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  1. Tue March 17th, 2020
  2. CoinSlice

    Many people are looking to stock up on supplies like canned goods, toilet paper and water while the coronavirus continues to spread panic and fear across the globe, but with so many people unable to leave their homes, the idea of purchasing from online retailers like Lolli is becoming much...

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  3. LiveBitcoinNews + 2 more

    Companies like Lolli say they cannot keep up with the amount of bitcoin payments they've been asked to process over the past month.

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  4. Tue February 25th, 2020
  5. BitcoinMagazine

    The data about specific payment requests from #LNTrustchain2 can provide us with insight into consumer-related aspects of Lightning Network adoption.

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  6. Wed February 5th, 2020
  7. BitcoinMagazine

    Lightning Labs announced a $10 million Series A funding round and released its Lightning Loop service in beta, two significant milestones for the firm.

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  8. Sat February 1st, 2020
  9. BTCWires

    The blockchain space is on the constant-verge of increasing the credibility of its technology and so does the complexity. The increased complexity demands for easier ways for the users of Blockchain to access such technology. That is where blockchain supportive applications come into play. Many of the companies in the…

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  10. Thu January 30th, 2020
  11. BitcoinMagazine

    Zap’s Olympus would have let users buy bitcoin with fiat on the Lightning Network. A new feature called Strike changes how this will be done.

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  12. CoinDesk

    "Merchants can accept bitcoin and lightning payments with the same infrastructure, except they never touch the asset," explained Zap founder Jack Mallers.

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  13. Fri January 17th, 2020
  14. BitcoinMagazine

    The HTC Exodus 1s is a pioneering device offering great value, but limits in its Bitcoin focus and full node capabilities leave room for improvement.

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  15. Thu January 9th, 2020
  16. BitcoinMagazine

    We review the specs, extra features and costs of purchasing the most popular Bitcoin full node products on the market versus building them yourself.

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  17. Wed January 1st, 2020
  18. AMBCrypto + 3 more

    On the most recent episode of the ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast, Jack Mallers, Founder of Zap, a Lightning Network wallet, spoke to host Peter McCormack about the use-cases for Lightning and its role in the future of money. During the podcast, McCormack spoke of how citizens in El Salvador were...

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  19. Tue December 31st, 2019
  20. AMBCrypto

    Recently, on the ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast, host Peter McCormack spoke to the founder of Lightning Network wallet, Zap wallet. Jack Mallers, who spent the last four months performing extensive user research with regard to the Lightning Network, spoke about its actual value, what it can accomplish, as well as...

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  21. Thu December 26th, 2019
  22. NewsBTC

    In less than six months’ time, Bitcoin will see an extremely important event. Known as a "halving" or "halvening" — depending on who you ask — the number

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  23. Mon December 23rd, 2019
  24. BitcoinMagazine

    Sparkswap, Lightning Loop, Satoshi’s Games and More

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  25. Thu December 19th, 2019
  26. BitcoinMagazine

    There are plenty of Bitcoin-themed holiday gifts out there for the HODLer or precoiners in your life. Here are a few of our favorites.

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  27. Wed November 27th, 2019
  28. RADAR

    We’re excited to now offer the easiest way to find and start using Lightning Network enabled custodial and non-custodial wallets.

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  29. Mon October 28th, 2019
  30. Bitcoinist

    A reported loss of 4 bitcoin on Lightning Network has been blamed on either user-negligence or FUD-spreading. Community members variously described the

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  31. Sun October 6th, 2019
  32. AMBCrypto

    Bitcoin Lightning network may note another boost as Zap Wallet developers announced a new service to ease the process of using Lightning. Defined as a standalone component and complementary to Zap wallet, Olympus would allow users to settle payments through fiat in crypto using Lightning payments and in just seconds,...

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  33. Sat September 21st, 2019
  34. BitcoinMagazine

    Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review brings you the most critical, interesting and popular news stories affecting Bitcoin this week. “Discovering Bitcoin” Understanding Bitcoin is something that thousands (if not millions) of people try to do every year. With so many concepts and terminologies to keep track of, you could easily...

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  35. Fri September 20th, 2019
  36. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin price continues to toy with trader sentiment, after making an unexpected recovery to trade back above USD 10,000, if only just slightly.

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  37. UseTheBitcoin

    Developers of the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet Zap unveiled a new way to purchase the most popular virtual currency using a bank account.

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  38. CoinTelegraph

    Olympus set for 2020 rollout as architects vent fury at the poor quality of Coinbase and BitPay’s Bitcoin buying service.

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  39. Thu September 19th, 2019
  40. BitcoinMagazine

    Zap wallet will soon let you buy bitcoin in the app and deposit the sats directly into your Lightning wallet after each buy. “If you want, you can buy bitcoin inside of Zap with a bank account, debit card, Zelle, whatever — and it will give you the bitcoins, from...

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  41. CoinDesk

    With new features from Zap, people can now buy bitcoin using the Lightning Network and reduce their reliance on centralized crypto exchanges.

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  42. Mon September 16th, 2019
  43. BitcoinMagazine

    Lightning service provider Sparkswap now features a desktop application with a first-of-its-kind killer feature: USD-to-bitcoin purchases that deposit sats directly into a user’s Lightning wallet. Dubbed “Sparkswap Desktop,” the new product “allows consumers for the first time ever to buy bitcoin directly into their Lightning wallets using USD,” according to...

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  44. Fri August 30th, 2019
  45. Bitrue + 2 more

    Things never stop here at Bitrue, and as usual this week has been jam-packed full of exciting events and updates. Here’s a roundup of…

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  46. Tue August 27th, 2019
  47. BitcoinMagazine

    RADAR, a cryptocurrency company known for its RELAY wallet-to-wallet ERC20 token trading, is now building tools for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. The Homepage of the Lightning Network Founded in 2017, RADAR’s primary focus has been on Ethereum, but in 2019, the somewhat-under-the-radar company came out of the woodwork with its latest...

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  48. Mon July 8th, 2019
  49. BitcoinMagazine

    It has been just over a year since Lightning was launched on mainnet and it has been gaining momentum ever since. In June, at Breaking Bitcoin 2, a conference held in the rather majestic setting of the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange, key developers took the opportunity to discuss the challenges...

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  50. Fri July 5th, 2019
  51. BitcoinMagazine

    The Lightning Network is developing faster than the elemental speed intrinsic to its name. Each week, it seems, brings not just one but multiple announcements from the leaders driving Lightning innovation, from wallet releases to network tools and implementation improvements. While not every incremental improvement or addition is worth dissecting,...

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  52. Mon May 20th, 2019
  53. Bitrue

    To celebrate ZAP listing on Bitrue, there’s a prize of of 2,300,000 ZAP created to reward users who hold and trade ZAP on Bitrue platform.

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  54. Thu May 16th, 2019
  55. Bitrue

    This Week’s Best of Bitrue Exchange

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  56. Fri May 10th, 2019
  57. Propy Blog

    Online real estate firm Grupo Zap plans to introduce the instant homebuyer (i-buyer) model in Brazil, thereby starting a new billion-dollar industry.

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  58. Mon May 6th, 2019
  59. BitcoinMagazine

    Popular Bitcoin and Lightning Network wallet BlueWallet has released a smartwatch-compatible version of their wallet app, the first attempt to bring Lightning support to the Apple hardware.

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  60. Tue April 30th, 2019
  61. AMBCrypto

    Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of Mastering Bitcoin and a famous Bitcoin [BTC] bull has been a prevalent figure in the cryptocurrency space due to his efforts to propagate the advantages of the world’s largest cryptocurrency. In a recent video, Antonopoulos explained the differences between the famous Lightning Network [LN] and...

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  62. Wed April 24th, 2019
  63. CryptoDaily

    Lightning Labs is one of the biggest Bitcoin companies behind the upcoming scaling technology lightning which has released its first desktop app on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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  64. Mon April 15th, 2019
  65. KryptoMoney

    What kind of token will be considered a Security Token? The SEC has issued some guidelines to assist investors and issuers.

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  66. Wed April 10th, 2019
  67. CryptoDaily

    At the recent 2019 Bitcoin Expo at MIT in Massachusetts, one of the panels was focused more on the future of adoption for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. This panel featured the Zap wallet founder, Jack Mallers, Buidl Bootcamp Instructor Justin Moon and Lightning Power Users founder Pierre Rochard.

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  68. Fri April 5th, 2019
  69. RADAR

    Let’s build some Lightning Apps

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  70. Coinut's Cryptocurrency Blog

    Since the idea of Lightning Network was proposed in 2016, a few years have passed, and people have been talking about it all the time. What is the real situation of Lightning Network now?

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  71. Fri March 29th, 2019
  72. Litecoin.Com

    Litecoin Creator, Charlie Lee has taken hold of the famous Lightning torch becoming the 264th person in the Trust Chain and 275th hop in…

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  73. Thu March 28th, 2019
  74. BTCWires

    The key snags with further adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network were talked about amid a panel discussion at the 2019 MIT Bitcoin Expo. This topic was initially raised by mediator Marcin Jachymiak of the MIT Bitcoin Club. The Main Issue is Not Technical, But Mental Jack Mallers, who is…

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