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  1. Wed October 23rd, 2019

    The upcoming blockchain game ChainGuardians is the newest addition to the Silica Nexus Ecosystem as the development of the platform continues in full throttle. ChainGuardians is an anime infused multi-world, turn-based, real-time strategy game with ERC721 assets (in-game items) and transparent economies. It will feature several different game modes, including...

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  3. Tue October 22nd, 2019

    It seems like it is the best of times and the worst of times for banking. Banks will continue to serve as a fundamental institution in…

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  5. Sun October 20th, 2019

    PayPal left the Libra Association, and we do not know if the company will ever come back to the Libra association.

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  7. Sat October 19th, 2019

    The past days I had the pleasure to discuss with Andrew Prell, Founder, and CEO of Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC, the company behind the ambitious XR project Silica Nexus. We had an enlightening conversation and he was more than willing to answer a lot of questions regarding the future...

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  9. Fri October 18th, 2019
  10. Coingape

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) derivatives record all-time high volume of 400,000 ETH in the past 24 hours. DeFi applications contributed a record high of 3 million [...]

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  11. CoinSpeaker + 1 more

    This article serves to explain the specific roles of each institution that works on the market in the fast-evolving digital asset ecosystem.

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  12. Thu October 17th, 2019

    The dominant coalition has splintered. The Calibra association has fallen asunder, well, kind of.

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  14. Wed October 16th, 2019

    UP is the enhanced iteration of’s LaunchPad with a brand new half-price purchase channel for digital assets. The first project of…

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  16. Tue October 15th, 2019

    Crypto-passionate street artist Pascal Boyart, well known in the space for being the first artist in his style to affix Bitcoin QR codes to his work, is

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    Ripple is a fintech firm located in San Francisco, California. It has investors that range from the famed Andresen Horowitz venture…

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  19. Sat October 12th, 2019

    Venture capitalists such as Bill Gurley and fund managers such as Paul Singer have commented on the state of the current markets…

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  21. Fri October 11th, 2019

    SimplyVital Health (SVH), a distributed ledger technology (DLT) based platform that claims to be focused on fostering trust and value in the healthcare ecosystem, has secured a $225k grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to enable the former to work on the integration of Graphene Protocol into its Nexus…

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  23. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter Your daily newsletter for 11 October, 2019 Strength “Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill. TGIF! Enjoy your well deserved weekend you all. But first, …

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  24. CoinMarketCap

    CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter Your daily newsletter for 11 October, 2019 “Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill. Quiet going into the weekend      Over the last 24 …

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  25. BeInCrypto

    Did Changpeng Zhao just intimidate The Block’s Larry Cermak to not spill the beans about cryptocurrency exchanges and the Chinese government?

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  26. Wed October 9th, 2019

    Facebook made a big announcement this past week. The social media giant will take even more people into the digital realm in an even more…

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  28. Tue October 8th, 2019

    Alas, bitcoin staggered and had a great fall during the last weeks. The price of bitcoin fell from its several months bound $10,000 range…

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  30. Thu October 3rd, 2019
  31. BeInCrypto

    Ex-CTO of Coinbase recently hypothesized that Bitcoin may be the most popular asset in the tech world. They form a "network of shared values."

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  32. Mon September 30th, 2019

    At the end of June 2019, ZB Group celebrated its 6th anniversary by publishing the operation data of trading platform for the first…

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  34. Sun September 29th, 2019

    Everyone is excited for Bakkt, the exchange launched by the Intercontinental Exchange, or the group behind the NYSE. Many were pleased…

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  36. Sat September 28th, 2019

    October has been another great month for Silica Nexus as the development progress continues, bringing the Cross-Reality platform a step closer to the blockchain community and specifically, the blockchain gamers. This month, Silica Nexus announced a partnership with Dissolution, a triple-A Enjin & Multiverse game, already available on Steam in...

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  38. Tue September 24th, 2019

    Traditional banking typically stays relatively quiet on fintech developments. We see emerging fintech startups like Square and Stripe…

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  40. Benzinga

    FULTON, MD, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Sonatype, the inventors of software supply chain automation, announced it has developed new early warning capabilities to...

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  41. Mon September 23rd, 2019

    Athletes are respected by many across the world for their hard work, their endurance, and their ability to push the boundaries in sports…

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    Aurora Wong, Vice President of ZB Group and founder of ZB Nexus, discussed the relationship between the central bank’s digital currency…

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  44. Fri September 20th, 2019

    Galaxy Digital is one such entity that hopes to become a significant business within the emerging cryptocurrency sector. The firm has high…

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    It’s happening! ZB is a top sponsor for the first ever CoinMarketCap conference: TheCapital!

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  47. Wed September 18th, 2019

    The Facebook Libra currency is probably one of the most contentious planned projects in the world right now for a variety of reasons. Many…

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    Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group, speaking at the Global Blockchain Digital Finance Summit in ABU Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on…

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    On September 16, officially opened LVN trading at 14:00pm (Beijing Time) with an opening price of 0.0075 USDT. According to market…

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    Several leading fintech companies are betting on blockchain and bitcoin for the long-term. This trend isn’t surprising. Those who lead the…

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  52. Tue September 17th, 2019

    Here’s an instruction for you:

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  54. Mon September 16th, 2019

    Silica Nexus continues adding games in their ecosystem with the popular FPS Multiverse game “Dissolution” to be the newest addition. The IEO is currently active and you can get DROID tokens from LAToken. Recently, Crypt-Oink and Ether Legends joined the Silica Nexus project with Mythereum to follow right after. Dissolution...

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  56. Sun September 15th, 2019

    On September 15, the first project of ‘ZB UP’ was successfully completed. LVN with a total offering amount of US$1 million made available…

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  58. Thu September 12th, 2019

    The newest upgraded Launchpad from is about to be launched on September 12th, 2019, and the first project to be featured on ZB UP…

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    The Art and History of Lending

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  61. Mon September 9th, 2019

    A traditional lottery has an interesting design. It is typically a zero-sum game.

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    Despite the obstacles, there are still more than 12 active darknet markets today and DNM forums filled with participants are growing in number once again.

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  64. Sat September 7th, 2019
  65. Coingape

     The Charles Schwab Corporation CEO, Walt Bettinger dismissed crypto assets as speculative and insignificant for its RIA platform. With a reputation of being a safe pair [...]

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  66. Thu September 5th, 2019

    As the blockchain industry continues to grow, with firms such as Jingdong, Alibaba, Walmart, IBM, and others start to get involved in the…

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