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  1. Thu July 11th, 2019
  2. PillarProject

    Pillar’s vision for how users interacts with services is a user-centric one. Just released Offers Engine is another step in this direction.

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  3. Tue July 9th, 2019
  4. PillarProject

    I started the Pillar Project to give people more choice, more freedom, and more power. I’m leaving it in good hands now.

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  5. Thu June 27th, 2019
  6. PillarProject

    How to make your cryptocurrency transactions instant, private & free.

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  7. Tue June 25th, 2019
  8. PillarProject

    Implications of Zuckerberg’s latest announcement are way bigger than just another huge player entering the field of crypto.

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  9. Thu June 20th, 2019
  10. PillarProject

    Take One: Michael, Pillar Project CEO

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  11. Thu June 13th, 2019
  12. PillarProject

    The culture of data-driven marketing at Pillar requires us to constantly go back to our forecasts. Let’s check last half year’s results!

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  13. Wed June 12th, 2019
  14. PillarProject

    Do you have a split spending personality?

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  15. Thu June 6th, 2019
  16. PillarProject

    Pillar Smart Wallet for Dummies Pt. IIRecovery agents, license to…*Make sure you’ve read Part I to get up to speed on smart contract accounts.*All about recovery agents.One of the biggest risks with blockchain-based accounts is a complete loss of funds. If you lose your private key (password) or your device — and you haven’t safeguarded...

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  17. Fri May 31st, 2019
  18. PillarProject

    The same Pillar Wallet, only smarter.

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  19. Thu May 23rd, 2019
  20. PillarProject

    How DIDs and credentials can be used to return control of your identity back to you, and how you can use this identity in the digital…

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  21. Thu May 16th, 2019
  22. PillarProject

    The Odyssey hackathon provided the stage for the Pillar team to show its concept for how it envisions a Citizen Wallet.

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  23. Mon May 13th, 2019
  24. PillarProject

    The PLR token serves as the primary unit of account powering the platform utility and its ecosystem of users/services.

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  25. Thu May 9th, 2019
  26. PillarProject

    The concept of a Personal Data Locker (PDL), a secure storage area for each individual’s personal data, has been a core goal of the Pillar…

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  27. Wed May 8th, 2019
  28. PillarProject

    The Pillar Payment Network allows for frictionless transfers of any supported asset solely through the ownership and use of the PLR token.

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  29. Fri May 3rd, 2019
  30. PillarProject

    A personal data and asset management platform allowing users to easily control what, when and with who their information is shared.

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  31. Thu May 2nd, 2019
  32. PillarProject

    On a previous article, I’ve highlighted how awesome it is to have the opportunity to travel for work with Pillar — always feel like an…

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  33. Thu April 11th, 2019
  34. PillarProject

    …and introducing the Game of Badges!

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  35. Tue April 9th, 2019
  36. PillarProject

    It all started when Pablo posted a video of Pillar Wallet integrated with Facebook. What followed was totally unexpected by any of us.

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  37. Tue April 2nd, 2019
  38. PillarProject

    You might have seen the video of Pablo signing into Pillar Wallet using his Facebook profile yesterday. Yes, your suspicion is correct.

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  39. Mon March 25th, 2019
  40. PillarProject

    Some people might not even realize how BIG the Pillar Forum being integrated with the Wallet really is.

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  41. Mon March 18th, 2019
  42. PillarProject

    I’ll describe the technical challenges faced by the Pillar Project team while designing our Personal Data Locker. Part one is…

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  43. Tue February 26th, 2019
  44. PillarProject

    Shooting a video guerrilla-style on the streets of Manhattan was a dream I didn’t even know I had.

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  45. Thu February 21st, 2019
  46. PillarProject

    Last week the Pillar Project team attended London Blockchain Week. Our CEO and co-founder David Siegel presented, moderated and held…

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  47. Fri February 15th, 2019
  48. PillarProject

    At the beginning of 2019, the Pillar team was invited by our friends at Tarmac to visit Uruguay and take a closer look at how their…

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  49. Fri February 1st, 2019
  50. PillarProject

    Welcome to the first edition of the Voice of the Customer here at the Pillar Project. As you may be aware, the Pillar Project aims to…

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  51. Mon January 28th, 2019
  52. PillarProject

    TLDR: In the following article, I outline Pillar’s product vision and planned functionality for 2019 starting with larger, long term goals…

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  53. Thu January 24th, 2019
  54. PillarProject

    Pillar organized its first developer event on January 17th and 18th. NEM Radix and DGB teams were hacking our Wallet’s code.

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  55. Mon December 24th, 2018
  56. PillarProject

    Introducing the easy-to-use cryptowallet for everyone.

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  57. Thu December 20th, 2018
  58. PillarProject

    🚀 The Pillar Wallet is LIVE!Thursday 20 December 2018🎉 The Pillar Wallet is LIVE!We’re very pleased to announce that the Pillar Wallet is live on both iOS and Android! It has been an amazing journey so far and we look forward to keeping the momentum going!Go, Pillar! NOW!🎓 Quick Wallet GuidePablo shows some...

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  59. Fri December 14th, 2018
  60. PillarProject

    🚀 Wallet is submitted! | 20|30 Building on Pillar | 😎 Pillar Meetup in BrazilThursday 13 December 2018🚀 3 … 2 … 1 … Public Wallet Launch!Today marks an important milestone for the Pillar Project and those of us who work at Pillar. We have submitted our Wallet to Google Play and App Store, we...

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  61. Thu December 13th, 2018
  62. PillarProject

    Visions of Blockchain, a French magazine, recently released their latest issue showcasing the Pillar Project and our 2018 Summer…

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  63. Wed November 14th, 2018
  64. PillarProject

    Pillar Project and 20|30 recently became members of the CryptoUK trade association. These kind of associations are crucial to moving…

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  65. PillarProject

    Pillar Project and 20|30 recently became members of the CryptoUK trade association. These kind of associations are crucial to moving…

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  66. Tue October 30th, 2018
  67. PillarProject

    27 September 2018📱 The 4th Batch of Beta Testers is Coming!This week we release the Pillar Wallet Beta to a new batch of testers. This is in preparation for the new build, coming soon. Please, if you are a beta tester, don’t forget to report any issues you may find so...

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  68. PillarProject

    ⏩ Beta Testing Speeds Up | David’s Webinar on Stablecoins | Unconference Talks: ICOs & The Future of Law18 September 2018🆕 Another Week, Another Build, Another Wave of Testers!Every week we’re shipping a new Pillar Wallet build! The new release addresses a couple of defects — among others, provides the ability to delete the...

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  69. PillarProject

    25 October 2018⏰ London Blockchain Breakfast is tomorrow at 7:30 AM!Want to learn all about this season’s most popular assets class and how it will be featured in the Pillar Wallet? Join David and the Pillar team for the Meetup tomorrow! RSVP NOW!🤩 David’s Update on Exchange, KYC and PLR Token in the...

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  70. PillarProject

    6 September 2018📱💌 New Pillar Wallet Build SentToday, we pushed a new build of the Pillar Wallet and shipped it to the next wave of beta testers. Your feedback helped us make key improvements to transaction displays, mobile push notifications, message timestamps, and QR code scans.When the core bugs are identified and...

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  71. PillarProject

    🙌 Last Chance to Join our Beta Testers Program | Unconference Reflections | Pillar Blockathon | Michael on ICOs9 August 2018🎫 📱 Final Places on the Pillar Beta Testing ProgramWe’re very close to releasing our Pillar Wallet beta to the first wave of testers. If you haven’t signed up already, fill in...

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  72. PillarProject

    30 August 2018🛠 📱 Beta Testing UpdateOur beta testers have spent a busy week hunting for bugs in the Pillar Wallet; they sent test tokens, connected to friends’ profiles, and exchanged secure messages.Next week, we expect to push a new wallet build to a fresh wave of testers. If you haven’t signed...

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  73. Wed August 1st, 2018
  74. PillarProject

    It was a strange and wonderful week. 600 crypto, blockchain, and future-tech devotees congregated in Vilnius for seven full days of…

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