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  1. Wed July 3rd, 2019

    Smartlands, a UK-based startup, is launching a real estate tokenization project that will enable retail and institutional investors to purchase a fraction of properties and benefit from capital appreciation while simultaneously enhancing the liquidity of the market. Enhancing Real Estate with Blockchain Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are continuously…

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  3. Thu December 27th, 2018
  4. Benzinga

    After a huge year that put cryptocurrency on the radar of mainstream investors for the first time in 2017, 2018 was disastrous for investors. The crypto community can’t wait...

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  5. Sat November 10th, 2018
  6. Bitcoinist

    Cryptocurrencies OAX, HOT, and XLM are worth looking into if you're looking for coins with the best chance to outperform Bitcoin price in Q4 2018.  Small Cryptocurrencies OAX, HOT, and XLM are well-positioned to outpeform Bitcoin price in the short-term due to some big developments.

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  7. Wed November 7th, 2018
  8. LiveBitcoinNews

    Blockchain has partnered with Stellar for an airdrop for their wallet users. $125 million worth of XLM tokens will be given away for free.

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  9. Fri November 2nd, 2018
  10. BTCWires

    Of all the jargon that crypto world throws at you daily, one might be the term "security token". What is it? How does it work? Why is there such a hype about it? This beginner's guide seeks to find answers to these basic questions to help you understand headlines and…

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  11. Tue October 30th, 2018
  12. BTCWires

    Based on the Stellar network, Smartlands is working on the development of a fully compliant platform that carries out strict KYC and AML rules and regulations. According to a partner at CMS, Sam Robinson, “We at CMS strongly believe that security tokens are set to revolutionize commerce in the digital…

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  13. Thu October 11th, 2018
  14. TheCcPress + 1 more

    All cryptocurrency platforms in the industry are looking for a way to be the best. However, to be relevant, a

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  15. Tue October 9th, 2018
  16. Coingape

    Stellar-based Smartlands has entered into a partnership with a multi-billion dollar company Colliers International, a global leader in real asset services and investment management company to target the trillions of dollars worth of real estate market ripe for tokenization.

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  17. Mon October 8th, 2018
  18. ZyCrypto

    Stellar has seen a small 2.05% price increase over the past 24 hours of trading. The cryptocurrency is currently exchanging hands at a price

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  19. ZyCrypto

    The importance of tokenizing one of the most valuable sectors which has raised many billionaires aside the technology sector, the real estate

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  20. Sun October 7th, 2018
  21. LiveBitcoinNews

    Smartlands, a securities platform, partners with real estate company Colliers International to create real estate-based security tokens.

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  22. OracleTimes

    Stellar (XLM) is one of the most active cryptocurrencies regarding partnerships and deals. That because Stellar Network managed to establish some essential agreements with big names from various industries. Now, Colliers International, a global real estate giant, adopted Smartlands, a Stellar (XLM) network. In fact, the Stellar (XLM)-based Smartlands platform, a...

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  23. Coindoo

    The Stellar-based Smartlands has partnered with Colliers International, a global company with offices in over 69 countries.

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  24. Tue May 8th, 2018
  25. AMBCrypto

    Stellar and Smartlands’ partnership was a huge deal at the time of announcement and they are now back with an update. They tweeted earlier today: “The short summaries of the most important recent news about @Smartlands are available in our April newsletter.” Smartlands had announced a new version of the...

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  26. Wed April 4th, 2018
  27. AMBCrypto

    Victor Yermark and George Burlakov from Smartlands joined the AMA session hosted by Stellar Reddit yesterday night. This AMA was a live discussion platform where they answered the questions posed by the audience from various parts of the world and also to some older questions posed by users from the...

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  28. Tue April 3rd, 2018
  29. AMBCrypto

    Smartlands is a global platform for tokenization of real economy assets by issuing asset-backed tokens [ABT]. r/Stellar (Reddit) will host the Smartlands’ AMA session with the participation of Business Development Director Victor and the lead Developer George tonight. It is a live discussion open to the audience worldwide where questions...

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  30. Wed March 14th, 2018
  31. InvestInBlockchain

    Stay informed on all of Stellar's latests news and updates, including their new partnership with Keybase, SDEX upgrades, and potential bank projects. 2018 could be the year that Stellar makes its way into real-world business and consumer usage on a large scale.

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  32. Sun February 4th, 2018

    Smartlands Platform (Stellar-based) is excited to announce it has achieved a significant milestone in its mission of bringing the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency to a real economy sector. The launch of the beta version of the Smartlands Wallet, that is integral part of the Platform, is necessary for creating...

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  34. Wed November 1st, 2017

    Smartlands, the worldwide Platform for ICOs of low-risk future-proof tokens secured by agricultural assets, has announced that it will be integrating with Stellar, an open source blockchain network, to support its cryptocurrency platform for agricultural projects. The decision to integrate with the Stellar network rather than build its own standalone...

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  36. Wed October 25th, 2017

    Smartlands is both pleased and excited to announce that its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be first hosted on the Stellar network on November 2nd, 2017. This development marks the beginning of a new era for cryptocurrencies. It demonstrates the alignment of interests made possible by blockchain technology.

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  38. Tue October 10th, 2017

    The cryptoinvestors community put faith in Smartlands Platform and its values. The SLT token presale was successfully launched on September 28, and the preliminary results are as follows: the amount raised during the first 10 days approaches USD 460 000. Participation in Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Bitkan was essential...

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  40. Wed September 13th, 2017

    The creators of the Smartlands platform for the tokenization of agricultural assets, based on the blockchain solution and the Agriculture 3.0 concept, announce the ICO of the project. Smartlands platform founders came out with innovative technology for the agricultural market. The goal of the platform is to create a new...

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