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  1. Tue August 20th, 2019

    Can you introduce Remme to us?

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  3. Wed May 22nd, 2019
  4. AMBCrypto + 1 more

    The Hyperledger global initiative within the Open Source movement, bringing together hundreds of technology giants [for example, Huawei, Intel, and Samsung], startups [Blockstream, Lykke, Consensys] and solutions [Netki, Factom, bloq], has become a real push for the entire blockchain industry in forming not only a strong community but also a...

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  5. Mon March 18th, 2019
  6. KryptoMoney

    The advent of the internet and related technologies has impacted many people’s ways of life and the way organizations are run. It has led to easy access to information, necessary for running the day to day undertakings and in diverse platforms. However, all these positive impacts of the internet have...

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  7. Mon January 21st, 2019

    Ukraine’s crypto business sector has decided to address the deficit of developers in the field. Several companies, the industry’s association and an Ukraine’s crypto business has decided to address the deficit of developers in the sector. Several companies, the industry’s association and an educational organization have teamed up to organize...

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  9. Sun October 28th, 2018

    With billions of people and devices connected to the internet at any given point of time, online security has perhaps never been this crucial. Despite all the vulnerabilities the approach implies, sensitive data - including personal identities and financial records - is still stored on centralized servers accessible via password…

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  11. Tue October 16th, 2018
  12. BitcoinNews

    Security platform REMME has taken the next step to eliminate password by using a blockchain solution which its founder calls a “digital passport”.

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  13. Wed October 10th, 2018

    Circle has launched a string of new initiatives including a research portal and Roger Ver’s comments about a BCH-powered exchange feature in this episode of The Daily.

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  15. Sat September 15th, 2018

    Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is working on a project to launch a decentralized trading platform and we’ve covered the announcement. Also in The Daily, Bitpanda adds Zcash to its offerings, Bitvo launches technical analysis tools, and Monex makes executive changes at Coincheck.

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  17. Fri September 14th, 2018

    There are green shoots of recovery throughout the crypto markets today, which some have attributed to the entry of Morgan Stanley into the field.

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  19. Wed September 12th, 2018
  20. Coingape

    Global Enterprise Blockchain Adoption Gears Up With  Release of REMME Testnet   Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) protocol REMME has released its sidechain testnet [...]

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  21. Tue September 4th, 2018
  22. Benzinga

    OKEx Being First Major Digital Asset Exchange to Hold Community Meetups in Russia and Ukraine PR Newswire HONG KONG, MOSCOW and KIEV, Ukraine, Sept. 4, 2018 HONG KONG, MOSCOW ...

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  23. Thu August 9th, 2018
  24. + 1 more

    A draft law prepared by deputies and representatives of the industry aims to introduce light taxation of crypto incomes in Ukraine.

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  25. Wed August 1st, 2018

    1.Trading Competition to share 10 ETH

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  27. Wed June 27th, 2018
  28. Новости биржи KUNA

    I. Горячие деньки на KUNA Exchange! Как уже сообщалось на телеграм-каналах оперативных новостей, 27.06.2018 в 12.00 мы открываем анонсированные ранее торги по топ-монете NEM (тикер XEM, капитализация по – в полтора единорога). Также запускаются токены REMME и альткоин KARBO. Вводы и выводы уже доступны. О запуске торгов 27.06.2018 в полдень мы пинганём ещё разок...

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  29. Sun June 24th, 2018

    The team of a young Ukrainian crypto company has made an effort to collect some interesting data about what happened with their tokens after the sale. It turns out investors from developing countries are inclined to sell the coins within months after their listing, while buyers from developed nations tend...

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  31. Sat June 2nd, 2018

    In return for locking up a portion of tokens and running a masternode, you can earn verification rewards. Earning a passive income while helping to secure a network sounds as comfortable as it does noble.

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  33. Thu April 26th, 2018

    DNS attacks can manifest themselves in many ways, all targeted against the Domain Name System that connects the internet. When you’re interacting in the cryptocurrency space, here are a few ways to protect yourself against DNS attacks.

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  35. Wed April 4th, 2018

    The Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) of the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IIITM-K), is the first Indian institution to join the Hyperledger project hosted by the Linux Foundation. Transitioning a Workforce According to a recent press release, the KBA is now an associate member of the Hyperledger group…

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  37. Wed March 28th, 2018

    Did you know that 81 percent of hacks happen due to stolen or weak passwords? It takes just ten minutes to crack a six-character, lowercase password. That’s why REMME aims to provide next-gen access protection by making passwords obsolete. It relies on distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and a set…

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  39. Fri February 23rd, 2018
  40. Bitcoinist

    Ukrainian company REMME has recently released the alpha build of its REMME Core 0.1.0 protocol, which hopes to eliminate human error in the cybersecurity domain by getting rid of passwords entirely.

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  41. Bitcoinist

    Less than 10 days after completing a successful token sale, REMME is to release the alpha 0.1.0 version of its Core protocol.

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  42. Thu November 9th, 2017

    With the pending hard fork called off, developers on projects of every stripe, who were waiting its result, are now back at the work of developing.

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