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  1. Tue March 5th, 2019
  2. Request

    The Request Foundation today announced that it has signed an investment agreement with Gilded.

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  3. BeInCrypto

    How will (LINK) Chainlink perform in March 2019 / 2020 / 5 years? Let's examine the popular altcoin's fundamentals and forecast.

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  4. Mon March 4th, 2019
  5. BeInCrypto

    How will (MKR) Maker perform in March 2019 / 2020 / 5 years? Let's examine the popular altcoin's fundamentals and forecast.

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  6. Wed February 20th, 2019
  7. Request

    Today we are excited to launch the new Request brand. Rolling out the new brand, we are introducing a refreshed name, logo, identity and…

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  8. Request

    Today we are here to announce the release of Request Protocol — version 2 alpha.

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  9. Thu February 7th, 2019
  10. Request

    In January we kicked off the year and quarter with the whole team. We could really feel the young and crazy startup transforming and…

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  11. Thu January 24th, 2019
  12. TrustNodes

    Ethereum developers now have the option of receiving their salary or part of it in the algorithmically dollar pegged dai according to Alex van de Sande who said: ‏ “When...

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  13. BTCWires

    The second day of the World Economic Forum was hosted in Davos, Switzerland today, which saw the presence of several panelists who were discussing the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. A report, which had been awaited with tremendous…

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  14. Tue January 22nd, 2019
  15. Request

    The vision from the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Request, on what open finance will look like with Request.

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  16. Wed January 9th, 2019

    There are a number of cryptocurrency payment gateway plugins which can be used on WordPress blogs to send invoices and receive payments. Notable among them is the recent WooCommerce Plugin developed by Dan Darden & Laszlo Molnarfi, a group of GitHub developers. The two broke the news in a…

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  18. Sat December 8th, 2018
  19. NewsBTC

    Coinbase has announced that is exploring an additional 29 altcoins, in addition to the previously announced Cardano and Stellar, including Ripple.

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  20. Coingape

    Coinbase threw a curveball as it announced that it would be listing fairly unknown coins such Civic (CVC), DNT, LOOM, and Decentraland (MANA) on its [...]

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  21. KryptoMoney

    Coinbase, one of the most popular US cryptocurrency exchange promised support to  Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens earlier this year, standing truly on it, the platform adds four more of the coins, Civic (CVC), district0x (DNT), Loom Network (LOOM), and Decentraland (MANA)

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  22. TechCrunch

    Coinbase is the most conservative exchange in cryptoland, largely because it operates in the U.S. under the watchful eye of the SEC. The $8 billion-valued company trades fewer than ten cryptocurrencies to consumers but on Friday announced it announced a major expansion that could see it list up to …

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  23. Fri December 7th, 2018

    Coinbase has announced that it plans to list over 30 cryptocurrencies, with many more to follow. In its largest listing spree to date, the Coinbase has announced that it plans to list over 30 cryptocurrencies, with many more to follow.

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  25. BitcoinNews

    It’s been a long wait with plenty of speculation but exchange giant Coinbase has finally bitten the bullet and announced on its blog today that it will add support for Ripple on its exchange after it gets final approval. The news was revealed today along with an announcement that a package...

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  26. Chepicap + 3 more

    Days after listing Zcash to their crypto trading platform, Coinbase has released a list of 30 cryptocurrencies that 'are being explored' for a possible future listing.In alphabetical order by symbol those 30 assets are: Cardano (ADA), Aeternity (AE), Aragon (ANT), Bread Wallet (BRD), Civic (CVC), Dai (DAI), district0x (DNT), EnjinCoin...

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  27. The Coinbase Blog

    We are continuing to explore the addition of new assets, and will be working with local banks and regulators to add them in as many…

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  28. Mon December 3rd, 2018
  29. LiveBitcoinNews

    OKEx, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has delisted 30 altcoin trading pairs due to low trading volumes.

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  30. Switcheo

    Switcheo will list 12 new trading pairs, this includes tokens such as Airbloc (ABL), Chainlink (LINK), Loopring (LRC), Paxos Standard…

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  31. Wed November 28th, 2018
  32. Request

    What is the Request Donations app?

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  33. Chepicap

    OKEx has announced that it will delist 49 trading pairs from the exchange on November 30. The most important reason for the delisting of those specific pairs are weak liquidity and trading volume.

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  34. Sun November 4th, 2018
  35. CoinScribble

    In the last year and a half the cryptocurrency community has exploded. This time three years ago the total crypto market cap was only 6.2 Billion. As of today,

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  36. Mon October 29th, 2018
  37. Koinex Crunch

    Market trends bulletin — Insights 2.0 Vol 13Market Analysis:Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at 6497 USDT (as of 29 October 2018, 10.26 IST) with the rise of 0.11 % in last 24 hours. From the sentiments analysis point of view, the global crypto community is filled with lots of positive news. A few...

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  38. Thu October 25th, 2018
  39. Benzinga

    Data Projects the Cryptocurrency Market Will Continue its Growth News Commentary PR Newswire NEW YORK, October 25, 2018 NEW YORK, October 25, 2018 /PRNewswire...

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  40. Tue October 23rd, 2018
  41. InvestInBlockchain + 1 more

    TRON will power a payments dapp, Poppy, which allows merchants to accept cryptos. The Oracle team also visited TRON HQ, fueling speculation of partnership.

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  42. Thu October 18th, 2018
  43. InvestInBlockchain

    Though we are in the midst of a 10-month long bear market in the cryptocurrency space, we witnessed double…

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  44. Mon October 1st, 2018
  45. BitMEX Blog – The official blog of BitMEX, the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange.

    Abstract: Following on from our first piece on ICOs in September 2017, which focused on the team members and advisors, in this report we work with TokenAnalyst to track the Ethereum balances of the ICO projects over time. We look at the amount of Ethereum raised and the US$ value...

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  46. Tue September 18th, 2018
  47. InvestInBlockchain

    Created by Request community member ADMReq, Request Donations lets you receive instantaneous donations in 6 different cryptocurrencies.

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  48. Mon September 10th, 2018
  49. InvestInBlockchain

    Quantstamp, a blockchain protocol that audits smart contracts, has just released their betanet. Ultimately, they hope to improve smart contract security.

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  50. Fri August 31st, 2018
  51. Crypto Disrupt

    Standing at $1.3 trillion, Bitcoin transactions have reached a higher value than PayPal’s in 2018. This is positive news for the crypto industry.

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  52. Fri August 24th, 2018
  53. FinanceMagnates

    OKEx demanded that pay $1 million to continue to be publicly listed on the platform in July. Trading pairs were officially de-listed today.

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  54. Thu August 9th, 2018
  55. InvestInBlockchain

    As Request Network undergoes a rebranding, they have responded to some concerns their community has with the team's lack of transparency.

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  56. Fri August 3rd, 2018
  57. TrustNodes

    In times long gone, one nano stood at $34 this December 2017. Now, it is barely worth a pound, standing at $1.40. In eight months, the much hyped tree-chain DAG...

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  58. Sun July 29th, 2018

    Controversial cryptocurrency company Tezos revealed on July 24, 2018, that "Big Four" auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will conduct a due financial audit of the Tezos Foundation. Tezos Employs PwC As stated in an official press release, PwC’s Swiss branch has been appointed as a third-party auditor to scrutinize Tezos’ operations and…

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  60. Fri July 6th, 2018
  61. InvestInBlockchain + 1 more

    June 2018 was a busy month for Request Network, and we take a look at their updates, partnerships, and other news from the closing month of Q2.

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  62. AMBCrypto

    On 5th July, the Request Network Foundation, a decentralized Ethereum-based payment system, announced that they have joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA], one of the largest blockchain initiatives in the world. The Request Network [REQ] allows developers to augment their own financial applications and anyone can use it to request...

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  63. Sat June 16th, 2018
  64. InvestInBlockchain

    On June 5, the Waltonchain team announced that their mid-end IR receiver chip has entered its mass production phase. Learn more here!

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  65. Tue June 12th, 2018
  66. InvestInBlockchain

    Polymath Network recently announced their partnership with blockchain accelerator Pegasus, which will advise 2 tokens launching on Polymath's blockchain.

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  67. Thu May 31st, 2018
  68. InvestInBlockchain

    FundRequest, the project that intends to establish a marketplace for open-source development, has officially launched their platform. The platform, which is the first of their products, will permit direct integration with GitHub, making the process of solving open-source problems and receiving compensation much easier.

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