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  1. Wed November 21st, 2018

    Stellar — one of the most promising blockchains out there — was integrated with LATOKEN. Trade Stellar-based tokens now!

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  3. ZyCrypto

    2018 hasn’t been a good year for the crypto market, with bearish trends being a frequent thing now. This, however, hasn’t stopped new

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  4. Mon November 19th, 2018

    TrakInvest, SureRemit, RetailCoin, LTR, Pool of Stake, Stellar, Fan, BitDeal, PayMHO, Winnest, NHCT, SocialRemit, HotelLoad, Alfa…

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  6. Thu November 15th, 2018
  7. OracleTimes

    Blockchain technology is a disruptive innovation that is gradually gaining traction in Africa. Inflation in African countries like Zimbabwe have encouraged the trade of digital currencies. This has seen a rapid growth of crypto-based services in Africa with Companies like Sureremit,Golix and axens among others using digital currency to facilitate...

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  8. Coingape

    The 5th largest cryptocurrency is in the red by 8% at $0.2339 while addition on Estonia-based crypto exchange, Latoken and payment gateway CoinGate raises its [...]

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  9. Thu August 30th, 2018
  10. BTCWires

    One may have to make many critical decisions while getting ready to kick-off the project’s ICO campaign. There is one more thing which is important that is on which platforms ICO tokens should be released? As of now, how the things are in the market, one doesn’t need to conduct…

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  11. Wed April 4th, 2018

    Bitcoin and indeed the entire blockchain technology industry is seen as being a male-dominated field. In fact, the general narrative that describes the demographic distribution of the industry is one in which it is populated by Caucasian males between the ages of 18 to 40. BitPesa Since 2013 This gender…

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  13. Sat December 23rd, 2017

    According to migration and remittances data from the World Bank, over $600 billion was transferred home by close to 250 million migrants worldwide in 2016. The main recipient locations were Sub-Saharan Africa ($39 billion), India ($69 billion), and Nigeria ($20 billion). Through traditional remittance companies such as MoneyGram and Western…

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  15. Wed December 6th, 2017
  16. CoinTelegraph

    Blockchain technology is giving Africa the opportunity to stand on its own without depending on the generosity of Westerners.

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