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  1. Wed September 11th, 2019
  2. Official Changelly Blog

    Reddcoin (RDD) Price Prediction 2019-2020. We analyzed RDD price history, news and reasons for the asset to grow or fall. Our Reddcoin price forecast is not investment advice.

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  3. Tue September 10th, 2019
  4. CoinSpeaker

    According to MetaBlock, Waves is the top blockchain project leading by commits. Ethereum and Cardano follow Waves and take the 2nd and 3rd positions with 1847 and 1687 commits respectively.

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  5. Sun September 1st, 2019
  6. Reddcoin

    New Listing: @reddcoin is now available to place buy and sell orders with the pairs, USD, GBP, and EURO. Sign up, verify, and buy Reddcoin in under 5 minutes!  With Vertbase’s simple and secure process you can buy and [...]

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  7. Sat August 3rd, 2019
  8. CoinSpeaker

    Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is quickly replacing PoW as its environment-friendly alternative. Check out key features and benefits this blockchain consensus mechanism presents.

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  9. Sat July 27th, 2019
  10. CoinSpeaker

    The latest CORindex crypto report is titled "July 2019 Cryptocurrencies Transactions and Activity" and it features key data any analyst or investor in this space will need to know to make decisions about their assets.

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  11. Mon July 15th, 2019
  12. Reddcoin

    New Listing: @reddcoin is now available to place buy and sell orders with the pairs, USD, GBP, and EURO. Sign up, verify, and buy Reddcoin in under 5 minutes!  With Vertbase’s simple and secure process you can buy and sell digital assets with USD, GBP, or Euro. Order prices...

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  13. Wed June 19th, 2019
  14. Reddcoin

    Reddcoin (RDD) announces its first comprehensive crowdfund and call for community support since launch

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  15. Phore Blockchain + 2 more

    We have been actively working on the next released of the Phore Marketplace, our new sharding architecture, Phore Synapse, our Phore Core Wallet and exploring opportunities in Africa, as well as other part of the world. MARKETPLACE: We are in the final stages of preparing our next Phore Marketplace release,...

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  16. Mon June 17th, 2019
  17. Reddcoin

    24 hours ago, Team Reddcoin (RDD) hosted its 1st Video AMA to the world. TechAdept (Jay Laurence) and CryptoGnasher (John Nash) reached out to the Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and other communities that would be interested in hearing the latest news along with other key members of the team and community....

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  18. Thu April 4th, 2019
  19. AMBCrypto

    John McAfee, creator of “McAfee virus,” was in the news after a news media outlet falsely accused him of a “pump and dump” scheme with the privacy coin, Apollo. However, the outlet later retracted the accusation, offering McAfee an apology. John McAfee announced the same on Twitter, “Got a public...

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  20. NewsBTC

    Crypto markets remain buoyant; Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin ripping it at the moment, Dogecoin gets a new listing. Market Wrap The major pullback that was Crypto markets remain buoyant; Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin ripping it at the moment, Dogecoin gets a new listing.

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  21. Fri March 8th, 2019
  22. AMBCrypto + 5 more
  23. Sat February 16th, 2019
  24. BitcoinNews

    A recent survey has pointed to the increase in online shoppers using cryptocurrency for electronic payments, reporting growth of 700% since 2013.

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  25. Wed February 6th, 2019
  26. Reddcoin

    ­ While every cryptocurrency and blockchain project is a little different from every other, overall, many projects face the same challenges. Navigating in an industry that is just beginning to create its own rules and legal guidelines can be incredibly challenging, and assembling a team capable of meeting and overcoming...

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  27. Fri January 25th, 2019
  28. BTCWires

    As you may know, digital currencies and their underlying blockchain technology are built around the community consensus, where no central authority has the power. Instead, the changes to the distributed ledger have to be agreed upon by the majority. For empowering this idea, most blockchains take on either Proof of…

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  29. Thu January 24th, 2019
  30. CryptoDaily

    When we think about tokens and cryptocurrency projects such as Qtum, Reddcoin and Stratis, we might struggle to conjure up much imagination about them.

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  31. Wed January 23rd, 2019
  32. Chepicap

    With Bitcoin relatively stable these days, the rest of the cryptocurrency market gets a chance to shine. In the last 24 hours, many altcoins have made significant gains. Waves is the top performer in the top 100, being up almost 23%.$WAVES is now trading at $3.08. There is not one...

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  33. Mon January 21st, 2019
  34. BTCWires

    In the times of today, users are increasingly seeking rewards for their interactions on social media platforms. Just recently, the networking giant Facebook integrated distinct sounds to its interaction buttons of like, share, and comment. The cryptocurrency ReddCoin is entering the marketing at just the right time when netizens across…

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  35. Sat December 22nd, 2018
  36. OracleTimes

    Most cryptographic projects are looking forward to the following year after a daunting 2018 featured with huge fall in the price of cryptos. Reddcoin (RDD)

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  37. Thu December 13th, 2018
  38. CoinScribble

    Use this quick quiz to test your knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. So...How well do you know crypto?

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  39. Mon December 3rd, 2018
  40. CryptoBlockWire

    Mithril (MITH) traded up 26.20% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on December 03, 2018.

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  41. Wed November 28th, 2018
  42. OracleTimes

    Early this week, in line with sentiments issued by some experts, Bitcoin (BTC) dropped by over 30% from its lasting $6500 lasting value. During this

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  43. CoinScribble

    Regardless of what the market is doing, there appears to be a constant steady interest in how to earn cryptocurrency. The industry, however, can be confusing an

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  44. CryptoBlockWire

    Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is currently up 38.18% compared to USD over the last 24 hours, ending at 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on November 28, 2018.

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  45. Wed November 21st, 2018
  46. CryptoBlockWire

    Ark (ARK) traded up 38.13% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on November 21, 2018.

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  47. Fri November 9th, 2018
  48. TheCcPress

    About ShapeShift Founded in 2013 by Erik Tristan, ShapeShift is a Switzerland-based cryptocurrency exchange renowned for providing its traders with

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  49. Wed October 24th, 2018
  50. Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

    The launch of ReddID solution created more than an opportunity for ReddCoin (RDD) to stand above others in the face of competitions and criticisms. It is

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  51. Mon October 15th, 2018
  52. Crypto Recorder + 3 more
  53. Thu October 4th, 2018
  54. UseTheBitcoin

    ShareTweetRedditReddcoin saw some dramatic gains over the weekend (as high as 16 percent) as hype intensifies around the ReddID project. The project has been around since 2014. It’s touted as the…

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  55. Wed October 3rd, 2018
  56. Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News

    It appears ReddCoin’s (RDD) ReddID has solved the long-discussed problem in social tipping with the release of a seamless microtransactions via the Chrome

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  57. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Markets dumping once again; XRP, Ethereum, and Stellar losing out. Following a few days of inactivity crypto markets have dumped again in a

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  58. Tue October 2nd, 2018
  59. InvestInBlockchain

    TRON has taken significant strides in 2018 to keep up their progress. Learn about recent TRON updates such the scheduled mainnet updates and Project Atlas.

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  60. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Markets immobile at the moment; Nem making moves, XRP and Tezos falling back. There has been little movement on crypto markets over the past

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  61. Mon October 1st, 2018
  62. Benzinga

    Reddcoin Unveils Public Release of ReddID Social Tipping System to Streamline Crypto-Based Media Tipping with Personalized Wallet PR Newswire ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Oct. 1, 2018...

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  63. Sun September 30th, 2018
  64. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Markets are slowly climbing this Monday; XRP doing well at the expense of Ethereum. Monday morning in crypto land has seen markets remain Monday morning in crypto land has seen markets remain stable and even climb a bit following Saturday’s predicted dump.

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  65. Fri September 28th, 2018
  66. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments The weekend selloff has begun again, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litcoin and Cardano dumping. As predicted in yesterday’s crypto market roundup, As predicted in yesterday’s crypto market roundup, things have dumped today. This cycle has repeated itself several times over the past couple of months – a few days...

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  67. Linda Coin

    When people contribute to a token sale, one of the main things that they look for is a trusted, experienced team. It’s often hard to…

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  68. Tue September 25th, 2018
  69. HODL Finance | Don't Sell. Hodl.

    Reddcoin - the social currency enabling tipping of users on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Youtube, joins a growing team of HODL Finance partners.

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  70. Sun September 23rd, 2018
  71. NewsBTC

    FOMO Moments Markets holding steady on Monday; Siacoin, Stellar, ReddCoin and 0x performing well. Cryptocurrencies are green this Monday morning on the Cryptocurrencies are green this Monday morning on the Asian markets. The weekend recovery has held firm and the majority of cryptos are still rising.

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  72. Thu September 13th, 2018
  73. Reddcoin

    To all ReddHeads and crypto enthusiasts who’ve used the Reddcoin Twitter Tipbot, please pay attention to the following: The Twitter Tipbot has worked quite reliably until present date, but has been down for a number of days as far as public tipping. Direct message interaction with the bot should still...

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