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  1. Sun November 18th, 2018
  2. InvestInBlockchain

    What's the outlook for QASH? This QASH price analysis examines the short-term price action for QASH/USD and QASH/BTC.

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  3. Wed November 14th, 2018
  4. ZyCrypto

    The event, which is taking place on November 30th, will see a host of key industry players discussing and debating the hot topics from within

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  5. Tue November 6th, 2018
  6. UseTheBitcoin

    The cryptocurrency trading platform Liquid—owned by the Japanese company Quoine—will be listing the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) .

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  7. AMBCrypto

    During a panel discussion, Katsu Kanno, Head of CEO at Quoine; Linda Wang, co-founder of Lending Block, and Andrew Robinson, the Head of Institutional Coverage, spoke about why the institutionalization of Bitcoin does not mean an end to Satoshi’s Vision. Katsu Kanno started by stating that the “beauty” of cryptocurrency...

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  8. Coingape

    Stablecoins are in demand everywhere and seems like everyone wants a piece of them. Considering this demand from the customers, a lot of exchanges are [...]

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  9. Mon November 5th, 2018
  10. QUOINE

    TOKYO, November 2, 2018 — Global digital asset platform Liquid today announced that it will list USD Coin (USDC), a regulated, US…

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  11. QUOINE

    Global digital asset platform Liquid today announced it has teamed up with U.S. digital asset exchange Gemini Trust Company, LLC…

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  12. Sun November 4th, 2018
  13. QUOINE

    By Ryoko ImotoCryptocurrency has grown exponentially over the past decade. What started off as barely a blip on the radar in 2008 has become a multi-billion-dollar sector with more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies being actively traded, according to Coin Market Cap.But these cryptocurrencies suffer tremendously from market volatility and instability, far more...

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  14. Fri November 2nd, 2018
  15. Blokt

    The fiat-to-crypto Liquid exchange announced its partnership with Gemini, listing the latter’s regulated stablecoin GUSD to its platform.

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  16. Benzinga

    TOKYO, Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Global digital asset platform Liquid today announced it has teamed up with U.S. digital asset exchange Gemini Trust Company, LLC ("Gemini...

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  17. Sun October 28th, 2018
  18. NewsBTC

    Crypto firms gained wheelbarrows of traction in the past week, with leading regulators from US, China, and Japan all expressing their approval for crypto.

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  19. Wed October 24th, 2018
  20. QUOINE

    By Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada

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  21. QUOINE

    It has been one year since the QASH ICO. In that time, the cryptocurrency landscape has shifted dramatically. While market sentiment has…

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  22. Mon October 22nd, 2018
  23. BitcoinNews

    DAOstack brings order in the chaotic world of DAO technology using organizational methods and workable tools to create an ecosystem of governance.

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  24. Thu October 18th, 2018
  25. QUOINE

    Crypto moves fast, yet transferring Bitcoin to a major exchange can take up to an hour, sometimes even longer. Traders don’t want to wait…

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  26. Wed October 17th, 2018
  27. ZyCrypto

    On October 9th, 2018, DAOstack, One of the biggest blockchain platforms announced the introduction of its GEN token on the Quoine's

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  28. DEX

    Development of the decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), where decisions are made electronically and governance comes from a virtual board of directors, was set back by an attack in June 2016. But it's widely agreed that the delay is just a blip and DAOs are here to stay

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  29. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain startup DAOstack has announced the listing of its GEN token on Quoines new Liquid Exchange, starting October 9th, 2018. October 11th, 2018, Gibraltar – The DAOstack collective attention token GEN, will be listed on Liquid, the newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange by Quoine, starting October 9th, 12:00 JST....

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  30. QUOINE

    Muscle-bound, professional and full of sass: meet Liquid Senior Video Producer McKenzie Hieu, or Mac, as he’s known.

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  31. Tue October 16th, 2018
  32. QUOINE

    Liquid began as a vision to rectify the liquidity problem in cryptocurrency, with the eventual goal of transforming finance by utilizing…

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  33. Sat October 13th, 2018
  34. OracleTimes

    DAOstack is a brand new type of Web3-native organization that allows like-minded communities to share their goals and values and act accordingly towards their development without having to depend on centralized parties. Its GEN token will soon be able to link a network of DAOs that are built for various...

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  35. Fri October 12th, 2018
  36. QUOINE

    Does institutionalization and regulation of crypto mean the end of the Satoshi vision? Is Satoshi’s vision still applicable in a modern…

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  37. Thu October 11th, 2018
  38. QUOINE

    By Tammy Ha, Liquid Marketing Executive

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  39. Tue October 9th, 2018
  40. AMBCrypto

    The IHF token recently became tradeable on Liquid, an exchange by Quoine. In order to mark the listing, Hyperion aims to acquaint new investors with the project details. The Hyperion Fund functions as a syndicated venture capital fund that provides independent investors access to the early stage investments in blockchain...

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  41. Tue October 2nd, 2018
  42. CryptoNinjas

    Liquid, the globally-sourced platform that bridges the worlds of fiat and crypto launched last month by cryptocurrency company Quoine has now announced new updates to the Liquid ICO platform. On the next upgrade, it was also announced...

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  43. Mon October 1st, 2018
  44. OmiseGO Network

    September has come and gone! Here are some of the activities we carried out this past month.

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  45. Sun September 30th, 2018
  46. QUOINE

    Trading on margin carries high risk. Always consider carefully your objectives, trading experience, and risk level before trading on…

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  47. Mon September 24th, 2018
  48. QUOINE

    Hi QuoinersGood afternoon.Last week was an extraordinary week (both good and bad)First, our team had an amazing week at Consensus Singapore hosting meetings and a private party. We thank everyone who participated in our series of meetings and events and hope to build strong and sustainable partnerships.Unfortunately I had to miss...

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  49. Sat September 22nd, 2018
  50. FLASH

    FLASH makes securing, sending, and receiving ERC-20 tokens simple by supporting them on the FLASH Web Wallet. These tokens join FLASH, BTC…

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  51. FLASH Blog

    FLASH makes securing, sending, and receiving ERC-20 assets simple by supporting them on the FLASH Web Wallet. These tokens join FLASH, BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH, and OMG to the list of supported cryptocurrencies available. Here are the 66 new ERC-20 assets supported by the FLASH Web Wallet: ARN, AE, AST,...

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  52. Thu September 20th, 2018
  53. Coingape

    In a recent hack, Japanese cryptocurrency firm Tech Bureau Corp said it said its Zaif Exchange was compromised to hackers and has nearly lost US$60 million worth of crypto assets.

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  54. Wed September 19th, 2018
  55. AMBCrypto

    TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is an exclusive blockchain event, which brings trusted investors, latest blockchain projects, major exchanges, well-known media platforms, and key figures from various fields together. It’s the best opportunity to get to know the latest trend of blockchain, integrate top resources and make important contacts in Tokyo from...

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  56. QUOINE

    Hi Bron. Thanks for your message. We understand your frustration, but whether we accept fiat deposits or withdrawals from US customers is an issue that’s really out of our hands, and this has been…

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  57. Tue September 18th, 2018
  58. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Another week, another dump; Ethereum, EOS, and VeChain, all in pain. Just when the crypto community was thinking a recovery could be possible Just when the crypto community was thinking a recovery could be possible markets take a big dump once again to disappoint.

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  59. KryptoMoney

    The Financial Services Agency (FSA), Japan’s top financial regulator released several documents that put forward the current state of crypto regulations in Japan.  While 160 companies have shown interest in registering themselves as crypto exchanges in the country, the regulator is inspecting each one of them. The current state of crypto regulation and exchange...

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  60. Sun September 16th, 2018
  61. QUOINE

    Mike Kayamori, Quoine CEO and Co-founderHi QuoinersGood morning.Last week was an hectic week, spending time in Japan and Singapore.In Japan, I had dinner with the new CEO of Coincheck. Together, we hope to regain trust and credibility of the Japanese crypto market. I look forward to working with them again.On friday,...

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  62. Sat September 15th, 2018
  63. AMBCrypto

    Blockchain Fair Asia 2018 (PH edition) invites you to a two-day conference entitled “Looking Beyond the Blockchain Hype.” Set to go live on October 11-12, 2018, the event is geared towards preparing the global crypto community for the long-awaited blockchain revolution. Judging from its line of famous speakers and target...

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  64. Fri September 14th, 2018
  65. UseTheBitcoin

    ShareTweetRedditThis week, Quoine, a global fintech company, launched Liquid, a crypto platform that will bring liquidity to crypto markets around the globe. Liquid will allow users to access a global… Continue reading "Liquid Platform Launches To Solve Problem Of Crypto Liquidity"

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  66. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin Press Release – XAYA, the ultimate blockchain gaming platform, has begun its long-awaited main sale. The sale is orchestrated through Liquid’s Market and will run for a maximum of five weeks. 7th of Septemeber, 2018, Malta – XAYA is a custom blockchain poised to usher in the future of...

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  67. Thu September 13th, 2018
  68. BCFocus

    Russia is one among the few countries which have restricted crypto trading but it has seen a sudden surge in demand for over-the-counter (OTC) investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets. According to local reports, the daily crypto trading volume of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in Moscow alone...

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