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  1. Mon December 9th, 2019
  2. BeInCrypto

    Ethereum’s Istanbul hard fork has been stirring up debates since its announcement back in 2018—and now, a day after launch,

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  3. Sun December 8th, 2019

    There’s been a lot of noise about Bitcoin’s halving, set to occur in May, and the effect this will have on price as BTC’s mining reward is slashed. It’s

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  5. CoinSpeaker

    Istanbul is Ethereum’s eighth hard fork that comes with six Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). It will affect the entire token ecosystem, that's why the developers are worried about possible disruptions.

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  6. Sat December 7th, 2019
  7. NewsBTC

    Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. Bitcoin saw an effectively flat week, gaining 0.08% over the past seven days according to

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  8. NewsBTC

    It seems that Christmas is coming earlier for users of Ethereum. The blockchain behind the second-largest cryptocurrency is about to see what is known as

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  9. Fri December 6th, 2019
  10. NewsBTC

    As the crypto market has stagnated, all eyes have fallen on Bitcoin, not Ethereum or Litecoin, as the leading cryptocurrency's next large move will likely

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  11. Thu December 5th, 2019
  12. Coingape

    Ethereum Hard-Fork which was estimated to occur today delays till 8th December 2019. Zcash, the privacy-centric cryptocurrency gains 13.4% ahead of Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard fork [...]

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  13. AMBCrypto + 7 more
  14. Wed December 4th, 2019
  15. BeInCrypto

    In terms of new wallets being created, Ethereum is by far the fastest-growing blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry. Ethereum users

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    Zcash Foundation, the nonprofit organization in charge of privacy-centric altcoin, Zcash (ZEC) has donated 1044.41369 ZEC ($40,000 USD) to non-profit Canadian group, Open Privacy Research Society, and the funding will be used to implement new initiatives that would further boost the growth of the Zcash ecosystem, according to a blog…

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  17. ZyCrypto

    The long-awaited Istanbul hard fork is almost here. This follows months of delay which has seen the activation of Istanbul postponed at least

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  18. CryptoDaily

    The company behind privacy-based cryptocurrency Zcash, has just donated $40k to a private Canadian messaging developer. A decentralised metadata-resistant messenger

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    On Decenmber 3rd 2019, Suterusu CSO Seven took part in a special AMA on the LBank Exchange Telegram Channel.

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  20. Official Changelly Blog

    Chainlink (LINK) price prediction 2019-2025. We analyzed LINK price history, news and reasons for the asset to grow or fall

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  21. Tue December 3rd, 2019
  22. CoinTelegraph

    Open Privacy, a non-profit group working on a decentralized metadata-resistant messenger, received 1,044 ZEC from Zcash.

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  23. Official Changelly Blog

    What is a Bitcoin mining virus? Find out how it might affect your devices, what it does, and how to prevent downloading the file.

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  24. NewsBTC + 1 more

    As prices slowly recover following a rough November, metrics for bitcoin and Ethereum illustrate positive industry sentiment moving forward. These metrics

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  25. Official Changelly Blog

    What are the biggest crypto exchanges 2019? Changelly has prepared the list of the most popular and largest platforms used by crypto traders.

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  26. CoinDesk + 3 more

    Making donations is a great way for the cryptocurrency community to spread acceptance for peer-to-peer electronic money to new people and institutions.

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  28. BitcoinMagazine + 2 more

    A bitcoin payment processor for nonprofits and charities wants hodlers to focus on #GivingBitcoin during Giving Tuesday.

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  29. Gemini

    Gemini is kicking off this year’s season of giving with #BitcoinTuesday in collaboration with The Giving Block. Help us show that…

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  30. Omgfin Exchange

    The Monero (XMR) network has been successfully upgraded to RandomX, a new mining algorithm that aims to be ASIC-resistant. On Nov. 30, the Monero community workgroup did a live stream on YouTube in…

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  31. Mon December 2nd, 2019
  32. Dash News

    Dash Core Group’s CEO Ryan Taylor believes that governance is the most important aspect of a decentralized cryptocurrency that is often ignored as non-essential until a serious problem occurs. In a recent episode of Michael Nye’s What Is Crypto Podcast, Taylor outlined the concept of decentralized governance, and described how...

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  33. ZyCrypto

    During the spectacular bull run of 2017, crypto investors that missed the bitcoin train got in altcoins with the hope that their early

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  34. CoinSpeaker has presented the perfect way for millions of crypto shoppers to use digital currency, including Bitcoin, to take part in Cyber Monday deals on Amazon, as well as subsequent shopping on other days.

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  35. CryptoSlate + 58 more

    The Grin developer tasked with implementing privacy features in Litecoin, David Burkett, has created a thread for monthly updates on the LTC MimbleWimble integration and has announced progress on the plan to bring confidentiality features to the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Burkett posted via Twitter: “I’ll be posting monthly...

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  36. Sun December 1st, 2019
  37. NewsBTC

    The big crypto boom of late 2017 is a long distant memory today. Pretty much every altcoin out there was surging by ridiculous proportions as the wave of

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  38. Fri November 29th, 2019
  39. Dash News

    A new report by CypherTrace, a cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering, bitcoin forensics, and blockchain threat intelligence solutions company, summarizes that all cryptocurrency-related frauds and thefts totaled $4.4 billion USD, which is up from $1.7 billion a year ago. This comes as the industry increasingly seeks to regulate privacy coins. While the...

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  40. Thu November 28th, 2019
  41. Coingape

    2019 has been a year of increasing regulations around cryptocurrencies, and subsequently, cryptocurrency exchanges have been facing the pressure to conform to these regulations. This [...]

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  42. Bitcoinist

    Ethereum prices have been extremely lack luster lately despite solid fundamentals and a growing decentralized finance ecosystem.

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  43. Wed November 27th, 2019

    Authorities around the world are trying to stamp out online anonymity in various ways, sacrificing users' privacy for alleged security. One of these ways

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  45. Official Changelly Blog

    Let’s observe top-5 Monero mining software solutions: what they provide, which one is better, and how to reap maximum profit.

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  46. CryptoDaily

    Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream has just recently compared Ethereum with the now-defunct biotech startup Theranos.  

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  47. eToro

    Since its inception, Zcash (ZEC) has been a controversial cryptocurrency. Many in the space have accused it of being rigged in favor of its creators due to its 20% founder fee in its protocol. Supporters have argued that the fee is justified to keep its development going with a strong...

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  48. Tue November 26th, 2019
  49. Dash News

    According to Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, Dash is looking into borrowing from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash scaling research for block propagation techniques. During a recent interview with Abra CEO Bill Barhydt on the Money 3.0 podcast, Taylor mentioned that Dash Core developers were looking at the technology in...

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  50. LiveBitcoinNews

    Mimble Wimble is a new kind of privacy-based technology designed to keep your identity safe, but it's not as strong as we think.

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  51. Mon November 25th, 2019
  52. BeInCrypto

    The Zcash price is trading at an all-time low. The current price movement does not confirm that a reversal is close to being initiated.

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  53. ZyCrypto

    A precipitous slump in the crypto market like the one witnessed on Friday after China announced its renewed crackdown on crypto-related

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  54. Coingape + 1 more

    ZCash (ZEC), a privacy based coin just recorded its all-time low price against both the dollar and Bitcoin, as the December hard fork approaches. Notwithstanding, [...]

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