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  1. Fri July 20th, 2018
  2. ZyCrypto

    One of the largest digital asset exchange platforms, OKEx has added Cardano cryptocurrency asset to its exchange platform.

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  3. Sun July 15th, 2018
  4. Crypto-News India

    The expansion of Chinese crypto exchanges to United States is continuing from a steady pace. After Huobi now one more Chinese cryptocurrency exchange has started its operations in US by opening an office in California. The exchange we’re talking about is OKCoin, and the city where it has opened its office is San Francisco. Notably …

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  5. Sat July 14th, 2018

    OKCoin Enters US Market with Fiat-to-Crypto Trading Service

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  7. Fri July 13th, 2018
  8. CoinSpeaker

    OKCoin USA Inc. currently offers its fiat-to-crypto trading for its customers in California with a plan to expand it to other states, soon.

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  9. Coindoo

    The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin has expanded its services on the American market, providing trading pairs between US Dollar and specific cryptocurrencies. As reported by OKCoin on Friday, the new branch has already been opened in the US and awaits customer deposits. The Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchange now supports trading pairs between USD and Bitcoin (BTC), […] The post OKCoin Has a New Branch in California Supporting Fiat-to-Crypto Pairs appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews.

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  10. CoinDesk

    Crypto exchange OKCoin has launched a branch in the U.S. market to offer trading services between U.S. dollars and several major cryptocurrencies. 

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  11. Thu June 21st, 2018
  12. Tron Labs

    It is reported, TRON will launch virtual machine on May 25 (UTC+8), mainnet on May 31, token migration on June 21 and the first 27 super…

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  13. Thu May 31st, 2018
  14. Futurism

    The three attacks happened just days after the rarely-seen hack was shown on “Silicon Valley.”

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  15. Fri May 25th, 2018

    First it happened to verge. $1.8m of cryptocurrency swiped in a matter of hours. Then to bitcoin gold, plundered in an $18m double spend attack. Then to verge again, this time to the tune of $1.7 million. Along the way, monacoin is also believed to have been hit. Someone is methodically working their way through …

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  17. Thu May 24th, 2018
  18. Crypto-News India

    Cryptocurrency networks seem to be on the target of some organized criminals these days. It was only two days ago when I reported that Japanese cryptocurrency Monacoin suffered from a selfish mining attack recently, and yesterday there was the news of Verge suffering from a DDoS attack. However, the worst doesn’t seem to be over …

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  19. Tue May 22nd, 2018
  20. NewsBTC

    For the Monacoin community, it is evident this problem needs to be resolved. That may require some form of a hard fork issued by the developers. Most regular users will not necessarily be affected by these issues, though.

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  21. Coindoo

    The Japanese cryptocurrency  Monacoin was attacked by cybercriminals. The fraud has caused $ 90,000 losses. It looks like the attack wasn’t planned like this at the beginning of operations. The hacker managed to mine one block but didn’t transfer it to other miners. This activity can be called a “selfish mining attack“. The purpose of this […] The post Monacoin Was Hacked by a Selfish Miner appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews.

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  22. Crypto-News India

    It seems that Japanese cryptocurrency Monacoin has been on the target of hackers in recent days. Between May 13 and 14 Monacoin blockchain seems to have suffered from a “selfish mining attack” that might’ve left the project with damages worth $90,000. Monacoin acknowledged the attack on 17th of May, but so far it has not yet …

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  23. Mon April 23rd, 2018

    Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was brought into the world by a person/s with the moniker ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ a Japanese name. Yet, it still has to be proved if bitcoin is really of Japanese origin. Nonetheless, this may be a reason why Japan has a soft corner for Bitcoin – or may ...

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  25. Fri February 9th, 2018
  26. BitcoinMagazine

    Japan's largest Bitcoin and blockchain company, bitFlyer, has now received an official license to operate in the state of Illinois.

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  27. Wed December 6th, 2017
  28. NewsBTC

    Emerging from a Litecoin fork two years ago Monacoin was invented by a ‘Mr. Watanabe’, another Japanese pseudonym just like Satoshi Nakamoto.

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