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  1. Thu November 29th, 2018
  2. BeInCrypto

    At the time of this writing, XVG has gained 60 percent in the past three days and peaked earlier today at 90 percent.

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  3. Wed November 28th, 2018
  4. OracleTimes

    Early this week, in line with sentiments issued by some experts, Bitcoin (BTC) dropped by over 30% from its lasting $6500 lasting value. During this

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  5. Mon October 8th, 2018
  6. ZyCrypto

    Verge remained as a sleeping giant until John Mcafee’s prediction woke it up to rub shoulders with the big guns. In December 2017, John Mcafee

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  7. Sat October 6th, 2018
  8. OracleTimes

    Verge (XVG) project surpassed some rough months, but the Verge team managed to tackle a few obstacles that even threatened the progress of the entire project. Now, the devs came out with some news about Verge, including Verge (XVG) debit cards, smart contracts, and wallet update. Verge (XVG) debit cards...

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  9. Mon October 1st, 2018
  10. U.Today
  11. Sat September 29th, 2018
  12. Crypto-News India

    When Pornhub had started accepting crypto payments a few months back, there was a lot of hoopla about that. There were expectations that this will lead to

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  13. Thu September 27th, 2018
  14. U.Today

    Will Verge cryptocurrency reach $0.1 this year?

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  15. Mon September 17th, 2018
  16. AMBCrypto

    Verge [XVG] a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency platform that offers anonymous transactions, has released their latest development update on their official Twitter handle. The team speaks about their work on Insight API clients, road map of upcoming wallets, progress on the iOS wallet, progress on the ledger and more. In this...

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  17. Sat September 1st, 2018
  18. AMBCrypto

    On 1st September, Verge [XVG] tweeted the recent development updates of the team on their official Twitter handle. In a Medium post, Core Developer Swen van Zanten stated that the team has begun work on the Insight API client. The client will be used to communicate with hosted Verge nodes. Further, Zanten...

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  19. Wed August 29th, 2018
  20. AMBCrypto

    Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies have been on a roller coaster ride. The year started off with all the coins booming in the market and now some of them have reached its all-time low for the year, like Ethereum [ETH]. The community has also...

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  21. LiveBitcoinNews

    The 1xBit cryptocurrency betting platform is announcing the addition of the Verge coin to its platform. Cryptocurrencies and online betting Why is using cryptocurrencies a positive factor for the development of the online betting industry? Traditionally, online casinos and bookies incur high expenses. This is due to the fact that...

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  22. Tue August 21st, 2018
  23. AMBCrypto

    On 20th August, Verge [XVG], a platform that offers anonymous transactions, posted a blog of their development update on Twitter. It outlined the progress Verge made on their iOS and desktop wallet. The Verge development team revealed the outcome of their recent Twitter poll on their official blog. The findings showed...

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  24. Thu August 2nd, 2018

    Verge (XVG) Integrated Into Pundi X Point Of Sale (POS) System

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  26. Coingape

    Verge (XVG) has collaborated with Pundi X for latter’s Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that makes buying, storing, and integrating cryptos and currencies fast, easy and simple which is another step forward in the direction of mass adoption. 

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  27. AMBCrypto

    On 2nd August, Verge Currency revealed that it has been integrated into the PundiX Point Of Sale [POS] system. The team at Pundi X has also said that it works with the aim to increase the application of blockchain technology across industries and take the cryptocurrency wave to physical stores. Verge...

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  28. Chepicap

    Verge has announced that it will be integrating with the Pundi X Point of Sale solution to focus on mass adoption through their payment gateway. 

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  29. Tue July 31st, 2018
  30. Coingape

    Verge has been officially listed on the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange Huobi that has its prices take a hike in the currently red market. This step will further expand it into the Asian market as Verge plans its new wallet version, adoption, and other developments.

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  31. AMBCrypto

    On 31st July, Huobi, the world’s third largest and an international exchange platform, has announced the listing of Verge [XVG] on its platform at 2:30 PM [GMT+8]. The deposit of XVG will also be available at the same time. The withdrawal of XVG will be available at 14:30 [GMT+8] on...

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  32. U.Today

    The exchange to add the coined paired with BTC and ETH on August 1st

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    Verge (XVG) Coin Jumps After Huobi Says it Will Add Listing

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  34. Chepicap

    Huobi has announced the addition of Verge ($XVG) to their trading platform 

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  35. Tue July 24th, 2018
  36. AMBCrypto

    Marvin Piekarek, a Verge developer recently tweeted about the new developments and updates of Verge’s internal structure. Marvin announced the introduction of the new version of Electron [Light] Verge wallet. The developer’s Medium blog explains about the commencement of the designing and development of the new version of Verge wallet...

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  37. Fri July 20th, 2018

    Verge (XVG) Technical Analysis: Big Plans Ahead but Looking Bearish in the Short Term

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  39. Thu July 12th, 2018
  40. AMBCrypto

    Verge [XVG] has been hinting the release of its much awaited ‘Debit card’ facility. The coin recently on social media, congratulated Litecoin [LTC] and TokenPay’s partnership, whilst hinting about its new plan. Verge’s official handle on Twitter tweeted: “We would like to congratulate our partners @tokenpay for their historic partnership...

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  41. Mon July 9th, 2018
  42. Coindoo

     The developers behind the Verge cryptocurrency have started a crowdfunding to help the victims of the floods and landslides which took place in West Japan where it was reported that 112 people have declared dead so far. Many people are still missing while tens of thousands of people have been...

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  43. Wed July 4th, 2018
  44. AMBCrypto

    Cees van Dam‏, one of Verge’s core team member recently tweeted that Verge [XVG], Zcash [ZEC], Dash [DASH], are now added to WooCommerce, WordPress, and Easy Digital Downloads. This is done through MyCryptoCheckout, a crypto gateway that supports users to receive cryptocurrency payment directly into their wallet. Dam tweeted: “Looking for...

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  45. Tue June 26th, 2018
  46. Coindoo

    Verge (XVG) has struck a new partnership with a world famous cannabis company, Royal Queen. The company will be now accepting the XVG currency for their products. The Verge team seems not to be giving in to the recent drop the market has been going through, announcing this new development...

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  47. Fri June 22nd, 2018
  48. ZyCrypto

    The first question anyone has about the world of cryptocurrency is "What is Bitcoin?" But experienced traders today know first hand

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  49. Thu June 21st, 2018
  50. AMBCrypto

    The cryptocurrency world has faced numerous attacks on its technology since its commencement. There are big cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] who maintain their security system with affirmative knowledge. Unlike Verge [XVG], which is a relatively small coin on the cryptocurrency market, has suffered attacks of their network’s...

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  51. Mon June 18th, 2018
  52. Coingape

    Verge coin listings and partnerships continue to grow as Australian brand Bamb-U announces support for XVG. Earlier Verge also registered support from Changelly, Coin2001, and Dutch crypto exchange. 

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  53. Thu June 14th, 2018
  54. Coingape

    Verge is up by over 12 percent after a bearish week in tandem with the entire cryptocurrency market. With a new listing to its name and XVG Meetup in Amsterdam, the team is actively working on Verge’s mass adoption.

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  55. Sun June 10th, 2018
  56. AMBCrypto

    Verge [XVG] had their first ever official meet up, cannot deny the fact that it is a pretty lavish one as seen through their live streams and flooded posts on social media. The team members had been giving out clues about something cooking behind the scenes. Even though there are...

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  57. Sat June 9th, 2018
  58. Coingape

    Verge another partnership and further strengthen their collaboration with TokenPay, With XVG price currently in the green but severely down from its last month value, this partnership might accelerate its prices again. 

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  59. Fri June 8th, 2018
  60. AMBCrypto

    The long-lost cryptocurrency Verge [XVG] has been a huge disappointment to its investors going the reverse way in the market with its prices. Being in the top 20-25 in all its glory with a handful of partnerships, listings, and various announcements. Verge was crowned in the market with the entire...

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  61. Fri June 1st, 2018
  62. AMBCrypto

    The digital money world has confronted various assaults on its innovation since its initiation. Verge [XVG], which is moderately a little coin on the digital currency showcase, faces criticism due to their system’s undermining cryptocurrency essentials. Slowly, the coin is gaining its goodwill by updating its system and onboarding better...

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  63. Tue May 29th, 2018
  64. AMBCrypto

    Verge is not just around PornHub’s deal or partnerships with adulterated sites was verge’s thing for a long time in the market with some major impacts but moving on, they have displayed a wider range of collaborations from different fields in the industry. MyFitStuff, an e-commerce shopping site focussing on...

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  65. Mon May 28th, 2018

    Verge (XVG) Added to Bitfinex, Just as Price Tanked Below $0.04

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  67. Sat May 26th, 2018
  68. CryptoCoinDaddy

    You can now download Verge GUI miner that makes mining XVG as easy as 1-2-3. GridcoreGFX, an avid Verge coin supporter and developer, is the person behind this XVG miner. It has easy-to-use user interface and lets you select the algorithm you want. If you have no idea, just stick...

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  69. AMBCrypto

    Kris Chase, the Marketing and Operations advisor of Verge recently tweeted about a patch that has been updated on GitHub by the development team. The patch includes the binary pre-compiled wallet feature that has been made available for all the platforms. In the GitHub description, developers also mentioned that instead...

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  70. AMBCrypto

    Ever since Verge [XVG] announced its partnership with Pornhub, it became a hot topic to debate on amongst the Verge community. The partnership brought a rift in the community with one side supporting Verge and the other opposing it. But recently, Verge [XVG] faced a 51% attack for the second time...

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