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  1. Sun September 30th, 2018
  2. BitMEX Blog – The official blog of BitMEX, the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange.

    Abstract: Following on from our first piece on ICOs in September 2017, which focused on the team members and advisors, in this report we work with TokenAnalyst to track the Ethereum balances of the ICO projects over time. We look at the amount of Ethereum raised and the US$ value...

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  3. Wed November 8th, 2017
  4. Bitcoinist

    Selling your unused bandwidth after its already paid for seems like a no-brainer, right? Privatix is looking to make it a reality.

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  5. Mon November 6th, 2017
  6. Bitcoinist

    Privatix, the world’s first decentralized and anonymous peer-to-peer broadband data marketplace, has successfully hit its token sale soft cap. 8,000,000

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  7. Thu November 2nd, 2017
  8. Bitcoinist

    VPNs have become increasingly important in providing encrypted data transfers, and Privatix is looking to fundamentally change the industry with a

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  9. Sat October 28th, 2017
  10. LiveBitcoinNews

    Privatix eliminates the requirement of technical experience to use the VPN service and monetization of unused bandwidth.

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  11. Mon September 4th, 2017
  12. CoinTelegraph

    Building decentralized P2P VPN on Blockchain would change the industry of VPN, CDN, and cybersecurity.

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