rocketed more than 80% in just 24 hrs.

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  16. Sat June 1st, 2019
  17. ZyCrypto

    Conceived in late 2013 and officially launched in 2014 as an alternative to its mother currency (Bitcoin), Mona still offers the same basic

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  18. Fri May 31st, 2019
  19. TheCryptoUpdates

    Another example of crypto volatility is what one can see from the recent price drop of Bitcoin. Interestingly, the world’s largest

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  20. Chepicap

    The Japanese cryptocurrency project MonaCoin has seen an incredible surge on a day that the rest of the cryptocurrency market tanked. $MONA almost tripled in price on Friday, jumping from $1.09 $3.08.

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  21. Tue May 21st, 2019
  22. Benzinga

    Experiment with and develop blockchain products more easily than ever VIPPOOL Inc. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuki Kojima) hereby...

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  23. Sun May 12th, 2019
  24. BTCWires

    The news of Binance hack has taken the crypto industry by storm. Though it turns out that a massive $40 million worth of Bitcoin doesn't even register this heist among the worst, check out the 5 biggest exchange hacks in the cryptocurrency industry. Top 5 Exchange Hacks in Crypto History…

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  25. Fri May 10th, 2019
  26. Bitcoinist

    If you thought the Binance hack was bad, check out the five biggest exchange hacks in crypto history that were (so much) worse.

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  27. Tue April 23rd, 2019
  28. TheCcPress

    The Financial Services Agency (FSA), has launched an investigation into two of the country's top cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi Japan and Fisco.

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  29. Mon April 22nd, 2019
  30. KryptoMoney

    Zaif announced the transfer of the business from Tech Bureau to Fisco Digital Asset Group (FDAG) will become effective on April 22. 

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  31. Sun April 21st, 2019
  32. Cryptopolitan + 5 more
  33. Tue March 19th, 2019
  34. BeInCrypto

    A Japanese teenager hacked Monacoin platform Monappy because it was a fun thing to do. Now, he will have to serve jail time.

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  35. Sun March 17th, 2019
  36. CryptoSlate + 1 more

    Japanese authorities in the city of Utsunomiya have charged an 18-year-old with stealing cryptocurrency from Monappy, a digital wallet service for MonaCoin.

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    In this edition of The Daily we cover a planned U.S. regulated cryptocurrency exchange from Riot Blockchain, the arrest of a hacker in Japan who allegedly

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  38. Sat March 16th, 2019
  39. U.Today

    🏃‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️🤷‍♂️An 18-year-old Japanese boy has been arrested for using a crypto wallet’s glitches for stealing Monacoin tokens worth 15 mln yen

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  40. AMBCrypto

    One of the major concerns of cryptocurrency enthusiasts continues to be hacking and theft, with several exchanges and wallets being compromised over the past few years. According to a report by Japan Today, an 18-year-old man, whose identity was withheld by the police, was prosecuted for hacking on Thursday. The...

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  41. Fri March 15th, 2019
  42. Chepicap

    In Tokyo, the Metropolitan Police Department’s cybercrime division identified an 18-year-old Japanese boy, who allegedly stole about 97,000 Monacoins, wich have a total worth of about $134,000.

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  43. Sat February 2nd, 2019
  44. CryptoSlate

    The scale of this attack can offer some lessons to the challenges faced by blockchains secured by Proof of Work (PoW).

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  45. Fri January 25th, 2019
  46. InvestInBlockchain

    On Jan. 5, Ethereum Classic suffered a 51% attack. In response, the cryptocurrency's development team has enacted an alert system to prevent future attacks.

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  47. Mon January 21st, 2019
  48. InvestInBlockchain

    The crypto exchange Huobi has just received regulatory approval from Japan's FSA, their latest big milestone joining with their healthy derivatives market.

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    The Ripple company token was hovering around the $0.335 level at the end of last week. As mentioned in BTCManager’s Weekly Market Outlook, the $0.335 to $0.34 zone proved to be a strong support/resistance line in August 2018.

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  50. Fri January 18th, 2019

    Huobi Japan, the cryptocurrency exchange re-born as a result of a merger between BitTrade and Huobi Group, has now resumed operations as a wholly-regulated exchange by Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA), according to a press release on January 17, 2019.

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  52. BitcoinMagazine

    Huobi is back in Japan, this time as a fully regulated exchange under Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA).

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  53. Thu January 17th, 2019
  54. BTCWires

    After a merger with BitTrade, the Huobi Exchange (the seventh in the world in terms of daily trading volume) has re-entered the Japan market as a platform duly licensed by the Japanese financial regulator FSA. To that end, the company published a press release announcing the same on 17th January,…

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  55. Benzinga

    SINGAPORE, Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Huobi Group is proud to announce that, thanks to its merger with BitTrade, Huobi Japan has relaunched itself as a fully regulated exchange...

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  56. Tue January 8th, 2019
  57. Chepicap

    Ethereum Classic (ETC) suffered a 51 percent attack some hours ago, with users effectively being defrauded out of a large amount of funds. Many observers on Twitter have responded to this news, with one pointing out that ETC's value hasn't fallen as far as might be expected in the wake...

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  58. Tue January 1st, 2019
  59. InvestInBlockchain

    We look back at the year 2018 in crypto, including bear markets, BCH hash war, government regulations, mainnet launches, & optimistic developments for 2019.

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  60. Thu December 20th, 2018
  61. ZyCrypto

    Altcoins have not been left out in garnering massive profits. Yesterday, an Altcoin (MonaCoin) emerged the best performing coin, today, BCH

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  62. Wed December 19th, 2018
  63. Hacked

    While the Bitcoin price climbed to within flirting distance of $4,000 on Wednesday, it was the altcoin market which experienced the bulk of the gains. Waves (WAVES), Stratis (STRAT) and MonaCoin (MONA) all hit between 52% and 72% growth during the twenty-four hour period leading into Wednesday. Like many major...

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  64. ZyCrypto

    Irrespective of this, Monacoin(Mona) is the best performer among the top 100 coins in the last 24 hours with a market surge of over 80%.

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  65. ZyCrypto + 1 more

    At the moment of writing this article, nays are turning to yays, speculators who branded the bull run as a “pump and dump” situation are now

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  66. Sun December 9th, 2018
  67. TheCcPress

    What is Electrum? Electrum is a name known by most early crypto enthusiasts, as it’s one of the pioneers of

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  68. Mon December 3rd, 2018
  69. Blockspoint + 2 more

    A Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitTrade is closing to reopen as part of Huobi Global. This step was preceded by the purchase of the platform’s controlling stake

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  70. Fri November 30th, 2018
  71. OracleTimes

    Dash (DASH) – One of the major things impeding the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is hack, and this is beginning to give people the perception

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