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  1. Thu April 18th, 2019
  2. VeriCoin

    A VeriCoin and Verium Community going by the name of @Miles has created an impressive VeriCoin point of sale system prototype and a responsive web wallet.

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  3. Tue April 2nd, 2019
  4. VeriCoin

    Vericoin and Verium Reserve is very pleased to announce today that Charles Blaisdell, Esq. has joined the project as Legal Counsel. Mr. Blaisdell is an Attorney, a Minority Owner of Wahlburgers Restaurant and the President of Wahl Street Productions. HeRead Full Post

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  5. Fri December 14th, 2018
  6. VeriCoin

    Earlier today, a member of the VeriConomy development team released the first preview of the VeriMobile wallet that will allow users to store and transact with both VeriCoin and Verium from their smartphone. Although the preview only shows an alphaRead Full Post

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  7. Tue December 11th, 2018
  8. VeriCoin

    Join Doug Pike (@effectstocause) and Kevin Alvarez (@bluelynxmktg) this Friday December 14th at 3:00 PM as they discuss development progress and the overall crypto market. What does this bear market mean to cryptocurrency and does it have any effect onRead Full Post

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  9. Sat September 22nd, 2018
  10. BitcoinMagazine

    This week's top bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain news stories from Bitcoin Magazine.

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  11. Fri September 21st, 2018

    Cryptocurrency trading platform Poloniex has delisted 8 coins with low liquidity, while another US-based exchange, Gemini, is adding litecoin to its offerings. Also in The Daily, Ironx has been licensed to offer exchange services from Estonia, and Bitmain’s Antpool will sponsor NBA team Houston Rockets with bitcoin cash.

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  13. Wed September 19th, 2018
  14. BitcoinMagazine

    Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has delisted eight coins so the exchange could keep operating within Circle's Asset Framework.

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  15. Mon September 17th, 2018
  16. VeriCoin

    At some point between September 27th and September 30th, the Fox Business Network is scheduled to broadcast a short educational spot on cryptocurrency that is presented by VeriCoin and Verium. The airing will take place during prime time hours toRead Full Post

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  17. Wed July 4th, 2018
  18. VeriCoin

    Q: What is your handle or name you go by in the community. A: ” “Linkinpark9812”, a bad, old username from back in the day that I won’t let die for some reason, or just “Miles” Q: Where do youRead Full Post

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  19. Thu May 24th, 2018
  20. VeriCoin

    In this Featured Community Member post, we get to know @phiten who has already made multiple development contributions to both VeriCoin and Verium in 2018. If you’re in the Slack channel, you have surely seen @phiten answering questions and offeringRead Full Post

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  21. Sat March 17th, 2018
  22. VeriCoin

    As mentioned in the March VeriCoin Marketing Update video, we are planning on setting up at least 3 VeriCoin/Verium Meetups this summer throughout Europe. Our hope is these meetups create new avenues to promote the VeriCoin and Verium project toRead Full Post

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  23. Wed February 28th, 2018
  24. VeriCoin

    In this Featured Community Member post, we visit a legend from within the Verium mining community. If you have even toyed with the idea of mining Verium, you are sure to know who he is. There is a great chanceRead Full Post

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  25. Fri February 2nd, 2018
  26. CoinTelegraph

    In an interview with CT at Blockchain Connect, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee shares his thoughts on crypto adoption, investing, and why he doesn’t try to make predictions.

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  27. Thu February 1st, 2018
  28. VeriCoin

    At the end of 2017, I released a year end review and promised the marketing team would be more active in delivering updates. Today I am going to share some of the highlights and performance metrics from January. As youRead Full Post

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  29. Tue January 30th, 2018
  30. VeriCoin

    Editor’s Preface: In the 2017 Year In Review Video and Blog Post, I spoke about how important community is to this project. Today, we’re kicking off a new blog post series that will feature members of the community who areRead Full Post

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  31. Mon January 1st, 2018
  32. VeriCoin

    2017 was quite a year for the VeriCoin and Verium project. 2017 was a great year and we thought it would be a good time to do a quick recap on the past 12 months and also shed some lightRead Full Post

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  33. Mon November 27th, 2017

    For people who trade and hold cryptocurrency, security is pretty high on the list of concerns. It’s not hard to see why; a digital currency based entirely online, often with an enormous value, poses all kinds of security worries. Fortunately, cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, which is notoriously difficult…

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  35. Mon October 30th, 2017

    BTCManager’s Weekly Cryptocurrency Outlook highlights the price action and technical indicators on a long-term basis to identify the best opportunities in the largest cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ether, and others. BTC-USD (Bitstamp) BTC-USD went on to post a fresh all-time high at $6316.85 over the weekend and the monthly candle…

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  37. TrustNodes

    Companies have begun diversifying following an exploding interest in digital currencies this year, which have risen to a market cap of $177 billion. The biggest, bitcoin, retains the majority at...

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  38. Fri October 27th, 2017
  39. TrustNodes

    As the race to become the first cross-chain decentralized exchange continues, the Blocknet has retained VSA Partners to assist with UX and design for its trading interface. The first manifestation...

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  40. Tue September 12th, 2017
  41. VeriCoin

    There will be one winner selected for each of the 3 categories (VeriCoin, Verium, Binary Chain): Official Rules: Prizes Winners of each category (VeriCoin, Verium, Binary Chain) will be determined based on a public vote on the website. EachRead Full Post

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  42. Wed June 28th, 2017
  43. VeriCoin

    “Explaining The Technology” is a new 6 part video series produced by VeriCoin. The series is presented by Douglas Pike, VeriCoin and Verium co-founder and lead developer. The series includes a few videos created with the intention to answer someRead Full Post

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  44. Fri May 12th, 2017
  45. VeriCoin

    Read about VeriCoin's dual-blockchain system and how it solves scaling, transaction speed, security and more. The Roadmap also announces some key additional features that are being developed to make VeriCoin an even more powerful digital currency.

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  46. Mon May 8th, 2017
  47. VeriCoin

    What if a digital currency being both a commodity and a currency is a disadvantage not an advantage, now that it’s been proven that cryptography can solve existential problems for the digital version of both? We always sought to beRead Full Post

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