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  1. Fri January 24th, 2020
  2. Coingape

    Bitcoin maximalists are assertive and vocal. One supporter now says altcoins are not worthy investments but mere assets for price speculation.

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    VeChainThor (VET) a distributed ledger technology (DLT) project that claims to be focused on connecting blockchain technology with the real world, through a robust governance model and IoT integration, has been chosen as the network of choice by Singapore’s Reebonz luxury goods platform. Ribbons will use the VeChainThor network to…

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  4. Thu January 23rd, 2020
  5. BeInCrypto

    The Vechain (VET) price completed an A-B-C correction at the 65 satoshi support area. The price broke out from its pattern on January 17.

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  6. BeInCrypto

    Yesterday's top-performing altcoin, NEM (XEM) cranked 20% on the announcement that it will be partnering with a popular online travel firm.

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  7. Fri January 17th, 2020

    VeChain (VET) and DNV GL’s jointly developed Low Carbon Ecosystem was awarded the “best blockchain charity event,” by Chinese media portal Odaily at the 2019 Blockchain Awards Ceremony. This, according to a report by VeChain101 published on January 16, 2020. VeChain Platform Bags Chinese Award VeChain’s goodwill in China seems…

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  9. Wed January 15th, 2020
  10. BeInCrypto

    The Vechain price has created a bullish pattern and possibly reached the end of the correction that has been ongoing since December 2, 2019.

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  11. Tue January 14th, 2020
  12. CryptoSlate + 1 more

    In a recent interview where he gave an update about the current state of Vechain, Sunny Lu said that China made the right decision when it banned cryptocurrency trading That way, he said, the country eliminated all of the “bad guys” in the space and is now able to facilitate...

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  13. Sat January 4th, 2020
  14. NewsBTC

    Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. The first week of January was a quiet one for the Bitcoin and broader digital asset market, with BTC

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  15. Thu January 2nd, 2020
  16. CryptoDaily

    Furthermore, the technology is already making an impact on the education sector and is even making waves on a regulation level, it’s safe to say blockchains potential is massive. 

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  17. Sat December 28th, 2019
  18. NewsBTC

    Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. The last week of December was quiet for the Bitcoin and broader digital asset market, with BTC gaining 2.6%

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  19. Thu December 26th, 2019
  20. OracleTimes

    The VeChain Foundation was recently compromised. As we’ve reported a few days ago, the foundation has been hit really severely. It’s been revealed that the foundation has been calling on all crypto exchanges all over the world to block 1.1 billion VET. VeChain revealed that the stolen tokens were transferred…

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  21. Wed December 25th, 2019
  22. BeInCrypto

    The VeChain (VET) price has likely reached its high for 2019 and has begun its corrective movement. Let's do some technical analysis.

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  23. Tue December 24th, 2019
  24. U.Today

    Despite the recent hack and the loss of 1.1 bln VET, the VeChain price keeps growing and at the moment is outperforming the top 99 coins on the CoinMarketCap list

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  25. Mon December 23rd, 2019
  26. CryptoSlate

    Following the theft of $6.5 million worth of VET tokens from its buyback wallet, blockchain platform VeChain announced that it will be taking several measures to ensure the network’s safety. The CFO took full responsibility for the attack and resigned from his position, while the company said the final decision...

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  27. U.Today + 1 more

    The VeChain Foundation released an official statement on overcoming the consequences from the recent VET theft, and it’s a textbook example of an exemplary PR response.

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  28. NewsBTC + 2 more
  29. Fri December 20th, 2019
  30. BeInCrypto

    The VeChain price has likely reached its high for 2019 and a corrective period awaits. A short-term upward move could occur.

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  31. Thu December 19th, 2019
  32. CoinSlice

    VeChain is seizing the opportunities presented in China after President Xi Jinping vowed to put the nation at the forefront of blockchain technology. The firm recently scored a partnership to accelerate the development of the tea industry in...

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  33. Wed December 18th, 2019
  34. CryptoSlate

    VeChain is seizing the opportunities presented in China after President Xi Jinping vowed to put the nation at the forefront of blockchain technology.

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  35. Tue December 17th, 2019
  36. LiveBitcoinNews

    The VeChain blockchain has reported a hack caused by "human error" that ultimately led to nearly $7 million in crypto losses.

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  37. CoinSpeaker

    Bitcoin proponents tell that crypto is bulletproof thanks to the blockchain. However, that's the famous players who often influence prices.

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  38. Mon December 16th, 2019
  39. OracleTimes + 4 more

    Another stolen crypto amount is on the loose these days. 1.1 billion VET, stolen It’s been reported that the VeChain Foundation calls on all crypto exchanges all over the world to block 1.1 billion in the company’s native digital asset VET. VeChain focuses on transparency in supply change logistics, revealed…

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  40. Sun December 15th, 2019
  41. BitcoinNews + 1 more

    Bitcoin records a daily low of USD 7,007 | Many Southeast Asian women crypto holders | US Fed Reserve to inject USD worth 3 times Bitcoin market cap

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  42. Sat December 14th, 2019
  43. Dash News + 1 more

    This week has been a pretty big week for Dash after digesting the news that was announced at the Dash Open House in Scottsdale, Arizona over the weekend. Keep reading to get a summary of the week. Dash Network News of the Week: Dash Core Group Announces Bold Ideas to...

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  44. U.Today

    After the recent VeChain hack and the loss of 1.1 bln VET, the company’s CEO Sunny Lu intends to address the community live on his Twitter page

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  45. Fri December 13th, 2019
  46. NewsBTC

    Technical indicators are getting to that stage where another big move is becoming imminent on cryptocurrency markets. After several weeks of consolidation

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  47. CoinSpeaker

    VeChain Hack exposed to public: Foundation Announcement claims that their 1.1 billion VET address was hacked on December 13, 2019.

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  48. CoinDesk

    A VeChain buyback wallet containing 1.1 billion VET was compromised by an unknown hacker, the firm said Friday.

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  49. NewsBTC

    Cybercrime is rife across the crypto industry, ranging from SIM-card swap hacks, phishing attempts, password cracking, and even cryptocurrency mining

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  50. Dash News

    The VeChain Foundation has reportedly been subject to a hack totaling about 2% of the entire coin’s current supply. An initial announcement on the Foundation buy-back address. — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) December 13, 2019 Earlier today, the VeChain Foundation reported that the foundation’s VET buyback address had been compromised....

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  51. BeInCrypto + 8 more
  52. Thu December 12th, 2019
  53. NewsBTC

    It has been another largely fruitless day for the majority of crypto asset but one is powering ahead regardless. Tezos has just made it into the top ten

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  54. Mineable

    In less than 24-hours after releasing a list of exploratory cryptocurrency projects to be considered for the Binance.US marketplace, the crypto exchange giant officially announced the listing of two new digital assets. One of them being the South Korean blockchain project ICON (ICX).

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  55. Wed December 11th, 2019

    In a blog post published on December 10, 2019, tech firm Blue Bite stated that it will be tapping VeChain’s (VET) supply chain-focused blockchain solutions to enable end-to-end transparency and security for fine art certificates. Using Blockchain to Secure Fine Art Singapore-based distributed ledger technology (DLT) organization VeChain has cemented…

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  57. Fri December 6th, 2019
  58. UseTheBitcoin

    The VeChain Foundation has been working in the last months in order to improve the VeChainThor blockchain based on feedback from developers, the community and enterprise partners. This …

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  59. Dash News

    Digibyte will reportedly be delisted from the Poloniex exchange following a Twitter dispute with its founder Jared Tate. We don’t own any US customers’ data as all of them are preserved by Circle. BTW, after careful review, we decided #DigiByte is not qualified for our listing standard. We will delist...

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  60. + 1 more

    VeChain (VET), a distributed ledger technology (DLT) project aiming to enhance supply chain management and business processes, has announced the launch of VeVote, a decentralized voting system designed to foster transparency and improve VeChain’s governance model, according to a blog post on December 5, 2019. VeChain Fostering Transparency  In an…

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  61. Wed December 4th, 2019
  62. OracleTimes

    While most coins have been dropping in price during these past few days, VeChain's VET's price was boosted by a recent move that the team made. VeChain saw a significant surge after they announced the latest partnership. The team has been bagging a lot of important partnerships this year. Thor…

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    VeChain Thor (VET) a leading distributed ledger technology (DLT) project that claims to be focused on creating real use cases for blockchain technology, has joined forces with Cointelegraph, one of the earliest crypto news sites and Insolar, to assist enterprises in adopting and seamlessly integrating DLT into their processes, according…

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  64. BeInCrypto

    The VeChain price has increased by 250 percent since Oct 26. It is currently inside a significant resistance area, and

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